Could TIF2015 be the “Best” TIF ever???

Posted: June 29, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Well well well, TIF2015 just updated their performer list again recently (and i’m abit late on this, since last weekend i was outside so didnt really check the news and stuffs lol) .. and i’m REALLY GLAD they’ve added Idol Street groups to the line up this year !! Cheeky Parade, GEM , and super Girls (although i only cared for the first two, lol)…man oh man !!! πŸ˜€


Cheeky Parade for TIF2015 !! πŸ˜€

What’s best, this year we also have another event called “Idol Nation” (A-Nation x TIF) which happens on 3rd August 2015, JUST ONE DAY after the TIF2015 itself. πŸ˜€


Idol Nation 2015

Even though the Idol Nation is a “separate” event, but for us foreigners / Gaijin who flew all the way to Japan to see idols, this is another “Bonus/Extra” treat for another nonstop idolling activities, which is really awesome. πŸ˜€

The line up so far is pretty promising too~ For more updates about Idol Nation and the performer list, you can check their website at I think the ticket for the event is around 3500 yen plus 500 yen entrance fee (usually drink fee), which is quite reasonable.

So, following my title for this blog post… what makes this year TIF could be the BEST TIF ever?? Well, here are some reasons:

1. The Performer list this year is damn awesome

TIF2012 has E-girls and SKE48 (it’s been HKT48 all the way ever since TIF2013 for 48 groups representatives lol), and has the most different stages compared to all of the TIF so far. They even have midnight idol shows for the first day, and early morning shows for the 2nd day…If i had to choose the “best” TIF between 2012 to 2014, i think TIF2012 is the best so far.


SKE48 and E-Girls in TIF2012 !!

TIF2013 has Super girls and 9nine. While both missing from TIF2014, they’ve been replaced by Denpagumi Inc and Rev.From DVL (dempa didnt appears in TIF2013, and Rev.from DVL is the newest “hot and uprising” idol groups ever since Kanna Hashimoto became famous lol).

But for TIF2015, we have all the groups back from TIF2013 and TIF2014 (dempa, 9nine, cheeky parade, GEM, etc) and the only thing missing is Rev From DVL. Well, im not really into REV.from DVL but there are one or two songs i like from them, so i really dont mind to see them again lol. πŸ˜€

So yeah, by seeing the performer list alone, i think TIF2015 “could” be the “best” TIF so far!! I know it will be hard to tops the TIF2012 for sure, but i’ll just have to be positive…for now lol.

2. Idol Nation Event just one day after TIF

Like i said before, it’s really nice to see another idol event just one day after TIF2015. I wonder why they never extended TIF for more than 2 days, but having this kind of separate event is kinda cool as well. ^^

3. This year TIF is free for foreigners !! REJOICE!

Ever since TIF2012, i’ve been seeing more and more foreign idol fans visiting the TIF every year, which is awesome. There are familiar faces i’ve seen every year, and this year, i think there will be even more (both old and new), since the TIF organizer are so kind to give foreigners a “free 2 day pass” — if you apply beforehand (the deadline is already passed though, so if you only found out about it, it’s a little too late ^^).

I’m really glad they have this kind of special treatment towards foreigners because i still remember how complicated it is when i visited TIF for the first time and i’m really having trouble getting the tickets before hand (even thought i know you still can buy them on the spot, i rather have them earlier just to be safe…).

Back then i had to ask my friend to get the early tickets for me, then i have to arrange meet ups to obtain the ticket and stuffs…haha…Well you don’t need to do this anymore because everything is FREE !! (once again, if you apply beforehand haha) .Who can’t say no to “free” stuff? Thanks again to the TIF organizer for doing this. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *Two thumbs up*

4. The Idolling! Effect?

Well, Idolling is disbanding in October this year, so i figure they want to go out with a “bang” with this one and go with the big one. To be honest, i’m not really a fan of Idolling! and i never really “see” them personally in TIF, even though basically they are one of the main performers for this event LOL. (Well apparts seeing their colloboration with other artist, or MC performance…)

Maybe i should see their performance this year when i have the time haha.


Idolling to Disband in October 2015

Well that’s some of my reason i can think about for now… I will write more about #TIF2015 soon, being a “TIF” fan boy that i am haha, so stay tuned for it ^^ πŸ˜€ ~~

I really hope they do a better design for the TIF2015 tshirt this year!! TIF2014 tshirt SUCK ASS.PERIOD. And yes, i have to mention that again !

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