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Posted: December 31, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So here we ago again, another yearly post full of idolling’s journey. This year nothing much compared the last 2 years, but of course there’s still plenty of experience anyway :P. Just in case you didnt know, every year i always do this long-ass post of summary of idolling journey lol…if you missed my previous year post, you can see below haha 😀

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January 2014 to March 2014

Nothing much for me from January 2014 to March 2014, except some local idolling events, such as JKT48 theatre, lives, and stuffs. Some notable events like “JKT48 @ Dahsyat Awards 2014”, “JKT48 Festive Concert/3rd Gen (28th Jan 2014)” and “JKT48 Performance during Waku Waku Event” which happened in both January 2014 and February 2014. I went to take pictures coverages of all those events too ^^

March 2014 – 19 Days trip to Japan

Mid of March, i went to Japan for around 20 days (19 nights). I purposely went to Japan in March because i wanted to celebrate my birthday there haha. ^^ 😀

Some event Highlights during my 19 days In Japan trip.

12th March 2014 – 9Nine “With You / With Me” Release event @ Laqua Tokyo Dome City
13th March 2014 – AV event with Tachibana Harumi
14th March 2014 – Mini Live Idol event @ Shibuya (AeLL, Lyrical School, etc)
15th March 2014 – Palet (Passpo Sister Group) Mini Live @ Tower Records

16th March 2014 – “AeLL Mini Live @ Asobit City
17th March 2014 – Palet “Noodol Cafe” Event
18th March 2014 – Maid Cafe @ Home Cafe
19th March 2014 – Group Shot with @Home Maid 1 day before my birthday

20th March 2014 – Babyraids Rio Watanabe Birthday Event (my Birthday too lol)
21th March 2014 – PASSPO Live in Fukuoka! 😀
22th March 2014 – Kamen Rider Girls Event @ Laqua City Tokyo Dome
23th March 2014 – Dorothy Little Happy Live at Morioka :O

24th March 2014 – Passpo “Perfect Sky” Event at Sunshine City and Music Japan Live @ NHK Hall
25th March 2014 – Fairies Event @ Sunshine City
26th March 2014 – Passpo 2Shot Event with Aipon @ Shibuya
27th March 2014 – “Mira Tamani” AV Event

28th March 2014 – Idol Mini Live – Tsuribit and Lyrical School at Shibuya
29th March 2014 – Ai Shinozaki Photoshoot @ Akihabara + Idol Koushien Live @ Studio Coast (Idol College, Palet, Passpo, Cheeky Parade, etc)
30th March 2014 – Fairies Mini Live @ Laqua City + Palet 2shot event At Ikebukuro
– Japan Trip End

Jap trip Summary:

I think the highlights of my Japan Trip this time…is that i went ALL the way to Fukuoka just to see Passpo and then to Morioka just to see Dorothy Little Happy lol…and i also managed to take 2shot with many idols such as “Ai Shinozaki”, Passpo Captain “Negishi Ai” and Passpo member “Mio Masui”. I also managed to take 2shot with some palet members such as “Miki, Sakimo, and also Riona + Miyuki” haha. Also, i celebrated my Birthday at @Home Cafe in Akihabara…because it’s my birthday i can take a group shot with all the maids there for free lol…not bad ah ? 😀

Overall, it’s a pretty damn awesome trip ^^

April 2014 – July 2014

Between April 2014 to July 2014, there’s nothing but local idolling events i guess…More JKT48 events, and also Lumina Scarlet events. During these periods, i managed to see 2 Lumina Scarlet event, once during April 2014 @ Lippo Cikarang, and then another one at the yearly “Ennichisai” festival in May 2014 ^^ 😀

JKT48 and Lumina Scarlet During Sakura Festival at Cikarang, April 2014
JKT48 and Lumina Scarlet During Ennichisai Festival at Blok M

Also, during 2014 JKT48 held 2shot events in their Theatre. Here are some of my favorite 2shot pics with our local idols hahaha

JKT48 2Shots – My Faves

July 2014 – August 2014 – TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014

Yeah, summer time in Japan = Tokyo Idol Festival time for me haha. Went for TIF2014 for the third consecutive year in a row lol.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2014

Over there i also managed to take a group picture with Rev From DVL. a.k.a Kanna Hashimoto and friends haha. Anyways, it would be too long to list all my TIF2014 experience and stuffs, so just refer back to my old post for that haha 😀 My favorite Performance during TIF2014 is Dorothy Little Happy at Smile Garden / Hot Stage though ^^ 😛

TIF2014 Summary:
Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Day 2 Summary
Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Day 1 Summary
Best TIF 2014 Moments and

Quick Selfie at the Smile Garden Stage after Passpo Performance

Bonus Pic – Me Holding JKT48
OFC Card LOL!! /Random

August – October 2014

There’s nothing Much between August 2014 to October 2014 actually. There’s Anime Festival Indonesia 2014 in August, but i didnt really enjoy it that much for some reason…i guess mainly because there’s no idol involved in it haha 😛

In September, there’s the “Indonesia International Motorshow 2014” too, where JKT48 performed there. I know right, it’s a carshow, but why there’s an idol performance there? Beats me 😀

JKT48 at Indonesia Internation Motorshow in September 2014

In October 2014 there’s a JKT48 Gingham Check Handshake Event. I didn’t really buy that many handshake tickets recently, so i didnt really want to cover my whole experience during my handshake event…but i got sponfed by Naomi during the event at one of the chocolate fountain booth there LOL. 😀

JKT48 Gingham Check Handshake Event in October 2014

November 2014 – JMusic Lab 2014

November 2014 is actually one of my favorite month…because Dorothy Little Happy is coming to Indonesia!! :O 😀 😀 Yay!! The Live @ Jmusic lab only cost 25k rupiah (which is around 3$ only Lol). I even went to the airport to welcome them that time…and i’m the only one there lol.

Dorothy Little Happy performed total 9 songs at the JMusic Lab, followed by a Handshake session for those who buy their latest album starting over….for just 100k rupiah (around 10$) you get the album, an autographed poster, as well handshake with all of the member…pretty good deal eh? 😀

Dorothy Little Happy @ JMusic Lab 2014

There’s also other performers in JMusic Lab such as “Aoi Eir”, “AmiAya”, “Cynthia”, “Taro@Jiro” and event some local idol “Fleurs Melon” but didn’t really pay much attention to them…lol.

Other Performers @ JMusic Lab 2014

30th November 2014 – JXperience @ Summarecon Bekasi

At the end of November, there’s also this event at Summarecon Bekasi called Jexperience. This unique event has some local idols performing there – most of them are still “underground” / not famous yet though. Lumina Scarlet is one of the performers there 😀 Other performers including “Wish”, “Love Tune”, “Kirari” and “Sky Girl Project”.

(Indonesia sure has alot of new/up-coming idol groups these days huh?)

JExperience @ Summerecon Bekasi

December 2014

In Early December, there’s the JKT48 Kokoro no Placard Handshake Event. As usual, i didnt really handshake that much in these handshake events these days. Mostly usually just to meet friends and take photos only lol.

JKT48 Kokoro no Placard Handshake Event

During X-Mas Day on 25th December 2014 there’s also a local idol event (lol), called “Idol Fiesta” at Plaza Blok M. Some of there performers there including Lumina Scarlet (yay), Lone Tune, and Heart Ribbon.

25th Dec X-Mas Idol Event – Idol Fiesta @ Plaza BLok M

JKT48 3rd Anniv Concert – 27-28th Dec 2014

The last idolling event of the year for me would be the JKT48 3rd Anniversary Concert on the 27th-28th Dec 2014 at Tenis Indoor Senayan. The 2 days concert is pretty good- imo i think its the best JKT48 Live to date. I also managed to catch a ball by Naomi there lol…but when i check the ball, it’s signed by Chikarina and not Naomi’s one LOL…oh well 😛

JKT48 3rd Anniversary Live

Final Words

So yeah, that is basically the summary of 2014 for me. I think this year i have really reduced my JKT48 theatre visits to just once/twice per month, which is really good for me that i can actually control my spendings like that lol…(last time i used to go theatre almost everyday).

I think my target next year would be the same again i guess…another Japan Trip, and hopefully another visit to Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 hahaha.

Ok i shall end this post here…

Happy New Year 2015 everyone~

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