TIF2016 Updates and Stuffs (Part 4)

Posted: July 25, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Wohoo !! It’s about 10 more days until TIF2016 and i’m really hyped !! πŸ˜€ Finally all the performers, and timetables are out already (hurray for “Cheeky Parade” and “GEM” for this year TIF again!) and they even last minute added “SKE48”, and “NGT48″ Lol (not that i care of though!). Of course i’m still waiting for the buppan / greetings area timetables though, so until they’re released, it’s another waiting game altogether. Hurry up will you, TIF Staff !!

Latest Addition to TIF line Up, NGT48

so that’s makes it 3x 48 group during this TIF (“SKE48, NGT48, AKB48 Team 8”), and one 46 group (“Keyakizaka46”)…definitely the biggest TIF to date lol.

General TIF Updates

Another new updates from them is that we will also have a “TGIF” segment (stands for “Tokyo Gravure Festival 2016“) this year. And while not much details is known yet (and so-so performer list only so far, not much that im interest of) — i still support the ideas for having more BIKINI BABES at TIF2016. oooh yeahh. They also released a TIF2016 Gravure photoobook soon, i only hope those in the cover will also appears in “TGIF” segment as well lol…(yeah, i wish !! :D)

Thank God it’s Gravure !

Thank God it’s Gravure ! “Photobook”

There’s also some idols doing their “bikini debuts” for TIF2016, such as “Yui Sakurai” of Pinkbabies, and “Riito-chan” of Palet. Omg!! (both of them just turned 16 btw…LOL) Thank god for Summer time in Japan !!

More bikini godness

Also, another updates (that is not so important, haha)…After all those waiting about the “Special TIF Stages” for those who buy the Tshirts with special priviledge, in the end it’s just a few segments early morning in the TIF at the Hot Stage. I thought they’re gonna set-up a whole new stage altogether, but guess i was wrong haha (should’ve known that would take too much budget anyway). So yeah, i probably won’t bother with those segment and ill just give it a miss.

My Temporary Planning / Schedules

Every year, setting up the schedules for TIF is already part of the festival itself. Haha. The headaches of deciding and planning of “which stages i should go this time”, well guess what. We’re at THAT TIME of the year again ! Haha πŸ˜€

Check out my friend’s Excel/Spreadsheet file for
English Version of the Timetables!! It really Helps!! (Credit to my Friend Nubu)

Anyways, for This year “Passpo” and “Babyraids Japan” gets my priority again, while ““Cheeky Parade”, “GEM”, and “Passcode” followed after. The thing though. The schedule is not really kind for me. “Passcode” only appeared 3 times during this year TIF (they only performing on Friday and Saturday — probably resting on Sunday for their Zepp Diver Live on Monday) while “GEM” timetable just clashed with everything else. Damn.

What strange to me though, Day 1 TIF2016 is abit/somewhat dissapointing for me, i guess that’s because mainly all the artist i want to see at the Hot Stage appears during the 2nd Day. So yeap, i think during Day 1 TIF, I’ll just explore the Greetings area during my empty schedules. For the 2nd day, i will spend almost the whole day there at the Hot stage (lol), before going to see Ebisu Muscats at night haha. πŸ˜€

Day 1 Planning version 0.000001 for TIF2016

See? Yeah, my Day 1 schedule is boring as hell — hopefully i can fill the empty schedules with 2shots or handshake at the greetings area lol. I still thinking if i should gave up the “Idol Clubbing Night Segment” during Day 1 – Night Time, just to see Passcode at Smile Garden, but i’ll see again how it goes haha. For Day 2, it’s really straight forward for me. (btw, day 2 – 17:40 Idol College at the Sky Stage, not Hot stage. just a correction)

Day 2 Planning version 0.000001 for TIF2016

For Day 3, most of the time i will be at the Ship Stage and Smile Garden stage i think. There’s one thing that bothers me though….the Weekly Playboy segment is gonna be held at “Doll Factory”…man, that stage is cramped as hell. It’s gonna be a NIGHTMARE trying to queue for that stage, so i’m still undecided if i should watch that. I mean, i have to choose that between Babyraids x Wasuta and LinQ + 9Nine at the other stages…lol.

Look at that schedule…how should i choose??

So yeah, im still not sure how it goes, but here is my Day 3 planning anyways

Day 3 Planning version 0.000001 for TIF2016

Last Notes:

If you noticed for this year planning for me…the number of groups i want to see is even Lesser than previous years (even though there is more groups available). During my early TIF days (especially in TIF2012 and TIF2013), my aim is to see Passpo + and then “as many idols as possible” (especially those underground ones).

Well after few years or that, i totally gave up the idea of seeing Idols i don’t really know of, and i only want to see those i really want to see. Which explains why my planning this year is much more relaxed than the previous year (by relaxed i mean, i’ll just stay at one stage and stay there for a while — instead of moving around between stages all the times like i did during my earlier TIF days). These days, i don’t really aim to see more than 10-15 groups per day anymore — all i want is those of my favorites only, if you know what i mean haha.

I feel that if you want to see new idol group and try seeing new stuffs, you should just go to that kind of “Koushien” Lives (Idol Koushien, or @ JAM Live) or mixed Idol Live where they only have 1 stage, and fixed timetables. That is much easier than “spending your time running around like a fool in TIF under the hot sun, seeing idols you never heard or never see before”. But i know one thing for sure, that, seeing my favorite group under the hot sun at Smile Garden is always WORTH IT. Haha. Anyways — to each their own eh? This is just my opinions :3 πŸ˜€

Ok that’s all folks for my rants and talks about this year #TIF2016. This is probably my last TIF2016 post before i depart though, so if there’s anything — i should update after my TIF Trip. Hope it’s gonna be a wonderful summer again ! πŸ™‚


E-Girls new PV “Pink Champagne” is really cool!! HAHA. (I think it’s my favorite E-Girls PV to-date xD :D) I wanted to make a long post about that (like what i did with “Dance With Me Now” PV post few months earlier). But guess i’m just too lazy lol. I guess i’ll just leave this post with some screenshots and link for the youtube video itself haha ! πŸ˜€

Egirls – “Pink Champagne” PV

See Short Version of the PV HERE!!

— end of post —

  1. Shaun says:

    Loved reading your updates on TIF πŸ˜›

    I have an important question: how long did it take for Tokyo Girls Update to process your ticket application? I randomly decided to attend TIF, of course hoping for free tickets, which is unlikely at this point, lol. I applied three days ago and no reply yet except for the auto-reply. I’m fine buying tickets also, do you know if they sell them the day of the event? Thanks! (I’ll send an email to you also, although it could be an old one I just happened to find) (And feel free to delete this also :P)

  2. InfinityZer0 says:

    Wow…just read this reply…sometimes i didnt bother to check the comments, because it’s usually full of bots and SPAMS.

    So in the end ,did you go ? haha TGU always slow when sending in the Tickets though, but what can you say, it’s “free” (well not really if you count the TGU membership) .

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