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Posted: August 20, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

It’s that time again — 2 weeks since the last TIF and i’m in post-concert depression mode again (and i wonder why it took so long until the next TIF in 2016 — if there is any lol). Been watching some TIF2015 Footages these last few weeeks as well (some BS Sky/Fuji TV next footages), and also, thank god to whoever uploaded both 2 days full performance of Smile Garden stage to Jpop-suki tracker !! 😀 It’s a whooping 12 hours nonstop performance per file !! The file size is quite huge also — around 32GB per file lol.

Smile Garden is one of the hottest stage in TIF because there’s no shelter areas at all (at least there are some shades in the hot stages), so being able to watch the complete performance from day to night timings in a room with an aircon with huge ass TV is really a bonus lol. Now i really hope if people can upload the full Heat Garage / Hot Stage performance if there is any (yeah i know im hoping too much lol).

Anyways, after watching all those footages, i finally made a “Highlights” video of this year TIF2015 (yeah. much earlier than usual lol). Although, this footage is abit “limited” since i only have footages from the smile garden performance and some highlights from BS Sky/ Fuji TV Next…not enough “Heat Garage, Doll Factory or Sky Stage” footages ! :/ Either way, i managed to make a 9 minutes – 50 seconds of TIF2015 compilation videos anyways, check it out~ 😀

TIF2015 Highlights

The highlights on the videos above includes (from beginning to end):

SKE48, Babyraids, Palet, BisH, Tsuribit, Passcode, Idol College, Cheeky Parade, Moso Calibration, Dempagumi Inc, Passpo, “Hatchetekai” from Passpo, Super-Girls, Shizukaze/Kizuna, Up Up Girls, HKT48

I didnt call this years footage as “urya oi” moments as the previous TIF2013 / 2014 vids i made, because this videos doesn’t really focus on all the urya oi moments lol. So i just decided to name the video “TIF2015 Highlights” because it really is. One other thing, i dont have enough footages to show the other groups, so i only focused on the big groups such as Dempa, Cheeky Parade ,Super Girls, Passpo, Babyraids, etc etc.

The “infamous” BisH fan at Smile Garden who went topless during the performance lol.
I Also included this scene on the highlights video.

I made the video using “VSDC Video editor” (freeware) instead of the old skool Windows Movie Maker which i used to make my previous vids lol. Took me 7-8 hours to make the video — 2-3 hours to collect and trim the best moment from the original video, 1 hour to prepare and to arrange the order of the videos, 1 hour to convert, 1 hour to finalize the final result, and 1 hour to upload the videos. Yeah, i have a slow internet (blame my 3rd world country) and which is why most of the videos are in LQ format (480p or below) sorry about that lol~

Video Edit in Progress – using freeware program “VSDC Video Editor” which is quite easy to use.

By the way if you missed my earlier post, i also made vids for TIF2014 and also TIF2013 as well. I didnt make TIF2012 footages even though i’ve been there (and it’s still the best TIF to-date imo) because there wasn’t enough footages yet to make a compilation video. If there is any i would definitely make them lol. 😛

Anyways, more #TIF2015 rants, talks and #TIF2015regrets coming up in my future post next time, stay tune for it lol~ 😀

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