Counting Down to TIF2015 – Thoughts and Rants

Posted: July 18, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So, the full TIF schedule is out again, and its that time again to revise the TIF schedule. Haha. Just like what i always do every year. Lol. Yeah right. I think that was one of my favorite parts of going TIF. The exciment and the initial planning for the day itself is really fun ! Although that does not apply to some people lol :D) but that’s pretty much the case for me. Even though sometimes, the actual day itself doesnt seems to be the same as you imagined/originally planned…well..that’s always bound to happen anway

Sample of TIF2015 schedule – and the list goes on and on…
Click Here to see the full timetable.

TIF Line up Talks

So what’s new this year? Well i posted an article before how this year TIF could be the best one ever (well nothing can tops TIF2012 i suppose, and that, TIF2014 last year was a bit of a letdown) but boy, i hope they can prove me wrong this year. So what do we have ? The Line Up? Last minute additon of SKE48???

SKE48 – The last time they appeared in TIF is 3 years ago in 2012

Wow. Now we have 2x 48 groups in this year TIF (other than HKT48). To be honest im not expecting for another 48 group to appears in this year’s TIF. Actually just HKT48 would do the job just fine imo. But this addition of SKE48 to the line up definitely will spice things up, and make this year crowd a-whole-hella-lot more lol. Seriously i did not see that coming.Thankfully, both groups is set to perform in an early morning time slot, meaning all the pure 48 fans won’t have to camp all the way just see their idol groups performing here in TIF lol.

Its funny how they put SKE48 in Heat “Garage” stage while HKT48 gets the spotlight at the Hot Stage though !

As for other performers…its a damn shame there wasn’t Rev From DVL in this year line up. Not that im a big fan of them, but seeing famous group added to the TIF list is always good (especially for the neutrals). And with Idol Street groups returning (SuperGirls, Cheeky Parade, GEM, etc) to the line up, it’s already damn awesome anyway. πŸ˜€ and Hell Yeah 9nine is back!!!!!! Wooohooo!

Not to mention there some new additions (LadyBaby to perform at the MissID segment on day 2) which is quite interesting, although i might not be able to see it. By the way, as usual the Grand Market / Greetings Area schedule is not out yet, so until its out, you can’t really make a full plan of your schedule. Haha

Pre TIF complains and thoughs

My dissapointment is that probably this year Hot stage will be similiar to last year again, which is…??? another OUTDOOR STAGE. Mind you, last year Hot stage is damn too crowded and its damn hard to get inside in the afternoon, making it almost impossible to get in the priority seating areas during the peak hours (4pm+ onwards..). Yea probably you have to camp there all the way in the morning to be able to squeeze in front lol.

Last year Hot Stage – Under the blazing sun except for the priority seating areas

so what’s the priority seating area? The areas has wooden seats to sit down to (good if you’re camping from morning. at least you can still seat down and rest in between the performances). There also people selling drinks inside there, so you dont have to worry about thirst. The only problem is if you need to go to the rest room lol.

The important thing is that you need to get inside these priority seating areas if you want to get good views of the stage. Otherwise. You need to mix up with those people outside the seatings area, together with those freeloaders who didnt buy the tix. (yeah, the areas outside the priority seating areas still can be accesed by those who didnt buy the tickets / no wristband. but that was last year. I not sure about this year haha). Wanna see how bad it is outside the priorities seating area? Well, See the pic below lol

Hot Stage during Denpagumi Inc performance in TIF2014

Back in 2012 and 2013 the Hot Stage was indoor one (Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Diver) and back then there is no seating areas. All standing and you can squeeze through. There’s even 2nd floor for those who want to gets a bird’s eye of the stage. Even though the space is limited, but once you get in its all good…mainly because it’s all standing areas. You can easily squeeze in front, and hey, its indoor ! At least you dont need to stand under the hot sun all day !! But looks like TIF2015 will follow the exactly same setup as last year TIF2014 by using an outdoor stage. Hopefully im wrong though haha.

Yeah i know i shouldn’t be complaining about the weather / summer heat. but after 3 years in a row going TIF (this year will be my 4th) im starting to get used with the weather anyway. And me born from a country with tropical weather also helps. lol. If i am to avoid the sun then i probably would have gone to JAM EXPO instead of TIF. LOL! πŸ˜€

Another one of my concern is the TIF T-shirt. Please this year, make a better one!! If you see the TIF2014 tshirt yourself (and the tshirt quality/material) then you’ll know how bad it is!!! I like to collect TIF Official tshirt, because usually they will have a list of each groups performing at the back of the shirt (so cool right) but they stopped doing that in 2014…this year, i hope they’ll get it right lol.

And also,the greetings area / grand market. Last year just to get inside there it takes a while because there is a security check to check your belongings. Hopefully this year, they speed-up the process to reduce the queue time, because in TIF, TIME IS PRICELESS! Wish i had a teleport skill so that i can teleport in between stages #yeahright. πŸ˜€

Possible Plans and Schedule

Hey wait. I though you’re not suppose to plan for TIF schedules,at least, until the Greetings area schedule is out? Well i am bored.

Here is my possible schedules for both days of TIF2015. Although it might change at any time.

Still planning to see but clash on the schedule / undecided:
Moso-Calibration, Starmarie, Dorothy Little Happy (because of the recent break-up :/ )

Mind you, this still an initial planning. And still a RAW one at that, because going in between stages takes time, and also, stages like the hot stages/doll factory/enjoy studium/heat garage/sky stage, you might need to queue before you can get in, so that also needs to be put into consideration. Walking in between stages could takes up to 10 minutes if you rush (except if the stages near to each other) while the waiting time to go in between indoor stages may varies.

The only safe bet is probably those outdoor stages like Smile Garden, since its a huge area so you dont need to queue up and you still can see them from far away anyway. So do remember this. If you stuck in the queue, and be like…”F*ck it the queue too damn long i changed my mind” you can always go to these stages that is easily accessible without queues one. Smile garden will always be there anytime you’re lost/undecided lol. Seeing some random groups is better than seeing NO ONE / stuck in the queue anyways haha.

Also, this year i probably wont spend much time in the grand market/greetings area. That way i dont have to spend much money (lol) and can totally focus on the performances. But we shall see, haha. Only time will tell xD πŸ˜€

Btw seeing 48 groups is not really my first priority and seeing the schedule anyways, there are some groups i have to sacrifice in order to see them (like Palet, GEM, Babyraids, etc) so theres high chance that i wont see any 48 groups this year lol.

Additional Notes…

Take a good look at the schedule by the way, there is still one more performer/schedule yet to be announce for Day 2 Heat Garage early morning performance…Who could it be?? Only time will tell…lol

Extra Tips

Thanks to my friend Nubu (twitter id : @nubu515) he made an “english version” timetable of TIF2015 in excel spreadsheet format. It is very useful for those who didnt understand japanese πŸ˜€ >> Check it out!!!

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