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1980 Yen Capsule Hostel (Iriya)

It’s been a while since i do another hostel review haha. I have stayed in many budget hostel in japan, but this is the first time i actually reviewed a “capsule” hotel. Just like the name suggest, the cost to stay in this hostel is around 1980 yen (without tax).If you book the room from website such as AGODA though, sometimes the prices can be cheaper than 1980 yen lol.

So, without further ado, lets begin my mini review for this hostel. πŸ˜€


The 1980 yen capsule hostel is more like a “modern” capsule hotel. The capsule space is abit spacious for a capsule– i can sit down just fine inside the capsule and there’s still some space between my head and the ceiling. There’s also a storage locker space – which is very spacious. You can fit 2 skinny person inside there lol, which should be enough to store all your huge luggage and stuffs.

The Capsule room Hallways

The super spacious storage locker room haha

The Shower Room

The hostel is still very new i think, that’s why it’s very clean. There’s a free western-style shower too at the 8th floor which is free of charge (i know some capsule tends to charge money for shower, but hey this one is free haha).


The facilities is very simple. Apart from your own room, and storage locker space, the hostel only offers your shower and FREE WIFI. However, the WIFI in this hostel is a bit bad. The coverage area is not really good, so if your capsule located at the “bad end” of the coverage areas, you won’t be able to connect to the wifi at all. This is really a bummer because internet is very important in japan. I sometimes see some people sitting down outside on the hallways just near the modem router so they can connect to the internet lol.

There’s also a laundry machine (but i never use it so i never ask how much), a place to hang your laundry at the rooftop, and also a microwave / hot water machine in the 1st floor. Not much i know, but i think for a price like this, i think it is more than enough haha.

Room / Hostel Service:
There’s almost no room service- they wont clean your capsule at all until you check out, so you need to clean up yourself. They’ll give you a replacement sheets and stuffs if you ask though, so that’s okay. Also, when you go out from the hostel, you need to give your locker room key to the front desk to trade with a card (which you need to keep to trade in for your locker room keys later). I know this is abit sux for some people who’s over “too cautious” because this means all your belongings are in control of other people, but no worries, Japan is safe, so relax πŸ˜€ Even though they hold your keys, i dont think they even have the time to peek on your locker storages anyways lol.

Oh, the front desk people can speak abit english, so if you can’t speak japanese, you should be able to check in just fine.

One more thing. Check in time is on 15:00 sharp. You can’t do an early check in! If you came earlier, all you can do is leave your baggage and check in later when it’s time. Sometimes you might even need to queue (i heard) when the check in time starts at 15:00 because there’s many people want to check in lol.

Final Verdict:

Overall. It’s a pretty decent capsule hostel — given its price at only 2000 yen per night. I would give the hostel 7 out of 10. Mainly just because the WIFI sucks. Other than that, i have no problems at all with this hostel. πŸ˜€

– Cheap for around 2000 yen per nite !! This is Tokyo remember!!
– Near Iriya Station (Metro Hibiya Line) – around 8 minutes walk
– Hotel is Clean and still new
– FREE Shower
– 24 hours access (no curfew)
– Free toothbrush (lol they’ll give you free at front desk) and small towel to use

– WIFI coverage sucks, and often down without any notice
– Even though its near to Metro station, it’s abit far to the nearest JR station (Ueno)
– No early check in. Check in starts at 15:00 sharp until 23:00
– Some people tends to sit down in the hall ways or near the locker room areas because of the limited space. There are no common rooms at all in this hostel apart from the rooftoop areas.
– Nearby the station there’s not much place to eat. There’s only yoshinoya and some supermarket near the iriya station.

Official Website for this hostel:
Click Here.

Access Tips:

To reach this hostel, head over to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and stop at the Iriya Station. Find the Exit Number 4. Once you go outside, all you need to do is walk a straight line until you reach the hotel. Now, this is the tricky part. The entrance to the hostel is located athe Backside of the main road!! So you need to see the map carefully, or you will just walk past by it lol.

I made a map below for easier understanding

“Zoom In / closer look” of the picture above

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