2014 March Trip – Day 10 & 11

Posted: March 22, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally back from my guesthouse after my Fukuoka and Nagoya trip…so i shall cramp 2 days into this one post lol…Trying to catch up here~ 😀

21 March 2014

In the morning took shinkansen to fukuoka. I took one of the very first train to fukuoka because my passpo live starts at around 2pm, which means i have to reach fukuoka by 12-1pm :O It took 6 hours using shinkansen from Tokyo to reach Fukuoka (Hakata) and i have to tranfer at Shin Osaka station. Anyways, tried my best to enjoy the views in shinkansen…but i ended up falling asleep lol. Here are some pix i took from my windows seat before i sleep lol


After reaching Fukuoka….i must say, i got kinda lost >_< While looking for the location, i almost took the other way around. Since i reached Hakata at around 12:40 and on the ticket of my passpo live, it says "door opens at 13:30"...i had to be quick...kinda regret that i only spent little time to research about the location yesterday lol...at around 13:30, i still can't find the location (even after asking direction from the japanese)....soooo.....in the end i had to take a TAXI to go to the location !! -_- It cost 550 yen to reach the location, and luckiky the taxi fares metres didnt jump one bit until i reached the place lol...first time taking a cab in fukuoka :O Anyways, the best thing is that i reach the place on time, even though that means i have to pay a 550 yen cab fees lol. I quickly purchased the Perfect Sky single combo which enables me to receive a 2shot coupon haha. After that, i went inside the venue and the live is just about to start! Perfect timing 2014_43

The place is kinda small….i think inside there’s lesser than 300 people….so yeah. The crowd is kinda little for a passpo flight, but then again its in fukuoka…i suppose not everyone wants to travel from Tokyo to Fukuoka just to see passpo lol (me excluded! haha :P). Here are the setlist from the 14:00 session

Passpo Live @ Drum Be-1 Fukuoka 14:00 show.

00. Ignition (Opening)

01. Baby Jump
02. Beast in You
03. Candy Room
04. Sakura Komachi
05. Pretty lie (!!!! :o)
06. Growing Up

07. Shang Shang Chandelier (Miomio, Annya, Aipon, Sakoti, Makoto)
08. Kibun Ha Saikou Saikou ! (Morishi, Naomi, Yukki, Nachu)
09. Wanted


10. Fake
11. Mask
12. Onegai
13. ?? (i think coupling song from new single)
14. Truly


15. Natsuzora Hanabi
16. ?? (coupling song?)
17. Step and Go
18. Material Girl
19. “I”

-Encore Call- ‘Pass-su-po’

20. Pock Star
21. Kucha Love
22. Dear My Friend

Yeah that’s the list which i can remember. The list might be wrong slightly lol, and there’s 2 songs i dont know the name/ never heard before, its either coupling song from the new single or the previous single (i havent listened the coupling songs from the last previous 2 singles lol).

The live is damn awesome, I finally got to see my favorite songs in their JEJEJET album, especially “Mask” and “Kucha Love”. I’ve got to wait until encore for the latter, i thought they would never sing it xD And also,when they suddenly sing PRETTY LIE i was like….whoa…!!! They sing such a very old song!!! Mind you i havent heard that song in passpo live in almost 2 years…i think the last time ive heard it is in 2012 lol…So yeah….i am damn happy and did the chant perfectly….(Annya!!! Sako Yukkki!!!)

Anyways, there is 2 session for the live, day and night but i only went for the day (14:00) session as i have appointment with friend at night. And the night show is not a “one man live” anyways, since the night one is more like a “joint” concert with LinQ so i didnt purchase the ticket.

After the live, waited my turn for the 2shot session, and i went on to 2shot with MioMio, as i have already 2shot with Annya before (last year)…yeah time for a change lol.


Went back to Hakata station after the live and i headed back to Nagoya to meet my friend there (took around 4 hours). In the end i didnt manage to explore fukuoka more and i also never visited the HKT48 theatre because the lack of time, but i will definitely go back to Fukuoka again soon lol…maybe around 25th to 27th march if i’ve got nothing to do hahaha.

At night i met up with my friends then stayed over at my friends apartement in Nagoya lol. Then i took a rest until the next day

22 March 2014

Woke up and me and my friend decided to take breakfast in the coffee shop nearby his place.


My friend also stayed near a J-league football stadium, i think is the home of “Nagoya Grampus” football club lol.


The rest of the day…i think i have to shortened this part a little bit, as i am writing this at around 3am in the morning and i need to sleep. Lol.

So basically today i went for the Kamen Rider Girls Mini Live event in LaQua garden stage…lol…this place again :v 😛


I am not really interested with this group but since my friend wants to see it, i had to accompany him, being today is his birthday and all lol.

Afterwards went back to akiba again for another event night, “Mizukin birthday event” at @Home Cafe akihabara. Yeah, its my friend’s favorite maid birthday event. Since he paid for me, i decided to go along anyways.

In the event, Mizukin sing about 4-5 songs if i remember correctly, with backup dancer performers by the other maids lol. She also sing a cover of “god knows” and the fans in the front row did WOTAGEI (LOL) with orange lightstick, it was quite awesome xD And did crazy chants as well hahahaha. And their wotagei during the last song is quite awesome too (forgot the song name but its pretty much @Home cafe “theme” song…i think is happy morning or something).

Mizukin did cried a little after seeing so much people who attended her birthday event (i think around 130 people crammed in a simple room at Level 6 of @home cafe in akihabara lol). Then the event finishes at 10pm…wow…haha…when we go out Akihabara, it is basically a “dead town” with all the shops already closed and stuffs lol…so we went back to the hostel.

So yeah…that’s about it for the last 2 days…and for this i even shortened my writings because i have to go sleep (its more than 3am now and i have to wake up tomorrow for another live).

Yeah. Tomorrow i will travel again with Shinkansen to Morioka areas. To see the Dorothy Little Happy live. Lol!!!

More updates to come tomorrow…Goodinights~!

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