August 2012 Trip – “6 Days in Japan” – Day 1

Posted: August 1, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally arrived in Tokyo today via Cathay Pacific. Had a good impression with them during the first flight (its a transit flight to HK first before going to Tokyo), but the flight to Tokyo got delayed for almost 3 hours!!! I guess this is the problem when you taking a transit flight…the first flight might be smooth and clear…but who knows what will happen to the next one 🙁

However, i have no problems at all with Cathay Pacific service. The food was good, the seats are okay, the entertaiment system is allright…the only problem is that stupid delay that makes me irritated really. Transit in Hongkong was quite allright for me too. There is free WIFI throughout the airport, and enough charging points to keep your phones and laptop juiced up. Oh well, at least i have arrived in tokyo now 😛

Meals @ Cathay Pacific. Pasta with Haagen Dasz for desert!

So…short summary today…i arrived at Narita Airport Tokyo around 5.30pm today (japan time). Plus another 30 mins waiting inside the immigration, the queue is too damn long 🙁 Finally got out from Narita Airport at around 615pm and went straight to take Train to Ueno using the keisei line. So i reached Shibuya at around 820pm to meet my friends.

That familiar sight – yes its shibuya again!

long story short, me and my friends went to SKE48 shop, before continuing on to Harajuku. The purpose is to help my friend buy 2nd hand tickets from Gorakudoh, but it’s already closed when we reach there lol.

So, after sending my friend to take willer express to Nagoya (I stayed in Tokyo, im only here for TIF remember :D) i went to find this Internet Cafe called “ManBoo!” at Shibuya. Heard some good reviews about it ,so i decide to try it out. Its the branch at udagawa-cho.

That’s all for today…nothing much really, but i am really SHAGGED OUT after travelling so long, and i didnt get enough sleep as well. And here i am, posting this at the net cafe lol. I will make a separate post for a review of this “ManBoo!” net cafe. So stay tuned for my next post for the review 🙂

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