May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip – FINAL Part

Posted: June 10, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally the last day in japan before returning back home…for today, i went to “Idol Storm” event @ Differ Ariake (near odaiba), an idol event with plenty of idol groups (see the above picture for all the idol group list! that’s a LOT dont you think? XD). My main target for this event is Appare ! Harajuku and There There There’s, although both of them didn’t appears until night time slot lol. But i decided to come early and watch from the first performers anyways, since i have nothing to do 😀

10th May 2018 – Day 8 – “Idol Storm @ Differ Ariake”

Today’s event venue – “Idol Storm” at Differ Ariake

The event is actually also celebrating Appare’s Kano Ryo / @RK_Harajuku birthday (lol) and i actually bumped into him 2-3 times throughout the event. First i saw him outside the venue before going inside (in the morning), secondly at the stage area (when he also watched some of the idols performing), and third is around the buppan area…i want to try to take picture with him, but always failed to do so, oh well, not my luck maybe next time lol. 😛

Stage area around 230pm – Still not many people for the opening performers

Anyways, for the first performers, i really didnt catch much attention, and their songs is really generic at best. For example, So on Project has like, so manyyy members on the stage, it is really weird lol. At one time, they have like about 30 members in the stage, dancing at the same time! And imagine if they have to do jikoushoukai one by one, that will never end lol. 😛 Afterwards, all the members also waiting outside at the buppan trying to give flyers too…because there’s just TOO many girls there, i really got scared to go near that areas hahahaha. I just afraid they will beg you to buy CD and stuffs lol. 😀

Some other Idol Groups after that, like D-Girls, Dear L Mana, Tears, Tokyo Pixion is also pretty average too. I really have no comment for them, but probably the good thing is that the D-girls member offers you free cheki for those who see them the first time ! Yep, actually some underground idol groups offers you FREE Cheki for first timers, probably in order to “bait” you to like / get interest with them lol…i have no idea how they can remember people if its your first name or not though, maybe they really remember your face? haha. All you need to do is approach their booth/buppan and claim/ask for the free chekis. Anyways, i took free chekis with 3 different idol groups during this event, with D-Girls, Kirafore, and also Aibeck.

For D-Girls, i can’t really choose the member, since one of the member approach me to ask take free cheki with them (lol) so i felt weird to choose other member, since one of the members already talk with me first, so i decided to take with this girl anyway. Later she told me her name is “Momose” (twitter account @_momose33). Oh, she also asked me to follow her twitter in exchange for the free cheki lol. Fair enough ! 😀

2shot with D-Girls Momose

For Aibeck, i choose Niina (@aibeck_niina), quite short girl (143 CM according to her profile lol), looks young, but when i asked her age, she’s actually 20 years old over! And also, for Aibeck’s free cheki, its only cheki only (without sign), but since it’s free, i can’t really complain lol. Also, i found Aibeck’s music quite ok compared to the other performers that performed during the 2pm-5pm time slot of this event. If you like Idol Groups like Passcode/Bis/Babymetal, etc etc, you should check them out.

2shot with Aibeck’s Niina

For Kirafore, well… my singaporean friend (who’s also at the event) actually intro’ed me to this group. Actually their songs is not bad also, and its quite fun to “furicopy” too. Their free cheki is cheki with sign also (yay), so not so bad! I choose to take cheki with Mayuri (@mayuri_kirafore). My friend also told me she’s a new member, so that’s why her queue line is one of the shortest (good for me, i dont need to queue so long lol)

2shot with Mayu’s Kirafore

Other than the three free chekis i took between 2pm – 5pm, i think there’s nothing much i can say about the idol groups performing here. I do watch most of them, but im just observing most of the time and didnt even bother do to mix/name calls (dont even know the members name anyway lol). Aibeck is still my top pick for those early timeslot though ! I only listened one time but their songs already “clicked” with my ears lol 😛

17:45 onwards (almost 4 hours after the live started) — now, the line up is finally starts to looks good, with Chu! oh Dolly followed by Neo Japonism….at least some familiar names here! I heard them before, but this is my first time seeing them. Although, Chu oh Dolly is so so only imo, some of the members looks ok, but the songs is pretty damn average. Neo Japonism on the other hand, is quite decent! Yeah, maybe these kind of idol is really my type of idols i like (lol), since the songs really clicked with me just like that lol. I didnt bother to take chekis with them this time though, since it’s my first time and i haven’t decided any favorite members yet (for Neo Japonism). And no free chekis? Yeah. Definitely next time LOL. 😀

Neo Japonism during the MC part

After that, Kirafore performs, followed by Nijimasu (26時のマスカレイド). I’ve seen Nijimasu before i think during last year TIF, but i only know one of their “mainstream song” which is “Heart Sunglasses”, and funny enough, during Nijimasu performance, i noticed some Appare! Harajuku members watching them perform from the back row…i also saw appare’s Miku doing some furicopy moves as well lol, quite funny. 😀

After Nijimasu, its time for There There Theres! Yay, about damn time 😀 😀 Some of the songs they sing today including my favorite Pelican and of course everyone’s favorite Ashtma. during Ashtma everyone made a circle in the middle as usual, and since the venue is really spacious (and it’s not even full house), they really made this one huge fricking circle in the middle, it was great lol. I tried to record videos of the circle, but quite failed i guess because it was too dark hahaha. Anyways the performance is fun !

There There There’s performance

At around 20:00 PM, FINALLY it’s Appare Harajuku time!!!!! woohoooo !! 😀 Been waiting the whole day for this lol. I watched Appare 2x already so far during this trip, but all of those is during “in-store” release event at HMV/Tower Records, so you can’t really go crazy during those lol. Totally different atmosphere here at the live house, so i finally gone all out in my Pinchikes mode LOL. Its kinda funny because for most of this event i was quite calm and didnt even bother to mix, but i guess i’m saving it for Appare’s sake lol. 😀

Appare Harajuku performance

During one of the song (i think Kimidake Wonderland if i remember correctly lol) i dropped my phone during the circle run in the middle — but luckily it “survived” and nobody stepped on it LOL. Im actually worried that the screen will crack or something lol. And this is not the first time i dropped my phone during circle runs, which reminds me i should not bring my phone with me when im about to go crazy hahaha.

The setlist today is really awesome btw, besides the upcoming new single, they also sing my favorite song ( アイネクライネ幼き恋だね <--- Really gone crazy during this LOL), “天晴レペゼン”, キミだけのワンダーランド (Kimidake no Wonderland), and 原宿サニーデイ (Harajuku Sunny days)

Here is the full setlist from that day, as always, Appare’s Miku is kind enough to post the setlist after the performance to help me remember the song they sing that day. Thank you my love~ 😀

Appare Harajuku’s setlist today

After Appare Harajuku performance, its time for Yumeado! performance. Unfortunately, i have to keep going back and forth between the buppan and peeking at the stage performance during Yumeado, so i can’t really enjoy their performance lol…i really want to see Kyouka more, but oh well. They’re not my priorities anyway, so its fine…BUPPAN TIME!!

First i went to There There There’s buppan first, since it’s still going on. I decided to take cheki with Mei-cha again, since she’s really cute :3 Today her cheki queue is not so long compared to the other members — or maybe i just came late thats why the queue not so bad lol. Anyways, she didnt remember me from the week before (understandable – since she looks so tired that day during her birthday live) but once i told her my name when she’s about to start to write on the cheki, she starts to “remember” lol. Well, doesn’t matter haha. Anyways, the cheki + sign for There There There’s is only 1000 yen, so it’s cheap and worth it. You also get some decent talking time with them 😀

Cheki with Mei-cha There There There’s again :3

After There There There’s cheki, i actually gone back to the stage area for a while to see Yumeado (i told you i keep going back and forth lol), before going back to the buppan area again, this time for Appare! Harajuku. My previous favorite Appare Harajuku members is Yuri, which i took last year during TIF2017, but she graduated already. 🙁

So this trip basically is also really about me finding a new favorite member in Appare to replace her….LOL. I thought at first, the new appare members gonna interest me somehow, but it turns out the new members is pretty average at best, and i got attracted more towards Miku instead lol. It’s a shame that she is one of the “lesser famous” members though, not many people queued in her line, and she looks happy when got people queueing at her lane :/ The good point is probably i dont have to queue so long for her cheki haha. 😀 😛 (btw cheki + sign for appare is 2000 yen. Luckily is not 3000 yen like the previous release events i attended before!)

During Cheki with Appare’s Miku,well, since its my first time with her… it’s still kinda ankward i guess lol. I told her she’s my favorite member in Appare! and she looks very happy. She also ask me if i enjoyed the live (yeah i kinda understand some basic japanese somehow but it’s the reply to her in japanese is the difficult one lol). Luckily since her queue is really short i can get some decent time with her. I also told her i come from Indonesia (the usual surprised look as most idols do, lol) and that i really enjoyed when they performed “キミだけのワンダーランド” and she looks really happy haha. After that she finishes writing my name on the cheki before followed by a “hi-5” with her haha. Anyways it was fun since none of the staff member bothered to time me, so im pretty much relaxed. lol.

Cheki with Appare Harajuku’s Miku :3

After the cheki with Appare, basically i am done with the buppan, and her cheki is my last cheki for this Japan Trip. haha. I went back to the stage areas to look at the last 3 perfomers of the event, which is Pimms, Migma shelter and Alloy. I didnt watch Pimmms that much though, since i only watch them halfway when they’re about to end. As for Migma shelter though…mannn their song is REALLY Weird, and i really have no idea how to enjoy their songs. One of my friend joke with me that these is the kind of songs i should listen when i’m “high with drugs” LOL and i must admit that is quite true. Well…try listening one of their songs,and you will know what i mean lol. 😛

After Migma Shelter, its time for Alloy. I didnt really follow much about this group, other than one of the member (Nono) has come to Indonesia before under different idol group (that time she’s still in idol group called “Love Android” which already disbanded now). Their songs is not bad either, but overall…i think I find Aibeck songs better, followed by Neo Japonism, and maybe then Alloy? For these kind of idol music anyways (Rock / Metal idols).

After Alloy finished performing, its the end of the Idol Storm event, and it’s finally time to call it a day. Overall, the Idol Storm event is really fun! 😀 There’s about 20+ Groups in this event, although only some of them really interest my eye (like Aibeck, Neo Japonism and maybe Kirafore) but still a pretty good experience for a change, considering most of these groups won’t even appears in TIF (especially those who performed in the earlier timeslot), and i probably wont even bother to see most of these group again, lol. BUT!! the BEST HIGHLIGHT of this event still the Appare Harajuku and There There There’s performance for me 😀

Appare Harajuku and the Kano Ryo birthday banner lol (@Rk_harajuku)

And that should be that for this blog write up. Yeah after the live, i just went back to my friend place to pack up for my trip home the next day (Day 9), so i don’t think i need to do a blog write up for that day since it’s only about me going back to the airport and home lol. 😛

So yeah, that should be it for my Japan Trip Update this time. And nope, i’m not going for this year TIF2018 so i won’t be doing any “postwhore TIF” updates leading to the TIFs just like the previous years before LOL. 😛 I know i’ve been going to TIF for 6 years in a row already (since TIF 2012, to 2017) but i feel that it’s time for a change. Maybe i’ll do another japan trip at the end of the year, or maybe next year, who knows. But i know for my next trip, i want to see Maneki Kecak, Appare Harajuku, and WACK GROUPS more. Those are the ones i need/want to see the most, so i dont really need A TIF for that. And oh, almost forgot about Passcode. lol. Maybe one man live of either groups would be cool too.. but we’ll see how it goes eh? That will be another story, for another day 😀

That’s about it, and thanks for reading my crap as alaways. Til the next blog update!

May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip PART 3

Posted: June 8, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

7th May 2018 – Day 5 – “KissBee Release Event @ Tower Shinjuku”

After a very tiring day yesterday i decided to chill a little bit more today. I didnt leave my friends house until later in the afternoon, well, because today is the day after the “Golden Week” season, and most idols is resting / there’s not much live going on anyways…i’m actually surprised that KissBee still have release event today at Tower Records Shinjuku lol. 😛 So that’s where im going today.

Rainy Days in Shinjuku!

The weather (raining) is kinda bad these last few days, it really made me lazy to go anywhere really. If i remember correctly i arrived in Shinjuku around 5PM, and after walking around in the areas, i decided to go to Tower Records to Queue up for the KissBee event … Way too early for me though…when i reached, they havent even set up the stage yet hahaha. 😀

Too early for the mini live…

During this release event, they separated the “photographers” area again. But since this venue is more cramped than my last event in Shibuya one, the “photographers” area for this event is at the back row…lol. So only those with chairs and long range lens can take decent pictures.

The “photographers area” at the back haha

I met with a Japanese KissBee fan who explained all this to me, he can speak english, and after i told him that my favorite member is Misaki, he is kind enough to ask me to stand in front at the first row with him haha (he also Misaki oshi btw lol 😀 ). Also, I want to take pictures, but since the photographers area is at the back, i decided to wait and see the live from the 1st row this time. Besides, my Jap friend also told me there’s still a “photography” session for a short time where everyone in the audience can take pictures, so that is okay too lol. After waiting for 1 hour or more. the mini live finally starts.

My Japanese friend next to me is really good with the chant/mix, and i am surprised because this is a mini live held inside a store (like tower records), and usually the audience for these type of event is more quiet…but yeah i am surprised with the KissBee fans. They are loud (in a good way haha) and very good in doing chant and mix…. Even for a in-store event like this. Awesome stuff.

After some songs (i forgot the setlist because i dont remember all the songs name so i have to be honest here lol), it’s time for a quick mini janken session…the winners of the janken will win Autographed poster from KissBee…but like i said before in my Thailand Trip updates, i really suck at Janken, it’s only obvious that i lost hahaha. Then it comes the photography session. They give us time like 1 minute to take pictures of them, so thankfully im at the 1st row so no one is blocking me this time haha. 😀

After the Photography session, it’s time for the cheki session. I only bought 1 cd for 1 ticket to take 2shot with the member with mobile phone (instead of signed cheki). Actually i wanted to take with Sakupomu (Sakura) in this event, but she’s not here today because busy for other stuffs haha…so i decided to take with Misaki again…it’s been a while since the last time i take cheki with her in Jakarta….1 year ago already?

During 2shot, my japanese friend come up first to explain that i come from indonesia etc etc during his turn…really nice gesture from him haha…so when it’s my turn, Misaki straight up to me speaks in some “broken” indonesia language, but it’s really good that she tried haha. She also says “terima kasih” (means thank you) to me, well, at least she still remember some of the indonesian language from last year haha. 😀

After the event, my japanese friend have to rush off first, so i decided to call it a day also. It’s the only event today, and really more relaxed compared to yesterday where i have to do 4 events in one day, so change a pace like this is nice too lol…don’t really have to rush for everything.

Anyways, after i posted my 2shot picture with Misaki in Instagram, she went on to like my Instagram post and she even commented on it…thank you very much Misaki-chan ^^ 😀

8th May 2018 – Day 6 – “Gang Parade Live @ Shinjuku LOFT”

Another rainy days, and another event in Shinjuku…hmmm..why does this seems familiar lol. So, just like yesterday, the rain really made me VERY lazy and i didnt leave my friends house until later that afternoon. Then i went on straight for Shinjuku Loft. Shinjuku is damn big, i had to use my GPS to find the place since its inside the “Kabuchiko” area…really shady areas indeed lol.

Gang Parade Live Tickets @ Shinjuku Loft

The rain is getting bigger and bigger in the area. I remember i wanted to walk around in Shinjuku first before going in, but since the rain still going on, i decided to go inside the live venue straight. And again, im too early for this, still not that many people in the stage area, which is a good thing.

Live Venue @ Shinjuku Loft

Inside, i went straight for the buppan area, since the 2shot/etc etc is done before the LIVE (not after). For this live, i only Pre-ordered 2x CDs, just enough so that i can take cheki with 1 member. Actually i wanted to buy more, but i scare not having enough money for my next events, so 1 will just have to do for now…with GP’s Haruna aka RisoRiso (sorry Maika!! I choose you next time !! lol) 😛

GP Cheki tickets

After getting the cheki tickets, it’s time to wait for my cheki session. For WACK, is usually the same. Usually it’s the “handshake” first (1 ticket), followed by Group shot (basically take pictures with more than 1 member is done here….so it’s 2 members or more), and finally for last, the cheki session. I went on straight to Risoriso (aka Haruna) lane.

During my turn, i told her that im from “Indonesia“, but i think she misheard it as “India” hahaha 😀 😀 😀 then she told me “Namaste”, and that she like the “Curry” (which made it even more obvious that she thought about India and not indonesia haha)…but anyways, she is funny and cute anyways, so the heck with it LOL. 😀

Cheki with Haruna (ハルナ・バッ・チーン) aka Risoriso

After the cheki session, i went back to the stage areas to secure my place near the stage. The 1st row already taken by all, so i stand at the 2nd row, which is still okay for me , because the guy in front of me is kinda short…so just perfect. Btw, this live is a “3 man live” with some other band and stuffs. I really dont know about the other two, so i just waited for Gang Parade turns, which is the 2nd turn.

Gang Parade Setlist @ Shinjuku Loft 8th May 2018:
01. Breaking the Road
02. Gang Parade
03. Peninsula
04. GANG2
05. Pretty Pretty Good
06. Plastic2 Mercy
07. Foul
08. Beyond The Mountain

For the Live Performance, they performed around 40minutes, with around 8 songs…not bad at all…they sing most of my favorite song such as Pretty Pretty Good, Beyond the Mountain, Plastic 2 Mercy and also FOUL…awesome stuffs!! 😀

I also took plenty of pictures from the live, which is great. I uploaded most of them on my Facebook or twitter, and here are some “sample” pictures i taken from the live.

After Gang Parade is done, there’s another band performing…but i didnt care much for that lol 😀 So i went to the back areas, redeemed my Drink Tickets, and quietly watched the remaining of the performances from the back side lol…since i already paid anyway, i might as well see the other performance also. But nothing much to say about the other bands though…

As for the Gang Parade’s performance, it was awesome. I think they just shoot up into my top 5 favorite idol groups for this year, alongside with Maneki Kecak, Appare Harajuku, BiS, and Passcode. And not to mention, their setlist for today is damn AWESOME today too, i basically seen all the songs i wanted to see during this live so yeap…very worth it indeed lol 😀 😀 😀

Once the event finished, i just went back to my friend’s house to rest up. Another day wrapped up, and it’s nearing to the end of my Japan Trip already….2 more days left !!

9th May 2018 – Day 7 – “Appare Harajuku Release Event @ Ikebukuro HMV”

Another day, another release event….this time Appare Harajuku at HMV Ikebukuro Release Event. Again, crap weather, so i didnt go out from my friend’s place until later in the afternoon lol. But this time, i decided to take it slow, and walk to Ikebukuro from my friend place in Meguro (instead of taking the train lol), which takes around 30 minutes by foot. The thing about Japan is, 30 minutes of walking seems ok…where in other countries, it seems like FOREVER lol. Dont know why. 😀

Today, there’s 2 release event happened at the same time…Kamiyado at Sunshine City, and the Appare release event. I really wanted to go for Kamiyado’s one too, but i figured out that it’s too damn rush for me (even though both of them is at Ikebukuro) but i just want to enjoy 1 event and not to be rushed. I did come to Sunshine City earlier though…just to see around the Kamiyado’s event venue lol. But i never go for the actual event haha.

Kamiyado Event @ Sunshine City…just see the venue only, i didnt go lol

After killing some time at Sunshine City (and do i need to mention that I LOVE SUNSHINE CITY so much because there are many pretty girls and cute JK’s around? Lol 😀 ), i went to the HMV Ikebukuro, the venue for Appare Harajuku’s event. Again, i was quite early lol…even thought the 1st row already filled up already… so i guess i’m not “that” early ? haha. Still quite close in front though !

Appare Harajuku event Venue @ HMV Ikebukuro

Since nothing else to do here, i just secured my spot on the 2nd row left side while sitting down and playing games while waiting the event to start. As usual. Appare Members arrived quite early also, 1 hour 30 minutes before the event start they arrived already, and they do rehearsal segment before the performance also. Thankfully for today, they performed more songs instead of MC parts (because of the senbatsu sousenkyo thingy is still going on at this stage lol). They sing 5 songs total. 😛

As for the setlist, Appare’s Miku always posted the setlist after performance each day on her twitter using the “#あっぱれセトリ “ hashtag….which is why she’s awesome also (and she’s my new favorite appare member now after Yuri graduate last time) 😀

Appare Harajuku Setlist on 9th May 2018 As posted by Appare Miku

I really think the new single is quite addicting…i really liked it. Only took me a few listen for me to like the song, so that’s pretty good already in my book lol. They also sing my fave song “アイネクライネ幼き恋だね so yeah…all is good … LOL 😀

I also recorded a full fancam videos of the new single performance 「パレリラパレリラ」, since appare allows video recording / picture taking (using smartphone only…) Here is the video.

Overall the live was much better than the last sunday one at Tower Records Ikebukuro imo lol. 😛 I also took some pictures from the live, just too bad they dont allow DSLR for taking pix just like KissBee or Gang Parade.

After the mini live, its time for the buppan session…for this buppan, just like last time, you need to buy 3 singles (total 3000 yen) for signed cheki with them…you can buy 2 for 2000 yen, but it’s RANDOM cheki, and i dont like random cheki…so i decided to skip the buppan for today again…since i will see them again tomorrow anyways at the Idol Storm event at Differ Ariake in Odaiba…so really no rush for me lol. So after the mini live, i went back to my friend’s house to rest up.

Tomorrow is the final day of my Japan Trip for me. Like i said earlier, i’m going for the Idol Storm event tomorrow, and its a “whole day” event starts from 2pm until night time, so it’s really good for the last event of my Japan trip this time! But i shall leave that for the next update (part 4), so until then, stay tuned and thanks for reading my crap as usual lol 😀


May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip PART TWO

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6th May 2018 – Day 4 – “4 events in one go”

Today is really a hard day for me…if you like many idol groups (like me), it’s really hard because weekend is the day where there are many events being held, and too many to choose from. Usually, you’ll just pick for your favorite idol groups, but my fave (being Maneki Kecak at the moment) dont have any other events until my trip ended (yeah, it sucks), so i’ll just have to look for the alternatives lol 😛

I like WACK groups lately so i have set my eyes on the BiS release event on Tsutata Ikebukuro. Besides, it’s a “Revenge” for my last event in Shinjuku, which i came late after arriving from the airport, and unable to secure myself a good spot for viewing the mini live. For this, i decided to arrive 1-2 hours earlier. 😀

Once i arrive in Ikebukuro, i have a hard time finding the Tsutaya, which is stupid move by me (i actually went to this venue before last year for babyraids release event), and it’s actually quite easy to spot to find…but i’m too “dependant” to my phone GPS and i keep following the stupid GPS (which affected by sudden internet speed or lag) and directed me to a wrong place lol…yep…never trust your GPS 100% guys !!! 🙁

Anyways after wasting 10-15mins in ikebukuro looking for a venue that is actually damn easy to find *le-stupid me* – i finally went on to queue outside the store. Thankfully i dont have to queue for too long, because after i queued they actually let us inside early to purchase the CD and secure the mini live ticket.

Once inside, i think they give out the Mini Live ticket in random numbers, becuase they have 4 different cashiers, and all of them handing out the mini live tickets. I wonder which cashier actually have the “lowest” number, or is it really all just random lol (but it really got me thinking).Anywho, my mini live ticket number is “81”. Damn. not really a good number if you wanna get in front ! But oh well…

After getting the mini live ticket, i realize that it’s still around 2 hours or more until the mini live start, so i went on to explore Ikebukuro to kill some time…i went to Ikebukuro’s Tower Records because later at night i have to go there for Appare Harajuku, and to my surprise…there’s another idol release event here during lunch time session lol. 😀

After checking the venue to see what event it is, i finnaly found out that is a release event for idol group called “Shine Fine Movement”which i never heard before lol. 😛 After doing some googling, and
realizing that the event is actually 1 hour earlier than the BiS event later…i thought “Why Not wait here and see?” since im already here anyway with nothing to do. So i waited and waited.

Waiting for Shine Fine Movement mini live

Event #1 – Shine Fine Movement Mini Live @ Tower Records Ikebukuro

So the mini live starts around 13:00 pm i guess. I have 30minutes to kill here before i have to rush to the BiS event. Once the mini live started and they sing their song, i realized that their songs is just
really not my cup of tea LOL. And not to mention, the members is average looking and nobody catches my eye lol. 😛

Shine Fine Movement…images copy & paste from google lol. Images looks much better than real life counterpart xD

Actually after seeing them perform 2-3 songs, i wanted to leave during the MC part, but that’d be like…harsh ? i guess. Because it’s a small venue, everyone can see you leaving, and it’s like…no good man lol. So i deciced to wait through until the end (while i keep looking at my time…yep…this is because i still have to rush to the BiS event venue, even though it’s only 5 minutes walk, i still have to go earlier just in case!).

Im (ALMOST) start to regret my decision if i shouldn’t even watch this mini live in the first place, because now that im stuck here until the mini live ended…lol. 😀 but thankfully, around 1:30pm sharp, the event really finishes and they only sing a few songs (just typical from mini live like this). so after they say thank you bla bla bla, i IMMIDIATELY RUSH OUT AND RUN to the BiS Venue in Tsutaya Ikebukuro LOL!! 😛

And yep sorry guys…im here to say it again that the songs and the members really not my cup of tea and it doesnt interest me much (except as a filler to kill time LOL) 😀

Event #2 – BiS Mini Live @ Tsutaya Ikebukuro

Back at the venue, i reached on time as they just started calling the ticket numbers to go in ! Phew. I quickly find my place in the queue (my number 81) and proceed to the venue downstairs. After i got inside…dammit. It is quite packed already. At least 4-5 rows in the middle area, and i tell myself, i can’t really get a good pictures like this (Because you really have to be in the first few rows if you want to take pix).

And yep, for this mini live i have decided to take pictures instead of Urya Oi, because i was unable to do so during the mini live at Hachioji Tower records a few days back. Then i saw something…there’s this pillar area on the left side near the stage, and i can go there. Still not many people on the left side, so i quickly headed there and lucky enough, managed to secure a spot for myself to take pictures 😀 Yay. I also dont want to block other people while taking pictures, so my place on the 2nd row left side is just perfect. Besides, just behind me is a Pillar, so im not blocking anyone behind me, so its really perfect. 😀 I also notice some other photographers also is in this area, maybe because it’s easier to take photos here compared to from the back areas (because the venue filling quite fast)

BiS Mini Live @ Tsutaya Ikebukuro

Anyways, Wack has this rules that they allows you to take pictures and stuffs during mini live. Gang Parade, you can take videos also, but for some idols like BiS and BiSH you can only take pictures, or videos without sound. This probably explain why there are tons of Gang Parade fancams on youtube, but there wasnt many for BiS and BisH.

Unfortunately, for the mini live, i forgot the setlist for this mini because i never write it down and too busy taking pictures, but they did sing some of my fave songs like “BiSBiS” for example 😀 Here are some pictures

Bis Member Ayapri

BiS Member PeriUbu

BiS Member PanLuna Leafy

After the mini live ended. its time for cheki. Since i already take with PanLuna and Ayapri last event, for this one i decided to take with PeriUbu, besides , she’s quite cute :3 During my cheki i told her the standard stuffs, like “im from indonesia” and bla bla bla and man, the way she looks surprised and screamed “Indonesia” is really funny lol 😀 . But she shouted indonesia quite hard i think everyone in the venue can hear it, dammit LOL. But still, she’s pretty fun to talk too and give quite good fanservice as well. After some more talking the security shoves me away as it is time for me to leave lol.

From all the chekis i took, it’s hard to choose which one gives the best fanservice. all the WaCK girls i took so far is great, but if i have to choose one…i guess AyaPri is the most friendly one. But maybe it’s just me eh…haha. 😀

So with all these done, time to head out for the next events. I still have 2 event left for today (wow) and its only 15:30 pm. Next up, im going to Shibuya for the yesterday event venue, at Shibuya Marui Rooftop, for event with idol group “Dear Kiss“. I actually dont know much about this idol group (Dear Kiss), all i know is that the EX GEM member Maho Iyama is in this group now LOL. She used to be my fav GEM Member (along with Lana Murakami) but they got Disbanded because of the scandal involving the two of them… 🙁

Event #3 – Dear Kiss Mini Live @ Shibuya Marui

I arrived the venue quite late. There are 2 different queues today. I dont know which one is the orrect one so i just have to ask around. It turns out in the same floor, there’s also event with StarMarie who’s currently going on and almost finished (i think) lol…that explain why. After asking some people (because i dont see any japanese wearing DearKiss tshirt or something like that), i finally found the right queue, and proceeded to the mini live.

During the Mini Live, you can take pictures also, but only during some segment (i think). I didnt have good spot during the mini live, basically at the very back row, but luckily i still can take some pictures here and there. I dont know much of the songs or the other members besides Maho (like i said before lol), so can’t really tell much, and their songs is pretty average at best. As in, i definitely won’t be going for their events if it wasnt for Maho LOL.

Ex GEM/Idol Street member, Maho Iyama (now in DearKiss)

After the mini live, it’s time for cheki and i have to buy the cheki ticket downstairs. The Japanese dude behind me helping me to explain about the system and how to buy the cheki (he told me 1000 yen is for cheki, and additional 500 yen for the sign, so it’s 1500 yen for cheki and sign). The dude is quite nice, but he don’t really talk much haha…i actually wanted to ask other question but since he suddenly went “quiet”…i decided not to ask more lol. After grabbing my tickets, i went back upstairs to the rootfop area where the cheki session will be held.

After reaching upstairs, the DearKiss members is promoting some kind of drinks (which they have to sell , or maybe sponsored, lol) for 1000 yen and you get a random cheki ! But im not really fond of “gacha
cheki” besides i dont really know the other members, lol, so i just waited until its the normal cheki session. 😛

During the Cheki session, this is what really catch my attention. Maho’s cheki line is actually ONE OF THE SHORTEST !!! 🙁 Mind you, she’s an EX Idol Street member, GEM member, and not to mention im pretty sure she have loads of fans back in her idol street days….but i think the recent SCANDALS involving her and (Lana Murakami), really tainted her image as an idol, which is a real shame. 🙁

Besides, we don’t really know what’s going on between those two… all i know is that, there are “gossips” that they went on with some guys to date etc etc (all the usual idol scandals gossip to be honest), which resulted in the disbandment of GEM earlier this year, but even then, the GEM / Idolstreet management won’t come clear about it so we dont really know WTF is going on. I just think its a BAD MANAGEMENT BY IDOLSTREET, they can easily just let these gals graduate, but not to the EXTEND of DISBANDING the whole group…but then again, that’s just my opinion yeah? lol. For some reason, i just got to feel sorry for her…

Anyways, enough of that Maho/GEM/IdolStreet story, since that’s all in the past. I only saw 2 other peoples queueing in front of me for Maho’s cheki queue, and at that moment, there’s no other people behind me (lol. i just hope they come LATE. Would be really sad if its really only 3 people going for her chekis). 🙁

Cheki with Maho

During my cheki turn, she looks very happy , especially when i told her that im from overseas (indonesia). she then asked for my name, and i showed her how to spell my name on my iphone. Afterwards, i can tell from her face that she want to talk to me more in english, but she can’t speak english (lol 😀 ) so i approach her to talk again, i told her that i like her during her GEM days, then suddenly she start to smile again and say thank you…she also says its kinda sad that GEM is disbanding…but what can you do eh. I try not to touch the issue too further so i just told her that she looks pretty today (lol) which she replied to thank you, before the timer say its time for me.

Actually, there’s nobody behind me and i dont think anyone would bother if i keep talking to her (lol) but since i dont really have much other subject to talk too , i decieded to end the cheki session while she waved bye bye to me. She is still a nice girl imo, But just too bad she got involved in all these scandals. 🙁

I posted my chekis on instagram and twitter which both she liked (nice gesture from her), and later on, she even “stalked” my instagram story (because in instagram story you can see the post has been viewed by which friends, and her name just appears there lol 😀 ). Dunno why, but i just happy that she did that. Even though im not really close to her, and that time is the only time of me meeting her, but yet, i still think she cares about her fan.

Screenshot of Maho stalking my Instagram Stories post lol :3

So that’s that…i still have one more event next…APPARE HARAJUKU and i have to go back to Ikebukuro lol 😀

Event #4 – Appare Harajuku Mini Live @ Tower Ikebukuro

The venue for this Appare Harajuku mini live is the same as the “Shine Fine Movement” earlier this morning lol. Even though i come quite early, there are some appare fans waiting in the venue like 1-2 hours before, so no front rows for me. I managed to secure a spot around the 3rd row in the right corner, which isnt bad at all.

So after wating around 2 hours (thankfully you can stil down here on the floor, since everyone else doing it also lol), the members finally arrive and come to rehearse first. During the rehearsal, its kinda funny because they have to get used with the small stage space in this venue, and now that appare have 7 members…they really dont have much space to move around, considering some of their dance move requies alot of space to move left and right haha…so yeah, because of the limited space, they cant really move much lol. 😀 😀 😀

After the rehearsal session, it’s time for the mini live. For this mini live, they didnt sing much song. In fact i think they only sing the new single, and kimidake wonderland (if i remember corrrectly) because around this date, they started doing the “Sembatsu” thingy just like in AKB lol, so the MC segment is really damn long, which each members having to promote themself to earn votes lol. During Miku’s turn she actually cried– not sure if that’s a real tears of fake though (LOL) but shes still kinda cute 😀 I think Saki’s segment is the most non nonsense one…and maybe that’s just the way she is haha.

Anyways, after the sembatsu segment, one more song, before the mini live ends. On a good note, i think the Appare’s new single is quite good and catchy 😀…. So….not so bad ! On a bad note…today mini live is mostly talking lol. Still managed to snap some pictures though !

After the mini live, is time for cheki session. But for this cheki session i decided to skip it because you need to buy 3 SINGLES for a 2shot cheki during the release event. Yep. 3 singles which is around 3000 yen — that is too expensive for someone like Appare IMO. You can buy 2 singles only for a cheki– but that one is a RANDOM cheki so yet another gacha system lol…

I still have more events with Appare at the Idol Storm event later that week (and im pretty sure during that event you only need to pay 2000 yen for chekis) so i decided to wait for that one instead.

After that, it’s time to go back to my friends place to rest for me. Geez…4 events in a day, must be a new record for me lol. Thankfully, all the venue is quite close though. Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, then back to Ikebukuro lol. And this is after i decided to pass out some other events, such as Babyraids one man live @ Hibiya and SuperGirls Nana Asakawa 2shot session for her gravure DVDs lol….but anyways, no regrets for this one. All the events is really fun, except maybe for the Shine Fine Movement event in the morning LOL. That one is really such a filler event i dont want to talk much about it xD 😛

Curry Rice for Dinner !!

And that should be that for the day…watch out for Part 3 of this Japan 2018 Trip series…next update i should be covering for my Day 5 & 6 trips, which is the KissBee release event, and Gang Parade Live at Shinjuku Loft! 😀 😀


May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip PART ONE

Posted: May 24, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Fresh off my Bangkok trip, i immidiately prepared for my next journey to Tokyo, with only 2 days of rest…lol. Luckily, i am travelling light this time (“backpacker-esque”) and didnt bring many stuffs with me except some set of clothers, power bank and cables, and some snacks to eat on the plane/when i arrive (cuz im too cheapo to pay for the onboard meals and baggage)…but hey, my flight to japan only cost like 150$ SGD / 120$ USD beause of the AIRASIA promo (read all about it here lol),so i really shouldn’t be complaining anyways lol. 😀

Anyways, as usual, this post will be a WALL OF TEXT and i might separate this post into few posts because it will be too long and im just too lazy to write all of those in one go these days. First off i will write a “Quick Summary of my 8 days trip to Japan” this time for those who didnt want to read all those bullshit i write, lmao.

Infzer0 2018 Japan Trip Summary:
3rd May 2018 – Arrive in Tokyo, BiS Release Event in Hachioji – BiS AyaPri Birthday
4th May 2018 – There There There’s Live – Meicha Birthday Event @ Koenji High
5th May 2018 – Kiss Bee Release Event (morning) + Maneki Kecak One Man Live – Reonyan’s Birthday Show @ Akasaka Blitz
6th May 2018 – 4 Events in one day (yep quite hardcore move by me) “Shine Fine Movement”, “BiS”, “Dear Kiss” and “Appare Harajuku” release event.
7th May 2018 – Kiss Bee Release Event @ Tower Records Shinjuku
8th May 2018 – Gang Parade Live @ Shinjuku Loft
9th May 2018 – Appare Harajuku Release Event @ Tower Ikebukuro
10th May 2018 – Idol Storm Event (Appare Harajuku, There There Theres,Neo Japonism,etc)
11th May 2018 – Back home

Alot of stuffs for 9 days trip eh? Not to shabby. Now let’s begin our write up for the first day on the 3rd of May 2018 😛

All my 2shot Chekis from both of my Japan/Thailand Trip in 2 weeks…not that many actually :3

3rd May 2018 – Day 1 “BiS Event and Wack Museum Trip”

My flight departed from Jakarta the night before at 23:50 midnight, and arrived in Tokyo the next morning at around 10am…yep, the flight actually got delayed for about 30 minutes, so can’t be helped.

Took the Normal Keisei Train from Narita to Ueno for 1000 yen

Actually for today, there’s 2 different events i could go for….”Gang Parade” release event @ Tower Records Shinjuku and the BiS Release Event @ Tower Hachioji. The Gang parade begins around 11am though, while the BiS began around 3pm. If my plane reaches on time, and i took “Narita Express” train bound for Shinjuku, i “could” probably attend both of these…but since i decided to just relax and not too be rushed, i abandoned the plan for the Gang Parade event (it’s too damn rush lol) and just head to Hachioji for the BIS release event.

After i reached the “Hachioji” Station, i saw an old guy wearing the “BiS” tshirt. Since i never go to Tower Hachioji before,i decided to follow this dude (since surely he’s going for the same place anyways lol). But on the way to Tower Records, he got lost, and he’s like watching me with that weird look (but hey, im no stalker allright LOL). After he eventually reaches the venue and saw me queiuing right behind him, then he also realized im also going for the BiS event…lol…Yep im just lazy to open a google maps when you have a japanese guy who can lead the way hahaha. 😛

Tower Records Hachioji and BiS AyaPri banner

Anyways, at the Tower Records, the queue is kinda crazy. Actually AyaPri birthday live is held yesterday on the day before, but for this event, its basically held on her “hometown” at Hachioji, so it’s kinda count as her birthday live i guess? Not to mention, the queue for her chekis is the LONGEST for this event. So yeah. I also came late so i spend too much time queueing for the “preorder cd” forms, and missed some of the songs they sing at the mini live…oh well.

The Queue for the forms to preorder BiS Single

For BiS (or Wack release event) you need to preorder CDs in order for 2shot with the members. 2 CD (or each 1000 yen purchase) gets you one ticket. You need 2 tickets to take 2shots with one member. If you want group shoot or add one more member in your chekis, you can, by adding 1 more ticket (for example if i want to do a 3shot cheki with PanLuna and Ayapri together, that means i need 3 cheki tickets. Sounds fair to me). So yeah, 1st step is to fill the pre-order form CD (i dont care if i can collect the CDs or not since i want just the cheki), get the coupon, and use the coupon after the mini live.

BiS Mini Live @ Tower Records Hachioji (pix from Official Twitter)

After the mini live has ended (i forgot the setlist now because it was too rushed) its time for the cheki session, and you need to queue again…and like i mention before, the queue line for AyaPri is damn long lool…took me 30 minutes (or maybe more if i remember) just to get in to the venue inside. So i just waited and waited…then i remembered. I have 4 tickets for this (planned to get cheki with Pan Luna also) and if you didnt know, the Cheki will continue as on there are still fans queueing for the members with tickets. Once the members don’t have anymore people waiting at their line, they will cut the queue and call it a day for that particular member to rest (and you coudn’t take any more chekis with them). This is a bit a mistake for me, because i should’ve gone queue for Pan Luna first, before going for AyaPri one. :/ But since i already queued, and the queue behind me gets worse and worse, i decided to follow the plan anyways.

Preordered 4 Singles, so i have 4 coupons which i can use for chekis with 2 members…

On the distance, i can hear one by one of the BiS members saying their thank you for the day and going to the backstage to rest…i couldnt see who’s the member since im still outside, so im just hoping it wasn’t Pan Luna (else i have to spend all my 4 coupons on AyaPri…haha). After i get inside…Thank God…Pan Luna’s line is still there (WOW, her queue must be pretty long then LOL 😀 ), and basically only AyaPri and Pan Luna queues is left during this time (all the other members had gone to the backstage for rest already). It’s just my luck i guess, so i immidiately changed my lane to Pan Luna first and take cheki with her.

Chekis with WACK Members is damn fun. They will immidiately grab your hands and arms (body touch is allowed as long the members is fine with it). You can do many crazy poses, and most of the members will do it as long you explain it nicely to them lol. I saw many japanese do funny/crazy pose, especially the females one…it’s like they lesbian or something. Some asked them to do Kiss Pose, or kiss on the cheek pose, or “hug-very-tightly” pose and many other funny things. But yep…Girls only guys…Hahaha. 😛 If you want to spam your money for chekis, i think WACK group is one of the best for it, just think all of the funny pose you can take with them lol.

1st Cheki with Pan Luna. I told her im from Indonesia, she looks surprised but that’s about it haha. I guess she’s quite excited to have someone from overseas so that’s good, but other than that, its normal service. She grabbed my arms for the cheki pose, and i just do a normal pose since its my first time with her, no need to do any strange cheki pose lol. After my cheki is done, i moved back to queue for the AyaPri queue (luckily i dont have to wait from outside) so it didnt take long for me until i reached my turn with AyaPri.

Cheki with BiS Pan Luna

Cheki with AyaPri. She grabbed my arms and i just do a normal pose again, then afterwards, i told her i’m from Indonesia. She looks surprised, and she told me that she loves Bali, and she loves to go there for Holiday haha. I also said Happy Birthday to her which she replied “thank you” very happily before she told me that i should come again for the next event, i told her yeah (still got the BiS release event in Saturday !). And that should be that before the staff told me to move along for the next person to come in haha.

And oh, as you can see from the picture below, Ayapri leaning her hands on my shoulder while taking the chekis with me. Good fanservice from her haha. 😛

Cheki with BiS AyaPri

After all the chekis is done, i walk around inside the tower records Hachioji again to take some pictures of her banner and some other stuffs, before decided to call it a day and leave the venue.

Afterwards, i went for a short/fast trip to Nakano Broadway, and Akihabara, both to check the idol 2nd hand shop “Trio”. The TRio shop at Nakano broadway dont have anything much to my interest these days, so i should consider that next time to stop visiting this branch. The Trio Shop at Akihabara though, have many interesting stuffs. And also have some 2nd hand Wack Tshirts/Posters and stuffs. In the end i didnt buy anything though, just looking around for abit lol. I dont know… everytime i go to Japan i always visited these places at least one time…just for old time’s sake i guess? I used to buy plenty of stuffs from these shops before in the past. Just too bad during this trip there wasnt anything much that interested me in 😛

Walking Around in Nakano, Akihabara and Shibuya

After some walking around in Akihabara, its getting late night already. I decided to go one more place before i ended my day, and that’s by visiting the “Wack Museum” in Shibuya. It’s located inside the HMV in Shibuya, and i reached there around 20:00 at night when it’s almost closing, so there’s no many people around lol. I also made a separate post earlier about the Wack Museum, you can just head to the post here for more pictures haha.

Wack Museum

Next up i went to my Friends place in Meguro, which where i will be staying for the next 9 days of this trip (thanks to him!). So i just head there, before resting up for the night lol. And that should be that for the 1st day of my Japan Trip…a very tiring day indeed x_x but its pretty much fun ! 😀

On to the next day…

4rd May 2018 – Day 2 “Golden Week @ Meiji Shrine and There There There’s Live”

I forgot what time i woke up this day, but it’s quite late and i got a pretty good rest from the night before lol…i really needed that !! 😀 Today’s event, its just one event. There There There’s Live @ Koenji High, which also the birthday show for one of their members – Meicha. The gate opens in the afternoon, so i still have some time left before going there.

I didnt leave my friends house in Meguro until Lunch time (if i remember it was around 12 lol) and since i arrived here during the GOLDEN WEEK, i want to see what’s Golden Week is like in Japan…since its my first time being here during this festive period…and all i can say is…Tons. and Tons. of People.

Meiji Shrine in Harajuku

So i decided to visit the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku to kill some time. After i arrived in Harajuku Station, it took me around 5-10 minutes just to get out from the station because there’s too many people lol. But since i have time to kill until 3pm anyways, im still quite relaxed. At the Meiji Shrine there’s some kind of Ceremony there, i didnt know what it is but there’s alot of people taking pictures. I only snapped a few pictures before i moved on haha. In total, i spend around 1 hour in Meiji Shrine for sight seeing and stuffs, before i decided that i should meet my friend at Koenji for the “There There There’s” Live.

At Koenji station, i met up with my Singaporean friend which i havent met for a long time. He also helped me buy the There There There’s live tickets in advance, which surprisingly, ended up being sold out on the day (luckily we have bought in advance before) lol. After reaching the Venue in Koenji High, turns out we are too damn early and the venue isn’t even opened yet, so we decided to walk around in Koenji somemore before heading back to the live house.

There There There’s Live Venue at Koenji High

After walking around the Koenji area, we went back to the venue and i saw the lines to buy TTT’s goods and chekis already. They also selling Mei-cha photobook, which looks kinda nice, but i dont really buy photobooks these days, so i just buy 1 cheki ticket for Mei-cha only lol. After that, more waiting until the live starts. Saw TTT Rere walking out from the venue (dunno for what, maybe to combini to buy something lol) then also a car parked outside the venue, to pick up none other than You’ll Melt More’s ANOCHAN, (“You’ll melt more” also performed in this event as a guest btw). She looks kinda sick, but i dont know, maybe that’s just her usual look since she is a WEIRD girl btw if you follow her lol. 😛

Which makes me wonder why she need someone to pick her up with a car from the venue, and i also dont know where she’s going since the live is about to start soon (weird indeed..but she got back to the venue on time since she appears when “You’ll melt more” performs later on lol). Anyways, for comparison, the TTT members Rere, just casually walk outside to the venue walking without needing someone to pick her up…lol…while Anochan got some bodyguard to pick her up, which is abit funny so i feel to mention that haha. totally different treatment also lol 😛

Sadly as for Anochan- i didnt manage to get her chekis at this event because her buppan is during Mei’s Solo performance in the TTT live, so just too bad (even though at first i want to take at least one cheki with her lol). Oh well.

Some Meicha flyers that the fans passed around outside the venue earlier

For the Live, there are other Aqbi records Solo Artist performing first as the opener, before followed by Seno Sisters, and then Mei-Chan Solo performance, and then You’ll Melt More, before There There There’s full line up members (with the additional new member Noe), which is pretty damn cute btw!

I only know few songs from You’ll melt more so i think i dont need to go too much details for their performance….Seno Sisters is quite funny and entertaining, but they’re not really my cup of tea lol, so really i only enjoyed the Meicha’s solo performance, and There There There’s live performance. For Meicha’s solo performance, she’s wearing this “White dress” which made her looks more adult and pretty!

Mei-cha solo Performance with a White Dress!

Anyways, Here’s the setlist from the There There There’s Live Performance:

There There There’s @ Koenji High 4th May 2018:
01. ヴァント!
02. ペリカン
03. ボクらのWednesday
04. Communication Countdown
05. 2soundDown
06. メタリクス
07. 無罪:Honeymoon
08. ROOM24-7
09. SOIL
10. 憂鬱のグロリア
11. The Victim
13. タナトスとマスカレード
14. Orange Slumbers
15. There’s something behind
16. Low Tide
17. Asthma
18. Burnable Garbage

The live setlist is pretty decent imo. They sing most of my favorite TTT/old Bellring sogs that i liked, so thats awesome… with the exception of “Rainy Dance” though (just too bad they never sing that song lol). But i really got into “憂鬱のグロリア” after this japan trip, which i think now is a damn good song. Also, their performance is really great especially during “Pelican, Ikinie, There’s something Behind, Burnable Garbage” etc etc. And not forgot to mention, Ashtma for the encore is totally RIOT Hahaha. 😀 Anyways it was fun. After the live, i queued for the cheki for Meicha and obviously her queue is the longest here…

Meicha cheki queue at the staircase Area

I think i waited about 30 minutes for the cheki before finally its my turn. She looks really cute up close- but since she looks very tired also, i didnt talk that much with her…Just did a normal pose during the 2shot with her, and i also told her Happy Birthday and some little talk about me coming from Indonesia and all, but thats about it…. Here are my cheki picture with her. 😀

Cheki with Meicha at her Birthday Live

After the cheki session, its pretty much done for me so i decided to leave the venue to call it a day. When i’m leaving, there’s still plenty of people waiting for their turn for chekis with meicha, so that’s surely gonna take a while haha. While walking back, ate a quick late dinner at Matsuya, before going back to Meguro to my friend house to rest. 😀

That’s about it for Day 2 of my Japan Trip…in the mean time, here are some more pictures of TTT from their live at Koenji high (yep, taking pix and fancams is allowed during TTTs Live) 😀

There There There’s @ Koenji High – 4th May 2018

5th May 2018 – “KissBee Release event and Maneki Kecak Reonyan Birthday Show 😀

Today is the Maneki Kecak’s Reonyan birthday show ! There is 2 part for the Maneki Concert, but i only got ticket for the 2nd show in the afternoon (which is the IMPORTANT one) haha so i have spare time in the morning…decided to go for Kiss Bee release event in Marui Shibuya building, at the Rooftop area.

KissBee Mini Live @ Shibuya Marui Rooftop

This my first time going to the venue….i really didnt know they use the rooftop area to hold mini live events and stuff, it was kinda cool. Oh, KissBee is one of those idol groups who allows to take pictures, and for this event, they separated the “Photographers” to the left side , and the “normal viewers” to the right side…quite interesting. Since i got there quite late, i was quite in the back in the photographers area…and all the photographers in front of me are ready with their mini chairs to step on, and long-ass lens on their DSLR…d’oh…lol. 😀

I am simply not prepared for this (only bring my 18-200mm lens lol) but whatever, it’s my first time going for KissBee event in Japan, so why not. I still managed to take some photos of the members, even though i have to get lucky and snap when theres no other people blocking in front of me, lol, its quite a challange i must say. 😛

After the KissBee mini live, i rushed to the Akasaka Blitz for Maneki Kecak live. It started in the afternoon, but i reacher earlier just in case, while also exploring the area. Sadly the areas there’s nothing much to see, so i ended up waiting at the Mcdonalds nearby the Akasaka Blitz until they started calling the numbers to get in lol.

Akasaka Blitz

Now, when they calling the numbers, my Ticket is “C” section, and they’re calling “A” and “B” ticket first…the “A” tickets has like…600 people lol…so yea, you can see how behind i was. And also, i didnt manage to get the “sub-200” tickets that my Japanese friend try to offer me before, so i didnt really mind much, i just want to get in haha. 😀

When i got inside, quickly i spotted the queue for the chekis after the show, but once i wanted to “try” to queue, the staff announced that Reonyan’s cheki has been sold out ! haha. I guess i dont need to queue up then. Anyways. So i explored the venue and took picture with some of the Flowers and Reonyan’s life-size cardboard just near the entrance lol. 😛

Afterwards, i just waited at the stage area, around in the centre. The venue is quite ok. Even though my number sucked, i didnt stand all the way behind, i guess because some of the people who got inside, went on to queue for the cheki first haha. But still, i choose the centre spot anyways for easier viewing angle.

Now for the setlist…

Maneki Kecak – Birthday Live – 4th May 2018:

M01. Aoi Toiki
M02. Joudan ja Naine
M03. 7th heaven
M04. Kimi ni Todoke
M05. Kimi ga Waraeba
M06. Kakukaku Shikajika
M07. Ittou Ryoudan

-Reonyan Solo Part-
M08. Heart Gata Virus (AKB Cover)
M09. Some momoclo song (forgot the title lol)

M10. Kokuhaku no Susume
M11. Kagami no Naka kara
M12. Atashi no Nokori Zenbu Ageru
M13. Moso Zakura
M14. Arikitarina Kotobade
M15. Kimiwazurai

So yeah, as you can see, they sing many songs from their new albums here, some im quite not familiar with, but it was good because i can see all the newer songs i’ve never seen before. Well at least those they probably would never sing when they overseas anyways lol. 😀 They started Joudan Ja Nai Ne quite early in the beginning (2nd song), and the MC part for each segment is quite long…got this one “batsu game” where Reonyan need to say embarassing things like love confession etc etc, she lost the initial challange for yakiniku coupons lol. Shes too good in fishing anyway so i think they forcing her to lose so need to do this segment LOL!!! Also, one of the VTR is a dating “game” simulation with reonyan lol. funny shit!! 😀 😀 😀

During the Reonyan’s solo part, she sing a cover of AKB48’s Heart Gata Virus, and when i hear this i was like…lmao, blast from the past (Just in case you didnt know, we have JKT48 here in Indonesia and i used to hear this song all the time in JKT theatre when im still active there lol)…she also sing one other song, a Momoclo song, which i forgot the name…Sorry, im not a momoclo fan so i didnt know. Btw, i’ve recorded audio of the live during Heart Gata Virus…lol 😀 I know i shouldnt record audio but psshhh im just a baka gaijin anyways LOL)

They also sing some of my fave maneki songs like Kokuhaku no Susume, Moso Zakura, and for the encore they also sing Arikitarina Kotobade!!, and of course, for the last song, Kimiwazurai. Also, i realized that there’s alot of MIX and Chants i didnt know of and i stil need to learn lol.

Group Shot after the show

Overall the live is awesome indeed. It’s my FIRST Maneki Kecak’s one man live i attended in japan, and it’s Reonyan birthday too, so this show is quite special to me. After the live, i talked with some japanese maneki fans who approached me, and they also helped me take picture with Reonyan life size cardboard outside haha. I didnt wait for everything to finish though, because i didnt have Cheki tickets…so after i redeeded my Drink Ticket, i finally decided to call it a day and leave the venue. Besides, im Hungry as hell Lol. Quick dinner, before i went back to my friend place in Meguro.

Can’t get cheki with Reonyan, so this will have to do LOL

So that’s all about it for today. Maneki Kecak one man live, and KissBee release event in the morning. I shall stop this post for now. I still got a WEEK left of write up / updates for my Japan trip, and obviously it’s taking too long to write all those up, so until next time… and until the next update lol.

— To be Continued for the next update !! —

April 2018 Thailand TIF Trip 26th – 29th April

Posted: May 20, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

I went to Bangkok for the 2nd time in the span of 3 months to visit another big event in bangkok—-an idol event—— …. yep. “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL” event…in Bangkok !! Seems like Bangkok has too many idol events these days, even TIF Started to jump ship and opened opportunity to do an event in Bangkok, Thailand lol. 😀

One of the few first names who came up in the line up is Maneki Kecak and i immidiately got “sold” and quickly booked my trips short afterwards. However, since this is the first TIF in bangkok, in the end the FINAL line up results ended up being only around 10 idols groups, and since the event is merged together with “Bangkok Comic Con” (So TIF is just another section in Bangkok Comic Con), the performance is only around 3-4 hours per day, and the buppan time also not that too long either.

Final Timetable fopr TIF2018 in BANGKOK Thailand

When they announced the final line up and timetables a few weeks before the event, i must admit i was quite dissapointed with the result, with only Maneki Kecak and Task Have Fun being the idol groups that i really interested in, but since at the last minute i planned ANOTHER Japan (budget) Trip, this actually works out fine for me, like…a blessing in disguise? Lol 😀 Like this, i didnt spend too much money in thailand since i only focused on 2 groups, and managed to save some of the money for my Japan Trip which happens basically just 1-2 days after my bangkok trip lol. I will explain why though. 😛

So, Maneki Kecak Reona, has a birthday live on the 5th of May 2018 at Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo. The Bangkok TIF event is held a week before that, so i heard from the bangkok side of Maneki Fans that they are planning to do a birthday surprise for her during the event (getting a birthday cake, birthday tshirts, etc etc and all). While i didnt manage to get my hands on the Maneki / Reonyan Birthday Live tickets until last minute (thanks to my friend in japan “Ajunx” who helped me buy the ticket), the Bangkok Event is pretty much straight forward, you only need to visit the event.

So thats partly the reason why i decided to go BOTH events, and do a “2-country-back-to-back-Visits” of Bangkok and Japan in the same time. It’s pretty crazy i know ! Another reason is probably that Airasia has launched a new direct route from Indonesia to Narita for a super cheap price (read my BLOG post earlier about that lol), that my Japan ticket price ended up become more cheaper than my Bangkok Ticket price lol…what a funny world we live in. 😛

Also, i become too damn addicted to “WACK” lately — especially BiS and Gang Parade to the point that i really want to see their live, and there’s no way WACK group is going to be invited overseas (very rare case anyway), so i figured out the only way for me too see them is to see them in Japan. Just lucky when i scouted the date early May 2018, both BiS and Gang Parade has events during my stay in Japan…this is also prompted me to book the Japan Trip last minute. I mean, i probably won’t go for this year TIF now in Japan this August, because i usually only budgetted only 1x Japan Trip per year these days. So yeah, it would be probably until next year (or at least the end of the year lol) before i can go Japan again.

Well, enough of that (and Japan trip, that should be an update for another time), the story getting too long, so let’s get started with the Thailand Trip write ups first !! I might forgot a thing or two though, because it happened around 3 weeks ago already and i’ve been busy (or simply lazy to write an update about it lol) so here we go !.

26th April 2018 – “Day 0”

Today is actually my free day in Bangkok. Checked in to my hostel etc etc, and at first i planned out to wait Maneki Kecak at the airport (“IF” they havent arrive already)…However, Maneki decided to go to thailand a little bit too early, they arrived in Tuesday (around the 24th of April 2018) just a few days before my arrival sooo…totally missed on that one haha. So yep, today is only chill and meet my other Indonesian friends who also arrived in Bangkok to stay in the same hostel as me.

Checked in at the “Lub D Siam” Hostel in Bangkok

I also went to scout the Mall / Venue of the event at Siam Paragorn just for research purpose as its my first time at that mall, also dinner together with the boys, But besides that, there’s nothing much really haha (or maybe i just forgot all about it for this date lol). so that’s about it for Day 0 !!

Picture with my friend outside the Bangkok Comic Con / Bangkok TIF2018 Giant Banner

27th April 2018 – Bangkok TIF2018 Day 1

So the first day of Bangkok Comic Con / Bangkok TIF2018 😀 😛 !! As you can see, Maneki Kecak is the first performer for today, and also, every day in this event there’s a 48G group which performs at the very last time slot. My bangkok friend informed me that i should be there earlier before the “48G” fans arrive, stand by before the mall opens at 10:00AM, and stand by to rush upstairs in order to get decent spot early for the live lol. Me and my friend ended up reaching the mall too early at around 9am in the morning, with nothing to do outside the mall other than walking and see other fans who also waiting at the same time as us haha.

Around 30 minutes before the Mall open, me and my friend found a way to get in to the mall earlier by saying that we want to watch “The Avengers Infinity War” at the Mall Cinema who has an early morning screening that day. By doing that we can access the top floor of the mall from one of the entrance located near the parking lot. After some tries to try to convince the security that we wanted to go watch “Avengers” instead of for Bangkok TIF (lol), we passed the security and go up to the top floor to wait in front of the venue (Siam Paragon Royal Hall) to wait for the event to start.

However, Thailand being Thailand (i totally forgot this is not Japan), the entrance delayed by around 1 hour, and the live performance also delayed by around 30 mins. Geez. Totally screwed up timing. Thankfully this is only for the 1st day and didnt repeat it self the next following days.

Waiting for Door to open

After the gate opens, i rushed to get inside the stage of the TIF2018 area of Bangkok Comic Con, its located at the very end corner of the venue. When i reach there i can get quite close to the stage, but later i realized that most of the maneki fans often made a circle at the back areas to run around, so i decided to joined them too instead of being in the front areas. 😀 made me wonder why i decided to go inside earlier in the first place LOL. But its for the “excitement” i guess Hahahaha. 😛

So after waiting and delays, finally Maneki Kecak arrived on the stage to perform first for the first performane of TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018 in BANGKOK COMIC CON

Maneki Fans are wild and i love it

Maneki Kecak Day 1 Bangkok TIF2018:
1. Joudan Ja Nai Ne
2. Kimi no Todoke
3. Monster to Kecak
4. Atashi no nokori zenbu Ageru
5. Kimiwazurai

So they started the setlist with “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” and we immidiately gone crazy haha. Worth all the waiting early today for this !! I’ve gone back to the back areas to join with the others Maneki “pinchikes” to do the circle, runs, or whatever you call it that most pinchikes do these days (if theres a word for it LOL), but i must say its pretty damn fun. They also sing the new single “Atashi no nokori zenbu Ageru” which is good because it’s the first time i’ve seen the live performance of that song, so it’s all cool 😀 They ended up the performance with their signature song “Kimiwazurai”.

After that; next group, which is too bad because i have to rush to their buppan for chekis and stuff. So i totally skipped the other performances today after Maneki Kecak lol (only see for a while here and there, but nothing much) 😛

Maneki Buppan in Bangkok This time round…same price as last time!

For those wondering about the pic above, the “Homework” means that they will write alot on your 2shot chekis/polaroid, and it requires them alot of time to do that, so they will bring the cheki back home to prepare write stuffs for you, and you can only collect it during the next event ! This means that its suited more for Japanese people who can go to their events regularly…if you can only see them few times, the 300/500baht cheki is more recommended.

At the buppan i only buy 1 cheki as the line up for reonyan cheki is too long as always and her first cheki is always the first one to be sold out. Not to mention that you can only buy 1 cheki at a time, so during my japan trip i only buy 2 cheki with her (one for each day) but i guess that is more than enough for me haha. I also want to try to give her my birthday present today but i totally forgot lol so i decided to give the present to her on the 2nd day tomorrow 😀

2shot Cheki with Manekis Reonyan during the 1st day

During the cheki, i told her about the present i made for her, i made her a “custom photobook” with a pictures i took myself during the last “Thai Japan Expo” event in January 2018 earlier this year. She looks very happy about it, and i asked her to pose with and look surprised but the Camera staff for Maneki is kinda “trigger happy” and always SNAPS you before you are ready lol. This happens not only to me, but to most of the japanese fans as well. I guess you can only do normal2 pose with them this time, which is kinda sucked, compared to last time in Thai Japan Expo which you get more time to pose with them. Anyways, since i already take plenty of cheki with reonyan in the past, i couldnt care less about the result i just want to talk to her and stuffs LOL.

I also took a cheki with Chiai since she went hiatus last month and only managed to do a come back recently…so i felt like i should take a picture with her also. 😀

2shot Cheki with Manekis Chiai during the 1st day

Back at the stage, Akishibu Project are still performing, so that means i totally missed on Lovely Doll performance while im at the buppan haha. After that followed by a performance from Papirosier, Milcs Honmono and Necopla”.

Soon after that, its time for 48G to perform, which totally signalled me to head to the EXIT as the crowd become more and more crazy– too many people inside its hard to breathe so i decided to go outside. I’m not a 48 fan anymore nowadays so that’s nothing to miss about lol. Now that all the Bangkok TIF2018 segment all totally done today i decided to go back to the hostel to rest. My hostel is around 10 minutes walk from the venue, so that is an easy decision for me instead of just roaming around in the venue with nothing to do, and also we dropped by to eat late lunch as well before heading back to the hostel.

After some rest and stuffs (around 2 hours), we went back to the venue at around 5:30pm in the afternoon just to look around and stuffs.

After short rest at the hostel, back to the venue to explore Bangkok Comic Con

When we reached back there to explore the “Bangkok Comic Con” section, there wasn’t many people around, i guess people dont really care about the comic on and most of the crowd only comes for Bangkok TIF2018 Lol 😀 After some walking around at the venue, i spent like only 30 minutes inside before i figured out there’s nothing much there so decided to call it a day for dinner with the boys and rest for the 2nd day. Later that day, one of my Malaysian friend also arrived late to thailand and stayed in the same hostel as me also, so we had a fun talk at our hostel room until late night Lol.

Midnight chat with friends and preparation for the 2nd day tomorrow

END Of Day 1 Bangkok TIF2018 !

28th April 2018 – Bangkok TIF2018 Day 2

Today, i decided to chill more and didnt care about getting inside the venue too early like yesterday, since in the end we’ll be at the back areas with the maneki fans anyways lol. So instead of sneaking our way in, we have a breakfast at the Mcdonalds at the mall downstairs near the entrance, while waiting for the door to open.

McDonalds Pork Porridge for Breakfast

After the door open at 10AM, most of people just rushes in and RUN uptstairs to the top floor LOL. This prompted me to follow the rest to go up, although i didnt run like crazy like other people 😀 Thankfully, the crowd today is not as bad as yesterday ! Turns out my friend told me yesterday there are more people because of NGT48 yesterday, and today only JKT48 LOL. 😀 Also today the gate opened on time, as there isnt much delays, so thank god.

Event Started on time today!

Skip forward to the Stage area for Bangkok TIF2018 Day 2! 😀 Yep, inside the crowd is REALLY way LESSER compared to yesterday…wow…i can literally get into the 3rd row today or closer but in the end i decided to chill. besides, maneki perform abit late today, so it is Task Have Fun, Lovely Doll, and Akishibu Project who performed first for 30 minutes each per time slot.

Not gonna go in details for those idols, but i think its a great setlist. For example, Task sing their trademark song “3WD”, Lovely Doll got sing one of my fave song by them “Calendar Girl” and Akishibu also sing “Manatsu no Serenade” which is one of my fave also. But of course, some of these setlist is kinda expected yeah haha. But it’s still great anyways. Next up after all those 3 groups performed, is Maneki Kecak turns !! 😀

Maneki Kecak Bangkok TIF2018 Day 2 :
1. Moso Zakura
2. Kagami no Naka Kara (oeoe oooo..xD)
3. Joudan Ja nai Ne
4. Arikitarina Koto ba de
5. Kimiwazurai

The setlist for today Maneki is just…too.damn.awesome. Started of with Moso Zakura (woooo!!), followed by their new single Kagami no naka kara, then everyone’s favore Joudan Ja nai ne, then also (OH GOD MY FAVE SONG) “Arikitarina Koto ba de !!!!! 😀 😀 I totally got so high on this, waay much more than Day 1, especially during Joudan Ja Nai Ne on the 2nd day, there are more spaces at the back compared to yesterday because lesser people today. So we have the Freedom to do anything we want lol…It was totally crazy. Joined the usual circle runs and other crazy things… (hopefully i didnt get caught on cam cuz i’m usually “calm” you know xD 😛 ) And then we still have “Kimiwazurai” to finish thing off. GREAT SHIT

Overall today memories is totally much better compared to yesterday for some reason. The live is more fan. the fans is also more fun. Haha.

After the performance ended, is 48G turns ,and also Maneki buppan time, which means it’s time for me to leave the stage xD Went to rush for the buppan for maneki. Bought another cheki with Reonyan, and like i said before, the cheki staff for Maneki during this event is too damn “trigger happy” and tooo damn fast…i haven’t even prepared my pose and the dude already snapped my picture hahaha. But since i needed to talk more with Reona, i just ignored him. The pose is abit fail, but nevermind, i already take plenty of chekis and i just want to talk to her…didnt bother to retake 😛

After the cheki, i gave my birthday gift to reonyan via KanFuruya who is sitting at the back doing nothing lol. KanFuruya actually is quite nice. After i told her about the present for Reona, he immidiatelly accepts it and he told me that he will give it to Reona after the buppan session ended. He even asked me to make sure that i write my name on it so that she knows who i am which is a nice gesture by him ! 😀 I told him she should know already since i already told her, besides my name also printed on the photobook i gave her already so yeah…Mission done xD All that’s left is only to wait for the Buppan session to finish for the surprise birthday cake for Reonyan at the end segment. I went out outside to talk with some Japanese and Bangkok Maneki Kecak fans to kill time.

I chatted with this Japanese Reona fan who is pretty well known, i also met him during last year Japan Trip in July 2017. He told me about the Reona birthday live and asked me if im going also, i said yeah. I showed him my tickets for the Akasaka Blitz event, and he told me that my ticket number sucked, and for advice, he told me only around the first 200 people can get the Reona’s cheki, so if i wanted to have cheki after the birthday live show in Japan, i have to be inside early, and for that i need to have a good ticket number to get inside earlier… He later checked his Line Group on his phone to see if he has spare tickets left under 200, and planned to get back to me later about it. Nice gesture by him. For me i really totally dont mind though, even if i only managed to attend her birthday live in Akasaka Blitz, i think it’s more than enough already 😛

Anyways, shortly afterwards, the birthday surprise for Reonyan started so i get back inside the buppan area. Some talk and scenes after, the Bangkok side presented reonyan with Flower, Birthday Cake, signed banners, and some other stuffs to her and she looks very happy and moved !! 😀

Since Maneki doesnt have any after “meet and greet” or “offkai” events, so this is the last time we see them…too bad 🙁 At the end of the segment we also take a group picture together to call it a day.

After the stuff with Maneki Kecak is done, time for “some sidequests” with Task Have Fun! (and also Milcs Honmono). It is a 2-man “Meet and Greet” event starring Task and Milcs after the end of Day 2 Bangkok TIF2018. There’s only 60 tickets of these available but luckily i managed to get my hands one one 😀 The event is located around the Siam areas too in Bangkok, so its not too far away. It is an office building, and we need to leave our Passport in the Lobby in order to get a special access card to enter the building, lol.

Upstairs, we queued in and get inside based on our ticket number. Since there’s only 60 tickets already, there wont be too much people so i am quite relaxed with this. Inside, theres only 3 rows of chairs (all occupied by the japanese lol) the rest at the back have to stand lol. Also, taking pix only allowed during Milcs Honmono, and not during Task…oh well haha. First up is Meet and greet with Milcs Honmono

The Meet and greet consist of few segments for around 1 hour each. Some segments includes “Q & A” session, some talking, sing along, some batsu chair game (you know, the one where they play music, and must get the girls to sit down on the chair and the only one who didnt sit in the chair lose? xD) and some other stuffs…I think there might be other things as well, but i almost forgot since i forgot to write stuffs down during this segment haha.

Anyways, the order is like this; Milcs Honmono first, the Task Have Fun (around 1 hour each) then at the end, Task Have Fun & Milcs Honmono together. Didnt have any pix of Task since they dont allow to take pix, so only have some Milcs pictures during this event haha

Milcs Honmomo members seems quite fun during the meet and greet, but i feel Task Have Fun members segment is more fun,and they also looks more funny when handling the answers lol. In this we know all the girls is kinda “Baka” haha like for example, Fuuka asked to wrote the lyrics for the coupling song of the new single on the board, but she wrote the lyrics wrongly (because need to write in romanji). Then Natsuki tried to correct it, but she was wrong also LOL. (forgot if its the correct order…could be Natsuki first and then Fuuka lol) but anyways both of them had to be corrected few times by the japanese fan haha.

Oh, almost forgot, there’s also janken mini game with the fans to win some personal goods by the members, which of course, i LOST all of them cuz my janken skills SUCKED lol…:P Also some “guess the drawing game” during Task Have fun segment…haha. Here’s the epic drawing by Task’s Natsuki during the drawing segment xD

After some fun stuffs around 2 hours, each groups have their buppan time. Task Have Fun Cheki is wearing their “casual” outfit which is quite nice and rare (usually in Japan the chekis usually wearing their single outfits and such). The buppan for Task also got more people than Milcs i think…anyways here is my cheki with both Fuuka and Natsuki (didnt take with kyouka LOL)

Chekis with Task Have fun Natsuki and Fuuka

After the task buppan, i went to the Milcs area, and seems like after their buppan finished, they still continue on to have their own little segment lol. Some “extra time” segment such as free photography session, you can take pix of them for free during these segment.

Also some added some added “Janken” segment and some other things i forgot…my friend managed to record a video message by one of the milcs members for free (normally i think you need to pay around 500 baht or 1000 baht haha!)

By the time Milcs finished all their “extra time” stuffs at the venue, Task Have Fun buppan is still going on (lol) so they (Milcs members) decided to leave first. After Milcs leave the venue, me and my friends decided to leave also because we have no more tickets for Task Have fun…so we decided to call it a day, and go back to our hostel and rest haha.

That’s about it for Day 2…Today is really fun and packed compared to Day 1 yesterday. I finally wrapped up my mission with Maneki Kecak today, gave Reonyan her birthday present, some chat with her, then also the Maneki Birthday surprise at the end of the buppan…and also after that, the Task Have Fun & Milcs Honmono meet and greet 😀 Overall, it’s very fun day, and today is the day that makes this Bangkok Trip totally worth it imo…

And with that in mind, lets continue to Day 3 Recaps, although for Day 3 i didnt have much spirit left compared to Day2 , because there’s no more Maneki tomorrow 🙁

29th April 2018 – Bangkok TIF2018 Day 3

Today is the last day of Bangkok TIF 2018. No more priorities for today, maybe see Task Have Fun performance, and that’s it. I even forgot what time i reached the venue today, but i remember i got separated from my friends so i went inside the venue alone today (even though we met up again later inside the venue by accident LOL).

Day 3 Crowd @ Bangkok TIF…Many people :/ More than Yesterday

Today the crowd is abit crazy….because of BNK48 and also i think because it is Sunday…many families here lol. The stage area is totally crowded, i didnt even bother to get in front. I just casually watched the performance one by one, from the left side of the stage. There are some spaces on the far left corner of the stage thankfully, which where i stayed for the day for the entire 3 hours performance…but like i said before…Not so much mood because there is no Maneki Kecak haha :/

Believe it or not but i got nothing much to write for today. I only got high during Task Have Fun performance which they performed just before BNK48 lol. But other than that, nothing much to say. After the performance ended, we skipped BNK48 and went outside. I went to the buppan area to meet one of my thailand friend to settle some stuffs which i didnt get to finish yesterday…while also peeking the Task Have Fun buppan lol (even though i didnt buy anything today :P) After that done, i waited until Task Have Fun buppan finishes, and also Papirosier, before i went back to the Bangkok Comic Con area nearby the TIF booth, where Milcs Honmono holding their own buppan there.

Their buppan they still need to sell some “leftover” stuffs before they go back to japan, so they stayed on and keep “fishing” people to buy some of their stuffs there lol…some of the Japanese fans is just standing by there, but they let the thailand fans to buy some of the leftovers, and also in order to give them space and “fish-and-bait” from the milcs members which is funny to see…(of course, im pretty sure all these japs can easily buy all the leftovers in one go if they wanted to xD), but they want to make things fun, so they waited and waited until the thai fans settled all their stuffs xD Since i have nothing else to do, i waited there until the Milcs member finishes their buppan also, and decided to call it a day.

It’s only around 4pm. But the event is already over in my book. So i immidiately went back to the hostel to rest (thank god hostel is near!) some of my friends want to walk around in bangkok somemore, and some i forgot do what stuff, all i can remember we only meet up again at night to take one final group picture together (most of the overseas fans) before we call it a day for the trip. Some of my friends also went to Maidreaming Maid Cafe at MBK (which basically just opposite my hostel lol) but im already too tired and no mood already anyways…Besides… i got much bigger things to prepare…my JAPAN TRIP next !! So all my focus totally goes for that, which explain why i have not much mood today xD

After taking group pix, went back to the hostel and hang out at one of my friends room for some more chat and stuffs 😀 Besides, it’s the last night of the bangkok trip for me. My flight is the next day and i have to be in the airport around 6am to be safe…so i didnt get to sleep at all. Later on, all my friends fell asleep, and im the only one awake lol…at around 4am i have to wake up some of them because in the end we decided to shared taxi to go to the airport together. Some of us are leaving today, but all in different time (got one in the afternoon, etc etc, but the one from indonesia is all in the morning)

So yeah. That should be that for this Thailand update. Boarded my plane safely, back to Jakarta, for a few days rest before continuing my trip to Japan on the 2nd of May 2018…for that, please stay tune for the next update, because this write up is getting too long already haha. Im pretty sure there are more stuffs i missed in this, but whatever, these all i can remember for now…i guess that’s what you get if you doing these updates 3 weeks AFTER the actual trip xD

If you’re reading until this part, thanks for reading my boring crap as usual. 😀 I actually spend 4 hours writing this update, believe it or not, but doing recaps and updates like this actually takes plenty of time (which explained why im so lazy to do the update, just needed some “free time” to do it) xD So until my next update!!

-END OF POST– and -TO BE CONTINUED for Japan May 2018 part !!!–

Wack Museum Visit – HMV Shibuya (May 2018)

Posted: May 13, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Wack Museum
Location: Shibuya HMV, Tokyo, Japan.

During my Japan Trip last week, i visited the “WACK MUSEUM” which is located at HMV Shibuya. 😀 The “Museum” showcasing some of WACK groups outfits, as well some photos and some other stuffs like “VR” thingy, and some history of the groups as well. I went to visit the place at around 20:30 at night on the 3rd of May 2018 after my BiS Event at Hachioji…which explain maybe there wasn’t many people around…haha.

500 Yen Admission for the Wack Museum!

And oh, the admission of the museum is 500 Yen, but if you’re a WACK fan (like me), you will enjoy the “VR” thingy they put in there alot, which is imo, is already worth the admission itself haha. 😛 Dunno how to explain it, but it’s just awesome. And Funny. The members do funny things in VR while they performing and you just have to “look around” you to find what they’re doing haha. Too bad each groups only got like 2minutes plus VR Segment though! And oh they’re also selling T-shirts, and other stuffs like that specially for this place.

Anyways, I decided to do a separate / stand alone post for this WACK MUSEUM thing update, as i have yet to find a time to write a blog post from my last 2 weeks (which i visited both Bangkok for TIF BANGKOK 2018, and shortly afterwards, a short 9 days Japan trip). It’s gonna be a long write up for those, and hopefully i still remember some of the details from those trip cuz i really have a bad memories when it comes to remembering things (lol).

Enough talking, here are more pictures from the Museum. 😀

Airasia – New Indonesia > Japan Routes! :D

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Air Asia JKT – Narita new route Experiece / Short Review:

So last week i tried out the new AirAsia route XT407 – XT408 for a direct flight to Tokyo, Japan, which landed on Narita Airport. Before this, AirAsia has 2 different routes going from Indonesia, which is JKT > KL > Haneda , or JKT > Bali (denpasar) > Narita. Both routes had to transit one way or another, so it’s never a good option if you dont like transit and dont like waiting, but since Airasia is a “budget” airline anyways, most people who choose this route already prepared (well probably, lol) to sacrifice some of their time in transit over cheaper flying cost. I already tried using the airasia “Haneda” route few times before, Transit in KL, and while it was pretty much tiring yeah, at least i got in japan in one piece and that’s what matters to me 😀 So yeah, having a DIRECT route now, is really welcomed for me.

Anyways, about the new JKT > Narita DIRECT route. I booked the flight during its promo period, for a whopping cost of Rp 1.600.000 rupiah only for Return flight (!!) :O 😀 Which is around 150$ SGD at the current currency. That is pretty damn cheap, and it’s even cheaper than my Bangkok Trip (which i booked too early before promo, and it ended up costing me Rp1.800.000 lol). Have no idea how my bangkok fare ended up more expensive than my Japan fares, but that’s life LOL. 😛

As for the Plane…nothing special here. Because i paid promo price, i did not choose the “seats selection” or “meals” or even “baggage!”. For meals, i smuggled in some drinks and snacks (hell, some person besides me even smuggled in Mcdonalds or KFC from the airport lol 😀 ). I didnt pay baggage as i travelled light, and i have gone Japan more than 10x now in the last 8 years, i already know my priorities and i dont need to buy much stuff to bring back home like i did back then. All i bring back is my 2shot Chekis from idol events, and i tell this to my friend also who questioned me “how do you survive in japan without buying baggage for return home” ? The answer is simple if you really don’t spend alot on “tourist” stuffs to bring back home lol. 😀 😛

For my departures on the 2nd May, the flight delayed about 30-45minutes i think, but then again, it was only the 2nd day of their operation (the first operation day being the 1st of May 2018) so i’ll just let it slide. The plane was smooth though. Maybe because i fell asleep most of the time and woke up when i just landed so i really didnt notice anything lol. 😀 My Return flight from Narita to Jakarta is even more smooth imo. The plane departs on time, and manage to arrive in Jakarta 20 minutes than the scheduled time ! That is awesome. Not to mention, the plane back from Narita to Jakarta, it didnt have many people, the plane maybe only half full or something like that, so i have 3 seats in my row ALL for myself ! xD So yeah. it was good. I smuggled in some sandwich from Japan 7-11 at the Narita airport for my meals, and plain tap water into my water bootle for drinks. Didnt sleep much during my return trip somehow, but i survived 7 hours anyways.

7-11 Chicken Cutlet Sandwitch for my Meals during my Return trip. 280 yen xD

Overall. For a budget airline, i really welcome this new route to Japan. And to remind you again, this is a DIRECT flight, not Transit. From Jakarta, it departs at night around 23:50 PM and arrive in Tokyo around 9AM in the morning, which is very good (you still have the whole day for exploring and stuffs). The return flight is in the morning though, 11:30 AM from Narita Airport, so you probably need to wake up damn early to get there, since Narita Airport is quite far from Tokyo.

Anyways, Maybe after the promotion period ended, the price won’t be so cheap anymore, it would probably double the price to around Rp3.000.000 (300$ SGD) or around there, without baggage, but still, having another cheap alternative for Japan Trip is always good to me.

I have travelled to Japan with all kind of Airlines. Singapore Airlines, ANA, JAL, Cathay Pacific (transit in HK), FlyScoot (transit in taiwan), and Airasia, so yeah ,there’s alot to compare of. Obviously if you have too much money to burn, or if its your first time going Japan, you might want to try airlines such as ANA or JAL, but for me who have gone Japan for more than 10x, nothing is special anymore – i just want to get there in one piece xD 😀 I’ll just say this ; You PAY what you GET. You pay cheap, you get minimal service compared to full fledged airlines (which provides you decent meals and baggage up to 40kg) but if you’re on a tight budget and don’t need to bring many stuffs back home, all this can be overlooked. (there’s a 20KG baggage option for around Rp350.000 though for those who needs it). Besides, the rest of extra money i saved on budget airlines, can be used to see Idol Lives 😀 XD

That’s about it i guess. This year i have travelled 3x with Airasia — Early January for Bangkok, Late April for Bangkok (again), and then Early May 2018 for Japan trip….Thanks for Airasia for their service! 😀

Value for Money – 9 / 10 (if you get good fares below Rp2.000.000 or Rp3.000.000, above that, NOPE)
Service – 6 / 10 (only service you’ll get is when you pay.)
Seats / Chairs – 6 / 10 (not the most comfy seats around, but i survived lol)
Overall Rating – 7 / 10

COMING UP SOON — BLOG UPDATE from my April 2018 Bangkok TIF TRIP and May 2018 Japan Trip !! Stay Tuned!! xD

Japan Expo Thailand 2018 – (25-29.01.2018 BKK Trip)

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Last week i went to Thailand – Bangkok, for this year “Japan Expo Thailand 2018”. event 😛 Last year I also went to this same event , and from my experience last year, it’s quite a blast even though back then i dont really have my top 5 idol groups favorite there…so when they announced that “Maneki Kecak” is going to appear at this event this year, it’s a no-brainer that i went again this year LOL 😀

The idol groups in this event includes “Maneki Kecak, Wasuta, Festive, Akishibu Project, Ready To Kiss, Say La, Majiban, AngeReve, Milcs Honmono, and etc etc” (also ex C-ute “Maimi Yajima” and AKB48), but my main target here is definitely Maneki Kecak 😀

25th January 2018 – Arrivals

My flight to bangkok is on the 25th January morning, which went smoothly without much delays, and arrived in bangkok around 11am in the morning. After arriving, i checked my instagram and saw Maneki Kecak member Miyuu also posted that they’re on the way to bangkok already ! They should be arriving much later in the afternoon, so i should have time to check in to my hostel first— besides, i arrived at Don Muang Airport Bangkok, while
they should be arriving at the main Airport “Suvarnabhumi” later in the afternoon…so i did a quick check in
at my hostel, went for a quick lunch — then straight back to the airport (Suvarnabhumi this time) to wait for Maneki Kecak Arrival LOL. 😛

When i arrived there, there’s also some other local maneki kecak and festive fans waiting. Long story short though; this didnt went too well as maneki kecak “slips through” our radar by going out from the other entrance, and we only saw “Festive” in the end lol…just not our luck i guess… 🙁 🙁

Some fans waiting at the airport for Festive and Maneki

Ended the first day by hanging out with friends from Thai, Singapore and Malaysia for Dinner, before going back to the hostel. By the way, i stayed at this hostel “Bed @ Town” which is basically just opposite the
venue (Central World Mall). Its quite cheap, clean, and overall very good. Very recommended, probably will stay here again next time. 8/10

26th January 2018 – Japan Thai Expo 2018 Day 1

The first day of Thai Japan Expo !! There’s no Maneki Kecak today, so basically today is just my warm up day and im quite relaxed haha. 😀 Not much goals here today except to see the new group “Tokyo Flavor” (they have this buppan at this cheap price of only 50bath for Cheki plus sign — that’s rougly 170 yen for you !!) and also “Majiban“.

Outdoor Thai Japan Expo Stage on the 1st day

My Quick Summary for the day:

11:30 – 12:00 – Tokyo Flavor Live
12:30 – 13:45 – Tokyo Flavor Buppan Queue (cheki 2shot xD)
14:00 – 14:30 – Milcs Honmono
15:00 – 15:30 – Queued to buy the GirlsBomb Live Ticket (1000 bath) for Saturday & Sunday
16:00 – 16:30 – Akishibu Project
16:30 – 16:50 – Majiban
16:50 – 17:10 – Festive
17:30 – 18:00 – Majiban Buppan Queue(cheki 2shot)
18:00 – 18:30 – Milcs Honmono

TokyoFlavour kinda surprised me. Sure they perform basically a “generic” idol songs, but what can you expect from a group like this…but i actually thought their songs is kinda catchy lol. Especially the song titled “OMG~オーマイグッメン~” 😀

I also queued for their 2 shot chekis, which only cost 50 bath (170 yen!!) which is a Promo price i guess… and because of that, the queue for the chekis is like damn crazy…More than 1 hour plus, but luckily i have nothing to do during that time, and plus i waited with my friends so it’s okay i guess. Lucky i went for this 2shot cheki though; because i got busy and didnt have much time for them for the remainder of the trips !

Tokyo Flavor Performance and 2shot

After TokyoFlavor, its time for “Milcs Honmono” from Hokkaido…actually their songs is not that bad also. The members looks quite ok too. Their 2shot is quite expensive though, 500 bath and use with mobile phones only…so yea, at that price and no polaroid and sign, is abit quite expensive to me. After Milcs, followed by the performance of Akishibu Project, Majiban, and Festive.

Now, the interesting about today is that, Ready to Kiss & Say La” apparently got their flight delayed and stuck in the traffic jam (Lol) so they’re unable to come and perform for the original timeslot lol…so i didnt get to see them today 🙁

Their performance was instead replaced by Festive & Majiban who in the end, performed twice on the same stage lol. I also quite confused because of the change, i thought it’s some kind of Mix-up or something, but after seeing the Ready2Kiss & Say La members arrived later to the venue with their luggage on…i can understand why. They also did a “free cheki” as a sign of sorry gesture, but that slot is quite fast filled up, so i didnt get a change for a free cheki, oh well lol. 😀

So yeah, basically that’s it only for today. Oh i also went to take picture with “Norakura” of Majiban 😀 😀

Norakura of Majiban

After all the performance and buppan is done; went for some dinner gathering with some of the overseas wota at “MaxBeef” Beef Buffet restaurant at the BigC Opposite Central World Mall…the total cost after tax is 370baht per person for buffet. I thought it was very good, but because we arrived late, we have to hurry up as the restaurant is about to close lol. If come here again next time, should’ve come earlier haha.

27th January 2018 – Japan Thai Expo 2018 Day 2

So finally, the 2nd day of Japan Expo Thai! 😀 Today’s schedule for me is quite busy with both Maneki Kecak, and also Maimi Yajima performance and meet and greet later in the afternoon. So i woke up quite early at around 7am…and around 8:15am me and my friend actually already walking towards the venue !! 😀 And outside of the mall still got the barrier and stuffs to prevent people from getting in lol. Basically the mall is still closed (not surprised) and we came waaaay too early, but we managed to find a way to get in anyways haha 😀

Outside Central World Mall in 8:20am

My Quick Summary for the day:

11:45 – 12:15 – Maneki Kecak
12:30 – 13:15 – Maneki Kecak buppan queue

Girls Bomb Live Space (paid 1000 bath)
13:40 – 14:00 – Festive
14:00 – 14:25 – Maneki Kecak

*Break Lunch etc *

16:00 – 16:30 – Maimi Yajima Performance
17:00 – 17:30 – Maimi Yajima Meet and Greet
17:45 – 18:10 – Maneki Kecak Buppan again xD
18:30 – 18:50 – Ange Reve
18:50 – 19:10 – Festive
19:10 – 19:30 – Majiban
*time is slightly/roughly different because of the stupid delay, couldnt keep up with exact time*

So after waiting and waiting, the queue to go inside the main stage quickly formed and me and my friends went to queue in front. Coming here too early maybe is abit of a mistake also, because the live is delayed apparently, for around 40mins or so (they suppose to perform at 11:00- but the performance didnt start UNTIL 11:40 or so). I forgot that this is Bangkok ,and not Japan…haha. 😀 Sigh..

And yep, even though we waited quite early, and go inside early…in the end i still go back at the back areas to join up with the other maneki kecak wotas anyway … (so it is a bit pointess for me that time to get inside quite early lol, oh well).

Maneki Kecak Main Stage Performance

So the 1st song the perform is…Joudan Ja Nai Ne (!!) straight at the start!! I wasn’t ready for this, so i dropped my bags on the front areas, then moved to the back areas because those is where the “action” is at xD Joined the circle mix etc etc during this whole Maneki Kecak performance , and it’s really fun lol. Besides Joudan, they also sing “Kimi no Todoke”, “Ai Kotoba” and “Kimiwazurai”

After the Maneki Kecak main stage performance, i skipped the Wasuta performance at the main stage and rushed to the Maneki Kecak buppan to queue for the cheki tickets. After my experience with Maneki at my last Japan Trip, i already prepared for this…to get Maneki Kecak chekis is not like your usual idol chekis. You must buy the ticket first, and each person can only buy 1 ticket per person (so no chekis spamming here).

You can buy another ticket AFTER you used your cheki ticket, so basically you go back and queue again. Usually the members that still has cheki left is the new member (yellow color) “Mio”, and also “Miyuu-sama”. So yeah, i queued for my Reonyan cheki xD 😀

After the cheki, i rushed to go inside the “Meet and Greet area Tent” (thats what i call the place anyway lol, cuz they set up a “tent” for the meet and greet area outside the mall, and they also used it for the “Girls Bomb Live” venue.

* GirlsBomb Live – 1000 bath – 27/01/2018 session *

I missed the first 2 performance of the Girls Bomb i think, and only entered when Ready 2 Kiss about to finish performing…so yeah, during the last song or something. After that, Festive went to perform, followed by Maneki Kecak again 😀

I forgot the exact setlist for Maneki Kecak inside this GirlsBomb Live tent (and also for the day before) because the stupid me never write down the setlist after each performance. But i still can remember that they sing one of my favorite Maneki song which is “Arikitarina Koto ba de”…yippie!! 😀 😀 Perfect !!!

* GirlsBomb Live – 1000 bath – 27/01/2018 session end *

After the maneki kecak performance, it’s time for a little break, go to combini downstairs the mall to buy a light meal (because no time to eat lunch earlier lol) and also bumped with some festive members there at the combini xD After that i went back to the buppan/meet n greet areas outside for a while again to look around, before continuing to see Maimi Yajima next.

Yajima Maimi

Maimi Yajima performance at the main stage is quite good…she performed some classic C-ute songs such as Massara Blue Jeans, and also her solo song “Natsu Doki Lipstick” which is awesome xD 😛

Full Setlist for Maimi Yajima (copy and paste from Japanese Fan Tweets xD):
M2『夏doki リップスティック』

Her performance is followed by the meet and greet afterwards. The meet and greet begins with a *Q & A* session, followed by a lucky draw (there are some autographed goods to be won here, so congrats to those who win it haha), and ended by a 2shot / cheki session and a quick handshake. 😀 I think for around 1000 baht, this is quite expensive, but since its Hello Project standard…can’t be helped i guess. Besides, it’s a rare chance to take picture with Maimi.

During the 2shot i only do a normal pose– even though halfway through the session, there is this one girl who asked Maimi to hug her, which she politely accept, and the crowd goes crazy after that LOL. Basically after seeing that, most of the girls who came up for the 2shot asking for a “hug pose” thereafter xD (Kudos to those girls who’ve seen that but didnt chose to do the “hug pose” though)…sadly it is for girls only lol.

Yajima Maimi Meet n Greet

After Maimi Yajima Meet and greet ended, i went outside to queue up for Maneki Kecak buppan again, and the Reonyan cheki already sold out lol. So i went to buy the chiai ones instead, because there’s still some of them left. Oh btw i forgot to mention that the cheki 2shot price for Maneki Kecak in Thailand is slighly cheaper and half price compared to the Japan Price 😀 300 baht for 2shot cheki only, 500 bath for cheki with sign, and 800 bath only available for japanese who can collect the cheki at the next event in japan…they will write/sign your polaroid until there’s no empty space left lol. I never tried this option, maybe i should do next time.

With Chiai of Maneki Kecak

Oh, i also took picture of @KanFuruya to end the day today of my Maneki Kecak Adventures xD

With KanFuruyaP @ Thai Japan Expo xD

Later in the afternoon/night time, there’s still Ange Reve, Festive and Majiban again, but by this time im already tired so i’m in my “casual photographer” mode and only there to took pictures only 😀 And that should be that for Day 2 of Thai Japan Expo for me. No Fancy dinner this time (wallet rape already at the buppan) so only eat a Chicken Rice meal behind our hostel at night for dinner xD 😀

Ange Reve



Maneki Kecak

28th January 2018 – Japan Thai Expo 2018 Day 3

After my Experience yesterday, i didnt go to the venue that much early today 😀 Which is good, means i can rest more and wake up later…i think around 930am plus then we head to the venue, then me and my friends decided to chill abit inside the Central World Mall for a while. Today main goal is Maneki Kecak again for me, 2x performance inside the GirlsBomb tent, and also at the Culture Stage inside the Mall.

My Quick Summary for the day:

11:00 – 11:20 – Wasuta
11:20 – 11:40 – Festive

Girls Bomb Live Space (paid 1000 bath)
12:30 – 12:50 – Say La
12:50 – 13:10 – Maneki Kecak
13:10 – 13:35 – Festive
13:35 – 14:00 – Wasuta

14:30 – 14:50 – Majiban
14:50 – 15:10 – AngeReve
15:10 – 15:30 – Maneki Kecak

* Break Lunch etc *

17:00 – 18:00 – Maneki Kecak Buppan queue (2x with Reonyan)

* Break time*

20:00 – 20:30 – Tokyo Flavor
20:30 – 20:45 – Japan Expo Thailand 2018 Closing Ceremony

I started the day by watching the Wasuta/The World Standard performance at the main stage. I didnt see them yesterday, so today i thought i should see them, or at least take pictures of them….so i did ! 😀

Here are some pictures of Wasuta from that day.

Wasuta @ Outdoor Main Stage

After Wasuta, its Festive turn to perform at the main stage….im not really big fan of Festive but i keep on seeing them on this trip lol…one thing for sure though, their fans is really high and loud during the performance! xD 😀

After that, went to queue for the Girls Bomb Live inside the tent. Actually there’s a queue for the Maneki Kecak buppan too but i missed the day time session because i want to focus and enjoy the Idols Live at the GirlsBomb stage.

* GirlsBomb Live – 1000 bath – 28/01/2018 session *
So the GirlsBomb Live session starts with Say La as the opening act. This is the only time i see them today, so yeah, i still remember some of the songs they sang at last year Thai Japan Also, and one member also caught my interest (Mori Nono) but i wonder why i never take cheki with her LOL. 😛 After Say La, then it’s Maneki Kecak turns. wooo. 😀 😀

Again, i forgot the exact setlist for Maneki Kecak, but again they sing Arikitarina Kotoba De for the 2nd day in a row…wow…they actually sing this song twice !!! Thanks KanFuruyaP xD In contrast, they didnt even sing “Time Machine” or “Dodemo Iiya”…there’s just not enough time i guess lol. Overall, another great performance for the Maneki Kecak session, i really enjoyed it.

After that is Festive and Wasuta turn to perform and i’m already tired and went back to my casual mode this time xD

* GirlsBomb Live – 1000 bath – 28/01/2018 session – end*

After the Girls Bomb session is done, i went out to rest for a while , and then passing by the main stage which AKB48 supposed to perform in. Man the stage is wayyyy to crowded. I didnt even bother staying there long, just see only from far away, took a few pictures, before i contunue on to the next stage, which is “Majiban” at the Culture stage.

AKB48 at the Main Stage. Snapped few pix then i run away xD

So the Culture Stage performance starts with Majiban, Ange Reve and finally Maneki Kecak…i’ll just skip the first two and skip straight to Maneki Kecak performance xD 😀

Actually for this “Maneki Kecak” performance i already got a good spot and i want to take pictures instead of “Urya oi”…but before Maneki Kecak performance started, they suddenly say “no photography allowed” which is wtf?? Before this everyone can take pix just fine, now suddenly Maneki Kecak wants to perform , suddenly you can’t ? :/ Weird. 🙁

Anyways because of that, i abandoned my good spot, and went to the left side with the other maneki kecak wotas instead (and rested my camera once again). Being a “hobby-ist” Idol Photographer, is actually a bit sad case because at one side i really want to take their pictures with my own camera – but at another side i just want to shut off and enjoy the concert as a whole. So that’s what i did today, rested the camera, and just enjoyed “Urya-oi” -ng with the rest of the wotas xD 😀

Maneki Kecak – Culture Stage Performance

At this culture stage they sing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne”, “MosoZakura” and “Kimiwazurai” i think, which is damn awesome again 😀 But actually i kinda regretted that i never write down the setlist for Maneki Kecak performance (which is a big mistake for me cuz i’m still trying to remember them all). But from what i remember here’s the list of songs that Maneki Kecak sing in Japan Expo Thai 2018

Maneki Kecak Songlist – Thai Japan Expo 2018:
-Joudan Ja Nai Ne (2x)
-Ai Kotoba
-Kimi no todoke
-KimiWazurai (2x)
-Monster to Kecak
-カクカクシカジカ (Kakukakushikajika)
-Arikitarina Kotoba De (2x)
-Kokuhaku no Susume

After that performance, i went to eat a late lunch at the food court upstairs cuz i’m damn hungry lol. While eating at the food court with my friend, some girl approached me from beind, and turns out they’re a cover dance group from thailand called “WiSH” who is specialized in covering “BiS/BiSH” songs…this is because i’m wearing a BiSH TIF2017 tshirt, and they saw the back of my tshirt i think lol. And after chatting with them for a while i decided to take picture with them xD 😀

Some Girl from WiSH (Bis/BisH cover group in Thailand)

After a quick-late-lunch, went back to the buppan area again for my last chekis with Maneki Kecak during this Japan Trip. Took 2 more chekis with Reonyan,before i decided to call it a day (well basically…nothing much after this xD)

2shots with Reonyan again

After all of this done, the only things left is the TokyoFlavor performance at night, and then the closing ceremony. 😀

Btw, TokyoFlavor suppose to have a buppan at night but i guess they decided to cancel it as they went for the “Closing Ceremony” instead, and they have to go back after that to rush for their flights haha…actually i already prepared some money to take more chekis with Mayumi of Tokyo Flavor, but too bad it wasnt mean to be…so oh well.. anyways here’s what i think about Mayumi in the end.

I didnt mention her (mayumi) but she went on to “favorite/like” that particular post on twitter anyway, which kinda surprised me (well, she followed me on twitter, so maybe she saw my post even though i never mention her directly…lol). Some of her fans from Japan and other country also went on to mention me in the end, that they agreed with my statement lol. Thanks guys 😀

So yeah, after the closing ceremony, went to take a later dinner with my friends, before decided to take a group picture together…OTSUKARE!! Thanks for everything guys. it’s been a great fun xD 😀

So i guess that’s about it for my Thailand Japan Expo 2018 Trip !! 😛 There might be some bits here and there that i forgot, but im already trying my best to memorize what happened last week since i didnt write it down (any of my experience), so i just basically going through my memories here and scrolling through my older twitter post xD Also, the extra day for the next following day, i feel i don’t need to write that up as it’s only about my journey to Kinokuniya in Central World Mall, and also lunch, before going to the airport 😀

This Thai Japan Expo 2018 is really good, even though there’s up an downs as well (such as the stupid delay during the 2nd day of Thai Japan Expo, and also Ready2Kiss & Say La coming late to the venue on the 1st day lol), but nothing is perfect — and we just have to enjoy the moment. I really enjoy the hospitality of Thai people as well, which makes me think i will come back again (if possible lol) for future events and hopefully there’s some idol groups i like as well 😀

So til next time, i shall end my blog post here as it’s getting to long..adios…”Khob Khun Krub!!” xD

Goodbye 2017…Hello 2018

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It’s that time again, another “yearly round up” post for all the best idolling stuffs that happened to me during this year (2017). Actually, nothing much this year compared to my previous years really– maybe cuz im gettin old these days LOL 😛

But anyways, due to my past tradition (and since im an easy person to FORGET, i decided to do a recap anyways so i can re-read my own blog post later LOL), So yeah, lets do a quick round up !! 🙂

I will be doing the “recaps” starting from September events, August Japan Trip, May Ennichsai , April 2017 Festive Event, and then finally February 2017 for Thai Japan Expo 2017.

Silent Siren 2017 World tour in Jakarta – 30th September 2017

Silent Siren visits indonesia for their “3rd One-Man-Live” in Jakarta, for their 3rd Year in a row!! :O Im also surprised that they managed to keep their promise to keep coming back here every year lol, which i hope that they will keep again for next year in 2018 for them to come back again lol 😛

I queued quite early for this year’s Silent Siren Concert, although not as early as the previous year. Well, im already quite near anyways since in the end i got seated around the 3rd row centre and i did get a pretty good view of everything 🙂

Setlist for Jakarta Silent Siren 2017 Live

The setlist is pretty good too! They sing my fave such as “Stella, Sweet pop, Koiyuki, Secret base” etc… The only one Missing is “Love Figther” only (too bad!) But yeah, it’s still okay though xD

I already take a group photo last year, but this year i decided to take again anyways. For around 5000 yen (600k rupiah) of purchase of their goods you can take group picture with them. This year the group picture is rather strict though, you can’t really ask them for pose (last year you can) so you only come up front, pose a little, they snap your picture, and that’s it…not much interaction, i feel last year we get more time, but maybe it’s just me lol !

Juice=Juice Mini Live in Jakarta – 24th September 2017

To be honest…im not really a big fan of Hello Project anymore nowadays…ever since the “Hello Kids” groups (Buono/Berryz/C-ute) disbanded/hiatus/or whatever you call it, i don’t really have any more expectations there. BUT !! Since they already spent effort to come here to Jakarta, i decided to see them anyways; as a CASUAL Lol! 🙂

The me from 7 years ago would be queueing in a heartbeat for any Hello Project groups that came to visit my country, but i guess not this time. There are people who already in the venue since 6-7am in the morning to queue for the goods, and i can understand them. I would probably do the same if its Babyraids or Maneki Kecak who visited to Jakarta instead xD

Besides, its only a handshake, and once you already experienced underground idols in Japan, you kinda get “immune” with all these simple ‘hello project style’ handshake events that only lasted a few seconds really…so yep, i ended up buying NOTHING at all from their merchandise shop 🙂 . I have no use for them anyways lol.

In return, i focused on taking pictures of them since it’s kinda rare to be able to take picture of Hello Project groups with a DSLR! Took plenty of them, and some of the pix i uploaded on twitter got plenty of faves and Retweets from various Hello Project fans all over the world too (kinda feel that somebody actually appreciate my hard work in taking the pictures too, so yeah, im kinda happy just for that 🙂 )

Juice=Juice Mini Live in Jakarta – September 2017

July/August 2017 : Yearly Japan Trip 2017 Post !!TIF2017 and More!

Im not gonna go in depth for my 2017 Japan Trip post here since it would be TOO LONG LOL 🙂, butttt if you are curious then i suggest you to check my individual blog post about my Japan Trip earlier this year in July/August 2017.

Japan Trip 2017 Summary:
Japan Trip Day 1-4
Japan Trip Day 5-7
Japan Trip Day 8-10

They say “Pictures worth a thousand words” so here’s a PIX SPAM instead 🙂

Some of the highlights from my Japan Trip 2017 would be:
– “Ropppongi Idol Festival 2017– this is the first time i see Maneki Kecak, Kamiyado, and some others.
– “Konya Fest” @ Tsutaya O-East. Some idol groups here like “Task Have Fun”, “Appare! Harajuku”, and of course “Maneki Kecak” and “Drop”
– “Babyraids MiniLive @ Laqua City and Tsutaya Ikebukuro”
– “Passcode MiniLive and 2Shot Event @ Shinjuku Tower Records”
– “Tokyo Idol Festival 2017″…Enough Said. xD 😛

I did have plenty of fun during my Japan trip this year. It’s my first time meeting with all these new idol groups that i really got into lately like “Maneki Kecak”, “Kamiyado”, “Task Have fun” and “Appare! Harajuku”. Also managed to take cheki with Passcode finally, since i really regretted that i never take chekis with them when it’s still easier back then in 2015. And also, went for Babyraids” mini live, handshake, and autograph signing event but sadly no 2shots event for babyraids during my stay time. 🙁

Probably my only regrets during this Japan Trip, is that i didnt have enough time to see Passpo this year, and also Palet (which eventually went on to disband later on 🙁 Didnt see them at all this year!) But my lost of interest towards “Platinum Passport” Group also plays a major part i think…oh well.

Festive Live in Jakarta / Ennichisai 2017 – April 2017 to May 2017

There wasn’t much “idol visits” to Indonesia/Jakarta this year compared to previous years, which is a shame. The few of them which kind enough to visit Indonesia this year is : Festive, KissBee, Enka Girls (which would be visiting Indonesia too many times later on this year until i lost count lol), — and also Juice Juice and Jpop Group/Band “Silent Siren” later on in September 2017.

Festive‘s event is at this event called Sakura Matsuri 2017 located in Cikarang; around the outskirts of Jakarta, which is very far from the city. I mentioned before in my blog post about how troublesome it is to reach the venue just to see them lol. Im not really a big fan of the group, although there are some members who interested me like “Hinarin” etc but for some reason i can’t really get into them (at least not my “top 5 idols” materials anyways) so i didnt get excited that much. My friend from Malaysia and Thailand also came to Indonesia to see Festive though, so im more or less became a tour guide for them lol 🙂 😛

Festive Event (April 2017)

As for KissBee, they came to Indonesia in May 2017 for the event called Ennichisai. I really only go ennichisai to see KissBee basically, since the event is too damn crowded i didnt even bother to check what’s going on in the other parts of the venue lol. I also didnt really like KissBee songs that much, but the members are quite cute so thats a plus for me i guess. 😀

KissBee in Ennichisai Event (May 2017)

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Blog post about Festive and KissBee visits to Jakarta can be found on my post here

Now finally…all the way back to February 2017 for Thai Japan Expo 😀

Thailand Japan Expo 2017 – February 2017

I like Thailand. My first visit to thailand for idolling stuffs i think is in 2010 for the “Berryz Kobou live in Bangkok 2010 Live (back then im still a hello project fan). I also often visited bangkok for some photography stuffs, like the “Bangkok Motorshows” etc etc, but i stopped doing that once i am more focused to visit japan yearly for idolling. 😛 lol

Anyways, i saw the line up for the Thai Japan Expo earlier this year, and even thought none of my favorite groups is in the line up, i still think it’s worth going to the line up — and Bangkok is quite cheap to go from Indonesia (at least compared to going to Japan which should cost me 3-4x times more).Some of highlights from my Thailand trip includes 2shot chekis with Up Up Girls’s “Minami Sengoku” and Akishibu Project’s “Yuuna Arakawa” (both later to be graduated from their groups a few months later :/), and also took a group picture with Wasuta.

I didnt do much mixing or chanting while in Thai Japan Expo this year since im more busy into taking pictures of the idols with my DSLR (You can’t really do this in Japan, so it’s kinda rare). I ended up taking more than 10.000 pictures of idols in my camera so that should explain to you how worth it this trip was to me 😀

Thailand Japan Expo – February 2017

Thai is a good country, thai wotas is awesome, and i would definitely come back again for “Thai Japan Expo 2018″. In fact, i already booked my flight tickets for Thai Japan Expo 2018 since one of my fave group “Maneki Kecak” will be performing there! Yippie! 😀 😀 I will be also doing a separate blog post about next year’s Thai Japan Expo 2018 once i got the time…its less than 1 more month to go now ! Can’t wait.

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My Full Blog post about Thai Japan Expo 2017 Here

Other events – “J-Series 2017” in December 2017

Actually there is this event also in early December which came out of nowhere. It’s called the “J-Series 2017” event. The line up has some Japanese Actors and Actress to talk about Japanese Movies and Dramas basically…so yeah it’s not really “idol related” event,even though the same event back in 2015 they managed to bring some idols like (the now disbanded) “Doll Elements“…But too bad this year they didnt bring any idol groups, just local reprenstative from Jakarta’s own JKT48 lol.

So yeah, im lazy to make a recap of this event, but STILL…. i want to say THANKS to them for bringing Miki Honoka to Indonesia 😀 🙂 Yay !!! I like Miki Honoka’s work in J-Drama such as Itazura Na Kiss i thought she was pretty funny in that lol. Too bad They didnt allow any DSLR so didnt manange to take decent pictures except some snaps using my Mobile Phone…oh well.

I also recorded a short clip of her which i uploaded on twitter, check it out

Miki Honoka clips @ Jseries 2017

So yeah…that’s about if for Year 2017 for me. 🙂 😛 Welll from the “Idol Events” aspect at least, cuz my life is quite boring other than that LOL so no need to go into details 😛

2018 Resolution
*copy and paste this part from previous year basically* –> “Every year my new year resolution is to stop idolling ever since 2013/2014 — but it always failed.”

Yep. No sh*t sherlock!! My 2018 resolution is to slowly stop participating in “Idols” activities, so maybe, just mayyyyyyyybe slowly i will lost interest in all this…but it seems a very damn hard thing to do though !! 🙁 I swear– Everytime i lost interest to some idol groups, there’s always new ones to take over and caught my interest (cough cough** “Maneki Kecak”, “Kamiyado”, “Task Have fun” and “Appare! Harajuku”), and in the end- its becoming a NEVER ENDING LOOP! Sometimes i also wonder if i can quit these idol fandom completely, if not, maybe just stay as being casual at least and stop going overseas from such events as TIF or Idol Yokochos…

But i am weak, so let’s see how that new year resolution works out for me next year lol !

So next year…TIF 2018 or Idol Yokocho 2018?
…Ok….nevermind i asked that….*runs*

END OF POST* (and thanks for reading my crap as usual)

TIF2017 Crazy Moment Clips

Posted: September 18, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!, Misc

It’s that time of the year again ! 😀 Every year i usually made a #TIF Moments clip and posted them on youtube. And every year it always gets deleted because of copyright claim by fujiTV networks. And after “21412356626234234″ youtube accounts later, i decided to stop posting them. (yeah it sux). Event recently my newest youtube account got deleted because i uploaded some Maneki Kecak and Drop (TIF2017/@JAM Expo) footage videos. sucks. 🙁

Soooo, i decided to make “another version of the video” for this year, but this time, it’s more focused on the wotas and all the other crazy happenings around TIF you might not have seen. Sure, you might have visited TIF this year, but most of the time you probably busy checking out at the idols in front of your stage — but aren’t you curious what’s actually going on/happening at the other areas of the stages? 😀 For instance, lets say at the back areas ? (yes, cuz apparantly all the crazy wotas all holed up at the back areas xD). So yeah, zero idols, 100% urya oi footages.

Without futher ado, here it is….”Crazy TIF2017 moments caught on camera” footages, although i won’t claim any credits for any of these videos as i have gotten them from either Twitter or facebook lol.

(… And lets hope youtube won’t delete my videos this time xD 😀 )

TIF2017 Crazy moments video

PS : No Lightstick throwings sadly this year !! xD

TIF2017 “Aftermath” post

Posted: August 22, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Now that i have attended TIF2017, it marks for me for the “6th” TIF that i have attended ever since the first one i went back then in 2012. Since then, i keep coming back for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and this year 2017.

Thoughs about TIF from Year to Year
My first TIF in 2012 is kinda an unique experience for me. Seeing soo many idol groups in one event is like an amazing experience (at the time) and that was way before they started spawning “clones” event like @ JAM Expo, Idol Yokocho, Sekigahara Idol Wars and some other Idol Koushien events etc etc. I remember the TIF2012 for having a “midnight performance” and a performance so early in the morning around 5-6am…those were the days xD

TIF2012 – First TIF i attended, and the first of many…it was fun

Since then, TIF has undergone some changes, especially since Tokyo Idol Project took over (and i think since idolling! disbanding too). Most of this are focused in the security and stuffs. One Example: Back then, Smile Garden (and some outdoor stages) are totally FREE. There is no barrier and stuffs, anyone can go ahead and see it. I know this could be a problem since there are some “freeloaders” who never pay anything at all and decided to camp in the front rows, and this proves to be a problem. I support this decision nowadays (around TIF2014/2015 onwards) for having a barrier/to prevent those without tickets to enter the priority area. Another good change is that they’re keep spoiling the “foreign fans” with all these “free gaijin pass” (as in FREE tickets for Foreigners in TIF…first time introduced in 2015 if i remember). 😀

But as for security reasons, i think they went abit overboard. If you see twitter during TIF i can see some retweets about how strict of the TIF security team this year. I saw some guys did some high jumps only about few times and the security approached him to stop lol. Of course that didnt really stop him as he kept on doing that afterwards. But you know what the next step is…being removed from the venue!

Bonds came back in this year TIF to provide security/nightmare for the wotas

I suspect there are some factors that they decided to tighten up the security. First- that it’s being shown on the Fuji TV network. They don’t want people to block the views, hence they decided to ban lifting and stuffs. Secondly- because the ammount of 48G this year, so they decided to “beef up” the security, with 48G being a “national” idol after all. Third, after some experience with some of the over board fans, for example BiSH in 2015 (they’re once banned/removed in TIF2015 for their fans antic) so they want to cut down the ammount of “pinchikes”.

(btw if you dont know what Pinchikes is, its time to google it now) 😀

I dont think that’s a good idea though. Boys will be boys, even if you told them to stop they will still try to do it anyways. Reminds me of this Appare Harajuku performance this year At festival stage. Some of the fans went abit overboard during the song “Appareruya!”, then after that they followed it up with another song “Kimidake Wonderland” (which another “pinchikes magnet” songs) and they actually STOPPED the performance in the beggining after 10 seconds in lol. After some warning and stuffs — the song resumes, and the fans are still doing furicopy etc etc but with more slower pace LOL that’s actually hilarious 😀

This year : Cicle/Moshing is not allowed!!

Now, im not rooting all the way for pinchikes and stuffs (i still feel some of these people should know how to draw the line — and please –no drunk people during lives… this agree as well), but i felt that sometimes they’re also needed for the good live atmosphere. No one likes to see a totally “dead” atmosphere where there is no chants, name calls, mix, etc etc. I believe idols need their supports too, and as ugly as “lifting” is to some people , for me it’s just one guy showing his support to his oshi (in expense of other people of course…hahaha). But i thought that’s what makes this idol experience fun? Nothing fun with just sitting down in live performance and doing nothing at all , now that is just wrong. The fact is — that there are some songs you have to get high as well. As long you know how to draw the line between having fun and going crazy, i think it’s okay. some people tend to forgot and went abit overboard, but that’s life. You can’t control everyone and their behaviour. Sometimes i tend to go abit overboard too and i won’t deny it. 😛

Some fanbases like groups from the “Twintail association” (Drop and Maneki Kecak), Wack groups (BisH/BIS/Gang Parade), There There Theres (ex bellring girls heart), and many more, are known for their behaviours during lives, and of course some newer ones like “Appare Harajuku” has a crazy fanbases as well within the short time span. But imo, without these fans, they would be nothing. For example, I definitely won’t watch a performance of “BiS” doing “Nerve” where everyone just sit still and do nothing. 😀 That would be too boring. Of course some people have different opinions but that’s just me.

Passcode Fans during TIF2016 Smile Garden…They’re not invited for this year TIF (somehow lol)

Btw, Even though the security is far too strict this year (much more strict compared to 2016 imo) i feel that the Heat Garage stage this year is awesome. Im not sure if there’s actually security / bonds in this stage at all because i never seen one (or maybe im just lucky xD). It’s just that one stage where everyone can have fun and mosh and do circles without having to worry at all. And of course, being that it’s inside a live house (Zepp Diver…plus AIRCON) maybe helps too xD 😀 Although i still do miss the outdoor performances like in the good old days of TIF; without having much to worry about security jumping in your backs lol.

Ok. Enough rants about Security/Bonds ! Now about the future. Im not sure if i would go for TIF2018 next year, that would depend on my mood. I know i’ve been going to TIF for 6 years in a row now but maybe i need a “fresh change”… Idol Yokocho 2018 perhaps? from the footage earlier this year the security isn’t as bad as TIF this year…just maybe? We shall wait and see. You all know me … im a TIF fanboy (and a sucker LOL) 😀

oh yeah. Maybe i need to “grad” soon. (keep saying that every year~!)

For closing notes…

TIF2017 Regrets?

Actually not much regrets this year…cleared all my goals for this trip, and i am quite happy with that. 😀 But nothing is perfect, and after watching some TIF footages, i do wish i can clone myself and be at a multiple places at once lol. For example:

– Wish i just stayed at Heat Garage for Day 3 TIF as there are couple of awesome performances there, like the Starmarie performance (awesome setlist) and the C-ute appreciation segment for example…and etc etc. But then, that means i would be missing the TGIF with marichuu so…. :/ Just wish i can split/clone myself like the Blademaster in warcraft 3.
– Cheeky Parade performance @ Smile Garden Day 3 is awesome.
– Wish i can go for more Maneki Kecak buppan in day 2 and 3 (lol)
– I wonder why i never take chekis with “G-Girls” ? I thought some of the members is awesome (and i mean, “sexy” LOL).
– Wanted to take one more cheki with Mika Kamiyado but never had the chance (i did take one during the roppongi idol fest though) Oh well next year perhaps.
– Wish i can drop by and see Palet performance at least one time this year. But no time and kinda forgotten about it lol.

… and thats about it lol.

All my wristband for Tokyo Idol Festivals. Lost my wristband for TIF2012 (but i still have the ticket stubs for it lol). also lost some the daily tif2016 wristbands xD only kept 1 from that year 😀

Fave performance in each TIF i attended the last 6 years:

TIF2012 – Passpo – Performing “Pock Star” 3x in a row non stop @ Hot Stage Day 2
(Before BiSH antics of looping hoshi ga — passpo already did this routine way before xD)

TIF2013 – BiS Nerve (hot stage)
TIF2014 – Dorothy Little Happy – Koi Wa Hashidashita (Smile garden)
TIF2015 – Passpo – Natsuzora Hanabi (smile garden)
TIF2016 – Babyraids – Yoake Brand New Days (smile garden)
TIF2017 – Maneki Kecak x Kamiyado – Joudan Ja Nai Ne (heat garage/hot stage)

2017 Summer Japan Trip Day 8-10 (PART3)

Posted: August 10, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally for the last part of this blog updates. Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 !! 😀 Just like the previous years, this year TIF is held on a span of 3 days at Odaiba. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And for this year, TGU has yet again given out a free “gaijin pass” for foreigners for all 3 days of TIF ! Yippie !! 😀

Heading to collect our Wristband every single morning lol.

Also this year TIF is not has hot as the previous TIF, as in the first 2 days of TIF (day 1 and 2) the weather was cloudy, and even almost rained ! The third day though…it’s back to hell/summer weather once again as the sky is really blue lol. But if i have to compare, this year is not as hot as previous years due to the raining season period. Anyways let’s start with the 3 days TIF summary starting from Day 1 😀

(Jap Trip Day #8) 4th August 2017 TIF2017 Day 1

My TIF2017 Day 1 Summary

Thanks to this Japanese website i managed to make the timetable list just like above 😀 So yeah, i made a 3 days summary images just like above in you want to see which groups i visited throughout the days, and avoid all the wall of text in this section xD

Anyways, Day 1 started and me and my friends went to Odaiba in the morning at around 8am. Since our hostel is quite near, it’s kinda easy to reach the place earlier. We met up with some Malaysian friends as well when we gathered to collect our “free TIF wristband” lol 😀

TIF2017 Wristband Gets

After getting the wristbands, we basically went to our separate ways. Although some of me and my friends are heading to the “Grand Market” area first to buy some goods. Especially since i want to take cheki with Maneki Kecak, so we headed to the grand market to Queue up.

At the grand market i queued for Maneki Kecak’s 2shot cheki. Since i queued earlier i managed to get 1 tickets for Reonyan yay. 😀 this proves to be the last cheki with maneki kecak though, as i didnt manage to get any for the next 2 days (busy). Also get myself a cheki with Task Have Fun “Natsuki”, before going on to buy some other merchandise from other booths. At around 11am , i went out to see Cheeky Parade at the Festival Stage.

Today the stages i visited consisted only of 3 stages… Its either the Festival Stage, Smile Garden or the Heat Garage LOL 😛 So i didnt even went to explore the other stages during this day 😀 After cheeky parade i went to smile garden to see Sakura no Yume (mika Kamiyado is in this group), Maneki Kecak, and Call Me.

Can see me somewhere in this group pic of sakura no yume xD.

During Maneki Kecak @ smile garden, i went quite in front but i didnt get really high as the weather is kinda hot, and the security in smile garden is kinda tight. Now, i have to mention this. This year the security in TIF is once again really tight. They have security everywhere and if you do the high oshi jumps over and over again, security will come over and ask you to stop. It’s kinda BS imo. You can stop lifting and stuffs, but high jumps i don’t see any problems as long they never disturb you lol. Anyways, Maneki Kecak sing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” again in Smile garden so all is good 😀

Maneki Kecak Joudan Ja Nai Performance @ Smile Garden. Images = Screencap from Fuji TV Stream.

Afterwards i went back to Festival Stage to see Appare! Harajuku. Remember that i told you about the security earlier? As Appare Harajuku started to sing their trademark song “Kimidake Wonderland”, the wotas becomes high and the TIF staff actually STOPPED the performance!!! LOL. I never see this happened so far, and this is my first time i see the staff stopped the performance within my own eyes. Usually they waited until the song finish first, but this time the song barely even start before the staff stopped it.

Security is once again tight during this year TIF. (Images via twitter).

After more announcemend from the staffs to calm down the Appare! Harajuku fans, the songs finally resume. The members also had to ask the wotas/pinchikes to not go “overboard” with jumping and stuffs. lols. Well they still did anyway, but they have to limit it and keep their cool, which is funny xD Appare Harajuku songs is damn addicting btw !

Some other groups i see in this festival stage during this time frame includes HR, GEM, and Task Have Fun afterwards i went back to the greetings area to use my 2shot tickets with Reonyan and Task Have Fun Natsuki.

During Maneki Kecak’s 2shot with Reonyan, once again she remembered my name (didnt meet her for almost a week) and the first word she spoke to me is my name. Lol. Fisher confirmed, and i am the fish xD But she is really good, i am not even good in japanese but she made me really confortable during chat with her. 😀 Afterwards i went to take 2shot with Task Have Fun Natsuki, but since i didnt know much about her, didnt really talk to her that much haha. Oh well.

2shot with Maneki Kecak Reonyan again

2shot with Task Have Fun – Natsuki

After the buppan, back to Festival Stage again for LinQ and Drop but i forgot the actual setlist. I do remember Drop singing Joudan Ja Nai Ne again though ! After this i bumped with my indo friends, and decided to rest up at Diver City for a 1 hour break lol. Very tiring indeed. 😛

Went to eat lunch at McDonalds Diver City on the 6th Floor, and around 5pm+ me and my friends decided to camp at the Heat Garage stage, since most of the performance we want to see today is in this stage! Performances during this evening includes Ayumikurikamaki, Drop, There There There, Maneki Kecak x Kamiyado, Wasuta and lastly, Babyraids Japan!! Yeah…what a hell of a line up !! 😀

There There Theres is singing “Ashtma” as the first song, which is a big mistake imo. The fans got high for the first song, then down again, until they sing C.A.N.D.Y for the last song lol. Ayumikurikamaki is great as always, and Wasuta also sing the Inuneko Seishun, as well the “ultra miracle choco beam” song haha. 😀

Some other stuffs i remembered…
during KamiKecha “Kamiyado x Maneki Kecak Colloboration TIF2017 Day 1:
1. Kamiyado singing Maneki Kecak’s “Kokuhaku no Susume”
2. Maneki Kecak singing Kamiyado’s “Summer Dream”
3. both groups singing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne”
4. Forgot the name of the last song at the moment *tobeupdated*

Kamiyado performing Maneki Kecak’s Kokuhaku no susume xD

The Maneki Kecak x Kamiyado collabo is really awesome though. I got involved in the circle pit in the middle with all the other pinchikes (lol pardon me again) as i got really high during Joudan Ja Nai Ne again (i know…its that damn song again xD) But this time is even more crazy because this time there is Kamiyado As well !! LOL. It was awesome. 😛 😛 BTW, after this performance, Kamiyado is the only group that has performed both version of “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” — both the Drop and Maneki Kecak version. *interesting facts* XD

The Babyraids Japan performance is damn awesome too, although they didnt sing Yoake Brand New Days today. As usual they sing the new single “OOOOO” along with 3 other songs.

Babyraids @ Heat Garage TIF2017 day 1
1. Cinderella ja ireranai
2. Baby ambitious
4. S.O.K
5. Babyraids

Some of the setlist from earlier today that i actually remembered

Cheeky parade @ festival stage 4.8.2017
1. Cheeky figther
2. Shout Along!
3. colorful starlight

Maneki kecak @ smile garden 4.8.2017
2. Joudan ja nai ne

After the babyraids performance, its basically all over for day 1…except for me and my friend, we still got the TIF Sparkling Night coming up lol. Now, for the TIF Sparkling Night, i didnt really want to go as first as the schedules clashed with our Heat Garage schedule, but at the last minute i decided that i will only for the buppan at the end of the sparkling night segment. I also bought the tickets for the sparkling night at quite last minute lol. First up me and my friend resting up before finally going to Doll Factory Stage for the Sparkling Night. 😀

Once we reached there, the performance is still going on. Some groups are stil performing including “Marsmallow Girls 3D+ and also Ebisu Muscats. During Ebisu Muscats we went out to queue for the buppan outside though, as the queue is already getting quite long.

There are many queues for all the groups that appears in the Sparkling Night segment, but since it was getting late and im already tired, i only take with 2: Yui Hatano and Hibiki. At first i also want to queue up for Marsmahllow girls 3D+ but the queue is getting long so i decided to give it a pass xD

2shot with AV Star Hibiki

2shot with AV Star Yui Hatano

After the sparkling night buppan – we decided to call it a day. Went back to our capsule to rest up and prepare for TIF2017 Day 2 xD

(Jap Trip Day #9) 5th August 2017 TIF2017 Day 2

My TIF2017 Day 2 Summary

Today i avoided the queue for the Grand Market in the morning as i wanted to see Task Have Fun in the smile garden. So i went there in the morning with my friends just in time for the “Morning Exercise” routine xD

Morning Exercise Segment in Smile Garden

During the morning exercise segment, they also sing BiS “Nerve”, which is quite funny since it’s still so damn early in the morning xD 😀 Afterwards, Task Have Fun finally performs and they performed 2 of my favorite songs 3WD and Task. Awesome !!

Task Have Fun performing “3WD” at Smile Garden xD

After the Smile Garden performance, i separated from my friends as i went to the Heat Garage stage for X21 and Maneki Kecak. Yes today i am quite focused to X21 as this will be the last time i’ll be able to see my fave X21 Member Miyu Yoshimoto before she finally graduates and became a full time actress/model. Damnnn 🙁

For the X21 performance they went on to sing the new single, and also last year summer single Natsu Dayo!! which is damn awesome to me xD

For Maneki Kecak performance, here is the setlist for Heat Garage day 2:
1. Joudan Ja Nai Ne
2. Monster to Kecak
3. Kimiwazurai

Yet again “Joudan Ja Nai Ne”, and i got crazy high again during this song xD God knows how many times i listen to this song during this trip, since most of the time Drop and Maneki appears, they almost certain 99% to sing it on their setlist LOL. 😀

Afterwards, it’s time for buppan so i went to the Grand Market areas. First up i went to the babyraids booth as they’r there to hand out flyers and stuffs. I managed to get flyers from Denchan and also chat with her for a while. Not bad !

Babyraids giving Flyers @ Grand Market xD

After that i went on to wait for a free Hi Touch session with X21 at the Greetings Square. I’m really into X21 Mode today as i really want to say goodbye to Miyu Yoshimoto lol. But during the hi5, it went on really fast so in the end i didnt get to say anything to her except for a smile i got from her haha. She is really pretty though omg. 🙁 It’s a shame that there isnt a 2shot/cheki for X21 in this TIF. Luckily i still can see her one more time later during X21 Performance at the Dream stage in the afternoon !

Afterwards, i went to Smile Garden waiting for performance from Babyraids Japan and Kamiyado! I got quite early in smile garden so i went up to rest first at the trees area in the back before moving up close during babyraids turns xD

Resting up in the shades area before babyraids turn XD

Babyraids Setlist @ Smile Garden TIF2017 day 2
1. Forever my friend
2. Jump
4. Senkou Believer
5. Tora Tora Tiger.

The babyraids setlist @ Smile Garden is quite decent, although, yet again they avoid to sing “Yoake Brand New Days”. Last year Yoake Brand New Days was the highlights of TIF2016 for me when the wotas gets really high and throws up the lightsticks in the air. I suppose they got some warnings from TIF because of that lol. 😛

Anyways, after Babyraids i went back to rest up in the shades again, although i remembered Nijicon went to perform after that and sing Triangle Dreamer lol. But im not really a big fan, so i stayed at the back, before moving up close again during Kamiyado’s turn xD forgot the full setlist for Kamiyado, but they did sign Summer Dream and Harajuku Sentai Kamiyado Ranger again. 😀 😀

After Smile Garden, went back to the buppan area as i need to take cheki with Kamonegi’s Yurichei. The 2shot cost 1000 yen without sign, which is quite expensive imo for an idol group that is still really new…but oh well i feel like supporting them anyways. After the chekis they give you plenty of time to talk (i got like, up to 1 minute) so in the end even though without sign, it’s still kinda worth it i guess. I showed her the 2shot i took with her when she is giving flyers at TIF2016 last year and she is really happy haha 😀

2shot with Kamonegi’s Yurichei

After that, i went to the TGIF booth to look around. As i never checked the TGIF booth yesterday, i went on to look around as tomorrow i am preparing to queue up for Marichuu (Nagasawa Marina) 2shot chekis in the morning. At first, i didnt plan to buy any chekis, but then i saw this quite pretty tall gal called “Wakana Kazuky (@wakana_kazuky on twitter)” and her line seems quite short. In fact her chekis are still available! After observed her for a while, i decided to buy 1 cheki with her as there is no one queueing for her for almost 5 minutes…lol .poor her. She looks kinda happy as i moved towards her to take cheki with her xD Later i found out that she is a racequeen too

2shot with Race Queen / Model , Wakana Kazuky

After the buppan, i went to the Dream Stage to see There There Theres and X21. Stayed at the back during There There Theres as i didnt want to get into trouble (lol) and moved up really close during X21 turn. The setlist for X21 here is quite decent too !! 😀 😀

X21 @ dream stage #TIF2017 day 2
1. Magical Kiss
2. Colorful shimashou
3. Genjitsu Kara Nigeru Kara Genjitsu ga Tsurainda

They sing “Magical Kiss” which is one of my fave X21 song. Yatta!! 😀 Afterwards i feel abit sad as this is the last X21 performance i managed to see with Miyu Yoshimoto in it 🙁 🙁 But still, i have to move on. Next up – i went to the Sky Stage for the Maneki Kecak performance.

The queue for the Sky Stage actually not so long this time as i only queued for only 10 mins. But the queue going down later took me about 15-20 mins instead lol. I haven’ been to the sky stage in the last 3 years, and suddenly i remembered why i hate this stage. The view is good and all, but you need to waste time going up and down the lift is the problem. Luckily it’s Maneki Kecak, so i decided to give it a go. And basically i wasted 30 mins just to go up there and see Maneki Kecak performing 2 songs…and yes, they did sing Joudan Ja Nai Ne again xD

Maneki Kecak @ Sky stage #TIF2017 day 2
1. Joudan ja nai ne
2. Kiseki

After maneki, i can hear Dorothy Little Happy upstairs singin “2 the sky” but then again DLH is no more imo…there’s only 1 member left and there’s no point of me to see them now haha. so rushed downstairs and headed to see BiSH at the Hot stage.

BisH at the hot stage is hilarious. They sing a grand total of 6 times of the same damn song (Hoshi ga matataku youru ni) just like last year. But this year is with a twist; because HKT48 is performing after this LOL. There’s tons of 48G fans waiting there, so it was nice of them to brainwash the waiting “48G” fan with the same songs over and over again…what a troll move by BiSH and i give them 2 thumbs up for that LOL 😀 😀

After “BisH” i went to the heat garage for last 2 performance there. Osaka Shunkanysyuto and Kamiyado!. I got bumped up with my indo friends for Kamiyado, but since we all very tired already we only see them from the back areas. Haha. Here’s the setlist for Kamiyado Heat Garage:

Kamiyado @ #TIF2017 day 2 Heat Garage:
1. Harajuku Sentai Kamiyado Ranger
2. Action!!
3. Summer Dream
4. K.M.Y.D

After Kamiyado performance, basically its the end of Day2 for me. Decided to rest up for the day, as tomorrow i will begin the day by queuing for the Grand Market for TGIF 2017 Day 3 Lol!! 😀

(Jap Trip Day #10) 6th August 2017 TIF2017 Day 3

My TIF2017 Day 2 Summary

Day 3 is really straight forward for me. I only focused on 4 things. “TGIF“, “Kamiyado”, “Maneki Kecak” and “Babyraids” @ Hot stage. So yeah, not much roaming around for me this day, but the day begins very early for me as i need to queue up for the Grand Market TGIF bikinis cheki. I woke up around 5am, and luckily as my capsule hotel is very near to the venue, i managed to take the first train at around 5:40 am, and reach odaiba by 5:50am. By 5:55 am,im already queieing at the Grand market, and there’s only like 15 people in front of me ! LOL 😀

Me Being Crazy : Queing for Grand Market at 5:55 am

At first my plan is to queue overnight from the night before. I even asked advice from some of my friends who queued before and they told me that i should go for overnight. But since im already tired i decided to sleep, and woke up for the very first train in the morning. Luckily, it works for me 😀 But not without a fight !!! Read on.

As i keept on waiting until 10am, i have to wait for my Indonesian friend to come and watch over my queueue as i went to exchange my wristband at the TGU booth near Smile Garden.Yes, you need a wristband to go up the market, and since the free TGU pass you need to exchange everyday, i need to do this part lol. After that, my friend continues to smile garden to watch the next performance as i continued on queuing until the grand market opens at 10am.

Now this is the crazy part. As the grand market opens at 10:00 AM — everyone is literally rushing to the TGIF booth. There’s alot of pushing and running even though the guards warned us not to run. but we all still run anyways. LOL Crazy. Basically it was quite chaos–and some of the people who queued OVERNIGHT, ended up BEHIND ME, and some people who queued BEHIND ME, ended up in front of me. It was crazy i told you !! And guess what. They only have 50 cheki tickets per idols, and they limited the cheki tickets to 5 per person !! This is really stupid as they should have limited it to only 1 per person.

As i moved in front, i see most of the people in front of me are aiming for Marichuu. And once i reached the buppan to buy my tickets. just lucky that i purchased the last 2 tickets for Marichuu !! But its for the 16:30 session. After buying i’ve got to rush to ask around to the people who already purchased Marichuu tickets to ask them if they want to change to the 13:30 session (as i prefer the 13:30 session and rather have both sessions than just one sesssions). Luckily there is one person who wants to change, so in the end i got 1 tickets for the 13:30 session, and one tickets for the 16:30 session 😀 😀 Of course i also bought chekis for Jun Amaki, Shion of Nijimasu, etc but the fact that Marichuu bikinis chekis ticket sold out within 5 minutes is still a damn crazy experience!! After this i decided to rest at Diver City fo a while LOL.

After resting, first up i went to the Heat Garage to see Festive for a while. Forgot the exact setlist again but i think they did sing Magical Parade for one of the songs haha. After Festive @ Heat Garage, i went back to the TGIF booth at grand market to use up some of the TGIF cheki tickets for the first session at 12:00. Then i went to the Hot Stage to see Ayumikurikamaki, before going back again because of the hot weater lol The Ayumikurikamaki performance is awesome though !!

Back at 13:30, went for the 2nd round of the TGIF session and took chekis with Marichuu for the first time 😀 Also with Jun Amaki and Shion of Nijimasu. (I shall post the pictures later together after all the sessions ended in one big post xD)

During Jun Amaki turns after i told her from indonesia, she went on to say “Terima Kasih” (means thank you in english) lol. quite funny. And during Marichuu turn she says she loves Bali in Indonesia xD

After the 2nd session of TGIF it’s time for Kamiyado and Babyraids Japan at the hot stage. I forgot the exact setlist for Kamiyado now, but they did sing Kamiyado Ranger and Summer Dream again as usual. As for babyraids, they finally sing Yoake Brand New Days” here….yattaa!!! 😀 😀 😀

Babyraids @ TIF2017 hot stage:
1. Tiger soul
2. Eiko sunrise
4. Baby revolution
5. Cinderella ja ireranai
6. Yoake Brand new Days (!!!!!)

They haven’t been singin Yoakae Brand new Days for a while. so it s quite a surprise!! Sadly this session i have to rush as i was rushing to the buppan for my next Marichuu chekis at 16:30 so after the song ended- i immidiately runs to the buppan LOL. Reached just in time for another chekis with Marichuu 😀 During this cheki, Marichuu remembers me and she decided to hold my hand during the chekis…nice fanservice ! 😀

Now that the TGIF segment i can finally spam the pictures i take lol. Here ya go

With Marichuu@ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

2nd time with Marichuu@ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

With Jun Amaki @ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

With Hinano (@hinano_fitone) @ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

With Shion Nijimasu @ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

After the TGIF segment…i decided to drop by to Heat Garage to see Passpo for the first time during this trip LOL 😀 As i mention before, they’re no longer my priorities, but in fact, i have to make a last minute decision to see them as i just remembered that i haven’t seen them even once during this trip lol…so i made my way to the Heat Garage to see them. They’re wearing the new outfits, and some of the songs they sing here includes Natsuzora Hanabi, Pretty Lie, Vivi Natsu, and Bachelorette wa Owaranai”. There is one more song (a new song) i forgot the title, which totally speaks for itself — A passpo song i coudn’t remember the name??? Shame on you !! LOL.

Well with that over…at least i dropped by to see Passpo once this year…heck,i didnt even get to see Palet this year even once lol. Just not my luck i guess? 😛

Afterwards, i went back to the greeting square for one last time. Earlier my friend gave me a free cheki tix for Appare ! Harajuku in order to brainwash me lol, and guess what — it worked LOL. Since he gave it for free i decided to choose Yuri again. Haha.

2shot with Appare! Harajuku Yuri

After this, there’s only 2 things left in this TIF. The Hot Stage. Maneki Kecak at the hot stage, and the Grand finale at the hot stage. So i rushed my way to the hot stage just in time for the first song…”Joudan Ja Nai Ne!!” (AGAIN!!! XD) 😀 😀

Maneki Kecak #TIF2017 Day 3 Hot Stage
1. Joudan ja nai ne
2. Kiseki
3. Time machine
4. Kimiwazurai

Its kinda sad that i didnt get to see Do Demo Iiya or Arikitarina Kotoba De during this year japan trip, but oh well…i lost count how many times i seen “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” or “Kimiwazurai”. xD 😛

After Maneki Kecak finished, i waited for the Grand Finale segment since maneki earlier says that they will be appearing again at the grand finale. I sat down with my friends at the back for more than 1 hour. And towards the end of the grand finale….KamiKecha (Mankei Kecak x Kamiyado Collabo unit) appears again to sing none other than…”Joudan Ja Nai Ne” LOL xD 😀

As this will be the last song by maneki / kamiyado during this japan trip, i rushed out to the middle areas together with the other manekis pinchikes. Joined the circle to do the mix and also the gachikoi, the funny thing is that the security is all there present near our circle, but they cant do anything as long we never go overboard lol…doing a gachikoi mix just in front of the security must be the WEIRDEST THING EVER LOL. I wonder what’s on their mind while we doing this in front of them lol xD But since this is the last performance, i dont want to give a damn really haha. It was quite chaos too, some guy was thrown outside the stage, someone lost their shoes etc etc. I managed to keep my cool even though i got quite high during this segment haha. After all is done, i went back to the back areas to sit down with my friends.

The very last performace of the grand finale is the idols singing old morning musume songs The Peace!! before we decided to call it a day. Went back to the Diver City Gundam Statue areas for one last meeting with the other foreign/overseas wotas. took a group pic, before decided to call it day. what a blast.

😀 😀


Some things i thought about this year TIF2017:
– Security is once again very tight. especially the Smile Garden and Festival Stage.
– Best Stage for this year TIF is Heat Garage hands down. There is no security (you can go crazy) and also it is indoor (quite cooling xD)
– Too many 48 groups but luckily, none of them affected me
– TGIF cheki queue is stupid. They should have limited it to 1 per person
– Day 1 and 2 TIF is not too hot due to the cloudy weather…day 3 is back to hell xD
– Thanks to TGU again for the free gaijin pass this year ! Its worth 18.100 yen 😀

Overall it was quite okay even though the security is strict. I still manage to have fun, and i cleared all my goals during my trip (take chekis with maneki kecak, kamiyado and also passcode even though its not on TIF). However next year, i might be tempted to skip TIF for Idol yokocho maybe…but let’s see how it goes 😀

I shall end my blog post here. There is still one remaining day of my trip but its nothing but my trip back to the airport, so it’s not worth mentioning here…haha. So until Next time…And thanks for reading my crap as always 😀

— Japan Trip 2017 ENDS —

If you’re wondering why my blog title is called “20 days in japan” and this year i only went for 10 days…its because in the beginning (2011-2013) i always went for around 20 days when going to japan…only recently i decided to cut it short down to 10 days or less…this blog has been around for 6 years now and sometimes it serves me as an “online diary” to recall my (wotas and stupid) experience lol. *end of notes* !

All my chekis during this 2017 Summer Japan Trip !

2017 Summer Japan Trip Day 5-7 (PART2)

Posted: August 10, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Continuing where i left off for PART 2 of my japan trip. It took me 2 hours to do a write up for my previous blog posts, so i took a break earlier before continuing again haha.

(Unrelated Maneki Kecak Pix LOL)

(Jap Trip Day #5) 1st August 2017

There’s only 1 event here today and that is the Babyraids event at @Tsutaya Ikebukuro branch for a CD launch event and mini live. Although during lunch time i went to Shinjuku’s Tower Record first to secure myself the Passcode Mini Live Event tomorrow. The CD and event tickets already starting to selling from today, so i dropped by there first just to be sure. 😀

Over there i also bumped into a foreign Passcode Fan and we did talk for a while. They also have a show case of Passcode previous outfits inside the Tower Records shop.

Passcode Outfits Showcase @ Tower Records

Bought 3x Passcode Albums.

In total i bought 3x album and it cost me 10.500 yen. It came with a bonus poster too !!! 😀 Plus, i’ve got 9 event tickets in total, and you can take chekis with passcode using 2 tickets (no sign), 3 tickets (chekis with sign) and 4 tickets (for a group shot). Since i got 9 tickets, i already planned to get a group shot, a cheki with yuna + sign, and a cheki with Nao. But we will go into that details for tomorrow since the event won’t start until then haha.

After i’m finished buying the Passcode CDs i went to Akihabara again to look around as usual, window shopping without buying anything LOL. I did see a cheap external 1TB hdd for only 3000 yen though, and its really cheap compared to the price back then in indo. Decided to come back later days to get it since its really cheap.

Afterwards, i went back to my friend house to drop my Passcode CD’s and posters (i didnt want to bring the passcode posters anyway so just to be safe i dropped it at my friend house first) before continuning to the Babyraids event @ Ikebukuro. Once i reached Ikebukuro, it started raining very big. Luckily i bring my umbrella (which i bought the previous days) as it’s been raining in the last few days !

Rainy Season in Tokyo during Summer time this year!

Went inside the Tsuataya shop @ ikebukuro for the event ticket. Bought myself 1 copy of the Regular edition and also the CD/DVD version (so total damage for the day is 2800 yen). This enables me for an event ticket to the mini live, and as well handshakes with all the members 1x. If you want to handshake more, you can get more tickets buy buying more CDs (the 1000 yen version ones). I didnt want to talk too much so 1 ticket is just fine with me. xD 😀 After buying the tickets, i went to nearby McDonalds to rest before finally going to the venue at around 20:00 PM.

Handshake Tickets (left) and Mini Live Entrance Tix (right) with queue number 88.

The Mini Live venue for the babyraids is in the basement of the Tsutaya Ikebukuro Branch. Its like a mini-live house, and by i mean mini– its really small ! During the opening introduction, Babyraids themself told us that we cannot jump as our heads will hit the ceiling LOL. As the ceiling is really low. So you cannot do much here basically. the plus point is that the stage is really near – if you’re in the front row, you can basically touch them lol. That is very near for babyraids standard imo. 😀

Babyraids Mini Live @ tsutaya ikebukuro 01.08.2017

01. Ride on idorock
02. Wahaha
03. Namida nochi hare
04. Silence nonsense sigh
05. Baby revolution
06. Baki-baki
07. Cinderella ja irarenai

In total, they sing 8 songs, which is awesome i guess for a mini live. All full song and no half songs. 😀 After the mini live then it’s the handshake session. All the members are nice, but imo Manatsu is the nicest followed by Denchan. Manatsu still keep looking at me even though i already moved on to the next member to handshake, and her reaction is really sincere, i can tell you that 😀 . As for denchan, she is nice but…well we all know she is the “fishing” queen haha. So yeah, its totally different feel from Manatsu. Manatsu is just awesome. 😀

(Nao) Takami is the usual with her funny reaction after i told her i came from indo lol. Ricopin is cute, and Rioton is being…rioton. looks so un-interested during the handshake but i already expected that haha 😛

After the handshake i decicded to go back as the venue still filled with alot of people, not sure what time the event finish as i want to go back to rest earlier and i dont have any more handshake tickets anyway. But overall, its a fun event !! :3 😀

(Jap Trip Day #6) 2nd August 2017

Another day , another events. Today i have 2 events planned, and that is the Babyraids Mini Live @ Laqua City and the Passcode Release event @ Tower Records Shinjuku ! I can’t really participate the babyraids one until the end as i have to leave / rush to the passcode event in shinjuku, but thankfully the place is quite near. haha.

In the morning, me and my friend went to Nakano first to look around the Trio3 shop. Things has changed alot here since i visited this shop back then in 2012. When i visited this shop back then in 2012, the shop is dominated by AKB48 stuffs. Now the akb section is already quite small, and most of the stuffs is non idol stuffs like Exile-Egirls or Perfume and some other groups. In the end i didnt buy anything here, which reminds me again that i should skip this branch next time and just stick to the akihabara Trio branch next time! 😛

After from Nakano, me and my friend went to the Laqua City at the Tokyo Dome City preparing for the babyraids mini live. As i have to rush to the next event (passcode) @ shinjuku, i did not purchase the “priority seating” tickets area, and only bought the 1800 CD DVD version that comes with the Autograph signing session coupon. I also can’t attend the autograph signing session anyway, so i give it to my friend to cover it up for me (i asked for Denchan’s autograph haha).

By the way, this venue is the same as the venue the first time i’ve seen Babyraids back then in 2013. Back then the event also held in this place, Laqua City, and back then im not so hardcore babyraids as i am now. I remember only watched them from far away from the 2nd floor. Time does fly by quite fast !

Laqua City on 2.8.2017 and 4 years ago on July 2013,my first encounter with babyraids

Babyraids mini-live @ Laqua 02.08.2017 – 19:00 START

01. Pretty Little Baby
02. namida nochi hare
03. silence nonsense sigh
04. babyraids

For babyraids mini live today they only sing 5 songs in total. But its already expected because afterwards they still have handshake and autograph signing event so they need to cut the time. After they sing the last song “OOOOO” i immidiately rushed off to Shinjuku tower recods for the passcode event. I left Laqua by 1930pm, and i reached Shinjuku by 19:50pm. I already memorized the route so i took the shortest possible route and managed to reach on time LOL !! 😀

Passcode Event @ Shinjuku Tower REcords 02.08.2017 – 20:00 START

01. Maze of mind
04. Toxic

Once i reached the tower records i immidiately went in to the priority area. But since i came late, the place already full so i just stand there at the very back near the camera man lol. They sing 4 songs total, before continueing with the handshake and 2shot sessions !

Passcode Mini Live @ Tower Records Shinjuku

After the mini live, i went out from the priority areas and went to look around for the chekis queue. I find the queue near the stairwell between 8th and 9th floor of the tower records. I picked up Yuna’s lane and queued up. Now while queing i feel something is up. The queue didnt move at all, and i saw some people slowly queueing behind me. Then i noticed that downstairs they are doing the GROUP SHOT first !!! I immidiately rushed downstairs while abandoning my queue. I proceeded to take group shots first (lucky i realized this , or else i would be missing out) before going back to the Yuna’s queue, and by this time, the queue is already very crazy lol 😛

Passcode Group Shot xD

But with my Group shot cheki already in my hand, i feel at least secure for the time being. 😀 I continue on waiting and waiting for the Yuna’s cheki line and in total i waited around 1 and half hour for Yuna’s cheki, and additional 15 mins for Nao’s cheki (because by that time, Nao’s lane already almost finished). In total, i waited for 1 hour 45 minutes for chekis for both yuna and nao lol !!

During my encounter with Yuna, i told her that i came from Indonesia and she looks really happy. Then she went on to ask my name. Afterwards, i can see she trying to write my name on the chekis, then she remembered she can’t (the rules for the signing event is that the members can only write dates and autograph, and nothing else. bummer). so she held back and only write dates and autograph, before smiling back at me lol. what a nice gal.

As for Nao, it was pretty straight forward. and since i didnt ask for sign/autograph, she only say thank you and she gives me this very FIRM handshake. she basically grabbed my hands,and her handshake is very STRONG LOL. Quite funny. but anyways, she is very friendly as well.

Overall i spend like almost 3 hours at this event, but it was well worth it. It’s the only pascode event that i can attend, and i finally can take off “taking 2shot chekis with Passcode” from my ‘bucket list’ now 😀

2shot with Passcode yuna and nao xD

Oh– i almost forgot, here is the autograhed “OOOOO” Babyraids CD Single with Den-chan autograph, that my friend collected for me xD

And that should be the end for 2nd August 2017 lol.
What a happy day for me xD

(Jap Trip Day #7) 3rd August 2017

Today is basically the “Off” day for me. I didnt really have nothing much in mind expcept of going to Odaiba to check in on my capsule hotel, and also meet up my friend who just arrived in Tokyo today. So i basically stayed in my friend’s place up until 14:30 PM (LOL) before i decided to go out to odaiba. what a very LAZY day indeed xD

I checked in to my hostel “Ariake Bay Hotel” capsule at around 16:30 pm. I was greeted by a foreign clerk (blonde, maybe from Russia) that speak good english. This capsule hotel is very near odaiba, in fact its only 2 stops away from “Tokyo Teleport” station, so the place is very strategic to me ! My friend place is in shinjuku so that is very far from odaiba, which is why i decided to stay here. A place that is very near to the venue. 😀

After checking in, i went on to check the facilities of this hotel. All i can say in short is that…

Ariake Bay Hotel short review:
– Hotel is VERY Clean
– Free Bathrobes, towel, toohbrusth/paste and sandals
– Shower Room is good, complete with soap and shampoo. Never have to queue also
– Clean toilet
– Spacious Capsule
– Common Area on the 4th floor with Microwave and vending machines.
– Overall i would rate this capsule hotel 8 out of 10!

Ariake Bay Capsule Hotel!

After checking in, i went to the TIF2017 Venue to look around for stuff. As expected, some of the idols are doing their rehearshal here! 😀 😀 Basically, they did practise/rehearse one song at every stage before moving onto the next stage. I saw Drop, GEM, Palet, Osaka Sunkansyuto, etc etc (some i didnt know) at Smile Garden and Festival stage xD I keep on going back and forth between these stages to see which one performing. In the end i managed to see GEM twice (@ smile garden and festival stage) haha. And also, Drop doing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” at Smile Garden 😀 😀

Idols Rehearshing for Tomorrow Performance!

After seeing the idols rehearshing, i meet up with my friend who just arrived in Tokyo (he actually got stuck at the Tennozu Isle station as Rinkai Line held back/stopped for almost 1 hour lol). Decided to eat dinner at Diver City mall, before going back to the capsule for rest and preparing for Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 Tomorrow. 😀

— end —

So yeah, that should be that for Day 5-7 of this Summer Japan Trip Blog post. Up next for the update should be PART 3 for my TIF2017 post Update, so stay tuned!!

2017 Summer Japan Trip Day 1-4 (PART1)

Posted: August 9, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally i am back home. This year Japan Summer trip is another blast for me, and it’s kinda different than my usual years. This year mainly i focused on 3 main groups and that is “Maneki Kecak“, “Babyraids“, “Kamiyado“, and also “Passcode” (although only managed to see Passcode 1 event and that is their release event…good enough though :D).

On the other hand, this year i only managed to see Passpo 1x (at day 3 TIF2017 somemore, lol, last minute decision.) and in the end i never see Palet at all even though i wanted to see the new members haha. Could it be the end of support for the “Platinum Passport” Groups for me? 😛

Anyways let’s begin with some of the summaries from my Day 1 to Day 10 of this year Summer Japan trip.

The flight to Japan using ANA was smooth and good.

(Jap Trip Day #1) 28th July 2017

Arrived in Narita Airport aroudn 4pm in the afternoon. The immigration queue was smooth, and so does the baggage pick up, didnt take quite long. This is important as me and my friend are both rushing to another event in the afternoon, so we rushed our way to Tokyo from Narita airport using the Keisei Skyliner. This is my first time using the Skyliner, apparently it only took 40 minutes for the train to reach Nippori from Narita Airport ! The price is 2400 yen though, big increase from my usual slowpoke “local train” that is Keisei Main Line that runs from Ueno to Narita.

Inside the Keisei Skyliner. 2400 yen for 40 mins trip to Nippori

Anyways, i dropped by my friend place first in the Mejiro/Shinjuku areas to drop my bags before continuing to Akihabara for the AV event. The AV event i want to go is Imanaga Sana at MiS Akihabara. I came to the event like, 1 hour and 30 minutes late after the event already started. But i went anyways wondering if i still can take part in the event if the tickets still available. To me surprise, the event is still going on, and my ticket is only numbered “31”, which means, there are only like 30 people before me. Kinda feel sorry for her, actually i thought the event would be sold out haha.

Anyways i bought 2 just enough to get me a short photoshoot session, autograph session ,and a 2shot session. 😛

Imanaga Sana AV Event (28.07.2017)

After the event, went for another short walk around in Akihabara looking for 2nd hand Maneki Kecak goods at Trio etc etc. But ended up buying nothing. So went back to my friend’s place to rest up for the night. And that’s all for Day 1 for me 😀

(Jap Trip Day #2) 29th July 2017 – Roppongi Idol Festival Day 1

Time for my first idol event for this trip. the Roppongi Idol Festival ! The event takes place in “Ropponggi Hills Arena” at Roppongi and its my 1st time going to this place. Looks like the TV-Asahi HQ is located around this area too. Anyways, reached the venue around 12pm to scout the location first. Saw Supergirls doing their buppan earlier, and Nana Asakawa and friends is there doing the handshake session. Observed her for a while before moving on to locate the stage.

The entrance to the stage is actually downstairs but i didnt manage to find the queue line for it. I only found out later than the queue only starts around 2pm and it was above the stairs for number 1-500, and donwstairs for number 500 and above lol (my ticket was number 600+). So after all the confusion, fast forward and i finally entered the venue at around 2.45pm and by that time the opening act (Up Up girls 2) already started.

Roppongi Summer Arena Stage. Images Found from Google HAHA (since cant take picture inside)

For the first part of the live, i think im not in the mood for live (long story) but some groups i recalled from the 1st session is “Party Rockets GT”, G-Girls, and Sora tob sakana. All of them so-so only thougbh as they didnt do enough to get my wota bloods pumping LOL. 😛

Halfway through i went out for a rest before going back again around 5pm for the idol singing/karaoke battle segment. this segment is really fun 😀 Some of the highlights i can remember :
– Hinnapu (kamiyado) and Denchan (babyraids) karaoke duet haha
– birthday suprise for supergirls member @SG3_yumeri. Suddenly they sing namida surpise and give her birthday cake lol. Her expression is really shocked.
– Last part of the Karaoke with “Nishi” from Namaudon is really Hilarious LOL! That really cheered me up.

After that, im basically just looking forward for Kamiyado, and babyraids performance. Of course there’s also Supergirls, Up Up girls and Osaka Shunkansyuto and the rest, but i didnt really do much during those parts 😀

Kamiyado setlist @ roppongi idol fest day 1
1. harajuku sentai kamiyado ranger
2. action!
3. summer dream

Babyraids Setlist @ roppongi idol fest day 1
1. Baby Step
2. Senkou Believer
4. Babyraids
5. Cinderella Ja Ireranai

After all the performance ended i waited for the Kamiyado buppan which takes place at the end of the event. To take 2shots with Kamiyado you need to buy their product. I bought their tshirt for 4000 yen, and i got 4 Tickets. If i want 2shot without signature, it takes only 2 tickets. If you want 2shot with signature, it’ll take all 4 tickets. Since i dont really need the sign, i just took 2shots with no sign with both Mika and Meirin. Total 4 tickets from my Tshirt Purchase haha

2shot with Mika chan and Meirin Kamiyado @ Day 1 Roppongi Idol Fest

And that’s the end of Roppongi Idol Fest Day 1 😛

Day 1 Schedule *click for bigger version*

(Jap Trip Day #3) 30th July 2017 – Roppongi Idol Festival Day 2

For the 2nd day of Roppongi Idol Festival, there are less idols compared to yesterday, but it doesnt matter because today got Maneki Kecak 😀 !! Woohooo !! It’s my first time seeing them during this japan trip, so i was kinda excited really. I heard about the queue for their 2shots being sooo crazy, and it really does. Arrived at the buppan around 1 hour before it opened, and the queue already starts. Haha.

Queue for Maneki Kecak Buppan

For Maneki Kecak, you can only buy 1 ticket each per person. If you want to buy more, you need to queue again from the back, and by that time, usually the tickets already sold out. For first, i choose to buy Reonyan’s cheki/2shot tickets. They have 3 different prices:
– 2000 yen for cheki without sign
– 2500 yen for cheki with sign
– 3000 yen for cheki with alot of sign (you can only collect it at the next day/event)

Went for 2500 yen cheki instead. and after that i want to queue again but then i see they only have miyuu cheki tickets left…oh well.

Cheki with Reonyan~

After the maneki kecak buppan finishes,basically me and my friend have 2 hours + time to kill since the event only starts at around 3pm (and we arrived for maneki’s buppan at around 1130-12 LOL). Went to walk around in Ropponggi for a while, and then suddenly while waiting near the roppongi hills area, i found out that Babyraids are doing this Abema broadcast thiny from the nearby building.

You can see them from outside- and i didnt know you can take pictures as well, since the very first front row all guys using cameras / DSRL lol. Damn. Went to snap a few pictures only using my Handphone since i am not ready 🙁

Manatsu snaps i managed to take after the recording ended

Fast forward for the performance of the Roppongi Idol Festival Day 2 shall we. Some of the “highlights” idol groups for today is Maneki Kecak, Kamiyado, Up Up girls, Cheeky Parade, LinQ, 9nine, Wasuta, etc.

Below is some of the songs that some of the idol groups singing during the event. I will just copy and paste them from my Phone Notes, so sorry if its too messy xD

Maneki kecak:
-joudan ja nai ne

-harajuku sentai kamiyado ranger
-summer dream

-bunbun nine9
-cover (happy summer wedding – Morning Musume xD)

9nine :
-why dont u relax
-sun sun sunrise
– cover (Zone-Secret Base)

– Hanabi
– cover coco natsu (momoclo) xD

Finale Roppongi idol fest :
the Peace (all idol group) momosu cover xD

karaoke team contest winner:
red team (moso, wasuta, kamiyado, uug, chikipa) haha

And oh, during Wasuta you can also snap pictures using mobile phones. Here are some snaps haha

Wasuta @ Roppongi Idol Festival Day 2

Day 2 Schedule *click for bigger version*

(Jap Trip Day #4) 31th July 2017 – Konyafest @ Tsutaya O-East

Today is another crazy idol live day 😀 😀 :P. Its the “Konyafest” @ Tsutaya O-East Shibuya, and they have 2 sessions, day time and night session. At first i’m thinking to go for both sessions, but then seeing that none of the idol groups on the 1st session actually interested me…me and my friend decided to rest at the nearby Saezariya restaurant to chill and wait for the Night session. Around 5pm, we decided to go back to Tsutaya O-east for the main event ! 😀

Some of the idol groups highlights today includes Task Have Fun, Appare! Harajuku, Maneki Kecak, Drop, Idol College, and Cheeky Parade Although i have to skip cheeky parade because i was busy queuing for the Maneki’s buppan xD 😀

Full Schedule *click for bigger version*

The first few batchs of the idol groups actually not bad. “Needs”, and “Pimms” is actually quite decent. But not good enough to warrant me to drop by their buppan anyways haha. Basically i was waiting for Task Have Fun — and their performance didnt dissapoint ! 😀 They sing 2 of my favorite songs – Task and 3WD so its quite awesome ! (then again….they didnt really have much songs anyways lol). Afterwards i also went out to queue for cheki with Task Have Fun’s Fuuka. Their cheki plus sign only cost 1000 yen in this event. Im also quite close for the live performance, i think around 2nd row or something which is great. Since the place is small anyways, its easy to see them quite up close. I Love this kind of Live house event to be honest 😀

A screencap from Task Have Fun webstream… can see me on the 2nd row left xD

2shot with Task Have Fun – Fuuka

After “Task Have Fun”, there’s also “Playballs”, an idol groups with a soft/baseball concept. Quite interesting, they also sing the only songs i recognized by them, which is “Diving Catch” LOL! 😀 After that, Idol College went to sing their old songs “Ichigo Parfait” and also used to be my old time fave “Yozora”…nice haha.

After that is time for Appare! Harajuku. Just like “Task Have fun”, this is my first time seeing them during this trip and i’ve become aware of their songs ever since watching the Idol Yokocho 2017 clips where all their fans gone crazy during one of the songs (Kimidake wonderland), and rightly so. During this performance everyone becomes high also. Suddenly the places became full of “Pinchikes” and many pushing, rushing to left and right and also lifting Lol. 😀 😀 It’s kinda fun to see though (as long yourself didnt get pushed and stuffs 😛 but luckily i am safe) so during this time i didnt really do much expcet observing them Hahaha.

After Appare, it’s time for Maneki Kecak woohooo. Basically i went all out during this, even joined the circle pit with all the other Manekis wotas and pinchikes *yea i suddenly turned into one too, pardon me* LOL 😀 Especially during Joudan Ja Nai Ne it was crazy. During TIF2017 (which i will get into in the future post) the security was damn tight. Here- there is no rule so it was crazy, many pushing and shoving aside (especially during the gachikoi after the 2nd verse of joudan ja nai ne). but anyways. it was fun when its your favorite idol groups hahaha. Just a tip – If you only want to see and not participate with all the pinchikes during Manekis, i suggest you to see from all the way back to AVOID getting pushed into the pit with all the other manekis wota Especially during Joudan Ja Nai Ne 😀 😀 😀

Anyways, Maneki kecak sings 4 songs total, and you can see the setlist below:

Maneki Kecak @ tsutaya oeast 31.07.2017
2. Monster to kecak
3. Time machine
4. Joudan ja nai ne

After Maneki Kecak, its Cheeky Parade turns but sadly i have to skip them as i have to rush for the Maneki’s buppan. I rushed myself upstairs and i accidentaly queued into Drop’s queue without noticing. After i realize, i went back down to my horror to see the queue for Maneki’s already too damn long. Luckily i met with this kind Japanese fan (a chiai oshi – twitter handle @wanchanpanic1) which helped me through out this buppan process, and i cannot thank him enough for helping me to get the Chiai’s 2 shot ticket here. Because of that i managed to get 2 tickets today (another one for reonyan also).

Queue for Maneki Kecak Buppan all the day till downstairs!

The japanese chiai fan (@wanchanpanic1) also helped me to talk to Chiai during the chekis to explain that i came from Indonesia etc, so during my turn Chiai already totally focused to me. Very nice gesture of him, and i am very thankful of that 😀 Suddenly this friend (twitter handle @GachiMETAL) also came to give me some idol cds including Wasuta CDs…again, thanks for the kindness!!

My friend used to told me most Maneki fans is mostly Pinchikes — But dont know, maybe im just lucky today to met up with some nice and very kind japanese maneki kecak fans. Thanks again ! 🙂

Chekis Chiai and Reonyan of Maneki Kecak!

After the buppan, i went back to the stage areas to see Drop performing their own version of Joudan Ja Nai Ne hahaha 😀 It was fun, but i didnt join with the mix circle this time around as i was too tired. And not long after the drop performance ended, me and my friend decided to call it a day and go back home. What a very tiring day indeed lol. At first i wanted to take chekis with Appare! Harajuku members too but didnt have the time for that, so i guess i should leave that for TIF2017 next week.

After the day, we dropped by to a nearby “Yoshinoya” for a late dinner. I was going to take a picture of my chekis with my meal (japanese style HAHA) when suddenly some wotas from the event also dropped by and doing the same things (taking pix of chekis with their meals lol). Got this one group of people, i accidentaly saw them taking pix of the chekis and their food — and when they noticed i saw them, they suddenly covered up their chekis….i mean what…ive done the same thing too, no need to be ashamed man xD I feel like showing them my chekis so that i could see theirs— but im too tired. It’s still damn funny though, i guess. 😀

So that’s about it for my 4th day of My Japan trip. only 4 days and im already all out mode by going 3 days full urya oi Lives from day to night lol. Im gonna stop my blog post here and continue next time for the next 3 days of events (day 5-7) which covers mainly babyraids event and passcode release event, before continuing with my Grand TIF2017 Posts and wrap ups.

Until the next post!