2013 January Trip – “14 Days In Japan” – Day 11

Posted: February 2, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

2nd February 2013 – Wow..what a tiring day lol…:D First thing first…. In the morning i went for “Ayami Syunka” AV event in MediaWorldAkiba. Even though she is new, the venue is full house! 100 people, and man, the waiting is so long. The prochedure is as usual – 1st one is photoshoot, 2nd one is the longest one – the autograph and handshake session, and the 3rd one is another photoshoot wit her in bikini.

Waiting for the event to start

I waited for 2 hours during the autograph/handshake session because i sit in the middle. The autograph session took so long because you can basically talk to her while she signing your autograph…easily 2 minutes per session…calculate that to 50 people in front of you….yeah lol. 😛 The photoshoot session is real fun though ! Here is some pix below :3

After the photoshoot, i rushed to another event in Akiba. This one is Dorothy Little Happy Live + Event.

There is a handshake, 2shot and Group shot session at the end of the live which is what i’m aiming for 😀 The live starts with Asfi performing as the opening act. They sing 3 songs, before DLH went on to perform. DLH sing 6 songs total, including my fav one “Namida Yorimo Zutto Hayaku” which they sing together with Asfi !! 😀

At the end of the live (more like mini live, since they only sing 6 songs), they have handshake, 2shot ,and group shoot session as planned. They have separate tix for 2shot and handshake. To get one coupon each you need to preorder their latest album…i bought 5x.

My DLH event tix.

After i get my tix, i went to queue for handshake first. I keep coming back there 5x until i got nothing else to say LOL…really…handshake imo dont need so many times, unless you really got something to talk to them lol…after my 3rd time i ran out of ideas already lol.

The 2nd session is the 2shot session. Mimori one has the longest lanes – basically after all the other members finished, her line still going on lol. I am lucky though, in the beginning the staff forgot to check for my ticket, so i have 1 spare ticket LOL. So i used that for Mimori twice. During my 2nd time, she went to grab my hands during the 2shot 😀

All my 2shots with DLH members

After that i also went to take 2shot with one of the Asfi member – Akane. Since she perform quite good earlier – and she has “sexy” legs (LOL). Luckily, she is very friendly- and she can speak english. Lucky!! 😀

Earlier during DLH handshake i have trouble speaking with Koumi especially since she dont understand what im saying- with this akane she understand 100% what im saying lol, so that is really awesome. 😛 She ask me some question like how long im staying in japan, when im coming back, and if i am coming to their events tomorrow lol. The good thing about them is that you can talk to them for so long and no one is there to push you haha. Sweet! Went home afterwards to rest….getting too tired already ~

So yeah today i broke a new record – 7x 2shots (4x with DLH, 1 with asfi, 2x with Ayami Syunka 1x group shot)… My plans for tomorrow? Going for idol events of course 😀 My last 2 days in tokyo before i went back…hopefully it will be a great day also!

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