TIF2016 updates and stuffs~ Part 3

Posted: June 24, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So yeah, less than 6 weeks into TIF2016 now, and there’s been some updates as well. Hmm. Where do i start first…

Grand Market and Greetings Area Updated…+ Dream Stage

I dont know when did they update the map, but i just noticed that they have added the location for “Grand Market” and “Greetings Area“. And it will be at the same location like last year (the parking space outside Zepp Diver City). Yay. More fun and hottnessss under the direct sun !

TIF Map Updated with Grand Market & Greetings Area

I think there will be another stage called the “Dream Stage” (they just announced it on the 23th of June) which is basically “My Navi Stage” from last year. But it’s not updated on the map yet.

Dream Stage?

Also, they still havent added the “Special” stage access for those who buy the special TIF tshirt, but i wonder when they will have updates for that?

TIF2016 “VIP Access”

Yeah, they finally did it. A “VIP” access that allows you for “fast path” route to get into stages, a “reserved/priorty” seating areas for VIPs (2nd floor for the hot stage though haha), and VIPs only drinks? Wohoo !! Sounds like a deal !

Only too bad that it cost like 30.000 yen and its only for 30 lucky people. Damn ! Imagine how much time you can save with that “fast route” access man, if you’d in a hurry — a shorcut access to any of the stages is definitely PRICELESS. Wonder why they never thought of it before for the Previous TIFs? :/

Too bad again, its only for the lucky ones, since there’s only 30 slots and the tix probably gets snapped out in less than 5 minutes anyways, so yeah. Keep dreamin’ πŸ˜€

Sparkling Night at Doll Factory?

Another weird update. So the “TIF Sparkling Night” with Ebisu Muscat and all those Sexy Idols will be held at…“Doll Factory?” Out of all places ! Man, they really running out of place for this one. I mean, its a pretty known fact that “Doll Factory” has a limited space and its quite cramped (well it is inside a WAREHOUSE after all). With that limited space, i dunno how early you have to be in the queue before you can get access to the stage.

Sparkling Night at Doll Factory Warehouse? Geez….

By the way, this year TIF there’s no “Enjoy Stadium” stage though, so i wonder if they scrapped that one, and used the space to extend the space for Doll Factory? Guess we’ll have to find out.

Doll Factory Stage in TIF2014? Hope the space is bigger in 2016 !

Zipper Stage and stuffs

Yeah they announced another stage/segment called the “zipper” stage. According to google translate, i guess it will be a “fashion show” or something like that. There’s some guest such as “Hinako Kitano” from Nogizaka 46 and “Hitomi Arai” from Tokyo Girls Style…but i think im not really interested with this segment – so probably will skip it lol

Zipper Stage Details via Google Translate

Line ups Updated with more Performers

Yeah more performers added. But still no Cheeky Parade and GEM so yeah….i’m still waiting !

Line Up Updates

Click HERE for TIF2016 Performers list.

“Weekly Playboy presents special live”

I dont know what this is, but seeing from the name…”Weekly Playboy special Live” i just hope there’s gonna be loads of Bikini gals involved !! /yeah right πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Weekly Playboy live ooo yea

Looking Good? Yeah. But with all the recent updates though, i do still have some wish list for the upcoming TIF2016

Wish List:
– Cheeky Parade and GEM for TIF2016 please
– Doll Factory space expansion for the Sparkling Night…make it bigger pleaase!!!
– More Updates and details for “special stage access” for the TIF Tshirt benefits.
– More bikini babes… uhhh…yeah. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

More bikinis plz

Hmmm i guess that’s it for now, and til the next #TIF2016 post whore ^^ πŸ˜€

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