2013 January Trip – “14 Days In Japan” – Day 12

Posted: February 3, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

3rd February 2013 – My 2nd last day in Tokyo before going back…so today i went all out to watch another underground idol concert lol. Around 11am i arrived at the venue at Shibuya O-crest.

Ticket for the first event

The event is actually free, but you need to buy a drink ticket which is 500 yen. Anyways, the only reason why i came to this event because of the Idol College Trainee (KKS). I really miss Eru already, ever since the first time i see her a week ago lol 😛

I also really like their new single “Yozora”, the dance is really cool especially the live ver. Besides yozora, today the Idol College trainee also sang “Ame Nochi Hare”, “All for one”, and “Everyday Everynight”. I didnt care much about the other artist to be honest haha…but one of the groups did a cover of Berryz Kobo “Dakishimete Dakishimete” , it was quite funny lol.

After the event finish is the 2shot session…Eru is really cute and i almost wanted to take 2shot with her again lol- but i managed to resist and took 2shot with Shizuka-chan instead lol… Eru keep looking at me during the 2shot though, i think she still remember me from the other day haha. 😛

2Shot with one of the Idol College Trainee member

After that went to the next venue in Shimo-kitazawa, the venue name is called “Gar-den.” This is another free event, but you need to buy 2 drinks at least (so that is 1000 yen). This event though, is fricking long. When i came there at 3pm, the show already starts. Turns out that the event already starts since 2pm plus, and then i saw the timetable…it continues all the way until 9pm!! LOL.

Timetable Schedule

The artist i want to see today is Asfi, and they’re the last in the list at 9pm…i came at 3pm…so there’s no other choice except to go all the way lol. 😐 The artist line up today is good though, most of the idols today did very good, and the songs also all the fast-paced/high type lol…really good for chanting. Some of the performers that really impressed me today is “Piece”, Smile Pocket”, and “Honey Squash”. During one of the song, the idol group “Piece” jump into the crowd, then ran to the back row of the audience area while keep singing, LOL. That is quite original. 😀

The fans are quite funny too, as usual this type of concert attract the more “wilder” fans, they do all kind of crazy things from running in the circles, moshing, kecha until they can reach the members feet, and so on. It is really funny to see, but the atmosphere is damn good. And you can get so close with the members also. Even though the fans are wild, but everything is quite organized- so it’s all good 😀

After watching 5 hours + of concert, the last part finally came. Asfi went to perform with a LIVE band, which is really awesome. One of the surprise is when they went on to sing “Massara Blue Jeans” (C-ute cover song) with a live band lol ! Their performance is totally awesome.

So yeah, that is the last part of the concert…i almost tempted to get another 2shot with Akane, since she got look towards my direction a few times while smiling – i think she noticed that i am in the crowd (yesterday during 2shot i already told her that i will come today lol). But since my wallet is almost empty, i decided to end the night and go back to hotel lol.

Tomorrow is the last day in Japan, but i probably wont do anything much except last minute shopping and stuffs….Anyways, time to get some rest. The morning live is about 2 hours long while the noon one is about 6 hours, sot that’s a total of 8 hours concert/live today, i think that is a new record to me lol. I even almost missed my stop on the way back cuz i fell asleep lol. 😀

So yep, that’s about it for today. Nap time!

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