Hotel Review – Maruchu Hotel (Minami-Senju)

Posted: January 10, 2011 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Hotel Name: Hotel Maruchu
Area : 3 Mins Walk from Minami Senju Subway Station
Price / Night : 3300 yen – 3500 yen per nite, Shared Bathroom

Just checked in today, so this review might be changed/updated at any time…if i notice something new, will definitely update here πŸ˜€ Anyways, i checked in smoothly, the staff can speak abit english….the payment is abit funny though…you insert money to the machine, then you will get a receipt…similiar to buying those food tickets at the ramen shops lol…after that you trade the receipt with the room key from the counter.

Anyways, went straight to the room, and it is quite small….but it is clean, much cleaner than Tsukuba Hotel. There is no bathroom, but ok lah….got a small balcony, you can open the door and see the view in front of the hotel…not much interesting though XD The hotel got a small refrigator which is a plus point. Also got LCD TV, and fast internet speed with LAN Cables. It says the TV got cable channels also, but i suppose you have to pay for it.


Overall, i feel comfortable with the room already. At first i have trouble with setting up the internet, but that settled after 10 mins of tweaking lol. So far, I would give the hotel 7 out of 10.Clean room, and friendly staff. The only downlow is that the private shower you need to pay 100 yen for 5 mins…or use the public bath which is free, but i guess its those jap style bath ? Once i checked it out, i will update here. And there is a Curfew at 25:00 (1 am) but should be ok because usually i never went out that late at nite.

Please dont get confuse with the other hotel, Maruchu Hotel Classico with is suppose to be NEWER and no curfew time…however, it is much furter from the train station….i choose this one because this one is near to the train station. The weather here is very cold now, 2 Degrees…i cant be bothered to walk very far from the station to the hotel πŸ˜›

My Rating:
Room – 9 out of 10 from me. (Very clean, ok space for this price, and got balcony)
Toilet – 9 out of 10 from me. (very clean)
Shower – 6 out of 10 from me. (Its good and clean but must pay 100 yen…)
Staff/Services – 8 out fo 10 from me (very friendly, and they even tried to speak in my language!)
Price – 8 ouf of 10 from me. (3200 yen per nite if you stay for 6 days. that is quite a deal!).
Location – 8 out of 10. (around 3 min walk from the train station)

Overall Rating from me : 9 out of 10. Good Price, Clean Hotel, and Near to the Station. Will Definitely stay there again.


View of the Room

View of the Room from different angle

Hotel Corridor

Kitchen Available outside the room

Shared Toilet outside the room

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

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