Hotel Review – New Koyo (Minami-Senju)

Posted: January 22, 2011 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Hotel Name: Hotel New Koyo
Area : 6 Mins Walk from Minami Senju Subway Station
Price / Night : 2500-2700 yen per nite, Shared Bathroom


So here it is…the infamous New Koyo hotel…a famous place for backpackers due to its very cheap price..for around 2500-2700 yen per nite only, you got yourself a private room in Tokyo!! That is very cheap ! 😀 One thing you have to note though….the 2500 yen room is on the 1st floor…and it is kinda noisy cuz alot ppl walking around…so the hotel staff recommends me to get the western style room upstairs which is 2700 yen…it is still cheap for me, so i thought why not? And yes…the hotel staff can speak good english, so you dont have to worry lol 😛

Anyways…my first impression of the hotel is that the hotel is abit old…there is no lift…i have to carry my heavy baggage upstairs myself…lol….lucky my room is on the 2nd floor only. Also, In terms of cleanness i would rate my room at around… 6 out of 10 ?…the room still comfy enough though for me. The problem is the toilet, which i feel is a bit dirty and old…lol…and got funny smell one. But again…it is cheap…so i cannot really complain.

And i just tried the shower…it is hot water and cold water…and it is clean also. Got Shampoo and Shower foam so you dont have to buy lol…but you do need to bring your own towel. Although the Shower is quite funny…you must hold the button to keep the water flowing…so most of the time you can only shower with one hand, with the other hand holding the button…lol…but ok lah…free shower…for the first time in 2 weeks i took shower more than 5 mins XD 😀

Location wise it is around 6 mins walk from Minami Senju metro station, and there is a 7 eleven nearby (around 2 mins walk only). Internet is also free here, and it is quite fast also.

Pro and Cons (VS Maruchu Hotel)

I am trying to compare this hotel and Maruchu hotel…here ya go…

– Free shower
– Free cold/hot water to drink (Maruchu only free hot water)
– Cheaper by 700-800 yen per nite (can be very important if you staying long term in tokyo)
– No curfew, can go back home any time you want
– Staff can speak english
– Fast Internet (WiFi)

– Hotel abit dirty…not as clean as Maruchu
– Toilet also abit dirty.
– No Lift
– Inside room no fridge
– No Balcony compared to Maruchu
– Free Shower, but must bring your own towel, or pay 200 yen

Also things to note…
– Hotel Maruchu gives you a free toothbrush/paste, free towels, tissue and even an alarm clock
(which new koyo never provide lol). Maruchu’s room also more spacious…. New Koyo…inside the room is only TV…and the bed. There is a locker to store your stuffs, a small trash can, some clothes hanger, and a sandal… That’s about it lol.

Pros : Fast Internet !

Cons : Dirty Toilet

If you want clean hotel…i suppose you pay abit more for Maruchu hotel. You wont be dissapointed. If you wanna go budget…go for this one. At this this hotel no curfew, and the staff can speak good english.

My Rating:
Room – 6 out of 10 from me.
Toilet – 3 out of 10 from me. (really need to clean it up)
Shower – 6 out of 10 from me. (it’s free cannot really complain)
Staff/Services – 6 out fo 10 from me (very friendly, but after check in they wont bother you much either)
Price – 9 ouf of 10 from me. (2500-2700 yen per nite is still unbeatable to have your own private room).
Location – 6 out of 10. (around 6 min walk from the train station)

Overall Rating from me : 6.5 out of 10. Good place to crash if you are in a budget.

Pictures of the hotels

Inside My Room (the 2700 yen, western type one)

Different Angle of the room

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby #2

Hotel Counter

New Koyo Hotel

The Shower Room

Youtube video footage of my room:

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