5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 5

Posted: August 7, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

After the very tiring weekend of TIF2015, i finally had decent sleep today. I’ve slept for about 9 hours total, from 1am to 10am, before i finally woke up…hahaha. Today (3rd August 2015) is my last day in Japan (have to go back tomorrow morning, so can’t do anything tomorrow except to go to airport) so i have to do all my last minute shopping today. 😛

Went to Akihabara during lunch time at around 12:00 and visited book off, trio3, liberty, etc and the other 2nd hand shops again to buy more stuffs (and also “omiyage” for my indonesian friend). Before going back to the hostel around 15:00pm to deposit all my shopping goods (thank god my hostel is so near akiba hehe). Went to Harajuku to walk around at around 16:00pm (because the Idol Nation venue is just near Harajuku there), bought Mcdonalds to a quick-eat session (super hungry) haha.

Quick Walk around at Harajuku

Btw, outside the Harajuku station there is alot of momoclo wotas gearing up for the Girls Factory at A-Nation lol…there’s even this solo female street performers outside the train station which went on to sing the acoustic version of “Hashire!” , the good ol’ momoclo songs haha. Forgot to take the picture of her though.

And at 17:00 i finally walk towards my last destination for this japan trip, which is the Idol Nation x TIF2015 event at Yoyogi National Stadium, 2nd Gymnasium Area.

3rd August 2015 – Idol Nation 2015

Once i reached here, i just realized that with the Idol Nation tickets, you can enter some of the areas which has some stages set up as well…Dammit, i didnt know this ! Checked the schedule that today they have GEM performance at around 12:00pm..shit…should’ve come earlier. 🙁 Basically, the area is very huge, but for the indoor stages i think you need to buy separate tickets before hand to get in (like the Girls Factory, and Idol Nation).



Idol Nation @ Yoyogi National Stadium

Since i only buy the Idol Nation tickets, i can only enter the 2nd Gymnasium area, even though i still can walk around in the areas a little bit more if i wanted to. But the outdoor weather is damn hot so i decided to go into the venue anyways lol :D.

Went inside to the stage area, the place is not so big actually. My seat number is not so good either, its around the 2nd/3rd level up stairs, so it is kinda far haha.

Idol Nation Stage area @ Yoyogi National Stadium

The line up for the event is not bad actually. The ticket is only 3500 yen. It’s a 3 hours event. The line up includes Idolling!, SuperGirls, Cheeky Parade, GEM, I-Ris, Call Me, Doll Elements, X21, etc etc. The one who sold me into going this is actually GEM and Cheeky Parade, but later on i found out that each performers only sing around 2-3 songs per act…hahaha :/ Oh well.

Idol Nation x TIF2015 Line Up

Just a quick “highlights” of the event….Well, don’t really know the song titles for X21, I-Ris, Idolling!, Doll Elements, etc etc so i’ll just skip that lol. Call Me went to sing 2 songs during this event, which is “My Affection” and “Step By Step”. Cheeky Parade got sing “Monst@r”, while SuperGirls got sing “Max! Otome Kokoro” also. Later on “GEM” performed my favorite song “Do you Believe” and also their new single “Love me Baby” (which i didnt really like that much lol).

There are also colloboration performance between Doll Elements and GEM haha , and there’s also some DJ performance in between the performances (which imo, is waste of time, they should’ve used the DJ time for some idol performance, lol, but hey, maybe it’s just me.). Finally saw “Idolling!” performs also, believe it or not, this is the first time i actually see them perform as a group (instead of colloboration act during TIF haha), and probably my last time also before they disbanding soon. haha.

Overall. Actually the event is so so only. The indoor stage is nice (means you can relax, sitdown, without having to worry about the summer heat), but that also means the atmosphere is alittle bit different than “festival” lives. The crowd is not as high during the festival, and many people sitting down, which makes you having this “weird” feeling if you’re the only one standing there (really happens to me — when the guy next to me — both left and right are actually sitting down…LoL).

I later on realized this kind of indoor/seating/stadium setting is not really my cup of tea. I should really avoid LIVE like this in the future. I guess im more into Live houses (free standing lives with crazy crowds) or festivals like TIF better. lol. I’d rate this event 6 out of 10.

– Good Venue
– Good Line Up (Cheap for 3 hours live with line up cast like this)
– Indoor means got aircon and not hot.
– Can see GEM, and Cheeky Parade again :3 :3 :3 :3

– 2 songs per artist only. Hate it. Wish there was more.
– Audience not so high during some performances.
– Should trim down some of the DJ performances.

Afterr the live i went on to walk around in Shibuya one last time before going back tomorrow. Went to Tower records shibuya, but for some reason the 3rd floor that day (Jpop section floor) is closed already lol. So went to Shibuya Tsutaya instead to see some CDs (it opens quite late until 23:00 i think), and then went on to eat a very late dinner/supper at Sukiya.


Walk around in Shibuya and late dinner at Sukiya

Went to book off Shibuya for a while looking for some cheap deals (didnt buy anything in the end) before finally catch a train home to my hostel at around 23:00. When i reached my hostel i just packed my bags, because my flight is 10:00 tomorrow, which means i have to wake up early at around 5am, and leave the hostel by 6am to catch a train from Ueno to Narita airport…. Took the normal keisei line route which takes 1 hour 20 minutes (1000 yen) while enjoying the views towards Chiba / Narita Area lol.

So that’s about it for this current Japan Trip Blog updates lol…i’m already back in Jakarta now while writing this (because i didnt have the time in Japan this time, wonder how did i do it last time with “real time” blogging while im in Japan haha.). Will do more post about #TIF2015 soon when i have the time, and as usual, some of my favorite/top5 performances in TIF2015, and also #TIF2015Regrets after seeing the FujiTV next footages haha.

Til then, see ya, and thanks for reading my useless blog. Lol 😀


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