August 2012 Trip – “6 Days in Japan” – Day 2 & 3 + AV event

Posted: August 3, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Sorry for the lack of updates…was planning to blog yesterday but reach so late end up too tired -_- anyways, i will just cramp both days into 1 post…not much happens anyway actually 😛

Day 2 – 2nd August 2012

After heading out from Manga Cafe, i went to do shopping for my friends at the Hello project Shop and SKE48 shibuya shop. Wasnt able to do that yesterday since most the shops close already (thanks to the plane delay). After that went to Nakano Trio 2nd hand shop to buy even more stuffs….all not mine btw lol.

So yeah, basically i spent the half day fulfilling people requests…lol. After that went back to Minami Senju to check it at Palace Japan for 1 night. stayed for 1 night only as they have no more rooms in the weekend. I dont think i need to say anything about my stay in palace japan, it was great. Definitely the best hostel in minami senju area imo!

palace japan. really stay here like a king

At night went to yokohama to meet my friend for a while, then went back to shibuya to do some night shots…lol…and then went back home to sleep 😀 See, nothing much happens lol :/

Shibuya At night! Spent around 30 mins to take night shots in shibuya :3

Day 3 – 3rd August 2012

Woke up in the morning went to meet another friend from passpo forum at the hostel lobby. Since i have nothing to do, i ended up chatting with him for almost 3 hours lol. I was basically waiting to move out from palace japan to my other hostel (Hoteiya) but the check in isnt due until 4pm.

I checked my email during lunch time and the hoteiya side sent me email asking if i want to confirm my booking, so i replied “yes. Can i check in early too?” Then they replied again Sure! :O To me surprise, they quite prompt in replying the emails!

So i went to this hoteiya hostel 2 hours earlier and they let me check in! The owner are nice and the staff some of them can speak japanese…the rooms are cheap but it is an old hotel…reminds me of New Koyo. i will make a separate review for this hostel, so stay tuned for it.

Hoteiya hostel

After checking in, i went to the av event at Akihabara. Got the event tix already the day before, so i dont need to rush this time lol.

AV event tix

This time i attended the Tsumugi Serikawa event at M”s studio again. Its basically the same thing as my previous event with Kirara Asuka, but this time she wear bikini instead of normal clothing lol. And the 2shot is with bikini also 😀 Talk less, more pix

I found out that the Staff officials during av events is much more polite compared to idol groups handshake event lol. Had too much time to talk during the autograph signing period until i dont know what to say :/ I did tell her where i came from and she ask me if i came all the way from overseas just for the event. I told her “YES”. LoL yes i lied :O She looks very happy though so thats all matters. 😀

After that went to pass by the AKB48 Cafe near the akihabara electric town exit…seems like the long queue are no more. I passed it few times already and everytime (near to lunch hour or in the evening) the queue for the cafe is not as bad compared to last time. Maybe people got bored of it already? Who knows 😛

oh and i also bought a 2nd hand passpo photobook for 780 yen xD 😀

780 yen 2nd hand instead of 2800 yen for the new one 😀

Went back to hostel after that, took a cold shower and researching for the TIF schedules for tomorrow…it is more complicated that it looks. I guess i just come tomorrow without much planning, because the more i plan, the more headache :/ Actually wanted to post longer regarding my Tif preparation but this post is getting too long and i’ve got to be sleeping for tomorrow..need to wake up in 3 hours time!

Ill try to post the TiF report as soon as i can. If im not updating tmr, that means im as dead as zombie already xD 😀 Til the next update~

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