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Posted: June 3, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Whew. It’s been a while since my last update. Haha…Been busy and been lazy to write a blog post recently. But now that TIF2016 is just around the corner…lets discuss about that first. Haha. Firstly, my upcoming Japan Trip is already set in 2nd – 9th August 2016. I bought a very cheap tix last time around February, and since for this year TIF they announced the date early– i dedicted that i would be visiting it again…for the 5 years in a row now. Haha. πŸ˜€

This year TIF2016 would be the 5th time for me…with first time being in 2012

General TIF2016 Talks:

As usual, they have announced “some” of the perfomer lists. And by i mean “some”…it means ALOT. Well too many names anyways. Most of them i dont really recognize, and probably wont even able to see haha. Usually nowadays they updated the new performer lists for every 2 weeks — during Friday nights through their livestreaming from niconico. Later then it will be added to their official site. For Example (see picture below)

New line ups added every friday nights (every 2 weeks)

And while the Line Up is quite decent already, there’s still lacking of “Idol Street” groups –well apart from Wasuta that is. (maybe the upcoming Idol Street “Reshuffling” have anything to do with it?) and the lacking of “48” groups announcement…Well, not that i really hope for any 48 groups to come really, but since this year’s festival will be a 3-days event, i suspect they will announce some big names like the “48 groups” to the line up as well lol. πŸ˜€

Also, TIF recently released a “Map” for this year’s TIF venue. Looks like there is some changes here and there as well.

This year TIF2016 *incomplete?* Map

Firstly, i want to try to compare this to last year’s (TIF2015) stages…Ok. It seems that the Enjoy Studium” stage is gone. As well the “Heat Garage” stage (seems like TIF 2016 Hot stage will be in “heat garage” from last year now), and also the “My Navi” stage is gone too ! So that’s 3 stages gone already. However, they have this new so-called “Ship Stage” which, according to them, can accomodate “alot of people” . Haha. So i guess, compared to last year which they have 8 different stages (not counting the INFO centres and Grand Market of course) — this year there would be 6 stages only. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Of course, lesser stages means lesser “headaches” while going in between stages, but not sure if it’s final though haha.

There’s also this gimmick that if you buy a “special tshirt” you will be able to access some “Special stages” only for those who purchased the tshirt. It hasnt been announced yet where that stage would be. Could be it the new “Ship Stage” ? But for some reason…i really doubted it lol. Also, they have announced that Ebisu Muscat would appears for 6th August and there would be a special venue for it as well (and separate “entrance” fee lol.) So yeah, i think that map is not really 100% finalized yet.

New additional “sexy” stage? But need to pay more lol (around 2000-2500 yen)

And yeah, talking earlier about the “special stage” for those who buy the tshirts, i’ve been curious about this particular “special stage”. Whats so special about it? And which idol groups gonna perform at that particular stages? I really hope they give us more info about this matter in the future.

By the way, i have gotten my (cheapo) “gaijins” tickets from Tokyo Girls Updates — and it’s not really “free” compared to last year, since you need to be TGU Premium member (for around 4$ USD per month) and it does takes them a while for them to process the tickets (luckily they eventually did after a very long wait lol) so in the end i have my 3 day pass/tickets secured already. However, if they update this particular “special stage” with some idol groups i really want to see, i might be forced to buy or spend more money just to access this particular special stage. Haha. So i will be waiting for that news. Hopefully it’ll be worth it though.

From this part onwards it will be me talking about my favorite idol groups, so yeah that should be boring yadda yadda. But if you’re curious about me, then you’re free to continue reading. Remember, you’ve been warned!! xD πŸ˜€ Wall-of-text ahead:

Idol Groups Talks:

Every year in TIF i have my own groups priorities; as in which groups i should see more, and every year since 2012, it has always been Passpo. This actually makes me question myself if that’s really the case, so i’ve been trying hard to recall and remembering myself which particular groups i like the most — from year to year. Since im quite a “DD” and my taste changes almost like…every year? Haha. πŸ˜€

I know some guys who *tried* to know every single groups and tries to be familiar with each one of them during TIFs (yea i know, i also tried to do the same during my earlier TIF trips in 2012s and 2013s). But face it; with so many idol groups out there in Japan right now there’s no way you can keep up with them all. I stopped “trying” to see as many groups as possible during TIF nowadays, as i rather stick with some several groups im comforable with. It’s much more easier that way, at least for me anyways. Like i said before, im trying to recall myself which idol groups i like in the past, and i came up with this list. From 2010 to 2016 (now xD) πŸ˜€ At first i only want to make starting only from the TIF2012 period, but while i’m in it… why the heck not. All the way from the beginning: From 2010’s it is !!

Oh yeah. I tried not to include E-Girls in here (even though i really really into them right now. And Flower) because i think them as a Jpop Group / Girl Band, rather than Idol Group, haha. I’m sooo sorry Washio Reina my love, plz dont hate meeee !!

Believe it or not this is beginning of my idol journey. πŸ˜› I’ve known Buono since 2009 because of their songs for “Shugo Chara” anime, which suddenly makes me addicted to them. I also went for Rock ‘n Buono! concert back then in Yokohama Blitz, it’s totally awesome. πŸ˜€

After some researching on idol groups back then, it seems that they’re from “Hello Project” and there’s also other groups as well such as “Berryz Kobo”, “Cute”, “Morning Musume” etc etc. I’m not really into “Morning Musume” back in the days to be honest, (it’s really funny but it’s true, although i still like Rika Ishikawa til now) haha. I’ve heard about AKB48, but only a little. Oh yeah, no TIFs yet for me!

AKB48 suddenly jumped into top of list for sure. Ever since AKB48 came to Singapore in the late 2010’s (im living in Singapore up until 2012 btw before i moved back to Jakarta), and mid 2011’s until mid 2012’s — which resulted to AKB48’s (temporary) Theatre and Shops IN SINGAPORE — it’s all about 48 for me. Every 48 groups visit to Singapore makes me further and further apart from Hello Project haha, and eventually i started to forget about H!P…..(well…literally).. It doesnt help that Buono suddenly stopped releasing singles, and Berryz latest songs has dropped down in qualities…well of course- that might be just an excuse — i’m an DD after all xD πŸ˜€ So yeah, 2011 as you can say, is my “Golden” period of 48 fandoms. When else you can have your favorite 48 groups coming from Japan all the way for like… every 2 weeks? It’s that awesome, and i’m still glad to be part of it. haha πŸ˜€ The best part is probably when NMB48, SDN48, and SKE48 came to visit to Singapore. It’s much more exciting than the AKB48 visits (which usually comes with bunch of “undergirls” line ups anyways)

And yea, still no TIF this year for me.

This is the first year i felt that i’ve really known Passpo. I’ve heard about their first single “Shoujo Hikou” and the 2nd single “Vivi Natsu” the year before, but in this year (2012) i finnaly decided that they would be my new favorite groups (which lasted all the way until right now lol). Doesnt help that the disbanding of SDN48, plus AKB48 stopped coming to Singapore (and also closure of their Theatre and Shops in Scape Orchard Road) makes me less interested to them. Well — all good things must comes to and end. And so does the “golden era” of 48 Group visits to Singapore. Haha.

The much fated “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012” Trip though, totally changed my mind. Even though at first, my sole purpose of this trip is to see PASSPO…It totally opened me into a whole-new world of idol fandoms, and a World of underground idols. Before this its only 48-48-48-48-helloproject-48 for me, but after my 1st ever trip to TIF2012…there’s no going back for what’s about to come lol. Which brings me? To 2013’s

After the TIF2012 trip, i keep on going back to Japan for Tokyo Idol Festival which brings me for more exposure for many many many different kind of Idol Groups. But still, Passpo is my favorite group for the 2nd year in a row (yay), and it followed by me going for their One Man Live in Shinjuku Blaze (yay again ! Read more about it here) which at the same time, my oshi (Annya) also celebrated her birthday show. Totally Awesome πŸ˜€ And also, you’ll be surprised to see that Idol College is actually my 2nd of the list for this year. Yes. I’m really into Idol College back then — much to the point that i keep chasing for their events…and even their Kenkyusei’s / Trainees back then (Eru and Shioka is my fav trainees back then :D) At that moment they just released their single “Yozora” which i really like very much.

The thing about Idol College though. Back then nobody really knows about them (i think right now they are much more mainstream already) — it’s really hard to find someone with the same taste with me back then. Not to mention, my Idol college oshi (Non-chan) graduated later in February 2014, and also Idol college went on a short “hiatus” — about 1 whole year without any single releases. Which totally dropped my interest in 2014 the following year. But seeing what they did nowadays…well they sure have come a long way now. They are more active and has much more fans compared to back then, i actually kinda feels happy for them (well sort of…) Now bring Non chan back please! (just kidding).

As you can see, in 2013 also is my first encounter with Dorothy Little Happy. But i already talk about Dorothy Little Happy separately on my previous blog posts, so you can refer to it for more of that haha. Also, Cheeky Parade in number 4 spot (oooh yea my favorite chikipa song is “Mugendai Shoujo A” — back then one of the few idol songs which you can hear the “Gachikoi mix” xD), and Palet (Passpo sister group) is on the number 5 spot for me.

By this time i have cutted down my interest in japanese 48 groups (as you can see – no more 48 groups is in my top 5)

This is the only year i felt that Passpo would be finally stepping down from the number 1 list of my favorite idol groups. Yes. It is that close. My addiction to “Dorothy Little Happy” is really crazy that year. The fact that Dorothy Little Happy performance in Hot stage and Smile Garden being my favorite for #TIF2014 moments just says it all i guess. I remember i went all the way to Morioka Prefecture (near Sendai) with a shinkansen (!!) just to see their Live because it’s the only one i can attend at the time. Haha. It doesnt help that Dorothy Little Happy actually came over to Jakarta for a live (!!!!) — something that Passpo never done before. Well, again, for more info about my DLH addiction, you can refer to my previous blog post lol. It ended with a much dissapointment though, with their breaks up the following year, which is why this year (2014) is the last year (sadly) for DLH fandom for me.

Cheeky Parade, Palet and finally, Babyraids, is on my 3rd, 4th and 5th of the list. Yeah, Babyraids suddenly appears out of nowhere and i suddenly just “clicked” into them. I really like their music (which is quite similiar to Passpo in some way) and they’re just that awesome. I only regretted that i didnt see them that much in 2014.

Passpo still number 1, and Babyraids is creepin’ up to the 2nd of the list (thanks to the DLH breaks up of course). By this year, it’s really hard for me to find a song by babyraids that i didnt like — which is totally explains why they’re 2nd in the list for me πŸ˜€ Same thing goes with passpo. Well, i guess you can tell which group is your favorite if you can enjoy most of their songs, haha.

This year also the last year Palet is in my top 5, because Sakimo (my Palet oshi) soon graduated afterwards, which also made me (kinda) lost interest for a while. Since then, Palet has totally changed as a 6 member groups — which the 3 of them got replaced with totally new members (one of them “Mayu”, is in ANOTHER platinum passport group — 3Min — so she got a dual role there, lol).

Im starting to really like GEM also this following year, which explains why their in number 5 this year. Cheeky Parade still strong in number 4 also, since i always like their energetic performances. For some reason, in “Idol Street” line ups, i couldnt get myself to really like their sister group (Supergirls) at all. Lol. Weird huh?

Well…this year has not ended yet. My priorities might “change” again after my TIF2016 trip haha. Palet is definitely gone from my top 5 after Sakimo’s graduation. Babyraids, GEM, and Cheeky Parade are still there as usual. But as you can see here, there’s a new addition in Number 5 spot– which is Passcode.

Passcode is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea- with their “cute-but-metal” music style and Yuna’s in-famous “Screamo” parts (lol) is definitely one of my faves…They dont have the best kind of fans though — (probably same categories as BiS/BiSH/PoP fans) since they always do crazy stuffs and moshing/pushing/fightings between them. I’m also quite surprised the first time ive seen their fans last year, haha. It’s fun, but it’s dangerous at the same time lol. So you must keep your distance for sure.

I dont know yet what TIF2016 would bring for me, but i expect some “changes” after my TIF2016 Trip for sure haha. That always happens every year with TIF moments, and also “TIF Regrets” xD πŸ˜€

Phew… that’s quite a long post of my “idol journey” post !! It’s been a while since i did a wall-of-text post like this, and for those who managed to read all the way through of my useless history – thanks for wasting your time to read this! Congrats you just wasted some precious times of your life (to read mine) xD πŸ˜€ Hahaha.

Well, it just suddenly came into mind that i should make a “year-by-year priorities” / as well as my idol groups ranking. Since (like i said before in my previous blog posts), i wrote this blog pretty much like a “public diary”. Once in a while now & then i would actually Re-read back my own blog post and see what nonsense i wrote up until now haha.

That’s probably it for the time being though. Expect for more TIF2016 nonsense soon, and just like the Tower Records x TIF2016 collabo banner says…”No TIF…No Life”. Till next time….Keep Urya Oi~

*im such a TIF Fanboy i know!*


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