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Hi there. It’s been a long time since my last blog update…and i’m back again just in time for the upcoming TIF 2015 post-whore xD

I’ve been busy this last few months with some local idolling events here in Jakarta. At first, i was planning to make an end-of-year 2014 trip last year to see Passpo’s Makochan graduation concert…almost booked the trip and stuffs, but in the end, i have to abandon the plan at the last minute since my parents came over to my place for the christmas period…duh…which is really sucks to me, cuz i can’t attend both Babyraids budokan concert (yeah im becoming a HUGE babyraids fan these days) and that particular Passpo SSA concert T_T πŸ™

Putting those events aside, i didnt plan for anymore japan trips after that during the first half of year 2015, because of the busy idolling schedule over here. In February we have a “JKT48x AKB48” concert. πŸ˜€


AKB48 at Jakarta Airport for AKB x JKT48 concert in February 2015

Then in May we have Ennichisai 2015 event (with Idol groups like “StarMarie”, “Pink Babies”, “Faint Star” and “Love android”). πŸ˜€ Pink Babies is awesome btw…and i’m no Pedo xD πŸ˜€


StarMarie @ Ennichisai 2015


Love Android @ Ennichisai 2015


Pink Babies @ Ennichisai 2015


2shot with Pink Babies and Love Android

In the first week of June 2015, we have 2 separate events on the same date (oh god…why cant they do it at different dates x_x). The event is called “Jseries” (the guest for the events are “Doll Elements” + “Mirei Kiritani” and some others). And the other event is called “Count Down Asia (Denpagumi Inc, Kamen Joshi, etc).

It’s kinda a bummer that the CDA (countdown asia) and J-Series had to clash with each other,meaning i missed the 1st day of CDA and missed the Kamen Joshi performance totally. Well, for Kamen Joshi, i’ve seen them at PARMs theatre last year so it’s not really a big loss (and me only liking one or two songs from them) but i missed the oppurtunity to take their pictures (me, being a photographer and all).

Anyways here’s some doll elements pictures for the J-series (got media pass from my friend for the event so i can take pictures)


Doll Elements @ JSeries 2015

At the same time Doll Elements performing at J-Series, Kamen Joshi is performing at CDA. It’s either one of the other, but i really don’t regret coming to J-series to see Doll Elements… because i have found one of my new favorite idol…Runa Kojima xD πŸ˜€ Here are some pictures of her


Doll Elements Runa-pon My Love ~

She is really cute….isn’t she??? I think I am really addicted to her, the next day there is this Doll Elements Meet and Greet event at “Ambassador Cafe” in jakarta and i didnt really need to think twice to attend the event lol…I am wearing a TIF2012 (old tshirt) and she kept looking at the tshirt. Before that i also managed to tell her also that i’m coming over to TIF2015 and i will definitely pay her a visit again there xD



Doll Elements Meet and Greet at Ambassador Cafe + 2shot with Runa Pon

The next day, i went to the 2nd day of CountDown Asia. Thank god this time the timing didnt clash with each other (Jseries is only 1 day, while CDA is a 2 days event). Dempa performed for like 40 odd minutes, and i just realized i haven’t really keep up to date with their songs, meaning i don’t really know most of the new songs they sing there, including the new single…Lol. I was hoping for “Kira Kira Tunes” also (the first dempa song i heard that got me addicted in TIF2012) but they didnt sing it…they did Denden passion though, which is great also.

Here are some pictures from the event…i didnt take much pictures for this as most of the time i kept my DSLR on my camerabag and just “enjoyed” the concert and do mixing and chanting like the usual Wotas…lol.


Denpagumi Inc @ Count Down Asia 2015

After all those events from early 2015 til mid 2015…finally i can focus on TIF2015. Yea, i admit im a bit last minute on this, to book the trip etc etc and all, because im a cheapo, i waited and waited and waited for a cheap airfares deal…and in the end i managed to book a budget flight from Airasia for the trip (it is a short 5 days trip from 30th July to 4th August 2015, just enough for TIF 2015 and some tourist shopping xD). Also, for TIF2015 i got the “foreigner” free pass that i apply through their website a few months ago…meaning the admission for both days for me is FREE. Not bad πŸ˜€


Other things/Rants:
– Im a bit dissapointed that 3 of the Dorothy Little Happy members (Ruuna, Koumi and my fav Mimori-chan) decided to go their separate ways and form a new subunit idol called Call-Me .. πŸ™ I listened to some Call me songs and i really can’t get into their styles (their FASHION and hair style) so i really doubt that i will be seeing their performances in TIF2015, which is a shame. I had great fun with DLH performance in 2014, if you see my top 5 TIF2014 performance post you’ll see the top number 1 spot is the DLH “Koi Wa Hashiridashita performance @ Smile Garden”….those are good times. I remember i ran all the way from the sound-tent area at the back to the front just to enjoy with the other DLH wotas…ah…the memories x_X πŸ™ Too bad it won’t happen again in 2015. πŸ™ Demo, Sayonara~

Groups to look forward for in TIF2015:
– Passpo
– Babyraids
– Palet
– 9nine
– Predia (yea i got addicted to them also lately xD)
– Doll Elements
– Idol College
– Starmarie
– JK21
– Denpagumi inc
– Lovely Doll
– Moso-Calibration

Groups i “wish” to be in the TIF2015 performer list:
– Cheeky Parade
– Rev from DVL

*end of post *
(for now xD)

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