5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 2

Posted: August 5, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

*late update*

Yeah. I know i should’ve updated my blog while im in japan, but there are few reasons.

1) Im too tired each day after events so abit lazy to write.
Sometimes, i thought of writing something, but then see number 2
2) The WIFI in my hostel is damn terrible. Which totally stops me from doing anything other than using my own 3G internet from my phone lol. 🙁

I managed to do the blog post for my first day outside my capsule in the common room area. Oh yea, i will do another review for that hostel later on. Anyways, lets begin the recap of my 2nd day in Japan

31st July 2015

So after the Idol Koushien the other day, i managed to get just enough rest after a super-duper-tiring just the day before. I mean, yesterday, after i landed i straight away went to the idolkoushien live until soooo late. Kinda crazy when i think about it, that’s why when i reach the hostel i didnt even think about doing anything else other than sleep lol. 😀

So for today, i decided to take it easy. At around 11am, i went to akihabara as usual to do my shopping (usually at the 2nd hand shop such as Book Off, Trio3, and Liberty shops). I did my usual of buying some 48 photopacks (to re-sell them back in jakarta later on lol) and also checking the 2nd hand tshirts at Trio3. Anddd to my surprise, i manage to find the Passpo Aipon “Tales of Negishi” tshirt that i’ve been looking for long time…yatta!!!

Aipon’s Tales of Negishi tshirt…been looking for this forever

Yeah Annya is my passpo oshi, but i like Aipon’s as well. (yeah im a DD, so what LOL). Besides, from all the other solo members tshirt that time, this design, is like the best.Definitely. Hahaha.

Also found some other tempting tshirts at Trio3 akiba to buy (such as Doll Element’s Runapon 2012 birthday tshirt at just 1000 yen…damnnn) and some passpo tshirts at 1680 yen but some i did not like the design. So in the end…save money. lol

Some other stuffs at Trio3

After doing some shopping, i actually went back to my hostel again to drop my shopping goods. Luckily, my hostel is only like 15 mins away from akiba (5 mins by train , then another 5 to 10 mins to walk there). Besides, back in my hostel i can cool off for a while haha). Went back to Akihabara shortly after all to meet my friend from Malaysia, before going to the next event together – “SexyJ”

SexyJ event @ Club Citta – 31st July 2015, 18:30 PM

Now. Before going to this event, i barely know any details about this event. All i know is that there’s alot of AV idols here (some av stars formed their own “sexy” idol groups such as Million Girl Z, Me-Me, K-uhn, etc). I think the event management also sucked, i mean, they barely updated any details, or even published any timetable for it, so i really dont know what’s gonna happen until i reach there lol. But before this i already expected that these AV stars probably can’t sing or dance anyway, so i’ll just relax and enjoy the show without expecting much haha.

SexyJ event at Club Citta in Kawasaki (near yokohama already)

Went in quite late (around 18:30), just about the event about to start cuz i waited for another friend from Singapore, and my ticket is with him haha. After i entered, some of the buppan/ goods sale already finished, so it seems that they started selling their goods and stuffs from 17:00 onwards. Oh well. Went inside to see some of the performance.

As i expected, their “idol” performance is nothing to brag about, in fact, some of them is actually terrible, and not to mention — the songs. Either some oldie songs, enka etc etc, to make it short — it’s not really my cup of tea LOL. But guess you gotta give them something for actually ..trying lol. I think the closest thing to idol genre (for the songs) to me is Million Girl Z. My friend told me that you can take 2shot with them if you buy the album, which i did haha. I choose to take with Ayaka Tomoda (pic later below) because she’s the only member i know there lol.

My friend also told me the song lyrics for some of the performance is kinda “adult/ecchi”, and they even sing a sailor moon song, which they edit with some ecchi lyrics. Haha. And oh, some performance, instead of waving towels, they waving underwears (no-shit!) which later on— they throw away to the audience in front lol. But still, nothing much exciting to me cuz … 1) most of the songs they sing still sux. and 2) their outfit is not sexy enough (to me anyway) haha.

Well the good thing though is probably i managed to see some AV stars during this trip, such as Sakura Mana, Ayaka Tomoda, Kamisaki Shiori, Tsubasa Amami, and much more. But i still think they’re better off as an AV actress instead of an idol. Seriously, i wouldnt really pay money to see them perform again (as an “idol”). I rather go to their individual “AV” Event next time lol 😛

After the event finished at around 20:30 or 20:45pm (forgot the exact timing), they have this 10 minute time allowance where you can take picture of them (!!!!!) using your camera !! Man, i didnt know this, if i knew i should’ve bring my DSLR. No wonder there are priority seating areas at 6000 yen, which is much more closer to the stage. I bet you can take much better picture from there. Dammit. I only bring my pocket camera so i can only take picture from far away 🙁


SexyJ event at Club Citta during the photography session

After the photography session, it’s time for some meet and greet outside. Most of them can only handshake only, except for “Million Girl Z” which you can 2shot with them (by buying the album only at 2000 yen), and also Sakura Mana and Minami Kojima from “Otome Frappuccino” (later that night at 22:30). I didnt even know you can take 2shot with them until so late, and its quite cheap also..1500 yen for 3shot with them ! haha. Nice XD

2shot with Ayaka Tomoda

3shot with Sakura Mana (Right) and Minami Kojima (Left) from “Otome Frappuccino”

So yeah, the 2shots is probably the best thing about this event, and it’s really worth waiting for, haha…since i didnt really enjoy their music that much 😛 After the 2shot, me and my friend decided to call it a day. Besides tomorrow is finally the Tokyo Idol festival 2015, so really need to go back and rest for the big day haha.

*All the TIF2015 posting will be posted tommorow in 2 separated posts- For day 1 and day 2. Stay tuned for it xD *


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