5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 4

Posted: August 6, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally the 2nd day of TIF…haha. Can’t sleep that well earlier even though im too tired. Only managed to sleep around 3-4 hours,before i woke myself again at around 6am to get ready. My first performance i want to see today is Silent Siren with special Guest Passpo at the Heat Garage stage at around 10am. So i planning to queue there by 830-9am, which means i have to leave my hostel around 7am lol. Met some of my friend at Ueno first as usual, before heading to Odaiba.

2nd August 2015 – TIF 2015 Day 2

While on the train on Odaiba, we saw the queue for HKT48 at hot stage which circles around for quite long lol…heard that there are people queuing from 6am already. hahaha. Luckily Hot Stage is not my destination today…i’ve had enough of it yesterday lol

HKT48 queue in the morning

Heat Garage – 10am – 11am

Reached the Heat Garage at around 09.20am, and there’s already queue for the entrance, but it’s not that bad. Im quite late to realize that the Heat Garage stage is actually the Zepp Diver City stage, which used for TIF2012 Hot Stage last time. Wow. I wonder why they never put the actual Hot Stage over here instead lol. BTW the 2nd Floor viewing areas are reserved for VIP only. I tried to get up there just to see see (well i did went there last time in TIF2012 no problem) but the staff stopped me that only VIP can go up there. Oh well.

Heat Garage stage at Zepp Diver City

Anyways, the first performance is Silent Siren with special guest Passpo.So Silent Siren went to sing 3 songs, before they do some MCs with Passpo. One Silent Siren member Yukarun later went on to change with Passpo’s Honey Dish outfit, before going on to perform Passpo’s song Material Girl together with them…lol. It’s quite funny.

After that, finally is the Palet Performance at Heat Garage. I forgot the exact setlist, but they sang their new single All For One, and also, Ichigo Kibun and Kimo no Koto. Not bad ! 😀 Still can’t beat last day Hot Stage performance though!

Grand Market / Festival Stage – 11.30 am – 13.15pm

My friend wants to buy something at the Grand Market area, so we went there to see the goods. I also want to buy 3 minute single and took 2shot with them, so i went along anyways, since i forgot to buy one yesterday. Btw, this means i have to sacrifice the Hot Stage Miss ID 2015 performance lol. Well, i kinda wanted to see the LadyBaby performance there, but then again, they probably only performs one song anyway (which they did btw after hearing from my other friend who was there) so i skipped that one.

Reached the Market Area again, and man it’s so damn hot at 12:00 time. Since my friend wants to handshake with Palet and Puti Passpo, i went on my alone to buy the 3Min single to get the event ticket. Then i straight away go outside from the Grand Market area to the Festival Stage, which is basically just outside the Grand Market area exit (around 2 mins walk only). Just in time to see GEM performing at the Festival Stage haha.

Festival stage at Zepp Diver City

GEM went on to perform 3 songs only for the festival stage – “Speed up”, “Like a heartbeat”, and “Baby Love Me”. After that 3 songs, i want to see Cheeky Parade in this same stage, but that won’t happen for another 30 mins, so i walked back to the Grand Market area, then into the Greetings Square, for the 2shot session with 3Min. Reached just in time haha.

Btw the 2shot for 3Minute member, there’s only 5 members. Mayu wasn’t there (guess she’s already busy with Palet). If you want to handshake with Mayu, you have to go to the Palet booth and get the handshake tickets there lol. Anyways, i went to 2shot with Yoko from 3Min, since i quite like her anyway.

2shot with Yoko from group 3Min

I want to see 3Min performance somewhere along in this TIF, but my schedule always clashed, so it’s really too bad. Lucky i already see them the other day at IdolKoushien, so not all is lost lol. After the 2shot, i went back to the Festival Stage to see the Cheeky Parade performance haha.

Cheeky Parade went to sing “Cheeky Dreamer”, “Monst@r” and finally….“Mugendai Shoujo” A woooo !! Really want to see this song hahaha since it’s my favorite song from chikipa. BTW. the chikipa wotas also damn high during this song – after the performance the staff had to ask the fans to stop whatever they doing there (high jumps / lifting, etc) before they can start again lol. After that they sang another one song i think but i forgot the title name. haha.

Went back to the Grand market after that to see one my friend there. I bought the TIF 2015 official tshirt finally from the booth there, and the t-shirt is a BIG IMPROVEMENT compared to last year T-shirt lol. I’ve been bitchin’ about it since last year, and i am glad that they actually did it right this time around haha. The Tshirt cost 3000 yen btw. While walking around i also bumped into one Oyayubi Princess member called Momoka, and she walks around in the grand market area wearing bikinis only lol…so brave. Well i never even see their performance before, but since the 2shot (polaroid) only cost 500 yen (!!) so i took one anyway haha

2shot with Momoka from Oyayubi Princess

Afterwards, i rushed my self to the My Navi Stage to see the next performance, Predia, which is their only performance in this TIF that doesn’t clash with all my other schedules lol. Thank GOD! Had to walk around 10 mins from Grand Market areas to the My Navi Stage and man, all this for just one performance only. Luckily i went though, at least i can see them, even it’s just for one time only.

My Navi Stage…so many people since the place is quite cramped lol

Predia sang 3 songs only (so fast T_T) including their new single “Mitashite Amore”. Quite awesome. Dont remember the titles of the other 2 songs, and after that i had to rush again to my next destination – Smile Garden to see Palet at 14:50. I did stop at Zepp Diver City first of course for a little break and to refill my water.

Back at Smile Garden to wait for Palet, but before that there’s performance from “3B Junior” and “SuperGirls” first. Since im not really interested with both of them, i didnt do much and only stand to see them from far away lol. When it’s time for Palet i quickily rushed in front lol. Managed to get quite close – around the 3rd row from front in Smile Garden, which is…NOT BAD at all haha. Bumped into my malaysian friends also while im there xD

Palet Setlist @ Smile Garden 14:50 Day 2:
01. Keep On Lovin You
02. All For One
03. Celebration (some wotas did “gachikoi” mix during this lol)

Sadly they only sang 3 songs for this performance which is a shame…and i walked from My Navi Stage to Smile garden to see this…but it’s quite worth it actually haha. and guess what…my next destination is back at the My Navi Stage again !!! which means, i have to walk back there all the way !! Duh.

After power-walking for around 10 mins, reached the My Navi Stage just in time for GEM performance. They sang 3 songs also in total, which includes my favorite – “Just Call Me” xD 😀

GEM Setlist @ My Navi Stage 15:25 Day 2 :
01. Do it Do It
02. Baby Love Me
03. Just! Call Me.

After GEM peformance, its time to see the Puti Passpo. Honestly, i dont like their songs, and the members also all “average” at best, and no one there actually interest me lol. But by seeing this performance, i finally manage (well — almost) to see all Platinum Passport Groups during this Japan trip lol. (Passpo, Palet, Predia, 3Minute, Puti Passpo, and Hatcheketai from Passpo). Minus only the YururiRapo haha.

Next up is Passpo again, this time at Heat Garage (again). Thankfully it’s only around 5-10 minutes walk from My Navi Stage, so it’s still reachable for me. When i reached the Zepp Diver Stage, it’s already the Passpo overture, so i quickly ran all the way inside to get some good spots for myself lol. They sang 3 sangs only also, sadly.

Passpo Setlist @ Heat Garage 16:05 Day 2 :
01. Wanted
02. Candy room
03. Honey Dish

After much walking around in the last few hours or so (My Navi Stage >> Smile Garden >> back to My Navi Stage >> Heat Garage) i decided to take a rest at Zepp Diver again. Refilled my water as usual, and my friend says that there is Free Handshake for Puti Passpo at the Grand Market area just outside the platinum passport booths, so we went back there again lol. For the Free handshake, i didnt say much, just told them “Ganbatte” and says that im from Indonesia haha. Either way i’ve got nothing much to say to them lol.

After all of this, there is only one more destination left for me. Smile Garden. All the way til until finish haha. So me and my friends slowly walk there to Smile Garden from the Grand Market area, sinced we still have plenty of time until the next performances (Babyraids Japan, 9nine, Passpo, Up Up Girls for me).

Also, while walking towards Smile Garden, we pass by this Cardbox with free magazines and also CDs free to grabs. My friend picked some Morning Musume cds before, but when we reach back here again, all the CDs were gone already haha. Left only the free magazines xD 😀

Some kind souls sharing his/her stuffs for free to everyone

By the way, Smile Garden in the afternoon really becoming a camping-ground already, people have set up tent and bring plastic/folded chairs to sit down too since early morning, but the weather in the afternoon after the sun sets off is quite cooling. Haha. Maybe one day i should try camping out at Smile Garden too lol.

Smile Garden in the Afternoon

Smile Garden – 18:00 until Closing

For the Babyraids performance, forgot the exact setlist but they did sang Babyraids and also Pretty Little Baby. oh, and also, Charinko Idol. Almost forgot lol. Then for the next performance, 9Nine, they sing the album version of “With You / With Me” which is quite cool 😀 They also sing one of their old song “Shining Star” which is awesome as well.

Fast forward to the Passpo Performance at Smile Garden…this is it. Usually Passpo performance at smile garden has been damn high- and it’s been like that since i see them the first time in TIF2012. Here is the setlist btw.

Passpo Setlist @ Smile Garden 19:00 Day 2:
01. Pretty Lie
02. Vivi Natsu
03. Natsuzora Hanabi
04. Himawari
05. Material girl

They began the setlist with Pretty Lie again. Kinda surprised to see they sing this again, since they already sang it yesterday at the Hot Stage, but whatever, i like the song so it’s all good lol. For the 2nd song, it’s their 2nd Major debut single “Vivi Natsu”. During the MioMio solo line (before the “Mio Mio Fire” chant) people do all the “Lifting” for kechas and it’s becoming quite dangerous lol…i can see some of the staffs like damn anxious already, and they’re trying to tell the fans to go down, but to no avail lol.

Passpo Mosh-Pits at Smile Garden (i believe this needs its own section xD)

Next up is the legendary song “Natsuzora Hanabi” and if you’re a passpo fan then you should know that you should STAY AT THE BACK during this song if you don’t wanna get hurt. As for me. You can call me stupid but i actually went in front during this, and got squeezed left to right lol. I started quite in front but they open the Mosh-pit which is quite large, so all of us got pushed to the right side. I actually tripped and fell down before 2 japanese guys helped me to stand by on my feet….before i countinued Chanting. LOL! Yeah , i already expected that this will happen, so it’s no big deal for me, besides i want to enjoy this last performance, so moshing at smile garden is just awesome – even if it means that i had to fall down and got my shoes stepped on my lots of people lol (there goes my brand new shoes…luckily i never wear slippers though !)

After the song ended, the TIF staff stopped the performance for a brief warning again to the fans that they had to stop moshing, pushing, lifting, or whatever they doing there lol. The Passpo members pretends to have that “confused/dunno what happen” look but i am sure they already know the outcome already lol.

Bear in mind that BisH and PoP got banned/expelled today before of the fan’s attitude. I hope that doesnt happen to passpo also. I saw people doing the shirts ripping (at least 2 of them) and some people gets pushed down at the most pit areas. Luckily they are ok (hey i fell down also remember! But im ok !)

After all that, the next 2 songs Himawari and Material Girl seems light-weight already lol. By this time, even thought the staff has warned before that they shouldn’t lift people up for kechas, they still do it anyways, which means all the warnings falls on deaf ears lol. Either way. Awesome performance overall. This smile garden performance gets 9.5 out of 10 from me (again, minus 0.5 point because Sakoti wasnt here 🙁 )

Once the Passpo performance finished, i went to the back areas to rest, and it’s time for Up Up Girls. But by this time i have depleted all my energy already (mostly gone after Natsuzora Hanabi) anyways haha. So i didnt do much but see from far away. Another super energetic performace from Up Up girls. My friend told me there is a moshpit during Up Up girls also, but i didnt see it by myself since im too tired. Forgot the exact setlist but they also sing UpperCut! for the last song. Damnnn. 😀

During Negicco at Smile Garden, i went out from the priority vieweing area at Smile Garden to find My Indonesian friend and Japanese friend who also at the areas. In the end i also bumped with all my other friends (malaysian, singapore) sitting down at smile garden. So i also went to sit there to talk and rest. Man. What A day.

Smile Garden at night during the Idol Summer Jamboree segment

There is still one more performance after that – the Idol Summer Jamboree which i did see from far away, but i really have no energy left to do anything lol. They sing the legendary Morning Musume songs Love Machine also though. Awesome. Haha.

Before the Idol Summer Jamboree performance finished, all of us decided to call it a day – and then walk to the train station before the train station gets overwhelmed with people who wants to go back. So we did a power walk to the Telecom Centre station lol. All happen to fast we even forgot to take group picture for one last time. Funny thing. Even when we’re going back to the hostel, all of us literally took the wrong train and NOBODY realized until halfway through the journey. My god. Hahaha.

Overall it’s an awesome day. Yesterday i camped most of the time at the Hot Stage, but today is much more tiring for me because it involves alot of walking (mainly the My Navi Stage > Smile garden > My Navi stage). To me, This year TIF has been AWESOME. There are some high and lows moment of course, nothing is perfect, but it is definitely MUCH Better than last year. I will do another separate post for the pro and cons of this year TIF when i have the time.

That’s all for Day 2 TIF for me. Will update if i remember something else lol.

Groups I’ve seen in Day 2 of TIF2015 – Fast Recap
– Silent Siren x Passpo (Heat Garage)
– Palet (Heat Garage)
– GEM (Festival Stage)
– Cheeky Parade (Festival Stage)
– Predia (My Navi Stage)
– 3B Junior (Smile Garden)
– Super Girls (Smile Garden)
– Palet (Smile Garden)
– GEM (My Navi Stage)
– Puti Passpo (My Navi Stage)
– Passpo (Heat Garage)
– Babyraids Japan (Smile Garden)
– 9Nine (Smile Garden)
– Passpo (Smile Garden)
– Up Up Girls (Smile Garden)
– Idol Summer Jamboree Closing segment (Smile Garden)
Total: 16 Performance

My Fast TIF Reviews / Ranking – Year by Year:
1. TIF2012 – still champion.
2. TIF2015 – awesome.
3. TIF2013 – not bad.
4. TIF2014 – decent, but dissapointing.

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