“Dorothy Little Happy” and “E-Girls” Talks.

Posted: November 10, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

“Dorothy Little Happy” and “E-Girls” Talks.

Been a while since my last blog post haha, for this blog post i want to talk/rant on some topics such as “Dorothy Little Happy”, my recent addiction of “Egirls” and the members graduation of Yu-ri from “Passcode” πŸ™

*Let the rants begins *

Part 1 : Dorothy Little Happy

Now. where do i start. I stopped talking about DLH ever since the 5 members break up a while ago, and the reason why i wrote about this, is that, just a few days ago is actually the 1 year Anniversary of Dorothy Little happy Visit to Jakarta (9 November 2014) πŸ˜€ Yay. At that time, basically DLH is my 2nd favorite idol group just after Passpo; and it’s even better than they actually went to my country to do a LIVE here (well, that’s something passpo never did before for sure!) and im really grateful because of that. After much thoughts, i decided to write about this. A long ass post and rants about DLH lol.


As for DLH visit to Jakarta….i remembered that i am the only one who waited for their arrival at the airport (kinda ankward moment i know xD), i recorded their arrival on the airport while holding my iphone without noticing that the autofocus is set to the background, so the whole footage ended up blur xD

But Before we continue any further, Lets turn back the clock 3 years before in 2012. The first time i ever see DLH i think is during TIF2012. Back then i didnt even know them yet, and i dont really know any of the songs. But one thing i do know, is their song called “Tobidase Summer time!!” which keeps getting looped on the LCD screen at Hot Stage during TIF2012 (it’s a CM segment after each performers finished performing) and the thing is… they keep looping that damn song (the chorus segment!!) talk about brainwashing eh…and ever since, that song (Tobidase Summer time!) got stuck in my head — and i became a fan ever since lol. πŸ˜€

“Tobidase Summer Time !!

I didnt become a “real” fan who actually spend and go to their lives until their softmap akihabara events in January 2013. At the moment i have to decide whether i should go to C-ute (hello project) concert or DLH events…but the better of me told me that i should go for the DLH event instead Lol. And the result ? well yeah, i kinda overspent in that event, spending over 15.000 yens and did plenty of cheki/2shots/group shots and handshakes as well xD . I still remembered i handshake with them until i got nothing else to talk to them lol, but it’s all good. πŸ˜›

2shot/handshake event tickets with Dorothy Little Happy in 2013

Oh yea. During handshake, I told them that they should come to Indonesia for a concert– (yeah just saying only…never thought that it’d actually happen lol)~ and behold — 1 and half year later—– they really DID A LIVE IN INDONESIA DURING NOVEMBER 2014!! Yea, maybe miracle do exist lol. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

2shot/chekis with DLH members xD Took with Mimori twice πŸ˜€

After that i still continued to support them. bought their releases (well nobody ever rip their Live DVDs so i have to buy them myself). And i also finally attended (FINALLY) their ONE MAN LIVE concert in Morioka (it’s near the Iwate Prefecture already). It’s kinda far from Tokyo, and since i really wanted to go, i went there and back using Shinkansen just to go to the LIVE lol, since it’s the only date i can attend when im in Japan during the time…so nevermind the distance — all i can think in my mind is…“just go man…it’s now or never…” xD πŸ˜€ And im glad i did, because at least i can see their one-man-live with all the original members — in Japan — for once, before their break up.

My Dorothy Little Happy “Starting Over” 2014 Concert tix

Yes. All these “love affairs” finally comes to and end when they announced that they will be breaking up- in 2015 πŸ™ — and the other 3 members (Mimori, Ruuna and Koumi) will have their own separated groups named “Call Me“. I mean, this must be a joke right? Im afraid not. πŸ™

Dorothy Little Happy still continues until now as 2-member groups/Duo, which really makes me wonder why they never even bothered to find new members to replace the other 3. They (DLH) performed in TIF2015 with only Mari and Kanna (plus some backup dancers) and it really hurts to see them like this. I also refused to talk about DLH anymore ever since the break up (well until now at least lol) and stopped buying their releases. I didnt even see them at all in TIF2015 !

As for the other 3 members who’s in their other idol group unit “Call Me“… Well, Mimori is basically my DLH oshi. I actually hated her decision to quit the group since she is really my fave member in DLH. Without her in DLH, its a GONE case for me. If it’s any other members who leaves DLH, i still probably can accept it and the chances are that im still probably supporting DLH right now. But too bad, she decided to quit DLH and joined “call me” instead. πŸ™


I remembered it takes a while for me to accept it, I mean, i didnt even like their songs. I know i tried, and listened a few “Call Me”songs, and i just can’t get into it. Although i did saw their performances in TIF2015 (Call Me) but i refused to buy her (mimori) handshake…haha. I remembered when i was waiting for a 2shot with Predia members (Maeda Yuu) at TIF2015 Greetings Area — Mimori’s handshake booth is just next to Predia. I think she saw me and tried to get me to handshake with her lol. But since i never planned to buy her handshake (and decided not to –) sooo i kinda ignored her lol…Well, i really feel bad when i think about it now,lol. I did drop a gift for her at the CallMe booth though.

After #TIF2015 Passed by, i guess im starting to grew up on them. Well yea i still didnt like the (Call Me) songs, but i finally like (yes ! FINALLY) one Call me songs, and that is “Step by Step”. Maybe its a good start, because i just can’t force myself to like Idols if i dont like their songs, i mean- it’d be ankward to see their lives without enjoying the music right.

Call Me – Step By Step…one of the Call me song that i like

This is a similiar situation with me and Runa-pon of Doll elements (i like her but not the music) and i tell you it’s not really a good feeling. You must at least Enjoy the music — and that will makes the idolling experience much much better. At least that’s what i believe anyways. Nothing beats supporting your idol group, and when they sing your favorite song during live and you did the chants for them…its priceless. haha. I mean that’s the whole point of all these idolling experience right ? Too bad i don’t see any “chants” for Call Me though. So thats another point i need to get used to if i were to go to their live next time haha πŸ˜€

And if i did go to Call Me events next time, i will definitely wrap things up with mimori, buy her handshake and talk to her with my very limited japanese language lol (and probably sign language xD). The least i can do is to thank her for coming to Indonesia last time- i still didnt have the chance to have proper talk with her ever since that DLH Live in Jakarta back in November 2014 (just shortly after that- in April 2015- came the “break-up” announcement). Not sure if i should tell her my dissapointments about her quitting DLH, but now, 1 year later after the DLH visit to Jakarta– it’s all started to sink in to me, and i think i am starting to accept her decision now. Do your best Mimori chan !!!

Til’ Next time ~ Mimori chan~

PS : And yeah. so how long until DLH will recruit more members to replace the other 3 who quits ? Can’t wait for find out.


Still not bored yet? Lets get onto my next subject – E-Girls xD πŸ˜€

Part 2 : Flowers + E-girls = Happiness

Recently im really obsessed with E-girls. If you follow my twitter or facebook then you probably see me posting Egirls or Flower youtube vids in my time line xD But lets turn back the clock again… to 3 years ago in 2012. Back then i dont really like e-girls yet (well it’s still the early stages anyways), but i already liked “Happiness” back then ! πŸ˜€ And their first song i really like is “Friends”, which followed by “We can Fly”.

I remember going to the Idol Events in 2012 at Yokohama Blitz (to see Passpo) — and E-girls was actually happens to be there as part of the line up ! But since back then im just a casual fan lol, i never really paid much attention to them. I can’t even remember what song Egirls performed back then, and if Flower actually performed there also (well it should be, i mean Egirls represents Dream/Happiness/and Flower)…but for some reason, i can only remember the “Happiness” Part xD They came out to perform “Friends” that time, and that’s the only thing i remembered lol. Also, the Happiness members still quite young back then – i think around 14-15 years old at that time ? But their dance already very good.

To think about it now, That’s the only “E-girls” related event i went during my Japan trip until now — and that’s 3 years ago. Damn. Many singles has passed since then — I didnt like the recent Happiness single such as (“Seek a light”) and their single before this (“Juicy Love”) only grew on me recently. As For E-girls i only liked “Follow me” and “Candy Smile” (even though “Gomen Nasai No kissing you” started to grown on me because of the cool PVs). I didnt like their single “Mr Snow Man” and “High School Love” so kinda skipped those singles and thats another low-key period for me.

I started to “really-really-really” get into Egirls when they launched their single “Anniversary!” and then the very cool song “Dance Dance dance” (famous for the “moonwalk” dance xD) which is really catchy to me. And at the same time before, Flower also launched their single “Blue Sky Blue” — Which makes me addicted to them. Yes. back then i used to be a Happiness fanboi, but it’s all changed now. I like Flower much better than Happiness now xD Too much poison i guess? I like their songs — even though must of them is Slow/ballad songs, but it’s really a “slow-burn” to me. At the end of the day i can keep looping their songs for the whole day, and the list of songs i like from Flower just keeps on growing — From “Blue Sky Blue”, to “Akikaze no Answer”, to “Taiyou to Himawari” and my favorite song “Let Go Again feat. Verbal of Mflo”.

My Fav Flower Song – “Let Go Again feat Verbal”.

I like Flower because i like Washio Reina vocals, and she is just too pretty :3 I know some people dont really like Reina because she hogs all the screentime—and that’s because she’s basically the “face” of Flower/E-girls. But to me she’s just perfect haha. Did some research and found out about her personality also, that she is actually an “otaku” who likes to watch anime, and an “himono onna” (as in girls who dont like to go outside and rather spent all day in her house to laze around — for more info google about it xD).

I find Reina’s personality interesting. She’s just a country girl who went all the way to Tokyo to pursue her dreams as a singer. Awesome. Oh the other flower members i like is Harumi Sato and Nozomi bando (Nozomi looks pretty with her short hair haha).

I wonder why Reina likes to hold “Telephone” in Egirls/Flowers PV xD

For Happiness — i think most of their members is a pretty solid dancers – this is why i liked Happiness over Flower back then (Sayaka, Kaede, Karen, Yurino is all awesome) but in the end— music talks. I like Flower songs much more than Happiness now haha. Flower also has good dancers, but I still think Happiness dance much better than Flower though !!

In Happiness, i like “Kaede” alot now, ever since i saw their dramas “Koibumi Biyori”, her episode is just too funny xD Talking about “Koibumi Biyori”…its just a jdrama starring E-girls members as the main cast, and I dont recommend anyone watching the Jdrama unless you’re an Egirls Fan — its really an average drama with some lousy acting and story xD But i do like the Kaede episode and the Harumi Sato episode (ep 9 i think, the “fax machine” episode) and the only reason why i watched the series anyways, because i want to find out more about the E-girls members… and im glad i did haha. Too bad washio Reina wasnt in it, maybe she just can’t act? Lol.

Kaede in Jdrama “Koibumi Biyori” xD

Back to Flower, im starting to think i got into them abit too late. Ever since their original formation in 2011-2012 with 9 members – 3 members has since graduated since. And the other 2 of them who graduated is the secondary vocalist — leaving Reina as the ONLY vocalist in the group — and with 5 backup dancers lol.

I never really like the other 2 vocalist in Flower, but the truth is that some older Flower songs requires 2-3 vocalist to sing – and i just can’t see Reina did that on her own. A new members to be added probably ? Because i can’t see Shuuka or other current Flower members to become a secondary vocalist To Reina…xD (…or maybe they can prove me im wrong xD Who knows).

At the moment im just waiting for Flower Live 2015 DVDs “Hanadokei” to be released, because i can’t wait to see Reina performing my fave song “Let Go again” LIVE ! with Verbal. That’d be too awesome.

“Let Go Again” LIVE @ Hanadokei Concert Live PREVIEW”…Looking good man. Can’t wait


Part 3 : “Other Stuffs / Passcode”

What ? You’re still here reading ? Lol. Yeah, one last thing. Yu-ri from Passcode graduated already….damn damn damn !!! πŸ™ I Liked Passcode ever since im back from my #TIF2015 trip, and it sure didnt take long for them to dissapoint me…only after 2-3 months since then — Yu-ri graduated — man, Talk about bad luck or bad timing really. Just when im starting to get into them…my favorite member graduates, and that really SUCKS.

No more Yu-ri in Passcode πŸ™ πŸ™

I think at the moment this could really topped my #TIF2015Regrets — and i really should have went for her handshake or at least 2shot during TIF2015 while i had the chance. Oh well πŸ™ Btw, Yu-ri twitter and ameblo post has gone since her graduation — which makes me woder what happened to her now and what’s shes doing…i just hope she did her best. (and maybe she’s gonna join another idol group in the future? who knows haha *prays*).

On another note :
My TIF2015 highlights vids got deleted on youtube (i think because i included SKE48 part and that attracts copyright infrigment notice lol). I shall make a new one version soon when i have the time, with other footages, and minus the 48 group version haha. πŸ˜€

Ok enough WALLOFTEXT for now. Thanks for reading my crap as usual — if you managed to read until this far xD Til next time~


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