#TIF2016 Quick Updates and thoughts

Posted: June 11, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

so #TIF2016 updated their line up again: this time with a whoopin’-over-50 groups added to the performers line up. Although most of them doesnt really interest me, im glad that “3Min” (Passpo/palet sister group) finally made it again– and also, the addition of Rev from DVL πŸ˜€

There are also some others updates such as “TGU’s Mixi Stage” and also “Idol Club Night” segment featuring CyberJapan dancers! Sweet. So this year TIF2016 we’re going to have a bikini fest? xD

Random Thoughts:

I think that’s a great update. one of the better updates imo, compared to the last few weeks haha. Besides the addition of the “Idol Club Night segment“, finally we have “Kanna Hashomoto” and friends back (a.k.a Rev From DVL) after they missed out last year in TIF2015.

Also, no 48 groups announced yet. As you can see recently the 48G announced the “USJ48” Lives, or an everyday live performance shows at Universal Studio (Osaka) throughout the Summer Time in Japan (July-August period). But if you see the Live dates below, the dates for 5th to 7th August is missing. Reserved For TIF perhaps? Haha. Just a thought xD

Hot Stages = Indoor. Yay or nay?

Another thoughts about the “Hot Stage” inside Zepp Diver. I’ve been thinking about this. It is great that the Hot Stage will be back indoors again (after 2 years under the hot sun), so you can cool down inside under the aircon Haha. Mind you, summer time in Japan is really hot, and in the last 2 years of TIF, the hot stage has been an Outdoor stage.

BUT! in the last 2 years of TIF hot stages, they have a “seating priority” area which makes easier for people to rest (man they even have people walking around selling 150 yen drinks for those thirtsy lol)…so yeah thats a good thing. The Bad thing is…With these seats, there is lesser space for you to move around. The seats restricts you to do many things like rushing forward in front (or moshing) etc, there’s just no space for it. Basically once the
performance starts, you’ll just stuck there. Until the performance ends and people leaving the area, THEN you can finally move in front and hope you can get closer to the stage. Usually with free standing stages with no seats, if you lucky you can just move around and squeeze in front. Anytime. With the last 2 years of TIF hot stage, once you missed out the “reserved seating area” in the hot stage, then its really tough to move/squeeze in front :/ And i mean it.

Hot Stage back then in TIF2013

Also, the security is very strict in TIF2014/15 hot stages because staffs can easily approach you (with the seating system, its much easier for them to manage i guess). Because of this, i feel that the atmosphere is a bit different- and the crowd in the hot stage is not as crazy as those in the Smile Garden. But with this change in TIF2016 (seats
removed + free standing area).. I guess it’s Welcome back to the “Jungle” rules again with moshing and lifting xD

Not that i have problem with that, i’m actually quite ok with lifting as long they never block my view lol. I dont like those people more (in TIF2014/15 hot stages) — those who chop the seats in the Hot Stage and never move at all and occupy all the front rows for the whole time. Haha.

So yeah, maybe this move of Hot stage back to Zepp Diver is a good idea after all, and im quite happy with it. even though because it is indoor – they may have a limit of the number people inside so they may refuse entry if the stage inside is already too full of people(just like Doll Factory stage). So yeah, i guess nothin’ is perfect.

Whats Next?
Now it’s getting closer and closer to the TIF Dates (less than 2 months away) but we’re still missing some Idolstreet groups such as “Cheeky Parade” and “GEM”, god i hope they really sort out the “IdolStreet Shuffle” soon so we can have them on the line up ASAP lol. That’s the only thing left for me now…the rest is already lookin’ pretty good πŸ˜€

Ok, that’s all from me now. Til the next #TIF2016 postwhore !

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