Hotel Review – Tsukuba Hotel (Ueno)

Posted: January 8, 2011 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Hotel Name: Tsukuba Hotel
Area : Ueno (8 min walk from Ueno JR Station, 1 Minute walk from Inaricho Subway Station…damn near!)
Price / Night : 4400 yen with private bathroom

The reason why i stayed at this hotel because its in Ueno (close to 2nd hand ticket shop and Hello Project Shop), and easy to access from Narita Airport (Keisei Line train goes direct to Ueno from Narita, and it’s 1000 yen only). The hotel itself is very old looking, but the location is very convenient. There is McDonalds, Sukiya, and a convenient store nearby. And the best thing is that its only 1 minute away from Inaricho Subway Station, which is falls under Ginza Line (can go direct to Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya,etc etc). If you dont want to use the Inaricho Subway station, you can still walk to the Ueno station, but it is quite far, around 8 mins walk.

The hotel staff speaks basic english, but good enough to do the job (check in, give you info here and there, etc etc), so no complains there. The hotel lobby got a big LCD TV, and also internet corner. There is also a public japanese bath, if you would like to use them πŸ˜›

The hotel corridors is very small, and so does the hotel lift. But this is very common for Tokyo Hotels. And just like what you’d expect, the room itself very small and basic…but it comes with private bath which is a plus point. I think this is one of the cheapest hotel room that comes with private bath at a cheap cost of 4400 / nite. It is very cheap for Ueno area, at least. I did a scout in Ueno before and the other cheapest hotels with private bath inside the room will cost you at least 5500 yen. :/

There is a small TV, but no refrigurator. There is a LAN connection, you can borrow the LAN cables from downstairs. The internet speed is FAST, around 500kb/sec. There is also a water heater, for those who wants to cook cup noodles (lol). The private bathroom is very small size as well, but its good enough to do the job. The bed is small but very comfy imo.

I will give this hotel 7.5 out of 10 because of its location (1 min walk to the nearest subway station), and cheap/reasonable room price for a room with private bathroom. I find the hotel staff is very friendly too. Fast internet speed is a bonus as well.

My Rating:
Room – 7 out of 10 from me. (quite small, but still ok. TV is old and small)
Toilet – 7 out of 10 from me. (It’s inside the room but small….)
Shower – 7 out of 10 from me. (See above)
Staff/Service – 7 out of 10. (Decent service…and they can speak abit english also)
Price – 7 ouf of 10 from me. (4400 yen for a room with private bathroom is quite a deal).
Location – 8 out of 10. (around 1 min walk from the Inaricho Subway Station)

Overall Rating from me : 7.5 out of 10. Good place if you want to stay in Ueno Area, and want a room with private bathroom.

Fast Internet Speed

Would i stay in this hotel again ? Sure, but if i am staying in japan for long term (more than 5-6 days), i will look for a much cheaper hotel. My budget for long term hostel stay is around 3200 yen per night, and this hotel is around 1200 yen over the budget….if you stay long term…these kind of prices can make alot of differences.

Even for me, im only staying for 2 nights here, because i wanted to stay in Ueno, and i want to know how is the room loooks like. I did a google search and i couldnt find many reviews about this hotel….which is why i did this review. πŸ˜€

Anyways, pics below…enjoy!

Room View

Room View with the Bath Room door opened

Room View from, Another Angle

Private Bathroom

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Corridor

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