2013 January Trip – “14 Days In Japan” – Day 3

Posted: January 25, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

25th January 2013 – Today i woke up super late…actually i already wake up around 7am, but then i went back to sleep until around 11.30 am lol…basically i leave my hostel around 1230 :/

Anyways, i checked 2nd hand ticket website and i saw babymetal concert tix for 5000 yen…it is one of the cheapest so far (other ones are 6000-7000 yen) so i decided to rus to Ueno Yokohama Tix branch to grab the tix.

Babymetal Ticket gets. Crap numbers but dont care as long inside

After that i rushed to Akihabara to grab the ticket for my av events today. Purchased 2 dvds from Akihabara alibaba store, which allows me for a 20 sec photoshoot session with the av star, signature handshake, and 2shot. 🙂

Tix for tonight’s av event

After that, i still have 2 hours to spare, so i took a direct train from Akiba to Nakano (chuo sobu line) to visit the 2nd hand store Trio 2 and 3. I spent about 1 hour sorting out all the harugon pix there, and in the end i bought about 30 pictures to sell back in Jakarta lol. I also managed to find the youngjump (or whatever that mag is) with JKT48 on the cover. Been looking it for so long! LOL. And the poster still intact somemore 😀 Lucky

Once all of that done, i went to drop by to Nakano Sun Plaza to hang out there for a while…this place brings me alot of memories…if you hello pro fan, then you should know this place alredy 😉 Anyways after that heading back straight to Akiba for the av event. The actress participating today is “ 二宮 ナ” (yeah google that , shes still quite new) 😀

So far i only went for AV event done in M’s studio, this time the event held at Alibaba Akiba near the Metro akiba station. There is big difference, first of all, the event is held on the shop it self – they basically set one corner for private event , and the queue is inside the av shop…so yeah basically some of the queues really can block other people who wants to buy av normally lol.

The good thing is that the private space in the corner is…well private. Only you, the av star, and one more staff to direct you. The M’s studio is done inside a big hall, so everyone can see lol…so here you get more privacy at least – even though the place is cramp, and the backdrop is poor, you can see they just put some white curtains there lol.

The staff helped me to speak english to her, but turns out she can speak english pretty decent lol….this is my 2nd time talking to av actress who can speak english. Maybe they often get “foreigner customers?” LOL. She ask me where i come from so i told her im from indoesia. Then she also ask me ooooh Indonesia…..where you stay ? i told her Jakarta. Then she continues asking me…. “in House?” Lol uhhh does it have anything to do with anything…maybe she want to come ? LOL j/k. I told her i staying in apartement cuz i really staying in apartement in indo lol. 😀 :v

2 shot 😀

After that she continues to sign on my dvd cover and she asked for my name. She ask me also did i enjoy my stay in japan so far, i told her – of course!! It is kinda funny that im having more fun CHATTiNG with AV STAR more than idols…but maybe it is just me lol.

Anyways after all of that done, it is still around 8pm…i realized tomorrow i have a concert and i need to fight lighstick soon. After browsing around akihabara for 1 hour (most shops are closed in 830 pm) and i realized Don Q in akiba selling lighstsick 100-150 yen more exp than other shops…i was lucky enough to find one store in the back alley of akiba for 1365 yen (don q selling it for 1480 yen), and the color is purple – just for Annya tommorow (passpo member lol)

Lumica lighstick

I think i spent about 15.000 yen today to buy av, concert tix and other stuffs…its been 3 days only but my money already flowing like water lol…and today i already save alot for foods – been eating mcchicken for lunch and dinner…100 yen each, buy 2 each is enough for me lol. Hopefully tomorrow i dont have to resort like this, but i doubt it~

Poor meal for poor guy…but who cares- HAD FUN TODAY!! 😀

Anyways after that head back to the hotel to rest….lol…oh i also took video of the lighstick test, you can find it here.

Time to get some rest…tomorrow going for Passpo concert – day and night shows. It’ll be damn awesome day!! Looking forward for it 😀

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