2014 March Trip – Day 12

Posted: March 23, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

23th March 2014

Woke up quite early today for my next destination : Dorothy Little Happy live in Morioka (Iwate prefecture) lol.


Transportation from Tokyo to Morioka took about 3 hours at least. Departed around 11am from Tokyo with Shinkansen. Again, i fell asleep on the train lol. Only wake up when i reached Fukushima, then i managed to take some pix along Sendai, and then Morioka.


When i arrived there, it is colder than in Tokyo for some reason lol. I also see some leftover snow on te streets/lake from the days before, so i guess it snowed here before. Dropped by familymart to buy snacks, before i went on to proceed to the Live venue, called “Club Wave”


From the tickets, i see there are only about 250 people, and the venue is pretty damn small…it is smaller than the Passpo one in fukuoka lol. But the crowd size is just perfect for me – not so many people- and not so little either. Dorothy Little Happy fans are quite kind also, there’s one guy who helped me with the queue, and guided me through the queue process haha 😀 He ask me where do i come from, so i say Indonesia, he looks quite surprised lol.

Anyways, here is the concert setlist…some songs might be missing cuz i dont know the titles…im a sucker for tracks that is from the coupling singles, because usually i dont have the rip (lol), so i have to guess what songs are those…but some of them isnt bad! I realized most of DLH good songs are the coupling tracks lol.

Dorothy Little Happy – Live in Morioka 23/03/2014

01. Story
02. Dorothy No Sekai Isshuu Natsumonogatari


03. Cold Blue
04. ??
05. My Darling
06. Starting over
07. Set Yourself Free (from colourful life coupling)
08. Ashita wa Hareru Yo
09. Life goes on

MC -change outfit-

10. Colourful Life
11. Aoi Sora
12. ??
13. ??


*The best part starts from here lol!!! Awesome songs :D*

14. Happy Days
15. Nerve
16. Mirai E no Niji
17. Koi wa Hashiridashita
18. 2 the sky
19. Clap Clap Clap
20. Eien Ni Nare


21. ??
22. Jump (from demo sayonara 2012)

For the whole live i only focused on 2 members and that is Mimori and Koumi. Koumi is so pretty today lol, especially with the white outfit. While Mimori is just too cute >_< Their dance routine is very cool, some songs are pretty slow paced, but they still dance with full of energy. My favorite part is definitely from "Happy Days" onwards...followd by "Nerve" (HELL YEAH), "Mirai E no Niji" and...finally..."Koi wa Hashiridashita" 😀 My favorite track from the Starting over album...god knows how many times i played that track ever since i listened to it the first time lol..was quite high when they finally performed that song LOL 😀 Some other songs like "Cold Blue" and "2 the Sky" has awesome dance routines also, i liked it. And they also sing "My Darling" (woo, my fav track from their previous album). Just too bad there is no "Akiramenaide" or "Demo Sayonara"...but oh well...this setlist is good enough ^^ 😀 After the live, took another 3 hour shinkansen ride to Tokyo, and went to rest lol. Yeah so the whole day i only spent on Shinkansen, and the concert....pretty similar to my Passpo in Fukuoka one, the only different that this time i went back to Tokyo haha. Tomorrow there is more event, Passpo Mini Live in Ikebukuro, then Music Japan screening in NHK hall, thats why i decided to go back Tokyo early to rest lol. Ok that's all today for me. Time to sleep. Good nights~~~

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