5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 1

Posted: July 30, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Time to start my first post for this current Japan Trip ! Yeah, i only going for 5 days only (6 Days actually but didnt count the other day because going to the airport only) Anyways….

30th July 2015

For this trip i bumped into some friends in Malaysia first during transit and we got in the same plane for Narita haha. There’s 9 of us in total xD Anyways, Reached in Narita airport at around 08:45am.

Went to tokyo soon afterwards from narita airport, but there’s some problem with the train we took so we had to stop somewhere to change trains near the asakusa area…after some delays here and there, reached my hostel at around 14:30..yeah, quite long delays huh lol. After dropped my bag at the hostel, i waited my friends to get reaady before going to the first event of the trip – Idol Koushien

Reached there around 4pm and the first performance we saw is TPD Dash!. Because me and my friends are late, we missed, like, the first 6 performers of the day, which kinda sucked because i wanted to see Piiiiiiin, Baseball Girls, Puti Passpo and Tokyo Cheer 2 Party…but oh well. :/

TPD Dash…the performance was so so only. But there is this one member who can speak fluent english (the name is Sarika Kidd). We were hanging out near the buppan area when one of the members aprroached us, giving flyers and stuffs. Then this Sarika talks in english which made all of us surprised, before she went on to explain that her parents is actually from Australia. Lol. Funny girl.

Sarika Kidd thats her name xD

After that there’s some performance by Shooting Star Girls, which i wasnt really interested in. Then サンミニッツ (3 Minute) went to perform with 5 members, and it seems like Mayu (who became palet member recently) wasnt there, haha, which is too bad. She should’ve choose one group and just focus on it imo, instead of being in two idol groups at the same time, which is kinda weird to me. Oh yeah, they didnt sing my favorite song (Panorama world) which is another dissapointment !

Kikkawa Yuu performance isnt bad, but i guess i just cant get into some of her songs lol. BTW you can 2shot with Kikka if you preorder her new album or something for around 3000 yen…just info if you want to 2shot with her haha. Anways, after that, then the fun finally begin…starting from Idol College. They began the performance which their old skool song “Ichigo Parfait”, “Love Like” before went on to sing their latest single, as well my personal favorite “Yozora” which is awesome xD

After that Up Up Girls time to perform and the crowd goes wild. Yeah, Up Up girls is really awesome to watch, especially with their super energetic performance. They sang 2 of my favorite songs also (“Pump Up” and “Upper Cut” xD)

During Lyrical School i went outside to look around the buppan/meet and greet area, before going back inside again for PassCode…man Passcode performance is quite awesome. I didnt like some of the songs yet, but i think they’re ok to me. Their fans is kinda crazy as well xD 😀

And now..saved the best for last…time for “Hatchaketai” from PASSPO ☆. Last time i thought that its really weird for them to form sub-unit with some of the lesser famous passpo members (Natsumin, Naomi, etc), but really, Morishi is damn awesome on this and she really takes the group to another whole new level ahaha. The Hatchaketai wotas is like your usual Passpo wotas – which is really high during performance like their onto drugs or something- but also awesome at the same time lol. They begin the performance with their own version of “Shoujo Hikou”, and later on they also sang “Cosmic You”, the crowd-pleaser “Material Girl”, and also for the last song “Kibunwa Saiko” Which is really awesome and one of my fav tracks on the JEJEJET album. Haha

After that last performance, time for some meet and greet outside, but surprisingly i didnt spent any money today at Idol Koushien. I want to buy 3 Minutes single, but then decided to buy the single in TIF instead (well Mayu wasnt there anyway so no need to rush). I want to 2shot with Idol College but now you have to spent at least 3000 yen to 2shot with them !! Man, just imagine 2 years ago i only spent around 1000 yen to take pictures with Eru. Lol. Maybe in TIF then i will spend some money, because they’re not selling any singles, tshirts or any other swag today (Idol College), only photopacks, which is another bummer. So yeah, in the end i didnt buy anything at all lol.

After that, we left the venue at around 22:00 before going back to our hostel. Man, what a day. I checked in the hostel at around 23:00 PM (i didnt have the time to check in before hand , just dropped my bags there) before finally taking shower (first one i had in more than 24 hours lol) and had a decent meal at Yoshinoya xD

That’s all for now, time to get some rest, and til the next blog post~~

PS: I stayed at this hostel “1980 yen” hostel which is kinda like a capsule hotel. Will write review about it later also when i got the time

My “bed” at 1980 yen Hostel

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