2013 January Trip – “14 Days In Japan” – Day 4

Posted: January 26, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

26th January 2013 – Today whole day is all about Passpo! 😀 Woke up every early in the morning to meet my friend to collect my concert tickets. After that went straight to the venue @ Shinjuku Blaze…once i arrived there around 9:55 am the queue already very long

After queuing for about 1 hour i finally arrived in the concert goods area. To tell you the truth, queing in such cold weather is the WORST thing ever…which reminds me that i should think twice again if im going to visit japan during winter time lol.

Anyways, i bought Passpo Tshirt, Towel and one Annya Photoset. Total cost me 6000 yen , but the guy only gave me 3 tickets! For every 1000 yen you suppose to get 1 ticket, but dont know why today they never give more than 3…i think because the queue today is super long 🙁

After changing to my “wota” outfit, i encountered some random drunktards in the streets. To remind you, Shinjuku Blaze is inside the Kabuchiko areas – a place known as one of the red light district in tokyo. I suppose these are some “leftover pimps” from the day before….all they do is make noise, he even almost “harrased” some random passpo fan girls who are standing outside family mart! 🙁 Shocking indeed.

Yeah, random things aside, waited for the first show timing and i went in. These concert venues requires you to buy drinks for 500 yen…starting to get used to it already lol. After i grabbed my drinks i went to find my place inside.

My number isnt good (Around 400+) so after i got in, the place is already full. I managed to snatch a place somewhere in the middle at the back row…well as long as i can see the girls – it’s fine with me. I am already fine with being inside the concert hall anyways…lol. 😛

The first show is not bad…They performed “Go on Highway” during the first show which is one of my favorites, but i kept on waiting for “La La La Love train” which never came… but we still have that for the night show though, haha 😀 So we’ll get into that later, and as well the traklist for both shows (which i will be posting below).

My other fave tracks is the new single Sakura komachi, and BATHTUB. Man, Bathtub live version is really cool…lol :3 They also sing one coupling song from the Sakura Komachi single, but i think it is so so only ~

After the first show done, its all about the handshake event and autograph signing. The event is done inside the hall itself, but the only problem, i think the queue is abit MESSY. Each members have their own lanes, but for this- some of the queue intercept with each other ,it’s kinda hard to see which one is whose lanes. Need to double check with the fans in front of me if i am queing at the correct lanes lol. 🙁

My experience with Annya during handshake…took her a while, but then, she told me, “Chotto Matte Nee?” then she thinks for few seconds, before she mention to me “ah…TIF!!!” 😀 She does remember me which is awesome. I know i attended their handshake event during TIF and watched all their performance there, but that was 5 months ago…i really didnt expect that she would remember me 😛

I told her im from Indonesia then from that point onwards you can really tell that she really remembered lol. Too bad i didnt have too much time as the security already pushed me , so i just told her “Gambatte kudasai, see you next show!”

After the handshake, i queued again, this time for the Autograph session. This one really took a while as you must wait for the members to finish their handshaking session first. As soon as there is no one queuing for handshake, they will change the lane for “autograph” session. I queued and straight and during my turn i asked Annya to autographt the photo i bought before 😀 yay

After the event done, i still have 1 hour left to spare so i wandered around family mart and some arcades just to kill time. Well skip forward to the Night show….

Now. this is when the fun begins. You can see the crowds is totally different than the day shows. There is this guy with a white color lightsaber, and one guy using King’s blade lightstick who keep doing reverse kecha in the front row lol. The chant for the night show also more wild then the day shows. And the song list i think it is much better lol.

The night show is also Annya’s birthday show. During Kiss = Suki all the fans using Purple lightstick – which prompted Annya to talk about it during the next MC. For the encore – They keep calling Annya’s name, until she really come out alone and thank the fans for her name call haha. Totally this show is really awesome for any Annya fans…many fanservice, and it is surely, a day to remember. 😀

She also cried towards the end of the concert but quickly hide her tears lol (very obvious though). Overall…the night show is 3x more awesome than the day show imo lol.

Other Tip:
During passpo concert, if you dont want to keep getting pushed, stay away from the front – middle areas as those areas people are used to keep pushing, squeezing, body rubbing, moshing or whatever you call it lol and doing all the kechas and reverse kechas and crazy shit. If you’re not up for it, then avoid those areas, and stay clear at the back lol.

After the concert i am too tired and didnt even have the time to walk around in kabuchiko lol…maybe ill leave that to some other days. Yeah time to rest….didnt have enough sleep today. I’ll end this post with the setlist from today’s show. Check it out below, and good nites~

Passpo 26th Jan 2013 Flight – Day Show set list
1. Natsuzora Hanabi
2. Let it Go
3. Hello Hello
4. Natsusora Dash
5. Rock Da Week
6. 2 Days
7. Kimi wa boku na suki naru
8. Starting over
9. Turn Around
10. Yume Passport (Mio Mio and Makochan Duo)
11. Sakura Komachi
12. Uhae
13. Next Flight
14. Tap my Toe
15. Bathtub
16. GPP
17. Love Diary
18. wanted
19. Material Girl
20. With XXX

21. No 1 Boy (Sakura Komachi coupling song)
22. Go on Highway
23. Dear My Friend

Passpo 26th Jan 2013 Flight – Night Show set list

2. Shoujo Hikou
3. Breakin Out
4. Muteki Girl
5. Dom Dom Freedom
6. Street Fighter
7. Hakana
8. Pink Parachute
9. Kiss= Suki
10. See you Again
11. Sakura Komachi
12. Vivi Natsu
13. Hallelujah
14. Jaane
15. Hareru Yo
16. Pretty Lie
17. Love Diary
18. Wanted
19. Material Girl
20. Sakura Iro

21. No 1 Boy
22. La La La~ Love Train
23. Dear My Friend.

All full songs, no half songs 😀 2 hours concert in total each.

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