Flower “New Single” 2016 Talks~

Posted: June 4, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

With my recent #TIF2016 blog post done, i want to talk about one of my favorite groups at the moment, which is none other than…. Flower. They recently just released their new single called ” Yasashisa de Afureru you ni”. Yippie !!

More Flower means more Reina, hip hip hurray!!

Flower Talk
Honestly. I really dont know why i got so addicted to them in the first place (and EGirls. but still mainly ; FlowerFlowerFlower), really, considering they mainly only sings “Ballad” or “Slower” songs…I mean, i love idol groups like Passpo that has awesome live atmosphere to it, where you can hear the namecalls, mixes and chants…and to be honest, Flower doesnt really have any of those. LOL ! 😀

I mean…I can imagine myself, if i ever watched their one-man-live in the future, i would be standing (or sitting down ?) while staring at Washio Reina for 2 straight hours. I mean, what else can you do? No chanting or mixing right? hahaha. Beats me.

Lookin’ back at You~

Anyways. Flower new single is apparently a cover of “Juju”‘s song with the same title. Yeah i know, nowadays LDH tends to be lazy and just started to do cover of old songs here and there…(examples: “TOMORROW ~しあわせの法則~“, EG’s “Odoru Ponpokorin” and “Never Ending Story” to name a few) and how i wish they would release original songs instead…but thinking they haven’t released anything new since November last year, i guess i don’t have any choice. 7 months is a quite long wait and honestly i don’t care; and at this rate i’d take any new releases even though it’s just a cover song of Celine Dion “My Heart will Go on”. (yeah im just joking)

Flower Cover of “Yasashisa de Afureru you ni”

For the song itself, i guess it’s “so-so” only. Another typical ballad songs, nothing really that special but i guess it’s kinda great to see Reina singing again (oh yea, did i tell you before that i’m such a Reina fanboi? yeah just sayin’ again) :D. The Video though…i saw the 3 minutes version video they posted on Youtube and it’s really…well…Not that bad, but it’s like 3 minutes video / trailer of movie they promoting ! Yeah i know this song supposed to be an “OST” of the movie, but i really wish they gals will have more screen time other than the Movie scenes/previews.

Me and Reina in the future! Yeah…i wish !!

I’m not really against OST PVs, i mean, they’ve done it before with Flower’s TOMORROW ~しあわせの法則~ PV on youtube… it also has scenes from the movies (Annie The movie) but for some reason i liked that one better than “Yasashisa”. Well. Don’t know, maybe it’s just me…until i found out, that there is actually a version of the PV WITHOUT THE MOVIES SCENE VERSION ! OMG! (Click For Dailymotion link and skip to 5:20 ++) Yeah, i hate Dailymotion too, but given youtube and their very strict copyright notice, it’s only link i found that is working anyways…It’s just loads much slower than youtube haha.

Behind the Scene + Full version of Yasashisha @ Daily Motion

The gals just looks amazing in this PV and i rather have more of their screentime than looking a trailer of some random movies…so i really hope that would be the “Official” version of the PV while the Youtube version is just a version where they use to promote the movies haha.

Reina Solo Debut:

Yeah, ever since the release of their last single “Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way”, Reina has been the only (and one) vocalist for Flower. So there is one thing about the new single… The coupling tracks on the single itself. It comes with 3 other tracks:

02. 紫陽花カレイドスコープ (Ajisai Kareidosukōpu)
03. 太陽と向日葵(Taiyou to Himawari version2016)
04. 秋風のアンサー(Akikaze no Answer version2016)

If you see track number 3 and 4, its actually a “re-release” of their previous singles with “Altered” vocals. The original version have Ichiki Kyoka and Muto Chiharu vocals on it, because it was released before they graduated. After both of them graduated, well…i guess they decided to cut out their vocals from the songs and re-release it with “Washio Reina Solo Version 2016”. hahahaha. 😀 (well…because she’s the only vocalist left)…and somemore…Akikaze no Answer is actually one of my favorite Flower songs!!

Not that i have so much big deal about it, since i don’t really like the other 2 ex members anyways, but it really makes me think if re-releasing an old song and replacing the Ex Members vocals is really neccesarry…i mean…leave them alone for god’s sake. They’ve done this before also during the Hanadokei Album also (by removing Muto Chiharu Vocals after she graduated) but Ichiki Kyoka still a member back then so they didnt alter her vocals.

Taiyou to Himawari performance in EG’s “Colorful World 2014” Live with All Vocalist Present~

It really makes me think if One day Reina decided to call it a day in the future–or have some kind of scandal which forces her to “graduate“. I wonder if LHD will even bother to re-release the ENTIRE Flower’s music library with a new vocalist….hahaha, That’d be actually hilarious to see xD (i can see it now…”Akikaze no Answer — 2018 version” hahaha) 😀 Talk about putting all the eggs in one basket now.

Although i do worry for Reina’s voice since she will be a solo singer now (with 5 other backup dancers behind her) and she will have to sing most of the Flower songs BY HERSELF. gosh, she must be tired singing all those, hope her throat is okay after each performances!! Which reminds me, some of the older Flower songs requires at least 2 vocalist, so i wonder how she manage to do all those in the future lol. I guess it’s a good thing Flower doesn’t have any “One-man-Live” concert scheduled in the near future, so she is “safe” at the moment. While on E-girls concert, they can just pick a song that is easier for Reina to sing, and she probably only have to sing 2-3 Flower songs tops, so that’s no problem at all.

But maybe..just maybe…. it’s about damn time for LDH to add additional vocalist to the Flower line up…just to give Reina a breathing space. Well, i hope so anyways!

…and that’s all i have to say about this single. Haha. Peace out. More #TIF2016 Postwhore next perhaps? xD 😀

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