2013 January Trip – “14 Days In Japan” – Day 9 & 10

Posted: February 1, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

31st January 2013 – Day 2 in osaka…quick write up, basically i visited 6 different tourist spots today to make full use of my Osaka Unlimited 2 day pass lol :P…Some of the places are:

1. Nagai Botanical Garden
2. Osaka Museum of Natural History
3. Tennoji Zoo
4. Tsutentaku Tower
5. Tempozan Giant Ferris whee;
6. Osaka Sakishima Building Observation dec

I think the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, and Tennoji Zoo is worth a visit. 😀 The botanical garden is great also, but i came at a wrong season where some of the flowers are not even ready yet. I think if you came there during sakura season it would be awesome. Anyways, here are some of my tourist pictures…

Yeah, no live or events in the last 3 days so i got nothing much to write about 😛 At night finally board the willer express bus, back to Tokyo again…

1st February 2013 – Arrived in Tokyo around 7.30 am…was too early so i went to my hostel anyway, this time i am trying out “Juyoh Hotel”. Another new hostel to test for me. When i arrive there it is still 9am, but like in Chuo Oasis, the guy let me check in earlier haha. At first i just wanna leave my luggage there, but since i checked in already, i decided to sleep 1 more hour to rest. 😀

— short hotels review —
Anyways, that reminds me i have yet to do a review for Hotel New Azuma yet, so while i still remember, let me say a few things about both hotel New Azuma and Juyoh first…. First. Basically, Hotel New Azuma is just like New Koyo/Hoteiya in terms of cleanliness, the only diff is that Hotel New Azuma is much cheaper, 2500 yen per nite , or 2100 yen per nite if you choose to say 6 nights…Juyoh in the other hand is 2900 yen per nite, but it came with a fridge, aircon/heater, and a very clean lobby/toilet plus they even give you bathrobe, and towel. The only thing about juyoh is that you have to request a room with a TV if you want to watch tv…other than that, juyoh is quite cool. I will make a more longer reviews for both of these hotels once i come back home lol. 😛
— short hotels review —

Ok continue on….Around 12 lunch time i went to eat at Sukiya, before dropping by at Akihabara to walk around and kill time, before then continue to Zepp Tokyo at around 4pm, for my babymetal concert.

Zepp Tokyo at around 430pm

When i arrive there, the queue for the concert goods are there already. But since i am on a budget, i decided against buying concert goods this time, and i am still wearing my Babymetal Live in AFA Singapore tshirt anyways behind my jacket lol. Anyways, i went to walk around in Venus fort to kill some time before coming back to the venue around 6pm.

Concert Goods for Babymetal

Babymetal Live Experience

Anyways, around 6pm i start to queue outside zepp tokyo to go in. And this is another one of those venue that requires you to pay 500 drink ticket…man it is really a waste of money to pay 500 yen just to get one drink, who really came with this idea 😐 Once inside, i went straigth to the hall since my number is quite crappy (A1500) and the hall is already packed, so i decided to squeeze in to find some place to stand.

Inside Zepp Tokyo

The concert delayed about 10 mins or so if i remember correctly, and when the concert starts, they start with the introduction video / VTR about babymetal…lol…this live got ALOT of VTRs, since basically they do not do MCs or introduction – it’s either they perform, or they show you VTR lol. Some of the VTR is animated but i do admit it is quite refreshing to see those VTRs lol. 😀

They sing basically all of their songs, including 2 new ones i never heard about, but it’s probably one of the coupling songs from the new single because i havent heard them yet. Anyways, my fav performance is definitely “Headbanger” and “Ijime Dame Zettai”.

After the first encore, there are surprises as a projector came down with a timer; then you can see the babymetal logo starts dissapearing slowly! This got much of the audience panicked, including a guy behind me with the longest “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh” i can rembember lol. Soon afterwards, the fans started to chant for a second encore, with everyone shouting “Baby Metal” for like 5 minutes.

And thankfully, they did appears on stage again, this time wearing an all white outfits, and they later went on to perform Ijime Damme Zettai for the 2nd time, with a cool Pyro/Fire effect in the background. Awesome. Too bad it was their last performance of the concert, they also went to announce some stuffs, such as Babymetal will still continue as a unit, and another upcoming live/”Legend” on the 30th of June at NHK HALL! :O

After the last announcement, the lights came back on, and it’s finally over. The whole show only lasted 1 hour plus maybe 5 minutes, since they do not have alot of songs, so it is kinda expected…but its definitely worth it ! 😀 Went back home straight afterwards to rest in the hotel again.

After the concerts~ need to squeeze my way outside

Tomorrow….i will attend another AV event, then after that i will go to the Dorothy Little Happy Live/event in Softmap Akiba. I read that there will be 2shot/group shot with DLH members if you buy a CD of them…hope that is true lol…we’ll see about that tomorrow 😀

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