Hotel Review – New Azuma and Juyoh @ Minami Senju

Posted: February 9, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Well here we go…2 reviews of Hostel crammed into one post…i’ll start with hotel new azuma first 🙂

Hotel New AzumaWebsite

Another cheap hostel in Minami Senju – even cheaper than New Koyo- if you book from their website (or stay long term / minimum 6 nights). I stayed there for 6 nights and they gave me discount price at 2100 yen per night (12.500 yen for 6 nights), for that place in Tokyo to get your own room, that is really a steal ! 😀

Location Wise

The hotel is about 8 minutes walk from Minami Senju Subway station. The hotel is also near the 7eleven in minami senju. To reach this hotel, turn left before you reach Palace Japan to a small alley, and keep going. You will find the hotel on the left side of the road.

Room Wise

The single room is quite ok. Your usually “3 tatami” size room, with TV and heater (dunno if it can be turned into aircon lol). Quite comfy enough for me. There is no frigde, but i seldom used that so no worries for me. As long i can get my own space and internet access, its more than enough for me.

Hotel Lobby

The hotel lobby is quite small- but it is quite ok. The reception can speak abit english and the guy kind enough to let me check in early at around 1pm. The hotel also got curfew at midnight, so you need to come back before 24:00 or they will lock the door. The door will open again around 8am if im not wrong.

There are free showers on the first floor…1 with a mini bathtub and 1 normal one. There is another one but i never really check what’s inside (totally forgot) but from my experience staying there – i never really had problem with queueing for shower. 😛

There is also free WIFI which is quite fast (Around 500-600kb/sec), and free hot green tea in the lobby, and a microwave. Yeah the hotel facilities is really basic, but for this price you can’t really complain.

The toilet imo is like those in New Koyo and Hoteiya…it is quite dirty, but still tolerable.

Since i stayed at this hotel for 6 nights at 2100 yen / night, the price is really unbeatable. 8 out of 10 for the good price really. If budget is not a problem for you i would recommend to stay elsewhere 😛

Now moved on to the other hostel….

Hotel JuyohWebsite

This is another famous one…and old hotel, cheap, but it is very clean ! I was very surprised when i stayed there – i thought the standard would be like those new koyo/hoteiya one, but nope ! The lobby is spacious, the staff can speak english, there is microwave, kitchen ,etc and free wifi. The price per night varies, but the cheapest one is 2900 yen per nite. There are discount if you stay more than 5 nights, you can check it out from their website.

Location Wise

If there’s anything bad about this hotel – it is the LOCATION. From minami senju stations (either JR or subway) the walk could take about 15 minutes walk! It’s very far from the station, and you will basically pass EVERY OTHER HOTEL that i have reviewed before in this blog. Even Hoteiya is slighty nearer lol. This is definitely the weak point of this hotel , but if really dont mind walking then this hotel would be GREAT for you…read on below

Room Wise

The room is the usual japanese style room, the room has FRIGDGE, Air con (newer system which can be turned into both aircon and heater, perfect for any seasons), futon, and a small table. There is no TV, you need to request early if you want a TV set in your room…but this is really not a problem during my stay because i seldom watch TV anyways at night because im too tired already lol. Here is the pictures of the room

Hotel Lobby

The lobby is spacious. There is a big TV, PC with internet you can use, kitchen, and even a room where you can play games (Xbox and Super nintendo, lol classic)


There are many shower rooms, i think in 4 different floors if i can remember. There is one in the 1st floor, 2nd floor, 6th floor, and the last one i think at 10th floor. If you want you can request a room on the same floor with the shower rooms. I requested one, and they gave me a room just OUTSIDE the shower room lol. 😛 The shower rooms are clean, and i never have any problems queuing for the shower also. There are toilets in every floor and its pretty clean also. 😀

The hotel also has free WIFI (quite fast,i can download torrent at 2mb / sec!)

This is a very good, clean hotel. Reasonable price. Friendly staff who can speak english,clean rooms and toilets…..i think its almost perfect except for the LOCATION which is very far. Well…it is not that far, but when you are tired at night and you need to walk far – especially under a very cold weather – it really makes a big difference lol. Or when you are going back to the airport with all the luggage lol.

But other than that this hotel is cool. I would rate this hotel 9 out of 10. In summary ; Good price. Clean rooms, good facilities. But far from station 😛

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