Guide : Cheap accomodation @ “MangaKissa”

Posted: August 1, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels, Japan!!

In my previous guides, i have covered some of the cheap hostel in Tokyo. I have heard about “MangaKissa” (Manga Cafe/Net Cafe) here, so it’s time for me to try it out 😀 In this guide, i will be covering the “Manboo! net cafe” @ Shibuya, udagawa – cho.

Heres the map of the place. And heres the website in japanese.

So there is 2 Manboo branch in Shibuya. The one i went is the further one inside, not the one located at level 2 (i passed by it, but i remember the one i passed by is at level 2 and slighty more expensive).

Signing up:
I went straight to cashier. They can speak basic english. To use the service, you need to become a member, however, the membership is free. You only need to fill up some form and show your passport and stuffs.

There are different rates, but the one i use is the 1480 yen for 10 hours midnight plan. There is a cheaper one, 980 yen for 6 hours, and 1280 yen for 8 hours.

Whats included:
You get your own cubible, 2 monitors (1 for pc and one for TV) with internet and stuffs. 2 Headphones, 2 power plugs (be sure to bring universal adaptor) and basically thats it.

For extra services, they have free shower (need to talk to the cashier, and they will call you up when the shower is available, its a queue system. and besides all the manga you can read there, there’s a free “all you can drink” juices, softdrinks and coffeess. Not bad!

Some things to note:
1. Make sure you travel light before trying to “crash in” at internet cafe. the place is quite cramp of course, so if u have big luggage, then that could be a problem. Another solution would be using the coin lockers to store your luggage, but then again it would cost extra money.
2. The free shower is free. But theres no towel or soap at all. Be sure to bring your own!
3. Make sure to check out on time! The extra charges is 150 yen for every extra 15 mins.
4. Bring your own snack and eat inside 😀
5. Try to get the Japanese style room. The room with the chair is no good, imo the chair is a waste of space…but then again, it could be me only 😛

Final Words:

Well i am still here at this net cafe while writing this guide. i have used 4 hours out of the 6 hours available, so i guess i should get some sleep now. But one good thing about this net cafe is the location – at Shibuya. 1500 yen for an “overnight” stay here is quite a steal imo.. Not easy to find cheap accomodation in Shibuya, so that’s a plus for me. Tomorrow when i wake up, i will begin my day here, and that’s not bad at all ! 😛

I will upate this guide/review again tomorrow after i check out, see if there’s anything more to add. I also recorded a short video, check it out below 😀

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