LinQ Live in Jakarta – 16th – 17th July 2016!!

Posted: July 20, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

5 LinQ members came to Jakarta last weekend for the “Fukuoka Fair” event at Aeon Mall BSD, Indonesia. At first, i didnt expect much really, because at first i didnt really knew them even though i’ve saw their performances a few times before during my earlier TIF visits, but i guess i didnt pay that much attention that time, since they didnt leave that much impact on me. Sooo…~ it’s kinda funny now that when they come to Jakarta, i became addicted to some of their songs !! xD πŸ˜€ Some of my favorites now are “Hare Hare Parade”, “Calorie Nante”, and “Hanabi!!”, which they all sang during their live here.

Member List for LinQ in Indonesia. 5 members ,no yuumin sadly :/

LinQ @ Aeon Mall – 1st day 16th July 2016

During the 1st day, they’re supposed to perform at 18:00 but for some reason, the event organizer pushed the timing forward, so they actually perform at around 17:15 !! This really sucks for those who didnt know, as they would be missing the 1st session. There is still a group shot session after that though — and 2 more additional Live session the next day (on 12:00 and 19:00)

LinQ Live Performance Day 1 – 17:15 PM

They also have a stand selling merchandise here,such as Photopack, Stickers, Pins, Calendars, CD singles — all around Rp50.000 only (roughly around 500 yen) !! They also have lightstick selling around Rp200.000 (roughly around 2000 yen). For every purchase above Rp150.000 you can take group shot with them. Nice !!

LinQ merchandise price cut in indonesia – around 500 yen only.

I did buy CD and photopacks, but actually i kinda regretted that i took group pictures with them on the 1st day — there are some restriction like i cant choose the members i want to be next for me (the formation is like 2 members in front next to you, and 3 members behind you). I want both “Amihime” and “Maina” to be next to me, but i asked the staffs and they say the line up already fixed and i can’t choose which members to be next to me haha.

But!! During the 2nd day the next day after the last session…the group shoot session is basically more relaxed. You can pick any members you like, do any pose with them, even Selfies!! Haha. Should’ve choosen the last session for group shoots, but oh well.

LinQ Autographed Photopacks and Supreme CD

My Group Shot with LinQ

LinQ @ Aeon Mall – 2nd Day 17th July 2016

For the 2nd day, they perform 2 times at 12:00 and 19:00. Yeah — there is that huge 7 hours gap!! between the day and night session, geez! The first session at 12:00 there is lesser people. I even manage to sit in front at the first row middle haha.

LinQ Live Performance 2nd Day – 12:00PM

Nothing much for the 1st session though, since they sing the same setlist as the previous day (the only difference yesterday they sing “Supreme” but for today’s day session at 12:00, they switched the 3rd song with “Calorie Nante”).

After the 1st session basically i walk around and roam around the mall doing nothings (or eating the free foods from the fukuoka fair….yes, they gave away free traditional fukuoka foods over there xD). So cut the story short — here it comes, the night session of the live.

Now, the night session (19:00 Session) is much much different than the other 2 sessions before. Even though there are chairs– almost nobody is sitting down. In fact- some of the chairs are removed so we can actually have space to move around (and to sprint into the front areas to do kechas xD). I didnt even bother to take pictures for the last session – i just want to have fun and Urya oi. So for the last session, i kept my DSLR in my bag all the time. Haha. πŸ˜€

Everyone is much higher during the night session.

For the last session, they sing “Hanabi!!” for the 4th song, and “For you” for the encore song. I kinda wished they switched that (Hanabi for the last instead), but meh. It’s all good anyways. haha. Btw here is the full setlist for both days Live in Indo.

Oh, and also Thanks also to the “Japanese LinQ Fans” for leading the way – they lead the MIx, chants, and even the Encore. Kudos to them ! The night session is became much more better xD Without them i think the night session would be abit more boring haha.

Japanese Wotas group pix with LinQ.

Overall – i think the live is pretty fun. And remember, it is FREE Live so i didnt really expect much at first, but in the end i really enjoyed it. Mixing and chanting with the japanese is kinda fun too, we did that circle/mix thingy together and it was a blast xD πŸ˜€

And with TIF2016 just around the corner,i seriously thinking to save some timeslot there to see LinQ if possible…haha. We’ll see how it goes. Ok, that’s about it for LinQ … i will be updating my blog again next with TIF2016 Post since they just recently uploaded the Timetables already !! Haha.

In the mean time, here are some pictures of LinQ from the 1st day performance. I will upload some of the pix to my Flickr when i have the time. πŸ™‚

25th July 2016 Update:
Uploaded more LinQ Pix to my Flickr Album Here.

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