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TIF2016 Updates and Stuffs (Part 4)

Posted: July 25, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Wohoo !! It’s about 10 more days until TIF2016 and i’m really hyped !! πŸ˜€ Finally all the performers, and timetables are out already (hurray for “Cheeky Parade” and “GEM” for this year TIF again!) and they even last minute added “SKE48”, and “NGT48″ Lol (not that i care of though!). Of course i’m still […]

LinQ Live in Jakarta – 16th – 17th July 2016!!

Posted: July 20, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

5 LinQ members came to Jakarta last weekend for the “Fukuoka Fair” event at Aeon Mall BSD, Indonesia. At first, i didnt expect much really, because at first i didnt really knew them even though i’ve saw their performances a few times before during my earlier TIF visits, but i guess i didnt pay that […]

TIF2016 updates and stuffs~ Part 3

Posted: June 24, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So yeah, less than 6 weeks into TIF2016 now, and there’s been some updates as well. Hmm. Where do i start first… Grand Market and Greetings Area Updated…+ Dream Stage I dont know when did they update the map, but i just noticed that they have added the location for “Grand Market” and “Greetings Area“. […]

#TIF2016 Quick Updates and thoughts

Posted: June 11, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

so #TIF2016 updated their line up again: this time with a whoopin’-over-50 groups added to the performers line up. Although most of them doesnt really interest me, im glad that “3Min” (Passpo/palet sister group) finally made it again– and also, the addition of Rev from DVL πŸ˜€ There are also some others updates such as […]

Flower “New Single” 2016 Talks~

Posted: June 4, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

With my recent #TIF2016 blog post done, i want to talk about one of my favorite groups at the moment, which is none other than…. Flower. They recently just released their new single called ” Yasashisa de Afureru you ni”. Yippie !! More Flower means more Reina, hip hip hurray!! Flower Talk Honestly. I really […]

TIF2016 *Postwhore* updates + Idol Talks

Posted: June 3, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Whew. It’s been a while since my last update. Haha…Been busy and been lazy to write a blog post recently. But now that TIF2016 is just around the corner…lets discuss about that first. Haha. Firstly, my upcoming Japan Trip is already set in 2nd – 9th August 2016. I bought a very cheap tix last […]

TIF2015 Highlights (v3) Update

Posted: March 16, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Well. 2 months ago i’ve reuploaded the “TIF2015” Highlights videos i made to youtube because it got deleted, guess what…it got deleted once again lol…This time for copyright claim by Fuji TV. Damn it !! I realized this a few weeks back already, but back then im just too lazy to reuploaded those videos again…until […]

TIF2015 Highlights & Stuffs (V2) Updated

Posted: January 12, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!, Misc

So, i made a post back then about TIF2015 Highlights/ Moments video, but apparently the videos got deleleted by youtube….:( Not only that — but both of my TIF 2014, TIF2013 videos got deleleted also… (But my TIF2011 Video survived somehow – maybe cuz it was uploaded on another account lol.) I think the videos […]

E-Girls “Dance with me now” Video reaction + Flower Talks

Posted: January 4, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

E-Girls “Dance with me now” Video reaction + Flower Talks Well. i dont usually do “video reaction” posts, but the new E-Girls PV “Dance with me now” is really good πŸ˜€ (Well, for me anyways) and i got addicted to it, and been looping to it ever since. (Even though its not the full version […]

Goodbye 2015….Hello 2016

Posted: December 30, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in AKB48, Japan!!, Misc

It’s that time again — for me to do a quick recap of year 2015’s “Idolling journey” hahaha πŸ˜€ Just in case you didnt know, every year i always do this long-ass post of summary of my idolling journey lol~ if you missed my previous year post, you can see below haha πŸ˜€ My Past […]

“Dorothy Little Happy” and “E-Girls” Talks.

Posted: November 10, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

““Dorothy Little Happy” and “E-Girls” Talks. Been a while since my last blog post haha, for this blog post i want to talk/rant on some topics such as “Dorothy Little Happy”, my recent addiction of “Egirls” and the members graduation of Yu-ri from “Passcode” πŸ™ *Let the rants begins * Part 1 : Dorothy Little […]

Idols in Jakarta – September 2015 Round Up

Posted: October 2, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

September 2015 is a pretty busy month for me in Jakarta. There’s so many events, with some idol groups visited Jakarta this month, such as “Love Android” (for meet and greet event), “Pink Babies” (for AFAID2015 Appearance), and Pop-Rock band “Silent Siren” (for their one-man live concert in Jakarta ! :D) Awesome right~ Here are […]

Some #TIF Talks + TIF2015 Regrets ~

Posted: September 10, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So here we are, 1 month after #TIF2015…and at this period i’m already entering the “Where’s my goddamn TIF2015 footages” period, a period where im constantly looking out for TIF2015 Footages on the internet. Yes– this is another reason why i love TIF. The HD footages !!! Where else you can get HD – High […]

Hostel Review – “1980 Yen Capsule Hostel”

Posted: August 25, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels, Japan!!

1980 Yen Capsule Hostel (Iriya) – It’s been a while since i do another hostel review haha. I have stayed in many budget hostel in japan, but this is the first time i actually reviewed a “capsule” hotel. Just like the name suggest, the cost to stay in this hostel is around 1980 yen (without […]