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So here we go….2012 is over….we survived the end of the world, saw Chelsea won the Champions League (hell yeah!!!) etc etc. 2012 has been a very good year for me, that is why i decided to make this post. Below is my favorite top 6 memories from both of my Japan Trips, as well with various Idol events in Singapore. Check it out!! 😀

My 2012 Idolling Journey

1. Japan Trip 15th March 2012 – April 2nd 2012.
This trip is definitely my best trip to date. Went to many events (various events, not just 48 only), trip to nagoya, took alot pictures during sakura seasons, and best of all ; i celebrated my Birthday in japan….on the same day as the SDN48 2shot event on the 20th of March 😀

One of the highlights from this trip includes :

SDN48 2shot event on my birthday.
SKE48 Handshake Event (Jurina, etc)
SDN48 Next Encore Concert @ NHK Hall (Graduation Concert)
AKB SSA Concert Day 2
Passpo Group Shot Event
Scandal Live in Budokan
Event with Kirara Asuka

And many more, see my See my Japan Trip March-April 2012 Summary.

(Yeah i already wrote my experience earlier in this blog, so i feel like just linking them again, instead of writing a new one lol. Call me lazy :P)

2. Japan Trip – August 2012 (for Tokyo Idol Festival)

This trip wasnt suppose to happen. To be honest I wasnt even planning to go for this one until so last minute…i remember Selling all my AKB photos and swag to fund this trip, and last minute i managed to come up with 1000$ (yes. 1000$ from selling most of my akb loots) to fund the trip. 😀

Lolis…Lolis everywhere!!!! :O

Anyways, my best moment from TIF is definitely watching Passpo 5x (Basically all of their performance during the event), handshakes, plus seeing their sister group Palet performs (plus handshake). Seeing SKE48, Dempagumi.Inc. Cheeky Parade, DLH, etc all in one event is an awesome experience as well..

If i have a time machine, i would like to experience all of this all over again – 2 days full of idol chasing experience 😀

Tokyo Idol Festival Part 1
Tokyo Idol Festival Part 2

And one more thing…

Q: Would i come again next year for Tokyo Idol Festival 2013???
A: Hell yeah!!

3. Anime Festival Asia 2012 – Singapore (Babymetal,etc)

This year Anime Festival Asia in Singapore is definitely one of the best to-date. Starting from the Anisong concert (featuring babymetal, MOVE, Lisa, Flow, Minami Kuriyabashi, and so on) to the venue at expo (much more bigger than suntec), and the cosplayers (even though i didnt take much pictures cuz busy with the anisong concerts LOL).

Managed to get babymetal signature as well which is a bonus…Babymetal performance during the anisong concert is definitely the highligh of the events for me :3

4. Tokyo Girls Style Event In Singapore

Tokyo Girls Style arrived in singapore sooo last minute- without much information or announcement- to participate at this particular “travel fair” event at Takashimaya Orchard. I remember booking the plane tickets last minute to fly to singapore, and i’m glad i did…best of all – the event is free! 😀 They perform for 2 days in a row, although both days they keep singing the same songs/setlist, but for a free event, no one can complain really.

One of the highlight of the event is when i bumped into them at Orchard Road. I asked the manager if i can take 2shot with hiichan- instead she gave me a group shot with all of them! Thanks Ai-san !! (the TGS manager :D)

Tokyo Girls Style…thanks for the memories!!! 😀

5. Perfume Live in Singapore

Went to this concert with some of my friends from indonesia, although i was the first one to arrive in singapore, because i wanted to camp for Perfume in the airport…During their arrivals, i took a few pictures and A-chan looked at my camera 😀

The concert day went smoothly as well. Before the concert one of my indonesian friend got interviewed by NHK (i think lol) and then i managed to visit the AKB singapore shop for one last time before it closed down (it turns out to be my REALLY last time, as i didnt come back to singapore when the shop closed down in late December 2012 lol).

As for the concert – it was awesome despite some problems in the beginning (some stupid fans behind trying to squeeze forward, pushing everyone around him) but other than that it was a blast. I have a new favorite song from this concert as well – Dream Fighter and Night Flight 😀

Overall its an awesome concert experience. Managed to stand on the 2nd row from front, not bad view at all. 😀

6. SDN48 Last Stage in Singapore

SDN48 has performed in Singapore for 3 times total, and this one turns out to be their last one – before their graduation at the end of March 2012…I still remember waiting for them at the airport, preparing the banner and stuffs…brings back alot memories 🙁

I also attended their Cafe event, and then followed them while they appearing in Orchard Road to promote their concert. The concert is one of their best while in singapore so far, partyly because we know its going to be their last one. I also still remember this particular Japanese dude (a yukarin fan) who’s very loud with the chant and keep chanting her name…”Ichiban Kawaii….YUKARIN!!!” LOL !!!

I would rank this SDN concert as one of the best up there, together with SKE48 KII 2nd stage and NMB 1st Stage in Singapore.

Final Note:

So yeah, Those are my favorite top 6 moments this year. 😀 .Although i havent include my JKT48 journey as well – that one is separate and i have made a separate page for it here.

My JKT48 2012 Journey.

So yeah, Happy new Year 2013 !! I know this is about 4-5 days late, i was suppose to post this before New Years day but then i got busy for a while and this article got stalled….so yeah, whatever. :3 😛

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