2014 March Trip – Day 13

Posted: March 24, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

24 March 2014
My 13th day in japan…can’t believe its almost 2 weeks already ! Time sure flies by so fast in japan….this is my last week here, next week i will be going back already lol.

Anyways, wake up quite late today, and there are 2 events i am going today, Passpo Mini Live at Ikebukuro, and the Music Japan screening at NHK studio. Before that, i went to Nakano Trio first…i found Negishi ai 2nd hand photobook with autograph….at only 2100 yen only!!! :O I swear i saw this one last week at 3150 yen…so the price dropped 1000 yen in one week lol!! 2100 yen with autograph is damn cheap to me, considering the pb is selling for 2800 yen for a new one in many bookstores lol 😀

Here is some preview from the photobook…damn c0cktease!!!! >_< 2014_51

Passpo Mini live @ Sunshine City @ 17:00

At around 4pm i went to Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City for the passpo mini live. They went on to perform 4 songs there. “Shoujo Hikou”, “Sakura Komachi”, “Material Girl”, and “Perfect Sky”.

For “Perfect Sky”, they performing the “band version” which means they playing their own instrument there lol. I think Annya is the coolest when she playing the drums lol…Mio2 holding the guitar so funny hahaha.

Also, i didnt know that you can actually take pictures during the Band live performance. I saw many people taking pix, turns out they announced that you can take pix during that part lol. Shame i didnt bring my DSLR!!! 🙁


There is a group photo session after the live for those who buy 3 cds of the new single, but i didnt have time since i need to rush for Music Japan :/ So i rushed to Harajuku > Then walk towards NHK hall there to queue for the Music Japan live. Luckily i managed to reach on time….but i got seats on the 3rd floor though….pretty high upstairs lol.


Music Japan 24/03/2014

There are many performers today, including Nogizaka 46, Morning Musume 14, Nana Mizuki, Rev.From DVL, Perfume Golden Bomber, May J, and etc etc i couldnt remember the rest lol. 😀

MM14 sings total 4 or 5 songs i forgot, they did a medley…so yeah they gets the most air time today. Nogizaka 46 and Rev From DVL only gets to perform one song each. Perfume and Nana Mizuki performs 2 songs each, while Golden Bomber performs the last song for the event.

Funny part though when the MC announcing “Rev from DVL”, the audience doesn’t seems to know who they are. But when the mc added “Kanna Hashimoto” then the audience is like “ooooooh” LOL!!! Yeah, Kanna is single handedly carry the group on her back lol. They should’ve renamed the group name to Kanna and the backup dancers hahaha. And during the recording, Kanna gets the most “close up” shoots too, so yeah that’s not obvious at all isnt it lol.

Anyways, Rev from DVL went on to sing their “upcoming major debut single” called “Love Arigatou”, and Nogizaka gets to perform “Kizuitara Kataomoi”.

The performers who gets the most/loudest cheers today is Nana Mizuki, Perfume, Golden Bomber, Nogizaka 46, and some boyband i dont know the name haha. During the last part of Golden Bomber performance, they went down the stage towards the audience seats, which prompted the loudest cheers today… looool….so near the audience~~

The music japan live ended at 21:00 sharp, then afterwards i just went for a quick dinner at Yoshinoya before going back to my guest house.

tomorrow…im not sure what i should do tomorrow actually, im getting very tired lately of travelling/idolling everyday. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow lol. Nights~

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