Hotel Review – Oasis Chuo Osaka

Posted: January 30, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Stayed here for one night during my trip to osaka. First of all, i want to say for the price of it (3300 yen), this hotel is really a STEAL. For such price, you’ll get your own private room PLUS private shower/mini bath tub and toilet. You can’t get this kind of deal in Tokyo really.

Secondly this is not a hostel – it is more like a business hotel, but with cheaper price. The lobby is so big, they even use keycard system to lock the door- very awesome. Anyways. Let’s begin the review section by section 😀

Hotel Lobby / Cleanliness:
Very clean, and spacious, There is table, tv, and some PCs for you to use to browse internet. The friendly staff let me in check in earlier and it is only 845am in the morning!! I feel i had to mention this 😉

Hotel Lobby

The corridor

Location Wise:
It is just a few minutes walk from Dobutsuen-mae Subway Station Exit 2/4. Basically it’s just behind the station, it is VERY near. Another plus point for the hotel! Also, on the same road there is other budget hotel/hostel, but i never really try them out, some of the price is cheaper also…maybe i should try them next time. Oh there is also a 100 yen store somewhere around nearby 😉

Room Review:

The room is not very big, but it is quite spacious for one person. Like i mention before, there is a shower/mini bathtub, toilet, and you even get your own towel! There is also TV, aircon/heater, mini fridge, and table/chair. They even give you toothbrush, and tissue, really such a hotel standard. The free wifi is quite fast too!

So far i really like this hotel. Too bad i only stayed for one night, and i really can’t find any cons about this hotel so far- iT IS that damn good lol. Oh, there is also a breadfast option – you pay 200 yen and you get 2 piece of bread, a soup, and hot coffee/tea i think. Not bad 🙂

Hotel Website

Final Verdict:
9.5 out of 10 for me. Will definitely come back next time! 😀

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