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Posted: June 24, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Recently i’ve been thinking about my fave idols that i like, and realized that most of my fave has “coloured” hair – be it “Brown” or “Blonde” coloured hair, instead of normal black hair like most japanese girls does. Well dunno what makes an japanese/asian girl with coloured-hair so special to me (beats me, i also dunno why…and i keep asking the same question myself)….. but it just happens that most of my “Oshis” has coloroud hair… LOL!! πŸ˜€

Let’s start of with my 48 oshi. Back then in 2010 when i’m still into AKB48, my oshi was Tomomi Itano – aka tomochin πŸ˜›

01. Tomomi Itano of (ex) AKB48

I like her the first time i saw AKB48’s Namida Surprise video…she is really pretty there and really stands out from the other gals (well at least for me anyway)

Not to mention, my favorite SDN48 member – “Mami Kato” (aka Mami-Tan) also has a brown coloured hair lol…. and apparently this continues to my JKT48 fandom. My fave member there is “Shinta Naomi” and she also has a brown coloured hair Haha


02. Mami Kato (Mami-Tan) of SDN48


Shinta Naomi of JKT48

Then let’s move on to my non-48 related idols. I started liking Passpo since they launched their first single “Shoujo Hikou” and the members that really caught my eye back then was “Anna Tamai” (also known as Annya or Annyan”) and she has a brown coloured hair too.

03. Anna Tamai “Annya” of Passpo

Well i have other favorite members in Passpo, such as Aipon (Negishi Ai) and MioMio, but Annya still my faves till now. Haha. πŸ˜€

Then my favorite denpagumi .inc member also has a blonde hair…she is “Moga Tanpe” (welll, do you start seeing the same pattern here? xD)

04. Moga Tan of Denpagumi Inc

Continuing to Idol Street….my fave member from GEM is “Maho Iyama” , and she also has a brown coloured hair….

Maho Iyama of Idol Street’s GEM

Then of course lastly – “Runa Kojima” of Doll Elements…she has a blonde coloured hair. And i just found out about her last month. Lol.

06. Runa Kojima of Doll Elements

Recently i’m into Predia also, and my fave member also has a brown-coloured hair xD πŸ™‚

Yuu Maeda of Predia

There are some expection of course. My favorite Palet member “Sakimo” has a normal black hair. Also Mimori from Dorothy Little Happy also has a black coloured hair also. But the most strangest one imo –is that, i liked Yuria of Cheeky Parade better than Mariya !! Well, if you know chikipa, Yuriya has black hair while her little sister Mariya has blonde. Haha. I guess i like Yuriya better when she performs, while Mariya looks…well…cuter in person. xD


“Takeda Saki” of Palet


“Mimori Tominaga” of Dorothy Little Happy


Yuriya (left) and Mariya (right) of Cheeky Parade. I like Yuriya better !!

So what’s the meaning of this article? Well, apart from telling you my fave idol’s hair color……..nothing really. LOL. It’s just some ramblings i wrote when im bored lol. πŸ˜›

Oh, on another note, i am really looking forward for Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 ! I will be posting more about TIF2015 soon, so stay tuned for it lol~

Peace out.

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