Hotel Review – Hoteiya @ Minami Senju

Posted: August 6, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Everytime i visit japan i want to try review at least one new hotel/hostel so that i have more choices when i go there next time. So for this time japan trip, i have choosen this hostel on purpose. 😀

Yes that old building on the right is Hoteiya

The rates varies from 2600 yen to 2800 yen per night for single room. However, the hostel are quite old. If you have stayed at New Koyo before, then you’ll probably understand what i mean. This hostel is no different than new koyo. The only difference probably is the Shower Room is cleaner than the one in new koyo lol. 😛

Hotel Lobby / Cleanliness:
The hotel lobby is quite small basically. There is a reception desk where you collect your key and pay the room rates, there is a common room with one PC and 2 tables and chair, but its abit cramped. At least they have a lift here, so you still can go up the lift instead of taking all the luggages yourself just like in new koyo lol. Oh, this hotel has no curfew time as well, you still can access the hostel from the side door after midnight.

Location Wise:
This hotel is just opposite of Juyoh hotel abit. So if you know where Juyoh hotel is, just go opposite the road and you’ll find it. It takes around 10 minutes walk from Minami Senju station. Not the best of location because it’s quite far. But alot of people likes to stay @ juyoh hotel even though it’s far, so yeah…it depends on you actually 😛 For me i just wanted to try it out because of the cheap price haha.

Hotel Service:
Ok, the owner are quite nice. It said there that the check-in time is 4pm which is very late. However, i asked them if i can check in earlier, and they let me check in early around 1.45pm !! thats around 2 hours earlier! Maybe their rooms is not fully booked, thats why i can check in earlier lol.

Also, the staff most of them can speak english, just like in New Koyo. So it shouldnt be a problem if you can’t speak japanese.

Room Review:
Ok this is when it gets tricky. They have few different types of room. The one i book is the 2800 yen room which is the more “expensive one” but it is quite spacious! There is smaller room at 2600 yen, but i dont know how small it is.

One thing to note that since it is an old hotel, they dont really have an aircon. well, they do have this quite old aircon, but it almost not working at all. But the owner is nice enough to put another electronic fan there to make sure the room is cold lol. But you get what i mean…i am not sure if they provide all these if you book the cheaper rooms.

The old aircon and the add on electric fan lol

Oh, the 2800 yen room also come with a huge fridge, although i dont really use it that often since i dont really buy alot soft drinks to put it there, so the fridge is abit useless to me other than a waste of space. But if you are planning to buy alot of drinks and store it there, then this could be good for you.

Toilet/Shower Room

The toilet room is quite dirty imo, but one good thing is that the toilet is those new type one with heater and water blower system, so yeah, apart from the dirty floor it was quite okay. The shower room is quite good though, however there are always people there for some reason. I can take shower at new koyo anytime without having to queue. For this hostel…dunno why i always ended up queueing. :/

There are kitchen and a laundry machine, but for some reason they are combined into one lol…the kitchen are quite dirty imo, and i think you need to pay 10 yen to use the gas stove…so i didnt even bother to try to cook here, besides it looks quite old lol. I like cooking noodles at Palace Japan cuz the kitchen there is quite clean and the equipments there are rather new as well. Looking at this kitchen made me lose interest to cook instant noodles already lol. Better just buy microwave food i guess, there is one microwave here you can use.

Cheap price to stay, but its quite old and dirty. Unless you’re fine with that, you’re better off staying at much more cleaner place like Palace Japan better 😛 Nowadays New Koyo room is around 2700 yen per night, so yeah at the moment the 2600 yen rooms at Hoteiya is 100 yen cheaper than New Koyo…too bad i never check how small it is lol.

Basic Website but yes it is their site
Reserve room from here – Took me less than 1 day for them to reply my reservation.

Final Verdict:
7 out of 10 for me.

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