5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 3

Posted: August 5, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So finally it is time !! For the first day of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 😀 Now, to start off, the night before i had chat with some of my friends (thru fb or twitter etc etc) to discuss what time we should be meeting, because there are some of us who stayed at diff hostel and stuffs, so it is just easier to meet at the venue. Haha. 😛

1st August 2015 – TIF 2015 Day 1

In the morning, at around 6am. I checked my FB to see if anybody is up already. I am still half-asleep and still rolling around in my bed but then i see activities in FB/twitter already. Damn, seems like some people woke up already and they’re already preparing! Haha. So i did the same too, took a quick shower, break fast, then on the way to the train station. Finally met up with some of my friends at Ueno before going to shimbashi for the Yurikamone Line. At Yurikamone line i bumped with even more friends. So there’s like 10-11 of us at the same time ? Haha, what a big group. Anyways after that we just headed to Odaiba – the Telecom Centre station to be exact.

Walking on the Ginza Line Metro station

Once we go out from the station- we bumped with none other than Idol College members haha. Think they went for another event at the lawson nearby, but since we’re rushing to get our wristband, we just continued on to the smile garden area. At smile garden, i was quite shocked that there is barrier surrounding the smile garden area. Later i found out that now THERE IS A PRIORITY VIEWING AREA at Smile Garden, for those who have tickets…meaning….those who didnt have tickets can’t get in there, and must view the stage from far away lol. Actually it is good for those who have the tickets/writstband, but for people in general, it actually makes the space looks smaller (cuz of the barrier and stuffs)…oh well.

Now there is Barrier surrounding the Smile Garden

I noticed that they did this in all of the other free stages too (My Navi Stage and Festival Stage), so it must be really sucks for those aiming to visit the festival for free lol. Yeah you still can see them of course, but much much further at the back. Anyway, after we collected our wristband – most of us got separated but each of our own has different priorities. Haha. For me of course, i started the day with Smile Garden stage, to see Cheeky Parade

Smile Garden Opening Performance is Cheeky Parade

Oh yeah, before cheeky parade, there are some opening segment also by some various idol groups (forgot the exact line up, but got one idolling member also). To start off, they did a morning exercise and ask us everyone of us to do the same…lol. After that “morning exercise” routine, then the Cheeky Parade performance begins. It its early morning at 10am but the weather is too damned hot already. I can see some of the wotas are saving their energy (the chants and furacopy is lesser than usual for chikipa standards lol). The songs they sing for the opening segments are “Cheeky dreamer”, “Bunbun Nine9” and “Monst@r”. Not bad for starter!! No Mugendai Shoujo A though~

Day 1 – Hot Stage Part 1 – 10:30 am – 13:50 PM

After Cheeky Parade at Smile Garden, i went on to rush to the hot stage to see Dempagumi Inc. The walking distance from Smile Garden to the Hot Stage is quite far, around 10-15mins so i did a “power walk” to make sure i reached on time. By the time i reached there, the priority viewing area for the stage is full already. So i can only see from the side lines. I did see dempa performing some songs there, including “Den Den Passion, and Future Diver”. Once dempa performed finished, most of the wotas left the stage , leaving alot of empty slots for those who want to see the next performance…just nice for me. Inside i bumped into 2 more of my friends from Malaysia who also want to see Palet…Haha. (In the end we stuck together for most of the day xD)

Hot Stage at TIF2015

After Dempa, the next 6 performers at the Hot Stage is “GEM, Moso Calibration, Magical Dreaming, Call Me, Idol Rennaisance”, and finally, “Palet”. As for some highlights for each groups performance…1st up is the GEM performance. I think the setlist is not really good for me cuz they sings some songs i didnt like. (it’s their newer songs that i didnt like such as “no girls no fun, you you you, delightful days”, etc). I think the only songs i like here is “We’re Gem”. So yeah, it’s a bit of a let down for me lol. For Moso Calibration, they sang my favorite song also, which is “Hajimete Da yo Konna Kimochi ni Sasetekureta no wa Koi “ and many Moso fans did their “furacopy” bit and wotagei along the way with this song…damn awesome haha.

After that is the “Magical Dreaming” segment which is a combination from few idol groups, including Call Me, which means there is Mimori chan in it haha. I dont like the songs really, but it’s fun to see Mimori chan again 😀 They only sing one song anyway, and its mostly MC After that, followed by “Idol Rennaisance”. I dont know much about Idol Rennaisance though, so i dont have much to say about them also. Their performance is “so-so” only to me lol. As for “Call Me” performance…well i like Mimori chan , but one thing still doesnt change – is that i dont like most of their songs. I think the only songs i like is “Step By Step” which is quite catchy.

Finally, Palet performance is coming up next. If you’ve read my blog last year, you can see my dissapointment on Palet’s last year’s performance (not only Riona is missing last year on the 1st day, their setlist for the hot stage also sucks as well lol). So for this year…i was quite blown away. Not only they perform with their new member Mayu (from “3 minute”, fellow platinum passport group) the setlist for the Palet performance Damn awesome as well ! Check it out~

Palet @ Hot Stage 1st Day – 13:25 – 13:50PM
01. Love n Roll
02. All For One
03. You Are My Miracle
04. Glory Days
05. Believe in Yourself

Oh man, the Setlist is damnnn awesome 😀 My favorite Palet song is “Glory Days (which they sang last year at Smile Garden, that performance was damn awesome too), and when they sang it…im so fricking Happy LOL!! 😀 As for all the other songs they sing there, i also like them all , which is great ! I thought they’re gonna sing their new single “Time to Change” (which i DIDNT like at all) but it seems that they already have a new up coming single called “All For One” which is MUCH MUCH better lol, and the song is stuck in my head now xD They ended the performance at hot stage with their major debut single “Believe In Yourself” which is quite high as well 😀 Overall, i’d rate this setlist and this year performance at very high score. 9.5 out of 10 ! /BiasModeOn. 😛

Grand Market – Greetings Square 14:00 – 16:00pm

After Palet performance we finally got out from the Hot stage to go to the Grand Market to buy some stuffs. Once we reach inside we went to the palet booth as my friend wants to buy some stuffs there.

Grand Market / Greetings Square area

As for me, i ended up buying Predia’s stuff as i want to take picture with my favorite Predia member – Yuu Maeda lol. While my friends walking around in the Grand Market, i waited at the Greetings Square for my turn to take 2shot. 😀

2shot with Predia Member – Yuu Maeda xD

She is really pretty in real life, and funny as well. haha. When the staff want to take my picture, my phone got error (need to take the picture twice in the end before managed to get a good result), giving me more time to talk to her. Didnt say much though, just the usual “Im from Indonesia/Jakarta” bit and she looks quite shocked lol. 😀 This is my first time seeing her btw, i am pretty sure when i see Predia last time, she’s not in the group yet lol. I also want to see Predia’s performance today, but since today i am more focused on the hot Stage performance, i’ll just to leave that for tomorrow.

I also dropped by to Doll Elements booth cuz i want to take 2shot with RunaPon again but too bad when i reached there, the 2shot sessions already finished…dammit. In the end i only gave her my fan-letter, and also, a gift towards the Doll Elements Staff. She saw me though so i just told her i’m the guy last time during the J-series event in Jakarta…Lol. 😀

After that, i waited for my friends to finish his handshake with Palet members, before we continue on to Zepp Diver City to rest. Remember the tips before about to “Refill your water” in the food court area of Zepp Diver City ? I lost count how much i refilled my water here for each day, but it could be more than 15 times a day LOL. I had like, 3 empty bottles at the same time usually, which means i usually refilled 3 times everytime i pass by here. Just do your math, if one bottle of water cost around 150 yen at Odaiba, that means it already saved me more than 2000 yen if i refilled it more than 15 times each day !! xD 😀 And believe me. I was more THIRSTY than HUNGRY during the entire day of TIF. I can survive one day without lunch (just power bars snacks to keep me alive) but i can’t survive without drinks/water. So yeah, this is really a life-saver. haha. And since Zepp diver is close to the festival stage/ grand market/ heat garage, everytime im near the area i always refilled my water

Refill your water here – at Zepp Diver City food court xD

Anyways, lets move on to the next performance…At Hot Stage again. LOL 😀

Day 1 – Hot Stage Part 2 – 16:15 am – 21:00 PM

Yeah. I stayed here all the way until the end from 16:15 onwards lol. I didnt want to move at all since i want to get a decent spot during Passpo, which is, the last performance…and for that, i had to sacrifice seeing Palet at Sky Stage today (as pointed by my other malaysian friend…dammit, i also want to go haha).So this is the line up of the Hot Stage starting from 16.15 PM. “X21, Doll Elements, Negicco, Cheeky Parade, Lovely Doll, LinQ, Babyraids JAPAN and finally PASSPO”. Yeah i know what you’re thinking now….WHAT.AN.AWESOME.LINE.UP. xD 😀

Anyways, im gonna have to skip the setlist for X21, Doll Elements,LinQ, and Negicco…since i dont know most of their song’s name because im really a casual for them (yea i know. i like Runapon, but i dont like Doll Elements…really, its pretty much like my love-and-hate-affair with Mimori chan of Call Me now xD).

For the Cheeky Parade performance…dammit i forgot the exact setlist now. This is what happens when you dont write your blog post immidiately, as i tends to forget stuff easily. :/ But i remember they singing C.P.U, Monst@r along with Cheeky Fighter if i remember correctly. As for Lovely Doll, they did sing 2 of my favorite songs “Bitter Choco Valentine, and Setsunatsu Diver, which is awesome haha. For Babyraids….the setlist abit dissapointing for me. But they did sing Baby Revolution,and the ama chan song “Konoyomi ue de wa December” which is awesome xD Andddddd i am really addicted to their new single Pretty Little Baby — it is just tooo damned good xD 😀

Now for Passpo, finally. They perform with 7 members only, as Sakoti is on absent until September, which is a shame. Anyways, they’re wearing their Honey dish outfit. Not really my favorite outfit to be honest, but oh well. Their setlist for this performance is Damn Awesome xD Check it out~

Passpo @ Hot Stage 1st Day – 20:20PM
01. Shoujou Hikou
02. Pretty Lie
03. Honey Dish
04. Kucha Love
05. Itazura Rock n Roll
06. Wanted
07. Material Girl
08. Let it Go.

Whoa. That is really an awesome setlist (to me) xD :D. “Pretty Lie” is one of those old passpo songs i couldnt get tired of, it is really nice. I finally saw the live version of “Honey Dish” (which is damn awesome), and also…“Itazura Rock and Roll”??? Whoaaa man….i’m so frickin’ happy when they play this song…considering it’s one of my favorite songs from their “Beef or Chicken” album , and i even keep on looping that song on the plane. But i had ZERO expectation for it, and i never thought that they’d actually sang it during TIF. LOL. Guess how wrong i was xD

They finished the performance with “Material Girl” (another one of passpo songs you just couldnt get tired of) and then— and even MORE OLDER song…”Let it Go“. Whoa man, i havent listened to this song for years LOL. Overall. it is an awesome setlist. I’d rate the setlist 9.5 out of 10 also (same score as for palet’s earlier) because nothing is perfect lol. (well there is no Sakoti, so there goes the minus 0.5 score for that)

Day 1 Closing – 21:30PM

After that, we’re suppose to catch the BisH performance at Enjoy Stadium at nite (21:40) but when we got there, the queue is too damn long already. Instead, we bumped with each other–(my other friends) who all can’t get in also because the queue is too damn long. In the end, we decided to skip the performance and rest in the smile garden areas, while waiting one of my friend who actually managed to get in there (since he’s already there before the BisH performance started lol).

Actually little did we know that “BisH” and “PoP” would actually be expelled the next day for dunno what reason (later on we learned that it’s because of the fans attitude who kept on moshing and lifting during the performance which resulted of both groups being kicked out from TIF) so actually there’s some regret that i actually didnt get to see that performance that night…but either way, we’re already too tired anyways, haha…oh well :/

Anyways, went to take a group picture with all my friend before heading back to the hostel to rest.

Group Picture after Day 1 TIF 2015 ending~

And that’s about it for Day 1. Reached my hostel at almost midnight and i almost cant sleep thinking about the next day haha. But let’s continue that on the next post, shall we xD 😀


Groups I’ve seen in Day 1 of TIF2015 – Fast Recap
– Cheeky Parade (Smile Garden)
– Denpagumi Inc (Hot Stage)
– GEM (Hot Stage)
– Moso Calibration (Hot Stage)
– Magical Dreaming (Hot Stage)
– Idol Renaissance (Hot Stage)
– Call Me (Hot Stage)
– Palet (Hot Stage)
– X21 (Hot Stage)
– Doll Elements (Hot Stage)
– Negicco (Hot Stage)
– Cheeky Parade (Hot Stage)
– Lovely Doll (Hot Stage)
– LinQ (Hot Stage)
– Babyraids Japan (Hot Stage)
– Passpo (Hot Stage)
Total = 16 Performance.

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