Best Idol Single in 2013 (non 48 ver)

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Looking back at 2013, i have decided to make a list of (*cough cough* biasedopinions) “The best Idol singles in 2013”, *non 48 group version*. These songs are the ones i listened mostly throughout the year 2013. You may never heard them before (i am sure most of you do, though…), so it’s time to check them out 😀

1. Dorothy Little Happy + BiS – Get you

This tops the list of my favorite single of 2013…. I can have it on my playlist – looping forever- and i would never get tired of it, dunno why. The songs is just damn catchy i think. The colloboration of DLH + BiS is pretty damn cool too. On the coupling tracks they have the DLH version of “Nerve”, an original track by BiS long time ago. “Nerve” is such a good track (i loved the original BiS version of course) but i can’t help to notice that some other idol groups (such as Party Rockets, Jewel Kiss,etc) used the DLH version for their cover dance, instead of using the original BiS version…i guess it fits better for their image lol.

So yeah, Good single + awesome coupling songs. This tops of my list. 😀 The Music Video is quite funny also with them slapping each other wahaha. xD

DLH – BiS Get you Music Video

2. Denpagumi inc – W.W.D 2

“W.W.D Ⅱ” is the eighth major single of Denpagumi inc, and is the 2nd part (continuation) of their W.W.D single, which is released a year ago. The songs is very catchy compared to the first one, and the Music Video (which lasted around 7 minutes long) is pretty damn cool, there’s a little bit of storyline to it, and followed with a cameo by BiS at some parts of the video xD

The live performance for this song is pretty damn awesome too…they have performed in Jakarta 3 times (2 of them is just after the single release), and they never performed this song at all during their visit ! Soooo…i am thankful enough that i managed to see the live version AT LEAST ONCE!….during the “@Jam live volume 4 @ Shibuya AX” in Japan, last October 😀

There is almost no footage in youtube/streaming sites for the Live version, which makes me wonder how they are gonna perform back then…but all i can tell you…it’s awesome :p

Oh…There is also a coupling song for the single, “Not Bocchi… Natsu” which is damn awesome as well, you should check it out. Got some abit of “bikini” fanservice right there xD

Denpagumi inc. – W.W.D.2 Music Video

Denpagumi inc. – Not Bocchi….Natsu Music Video

3. Passpo Step & Go / Candy Room

2013 is a busy year for Passpo. They have released 5 singles this year, with the 3 of them is being released back to back, 1 month after the release of their previous single >_< First, "Sakura Komachi” is released on [2013.02.13]. Then around the summer time, it’s all started…

Step and Go / Candy Room” is released on [2013.05.22]…then followed by their next single “Truly” [2013.06.26], before another one, “Mousou no Hawaii“, which is released on [2013.07.31] lol. Last time i wondered how long they are going to keep this up, with “one-single-per-month” routine lol (please dont rape my wallet anymore) but luckily they took a 2 month break before releasing their last single in 2013, called “Growing Up” in [2013.10.16].

Now, about the Step and Go single. It’s a double b side tracks, with two tracks “Step & Go” and “Candy Room” (both has music video for it, which is awesome for passpo standard :D). I liked Step and Go much better, and the LIVE is much better (i’ve seen in TIF 2013 and its hella fun xD). Candy Room is catchy, but the song and Music Video has abit K-pop feels to it lol…can understand abit since some of the passpo fan (like annya for example) is a fan of Kpop.

I dont like the Step and Go Music Video though since it looks “cheap” with the stupid CG and all…. but hey…at least the music is good, and their live performances is awesome xD

Passpo – Step n Go Music Video

Passpo – Candy Room – Music Video (short ver)

4. Cheeky Parade – Mugendai Shoujo A

Ah. This list wont be a complete without a Chikipa singles. Mugendai Shoujo A is an awesome song, the music video may not do the justice, BUT!! their live performance is pretty damn awesome. If you do come to visit Japan, i recommend you to check out some of Cheeky Parade events/ Live, i am sure you will be blown away xD 😀

The only problem with this single, i can’t do my fav member name call (Yuriya) that often >_<

Cheeky Parade – Mugendai Shoujo A Music Video

5. Babymetal – Megitsune

And last not least…Babymetal – Megitsune. The Music Video is damn awesome with the kitsune mask and all, i think it is one of my favorite Babymetal MV (just after I iine, and IDZ) 😀 I had hard time to decide between this and IDZ (Ijime Dame Zettai) but i choose this one because of the MV that keeps me hooked. 😛 haha.

Baby Metal – Megitsune Music Video

So yeah, that’s my biased opinion for this year top idol singles. 😛 Some other favorites/ honorable mentions is – BiS “DIE“, Idol College “YOZORA/Shoujo Sotsugyou” single, and Palet “Believe in Yourself” single. haha. So yeah, those are my favorites, what about yours? 😀 Happy new Year 2014


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