TIF2015 Guide – Stages Guide for 1st timers~

Posted: July 7, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Sooooo TIF Website finally updated their website with this year’s TIF2015 venue map…well..nothing much difference from the previous years. Although this year i can see a new addition called “Heat Garage”…haha.

If you bought the TIF tickets, you’ll need to get your wristband near the FUJI TV area before you can enter some stages. If you’re a cheapo and don’t want to pay anything, well, you can still visit some free stages (such as SMILE GARDEN) and participate in the handshake events at the Greetings area, although you might need to buy additional goods before you can handshake with them (or 2shots). You’ll need to check each idol groups website/blog for more info about that. πŸ˜€

Anyways, here are short info about each stages in TIF.

Smile garden

Smile Garden is a free stage located outside the Fuji TV building, and it is one of the most famous stage in TIF, because…well. It’s Free. Haha. Anyone can access it, even those without wristbands, you can still go in front row all the way if you can squeeze through and camp there from early morning.

This is one of those outdoor stages, so the area will be very hot during day time. The crowd here also tends to build up in the afternoon when the sun about to set off, and it will be at its peakest during night time…usually the stage is soo packed during night time you won’t be able to squeeze through to the front areas. Also, most of the idol groups usually performs here at least once, including all those famous ones.

There is almost no rules for this stage, i’ve seen people moshing, crowd- surfing, holding lightstick as big as light saber, some huge balloons and stuff like that…usually they are restricted by rules, but due to the large ammount of people there, i suppose the staff can’t do anything anyway.

So be-warned if you want to get anywhere close to the front row during night time…just be ready for “fight” because you’re entering a WAR ZONE. I think this is the most “fierce” areas in TIF, especially during its peak hour….You might get pushed left to right or get knocked in the head with a lightstick (*cough*, from my own experience lol). Else, if you’re just casuals and want to see the idol groups casually – its best that you stay in the back haha.

Best period to go
Morning – Usually still lesser people and not so hot.
Afternoon to Night – Because it’s not so hot anymore

DOLL FACTORY + Enjuy Stadium

Both Doll Factory and Enjuy stadium is an indoor stage and its one of those few stages that has an aircon on it (Thank GOD!), but it is a paid stage. You’ll need wristband to gain access to these stages.

The stage is next to each other, and so does the entrance…when you are about to go in, be SURE to queue up at the correct lanes..since the queue is around the same areas, it’s easily to get confused. So do pay attention or ask the person if front of you if you are queuing to the right stage.

Crowds here usually varies and depends from the idol groups performing there. If there any famous idols going to perform here (lets say, Idolling!, Sakura Gakuin or Super Girls), then the queue will be super duper long, and i recommended you to go here around 1 hour earlier or more (no joke).

Since the place is indoor and has limited space, when the area is full, you might need to wait a while for the people inside to go out, before you can enter the stage. I missed seeing Babymetal in 2012 even though i came to the stage like 30 mins earlier ? and still missed it (well, only managed to see the last song lol).

Best period to go
Anytime – It is an indoor stage so you will avoid all the summer heat outside lol

Sky Stage

Ah. this is one of the most tricky stages in TIF. It is one of the best stage imo – because it is kinda unique. It’s located ROOFTOP and you can see some awesome views from above – especially during sunset ! πŸ˜€

But too bad, the access to this stage is quite trouble some, because there is only 2 god-damn lift to get up to the top level! If there any famous idols performing here, the queue will be super long, and mind you again – there is only 2 lifts going up and down, so you’ll need to be very patient lol.

And when you need to go back down from upstairs, you need to queue again !! It is best that you flee all the way before the idols finish performing (when they’re about to say good bye and stuffs – just run all the way to the lift!) to avoid any crowds waiting for the lift after the performance has ended.

I remember my first experience in TIF2012 Sky Stage got me stuck upstairs waiting for the lift, and i have mentioned this as well couple of times in my past TIF posting lol. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than WAITING FOR THE LIFT when you’re in a rush to see your next performance at different stages!

Overall though, it is a good stage, and if its your first time in TIF, be sure to drop this stage a visit haha.

Best period to go
Afternoon – During sunset…awesome stuffs.
Morning or night – Because…it’s not so hot? Haha.

Hot Stage (AKA the MAIN STAGE)

One thing you need to know about this stage. This is the MAIN STAGE of TIF. Meaning, most of the famous idol groups will have to perform here at least once. So yeah, other than Smile Garden, this will be the most crowded stages. And it is paid stages, so you’ll need wrist band access.

From TIF2013 to 2013, this stage is indoor, but last year in TIF2014, the stage is outdoor, so this year its probably the same again.

Also, from year 2012 to 2013, it is a free standing stage. But last year in TIF2014, the hot stage areas has “priorty seating areas” with chairs to sit down to with shelters on top to hide you from the sun. You also need to queue up and wait, because if all the seats has been filled up, you can’t go inside. You can still see from outside the priority seating areas if its full already, although, it is quite far lol.

I dont know how it will goes this year, but just be ready and do come early, around 2 hours before (no joke) if you want to get good views of the stages. Especially big groups like HKT48, the earlier you come, the better!

Best period to go
Anytime – Since all the famous idol groups will perform here sometime.

Festival Stage

This stage is sooo easy to spot – it’s that outdoor stage just near the huge gundam statue outside Zepp Diver City building lol. Usually only the lesser known idols performs here… Well, maybe that’s why it’s FREE? haha. Nothing much to say about this stage though…other than its near the giant gundam statue lol.

Also, Zepp Diver city is just in front of it (it’s a mall), so you can go to Zepp Diver if you want to go eat and stuffs.

There is also food court in Zepp Diver where you can REFILL your water for free (yes, free). Just go there to refill your water bottle to drink if you want to save up…i believe buying drinks every single time (around 200 yen for one bottle of coke or pepsi) can cost you a fortune during this summer time!!

Best period to go
Night Time – The gundam statue will lit up, it’s quite cool you know !! πŸ˜€

My Navi Stage

This outdoor stage is a new stage setup ever since 2014. From my last year experience, the idols that performs here also quite varies…from the lesser known ones, and the famous ones as well (last year dempa performs here also). The crowd also quite alot during it’s peak hour, so be warned !! I say this because the place is quite cramped…well…if you reach there you will see what i mean lol. Do come early if you want to get a good spot !

This is also one of the few “Free Stages” in TIF2015, so if you don’t have wristband access, you can have fun here lol.

Best period to go
Anytime – Depends which idol you want to see.

Grand Market and Greetings Area

This is the areas where all the “meet and greet” activities will take place. It’s just next to each other; “Grand Market” is place where you can buy your idol goods and stuffs, while “Greetings Area” is the area where you can handshake and 2shot with the idols.

Usually, you need to buy stuffs from the Grand Market area first, and you will get the event tickets. After you got it, then the activities will takes place at the Greetings Area. If possible, do buy your swags early to avoid them being sold out and stuffs.

Last year, the queue to access this area is quite long because there is security check point where the staff checks all your pockets and belongings. I believe this is because the recent akb48 slashing case, so they beefed up the security that much.

The queue can take some time during peak hours, so to avoid wasting time, do buy all your goods in one go! If you can’t made up your mind in buying the goods, you will have to keep coming back here again, queue again to get inside, and think about all the time you wasted…you can easily use those time to see some stage performances lol.

Becareful of this area, your wallet will BLEED Very quickly xD

Best period to go
Morning – Better go here early, buy all the goods you want, and get the event tickets for later. If you come here during peak hours, then the queue will be very long and you need to queue and wait to get inside.

That’s all from me for now…i will update again if there’s any info i need to add up here haha. Hope this guide helps~ and if you got any question , you can mention me on Twitter @infzer0 πŸ˜€

Peace out~

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