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Posted: September 10, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So here we are, 1 month after #TIF2015…and at this period i’m already entering the “Where’s my goddamn TIF2015 footages” period, a period where im constantly looking out for TIF2015 Footages on the internet. Yes– this is another reason why i love TIF. The HD footages !!! Where else you can get HD – High Definition footage LIVE — Of your favorite idol groups. πŸ˜€

HD Footage of Passcode Moshpits @ Smile Garden LOL. Hell Yea

While this doesn’t matter for 48 fanboys where they keep getting a contanst feed of High Definition stuffs (and TV shows), we on the other hand who support underground, or lesser known idol groups, will find it “life is too difficult” to find any new HD Stuffs — i mean, it’s already hard to find some Live Footages of them in low quality…let alone HD Live footages lol (If you know “Idol College” since 2011-2012…then you will know what i’ve been suffering for all these years, lol).

The amazing thing is about TIF, is that, the footages itself was not even released on DVDs. Instead, it was recorded, and aired by Fuji TV Next and over the years, (thankfully) we have someone who recorded the show, and uploaded them to the internet! I mean, thank god for all those special episodes on Fuji TV!! For example, TIF2014 has a whooping-20-episodes of TIF specials (around 1 hour each). Imagine if they put them on DVDs/BluRays– i dont know how long/how big the DVD sets would be lol. πŸ˜€

Let me draw you a diagram of TIF Fanboys :

As you can see, JAM EXPO 2015 just happened around 1 and half week ago at the end of August 2015, and even though the event itself is probably “as awesome” as TIF could be (i never been to one — so i can’t compare –) they’re still lacking of HD footages…yeah we still have some footages at least…but for JAM EXPO mostly they are recorded stream footages from TGU / ShowRoom / And some other streaming sites, which means — the recording are mostly in Low Quality format. Although, i did not complain at all- some footages is better than no footages at all. But if you compare that to 2 days worth of HD Footages from Fuji TV Next… of course “TIF” still “wins” hands down compared to Jam Expo. πŸ˜› Well enough of that comparison, i don’t want to get into more of this “TIF vs Jam Expo” debate as i am sure we all have our own opinions regarding these 2 separate events haha. πŸ˜› But from my own experience – i always prefer going to TIF and waiting for its HD footages lol.

And oh, i also like to find myself inside the TIF footages also. lol.

Me somewhere inside these 2 pictures.

Anyways, as i mentioned before on my previous post, so far this year we’re lucky enough to have someone who uploaded full performance of Smile Garden for BOTH DAYS (goddamn yeah!!), plus some official of “2 days highlights” by Fuji TV Next, and some clips here and there i gathered from youtube (cuz i heard the Heat Garage stage apparently got streamed on the internet…so there could be people who recorded them and uploaded them to the internet.).

Smile Garden Full Footage from Morning to Night time LoL.

Speaking of which, #TIF2015 Special episode will be aired starting next week on 17th September 2015, and i sure do hope someone actually willing to record it again + uploaded it to the interwebs just like the previous years!!! πŸ˜€ Sadly for this year though, i hear they cutting down the episodes to 10 episodes only (compared to 20 episodes last year in 2014), and it’s on weekly basis (compared to daily footages compared to last year… duh). It’s gonna be a long wait until all the episodes finishes, AND!!! I do hope whoever recording the show can keep up with the schedule as well~

Sample Schedule of TIF2015 Special Episodes on Fuji TV Next website.

The bad thing i have to complain about these “special episodes”, is that its only 1 hour long, and they crammed soooo many groups into one episodes, which means, some lesser known groups would get only like 2-3 minutes of screentime ? Where other known groups would get more time as much as 12-15 minutes of screen time (thats around 1/4 of the actual show !!).

Poor Idol College…their footage always got cut short ever since TIF2010 highlights… !! no joke !!

Not only that, they also like to cut down the performances midway the performance to save some time (damn), usually during the best part also…sooo…. if you got your favorite artist performance singing your favorite song and it got featured on these episodes— consider yourself very lucky. Haha. Happened to me in TIF2014 Special Episode #2 – They show “Palet – Glory Days” full performance on Smile Garden….godddamn…that was good. LOL.

Some Quick #TIF2015 Regrets

Well…based on my diagram above — i think im too early for this, and i should’ve waited until all the #TIF2015 Special Episodes finishes airing first, before i can compile a full list of #TIF2015Regrets. Haha. Usually by watching these footages, i get to see other performances i did not manage to see during my time at TIF, and therefore adding a long-list of my regrets there. (why i never go to this stage…why i never 2shot with that idol…duh… yeah…nothing is perfect T_T)

Here is a short list of #TIF2015 Regrets i can think of.

1. Palet @ Info Centre
Why oh why…i never see the Palet appearance at the Info Centre….because they are wearing BIKINIS!! T_T

I think this happened during the first day, and during my 1st day of TIF2015, i spent mostly my time at the Hot Centre stage, so i didnt have the time to explore the other stages….dammit!!

2. My addiction to “PASSCODE”

I saw Passcode during IdolKoushien, the day before TIF2015. At that time, it’s my first time watching them, so i never really got into it (as i didnt really like the songs they sing that time, i forgot the title also), i am more amazed with their fans which is really crazy and wild (i think they can match BisH fans in terms of “crazyness” lol).

After i got home from TIF, i watched their Smile Garden performance and i was blown-away by the songs they sing during that time. Especially the songs “Club Kids Never Die” which really got me addicted. Other tracks they sing during that time “Toxic” and “Seize the Day!!” is kinda awesome as well. Later on i downloaded their album “All is Vanity” and most of the track in that album got me hooked…lol. and well… The rest is history. πŸ˜€

Fuck yea Passcode!! (they like to show their middle fingers as well xD)

Yeah after watching their Smile Garden + Heat Garage footage, i wonder why i never spend more time watching them in TIF2015 last time. Sigh. I also like Yuri now. Why i never take 2shot with her during TIF? It’s a mystery~~

I will definitely spare some of my time to see them during my next japan trip!!

These two are my “biggest” regrets so far. There are some others of course, such as the “BisH” performance that i didnt get to see during Day 1 TIF2015, but for some reason the impact is not as big as the two above, haha. I also kinda regretted that i never see Idol College at all during this year TIF, which is really weird for me (i usually see them every year), apart from their performance at Idol Koushien the day before of course. And also, i didnt get to see more 3 Minutes (another platinum passport group), recently i got addicted to their songs (especially “Lil Love” and “Panorama World”) and i wish i can see them more at TIF.

But to think again– i think my schedule at TIF2015 is quite perfect for me. Apart from these regrets, i get to see Passpo, Babyraids Japan, Palet, Cheeky Parade, and GEM quite often, which is currently my top 5 idol groups at the moment. I mean, i get to see Palet’s “All for one” three times, and Cheeky Parade “Colorful Starlight” four times (that’s awesome as i like both songs now), and it’s only normal to see the groups you have in your priorities list, so i am quite happy with what i’ve seen there πŸ˜€

Also to add– especially the Palet performace at Hot Stage, and the Passpo performance at Smile Garden, those were awesome. πŸ˜€ You can’t have everything of course– if you want to win some , you gotta lose some…/yeahright

… *Time to Invent a Time Machine*

Oh yea. Babyraids performance of “Yoake Brand new Days” @ Smile Garden is also damn awesome. I Liked it back then, but i didnt know the titles yet, so i forgot to mention that xD (now i know its a coupling song from their “Eiko Sun Rise” Single)

TIF2011 Highlights

About a week ago, i re-watched some TIF2011 highlights again, and decided to make a short video higlights of it- since its the first TIF to be held in Odaiba. I didnt get much footage to work with, since there’s only this “4 hours footage” file available to select from, so i just choose some of the best i think fit for the video lol. Check it out – TIF2011 Highlights Video.

It might not WORK for viewers in USA as i included the doki doki morning “babymetal” part, and because they’re too damn famous already, some of their work already “copyrighted” or banned from youtube (for USA Viewers only…. Sucks eh :/). It still works for any viewers other than USA though, so I tried to uploaded a “Muted” version of the babymetal part Here but dunno if its gonna work or not. Sorry about that.


Back then in 2011, you have to sit down to see the smile garden stage…woww…. *Mind Blown*

Enough for now, and Until the next #TIF post-whore…see ya~

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