E-Girls “Dance with me now” Video reaction + Flower Talks

Posted: January 4, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

E-Girls “Dance with me now” Video reaction + Flower Talks

Well. i dont usually do “video reaction” posts, but the new E-Girls PV “Dance with me now” is really good πŸ˜€ (Well, for me anyways) and i got addicted to it, and been looping to it ever since. (Even though its not the full version yet…they always cut the song in youtube before the actual video ends lol, to prevent piracy i guess).

Even though its really good, i got some “minor” complaints about the videos. πŸ˜€ Heh.

The “Bad”

1. Where the hell is (Washio) Reina

Well yea, im Reina “fanboi”, and im actually quite surprised this particular pv doesnt have much screentime of Reina !! I mean, even that “male” backdancer (dont know the name) i think got more screentime than her !

Who is this dude anyway?

Yeah of course there is some screentime, but its only for some close up shots haha.

Hurray, there is Reina after all !!

My guess is that she can’t dance quite well during some fast paced songs like this. Even her “Live” performance during CDTV on new years eve…she was standing on the very last row for the very last part of the dance segment. lol

poor reina

come on’ reina, i wanna see your dance also !! πŸ˜€

2. The dance in front of the car

well i dont like to b1tch over simple little things, but imo this scene really looks out of place to me. why there is a car inside a club? why do they have to dance in front of it ? Is it for promotional purpose? whatever. Hahaha.

Whose cars is it anyways?

3. the “wall” dance in the beginning

I think the wall dance in the beginning is a bit weird. During my 1st impression watching the video i think that scene didnt really impress me…but well, its still better than the “car” dance. Haha. They should’ve given more screentime for Reina instead xD !(on another point, Sayaka looks great tho).

I (kinda) want to be the wall.

Anyways the good!!

1. The dance scene in this video is awesome. Well, i know E-girls is popular for their dance moves, but the dance scene for the chorus (starts right from 1:07 mark when the moon and everything else turns purple) is very good, and that is definitely my favorite scenes from the PV. Oh man !!!

Great Dance Scenes ! Good job gals !! xD

2. Happiness gals looks very good in this.
I mentioned before in my previous post before that im more into Flower than Happiness these days, but i must say, the gals of Happiness is great in this. I think Karen, Ruri, yurino, sayaka etc looks very awesome, and they definitely did much better for such type of songs compared to their Flower members counterpart.

Karen *wink*

3. Erie is back as the DJ !
Well…enough said. She is back xD

DJ Erie~

4. Catchy song
I think this is a good step-up from their last single “dance dance dance”, even though that one definitely have more “art” feels to it, while this one is just your regular dance/clubbin’ song. But i think it’s gonna do great for them (i hope!) . And well i dont really count their christmas song single (Merry Xmas), in fact i kinda skipped that altogher lol.

Anyways, i hope to see more live performance of “Dance with me Now” in the future. Music Japan performance would be nice πŸ˜€

PS / Random:
Why did harumi looks so happy after she popped out that bootle? haha

Harumi growin’ up~

Random Egirls Talk

Moving on from the “Dance With Me Now” videos, i found this table from a particular facebook page the other day.

2015 Sales chart for Female Groups

It’s kinda interesting that E-Girls stand just below 48 groups and right above Morning Musume 15. And Flower is just right below it. I think the sales chart is abit weird though, i don’t recall Flower selling that much singles, unless they also count the album sales as well (the hanadokei album sales for Flower).

I think it also shows the dominance of 48 groups over the other female groups/idols in japan. But i do wonder sometimes how would 48 groups would do in terms of sales, without the help of their “handshake events”…it would be interesting to see.

Flower – “Hanadokei” Talks

Yesss its finally out !! πŸ˜€ The “Hanadokei” Flower Live performance ! πŸ˜€ But before we start any further, i actually got a mixed feelings about this.

Flower – “Hanadokei Live 2015”

The “BAD”

Firstly, they dont release the live in a proper release! Instead, they decided to release it as a “bonus DVD” for the Flower latest single Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way.

Now, of course a release is better than no release at all – but it’d be great if they just released it as a standalone DVD instead of bonus of the other singles. You can actually consider this a way for them to sell their single also i guess, since it kinda works…Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way Managed to sell a whooping 80,000 copies on its first week, that makes it the BEST selling Flower single to date. Of course, you can also count that number as the result of the single + Live DVD combined sale lol πŸ˜€

My other complains is that the length of the Live. Its “only” around 1 hour 30 minutes, which is kinda too short. I believe they also removed some songs from the live, such as “Still” (which is a bummer since its their debut single!!! πŸ™ ) and Flower cover version of “secret base” (damn ! I wanted to see that!! πŸ™ πŸ™ ). I think if only they released it as a normal DVD release we would definitely see these footages, but maybe because they ran out of space or whatnot, they decided to cut it altogether. What a bugger.

Oh and another thing. They really butchered Ichiki Kyoka’s screen time in this. I know she graduated already- but i feel sorry for her. There’s almost zero close up of her, and even if they decided to show her on the screen – it’s gotta be in the shadow of other members. That kinda sucks haha.

Ichiki Kyoka. Always in the shadow of Shuuka and Reina πŸ™

And my last dissapointment. “Verbal” of MFlo didnt appears in this live. He was only shown through the LCD screen during “Let Go again” lol. Oh well.

The “GOOD” parts

Well enough b1tchin’ and onto the good parts. I like the performance alot, especially “Let Go again” performance. Even though Verbal wasnt here to rap, Reina’s voice really nailed it. πŸ˜€ She is really such a good singer. And for the backup dancer we have Harumi Sato doing her Solo dance. I think she did very well also in this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Let Go Again performance


Other of my favorite performances from this live includes “Akikaze no Answer, “Shirayukime”, “Hatsukoi”, “Dreaming Together”, and Taiyou Himawari. Especially in “Hatsukoi” where Shuuka did a piano parts…that was awesome haha.

Anyways. I found some videos uploaded on youtube, and i believe videos worth thousand–no…million words…haha. So enough said, and see the vids xD

“Let Go Again”

“Akikaze no Answer”

“Shirayukihime & Hatsukoi”

“Dreamin Together”

Yeah , i still do hope they will release another “UNCUT” version of the live with “Still”, “Secret Base” and many other songs that didnt made it for this current release. Oneday, we can only hope…. *Keep Prayin’*

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