Goodbye 2013…..Hello 2014~~~

Posted: December 30, 2013 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Goodbye 2013…..Hello 2014~~~

Can’t believe another year has passed…i remember last year i’ve made an article about my idolling journey in year 2012 so for this year, i’ve decided to make a similiar post to it, with month to month description / highlights of some interesting things i have experienced in 2013 😀

So here we go ~ My 2013 Idolling Journey

1. January 2013 – Japan Trip

I’ve made a 2 weeks trip to Japan on the last week of January. Some probably thought that i went to japan to see AKB (i did make a side trip to Tokyo dome to buy some goods from AKB request hour 2013 concert) but my main purpose of this trip is to see Passpo live (often called as “flights”) 😀

The special thing about this particular passpo “flight” is that the night session is actually annya’s seitansai (birthday) show. We celebrated Annay’s birthday there, and she also cried throughout the end). Its a one of the day i would never forget as a passpo fan- to attend her birthday show.

There is a handshake session and autograph session after the show and i am really happy when she still recognised me from before (attended the handshake session in Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 the previous year), although she did not remember my name lol…i told her my name afterwards and asked her to sign it on her photopack. 😀

Full Blog post about the passpo flight can be seen in this Blog entry

Other interesting things in my January 2013 Japan Trip
Babymetal Legend “Z” Live at Zepp Tokyo Odaiba
Some various AV and underground idol events #1
Some various AV and underground idol events #2

2. February 2013 – Denpagumi Inc 1st visit to Jakarta

One of the main higlights of this month that i can remember is Denpagumi inc’s visit to Jakarta to perform at Plaza Senayan. They only performed a few songs during the event, but who would have thought that they would eventually come to visit jakarta for another 2 times (3 times in a total !!) within this calendar year 😀

Their second trip would be during AFA ID (in september) and then followed by their mini live at J-Music Lab event in November 2013. so yeah, come to think of it…this is just the beginning for them….. 😉 @ Plaza Senayan

3. March 2013 – Scandal Live In Jakarta

Scandal asian tour includes few destination in between (thailand, singapore, and indonesia). We are lucky enough to be one of the countries on the list, considering this is their first time performing here in Jakarta 😀 Can’t wait for them to come back here ~ Hopefully next year.

Scandal Live in Jakarta

4. April 2013 – AKB48 @ Tokyo Auto Salon in Singapore

After AKB48 Singapore theatre closed down, AKB did came back to singapore after all…to perform at the Singapore’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Though their performance is a short one (less than one hour), but well.. it is quite cheap, considering you do not need to pay any extra fees (except the entrance fee to the venue)…and there’a a bonus hi-5 session also 😛

AKB48 @ Tokyo Auto Salon in Singapore

5. May + June 2013 – Various local events

May and June is a quiet month for me. Except the usual JKT48 theatre visits, there is an Ennichisai (yearly japan festival event). You should check out Lumina Scarlet performance at the Ennichisai 2013 also, they did the momoclo’s “Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo”, and even Mikitty’s “Romantic Ukare mode” dance cover lol 😀

As for June 2013….there is the JKT48 River handshake event lol. Below is my ticket stubs

JKT48 – River Handshake tickets

6. July 2013 – The “Grand” Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 Trip

Well my July 2013 Japan trip is all about TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2013. Well…Basically it’s your “ALL-YOU-CAN-SEE-IDOL-BUFFET”, what more can i say? 😛 Going to TIF 2013 is the real deal for me, and i would definitely come back again next year 😀

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013

List of the Idol Groups i’ve seen at TIF 2013:
Cheeky Parade 3x
Idol College 3x
Dorothy Little Happy 3x
Passpo 2x
The Possible
Mai Kotone

and many more (i think some of the idol groups i cant even remember lol)

TIF 2013 Summary:
TIF 2013 – Day 1 Summary
TIF 2013 – Day 2 Summary
TIF 2013 – MY favorite Performances

I also made it to one of the TIF 2013 footage, where i can see myself in the footage at Azure Stage (wearing pink idol college shirt xD)

Before i leave japan, i also managed to attend Passpo Mini Live and 2 shot event…i finally have 2shot with my favorite member in Passpo – Annya xD 😀

The 2shot is taken just 2 hours before my flight back to Jakarta. I remember rushing to the airport after the event ended (in shibuya). Luckily my flight is in Haneda, so it only took like 30 minutes to reach the airport from Shibuya xD 😀

7. August 2013 – Lowkey period

August 2013 is basically a low key period for me, nothing much but local (JKT48) theater visit and events.

Various JKT48 Events in August

8. September 2013 – Anime Festival Asia Indonesia

September is the month of AFA ID. 😛 Turns out bunch of my friends from Singapore came over for this particular event – mainly to see the performance of Babymetal. There is also Denpagumi inc (which would be their 2nd visit to indonesia), and some other anisongs singers such as Aoi Eir, Aya Hirano, MayN, etc etc.

IMO it is a huge improvement compared to last year AFA ID which is held at JIExpo / Kemayoran. Hopefully next year AFA ID would be even better 😀

Anima Festival Asia – Indonesia

9. October 2013 – Another Japan Trip 😀

This would be my 3rd – and Last Japan trip in 2013. This trip is really a last minute trip that i have arranged, and i only stayed there for 5 days. The main purpose of this trip is to visit the @Jam Volume 4 Idol live, which features idol groups such as “Super Girls, Cheeky Parade, Denpagumi.Inc, Dorothy Little Happy, Up Up Girls, Afilia Saga, and much more.

Summary of @Jam Volume 4 live can be found at other blog post here.

The other higlight of this trip is Palet – Major debut single event “Believe in yourself”. I went to purchase 4 single totals, which enables me to attend 2x session of their mini live and 2shot events 😀

Palet – Major Debut Single Event

Other highlights of this trip would be me queing for AKB photopack and trading around for Rena Nozawa photopack outside the AKB theatre lol…quite new experience for me to trade photopacks with the japanese AKB fans hahah.

10. November + December 2013 – J.Music Lab

November 15th marks the beginning of J-Music Lab. It is an event held on weekends throughout the November month, up until 15th December 2013 (which is last day). The event mainly features performers/artists from Japan, and is funded by the Japanese Embassy…which is why the entry fee is pretty damn cheap at 25k rupiah (around 3$ SGD converted).

Some of the artist includes Denpagumi Inc (3rd time in Jakarta!) and Eir Aoi (the ones i most interests in lol). Here are some pictures of Denpagumi inc when they are performing in Dahsyat (local TV shows in indo)

Denpagumi.Inc In Jakarta

For Denpagumi inc’s performance, i managed to get in the 2nd/3rd row left for the day session, AND 1st row for the night session and it was awesome xD For Aoi Eir, i managed to get into 2nd/3rd row (quite near the stage) for both sessions. Well. the only problem is that the opening acts/bands/performers took so long sometimes lol. But for 25k rupiah, there is no reason to complain at all hahaha.

Overall the J Music Lab event is a blast. Hopefully they will come up with such events again next year! 😀 Here are some pictures/memories from the remaining days of J Music Lab

Final Words

So yeah, that is basically the summary of 2013 for me…There are also other events that i did not mention yet, mainly JKT48 ones, which includes both JKT48 Concert in Jakarta, the handshake events, and even Pajama Drive Revival Show and Team K3 Tribute Shows). But if i cover all of the local JKT48 events this posts would be damn too much lol.

One summary i can do though, is the count of my JKT48 theatres. I went on to count my theatre ticket stubs (starting from May 2012) and this is the result :
Pajama Drive = 79 (Gen 1 + 2 + Revival Show)
Renai Kinshi Jorei = 68 (Team J + Team K3 Tribute Shows)
Boku No Taiyou = 35
Total = 182x.

So yeah. I definitely can’t cover all of them LOL. I might as well end this post right here, because if i started to discuss JKT48 then it would be too long xD So yeah…

Happy New Year 2014 everyone~


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