2013 January Trip – “14 Days In Japan” – Day 5

Posted: January 27, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

27th January 2013 – What another tiring day…these last 5 days i always went for either concert or some kind of av event lol…today is another one of those. In the morning i went to akiba first to meet some of my indo friends, before continuing to go for the av event. This time the venue is at Mulan (one av shop at the back alley of club sega).

For the event, its a photoshoot and the usual 2shot, but for the outfit she not wearing any bikinis, just a normal outfit…i guess shes too famous already 😛 Anyways, 1 pm sharp, she arrived and the event starts. Just the usual wait-for-your-turn routine, the only difference is that for the photoshoot is divided to 3 person per group.

She would autopose and look at your camera. After you snapped a picture she will look to the next guy, quite similiar as my Kirara Asuka event Last time. But at least the backdrop for this event is quite good, compared to my one few days ago lol. Here is some of the pictures.

After the photoshoot, followed with the 2shot, she went on to sign my autographed dvd cover. then she ask me where did i come from, so i answer from Indonesia. She looks kinda shocked then she points at one red marker and say “Merah” (means read in indo) lol!! She can speak indo!! Then after that the staff looks surprised as well, then she went to talk to the staff, which i do not understand lol. 😛

She asked how long i been in japan so i reply her 5 days only. After that she tried to speak more indo language, which made some other japanese people inside the hall laughing….arggh lol.

Anyways, After the event is done, i went straight for another Idol event in Asakusa. The place is near a building called ROX, it is near the Tsukuba Express line Asakusa station. Below is the event details i read from Love La Doll website.

When i arrived there, the 3 members of Love La Doll passed by me and enter the lift. lol. The event is free altough you still need to pay for drinks. I went up, pay for the drink tickets and went in. Seems like im to early as the stage are still empty, so i took picture of it lol. It is a T shaped stage.

Once the live starts, they begin with some lolis singing White love. Then another loli went to play violin. One after onether- more unknown group appears. I must admit the first few performers is really bad. There is this one who forgot the lines, forgot the dance move, cannot hold laughter when singing, and even almost fell down and slip lol…seems like some of these are still really RAW without much experience..but it;’s still really amusing to see LOL 😀

There are some hidden gems though, i didnt know some of the group names but some are okay. Oh, some of the performers also like to sing Hello Project cover songs. There are one singing Tsuugaku Vector, C-ute “Jump” and old Aya Matsura song (forgot the song name now lol).

I came to this event waiting for Love La Doll but after 3 hours, they still never perform…instead, i was kinda shocked when i saw Idol College kenkyusei (Trainee) performed – its probably one of my fav part of the live lol…finally some idol that i actually knows! 😛 They performed 3 songs in total, “Na-ri-aga-ri”, “Seifuku Koi no monogatari” and “Yozora”.

After that, i rushed outside to queue for the 2shot with the members. Yes, for this kind of event – after each performers finished, you can go outside, usually most of the idol members are outside, you can talk to them , buy their goods, and handshake/2shot with them (pay money of course lol). I like this particular Idol College KKS (Eru Sugimoto) so i went to take pix with her. FInally!! Last time i kinda missed on her lol.

After that Love La doll finally performed…they sing 3 songs, the first one is Luka Luka fever, the 2nd one i forgot the name and the 3rd one is their new single. haha. After the performance ends i rush back outside to queue for 2shots. I choose to take 2shot with Aya, and during 2shots, i told her that i saw their performance during Anime Festival Asia, and she went to grab my hands during the 2shots lol! And she wrote so many things on the polaroid lol…

The last performers is Asfi – an idol group based from shibuya. And to be fair, their songs are not bad and the fans are so crazy too lol…i recorded a segment of the fans behaviour during one of the song…damn funny too see lol, but it is damn cool at the same time.

So the total live is 4 hours- and it is free. The only money i spend is for 2shots, and entrance drinks which you have to pay anyway, but it is definitely WORTH IT lol.

Hmmm what else…..well yeah, thats about it for today. 1 photoshoot , 1 concert, 3x 2shots. not bad 😀 Time to get some rest 😛 until tomorrow…

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