Japan Summer Trip 2016 – 2nd,3rd and 4th August 2016

Posted: August 11, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally got time to update my blog…phew. In the past i always updated my blog real time while in japan, but these days i somehow wonder how i managed to do that, because i’m getting tired all the time…(well…Maybe im getting Old XD!! :D) Anyways, nowaydas i do wrote some notes here and there on my phone for easier recap for my blog post after i went back from my Japan trip. So i’ll start the Japan Trip post with the first few days of the trip, starting from 2nd, 3rd and the 4th August of 2016.

Japan Trip Day 1 – 2nd August 2016

Well…nothing much today. Arrived in Haneda Airport very late, around 22:30PM at night (because im using a cheapo airline Airasia). Went straight to get my sim card for 2500 yen at the Global WIFI counter in Haneda. I was planning to get the U-Mobile card, but somehow i can’t find it anywhere, so just went with the other option. Strangely though, they dont accept cash payment (for the Global Wifi counter in Haneda) so i have to use my friends Credit Card (we bought together in the end).

The Global WIFI Branch at Haneda Airport

I kinda regretted getting this card tho, even though its “cheap”, they only gave us 100MB per day (!!) before the speed goes down very slow :/ I remember i used CDJapan sim card last year and the Bandwidth is atleast 200MB/ day. And, Bmobile sim card the year before that also. They all seems to be better than this simcard. Oh well. Other than the bandwidth limit, the card is quite ok though. There’s also vending machine for sim card for 3500 yen, but i never tried it.

3500 yen Sim Card

Next time i go japan, maybe i should try other option for Sim Cards…now that i know i need at least 200mb/day lol. 100mb is just too little….a video “autoplay” function on Twitter on Facebook will just eat up all your bandwidth in one go, so got to be REALLY careful with social media apps…lol. I think maybe last time i didnt use social media apps that much while in japan, so the bandwidth doesn’t really bother me. But yeah, 100MB per day is still too little though!!!

Anyways, we head to the Manga Cafe in Shibuya for the night. The usual Manboo! manga cafe in Shibuya, udagawacho~ (1480 yen, 10 hours Midnight Plan). I posted the Review Before here, so i guess i dont have to go into details about this place anymore…haha. Took shower and rest, before i realized that it RAINEd around 3am to 5am in Shibuya…damn. I saw some news on TV also and some of the news is about Flood at some certain parts in Japan…(at that time- i only hope it didnt affect #TIF2016 at all…xD)

Rain / Flood news in Local Japan Tv

Manboo Manga Cafe for the Night

Japan Trip Day 2 – 3rd August 2016

Morning Came in Shibuya, and i didnt get that much sleep. Well…maybe at around 3 hours only. Took a shower at the Manga Cafe before heading out. At first we want to go to Akihabara first to look around, but then i decided that it would be too much and too hassle, because we’re going to the “A-Nation Island Resort Stage later at 2pm.

So in the end we went to Ebisu to meet my other indonesian friend and had dinner together, before heading straight to A-Nation Resort Stage at Yoyogi Stadium.

A-Nation Resort Stage at Yoyogi

My goal here is to see “Idol Street” groups of course, and that means Cheeky Parade, GEM and Wasuta. Especially the GEM and Cheeky Parade performance though, because my schedule doesnt allow me to see them that much During #TIF2016, so this is my only chance lol. Btw, in the end i really only saw GEM once during the trip, and that is during this A-nation. So good decision from me ! Before Idol Street, there’s a performance by I-Ris but i dont really know much of their songs lol.

Cheeky parade @ a-nation resort stage (3.8.2016) setlist:
1. Cheeky fighter
2. Bunbun 9nine
3. Hands up
4. Monst@r

GEM @ a-nation resort stage (3.8.2016)
1. We are gem
2. Spotlight
3. Baby love me
4. Party up

I didnt know some of the Wasuta song, as i only know the “Inu Neko” song (which, in the end, i managed to see at least 4-5 times during this trip Lol). At first, i didnt really like Cheeky Parade new single (“Hands Up”) but in the end it grew up on me a little. Also the same thing for GEM’s single (“Spotlight”). But for GEM single, i still didnt really like it that much xD

For Wasuta performance, they allowed us to take picture and even record videos of them 😀 And so,i took some photos, and recorded their Inu Neko Seishun Massakari performance as well.

Wasuta @ A-Nation

After Wasuta performance, there’s still more performance to come from “Houkago Princess” and some others, but since we really need to rush, we just left. First headed to Harajuku Daiso first to buy some cheapo 100 yen stuffs (my friend want to check out Harajuku first, so thats one of another reason haha), before finally we headed to the Hotel @ Iriya (the usual 1980 yen hostel) to check in, and then rest for a while.

The Usual 1980 yen Capsule Hotel At Iriya. Still one of my fave

After resting for a while, we went to Akihabara to buy some event tickets. We bought the event tickets for Tsubomi Event at 8th August 2016 (the day after TIF). Meet up with some other friends as well, so headed for a late dinner at Sukiya branch in Akihabara, before going back to the hotel again for a rest.

*Censored Pix* cuz some of us is shy for public blogs…XD

And basically that’s the end of the 2nd day in Tokyo…Up next for the next day~

Japan Trip Day 3 – 4th August 2016

Day 3…just one more day before TIF…it’s getting Closer now !! 😀 Actually There’s some other events i wanted to go today, but i feel tired and decided to walk around with my friends instead. First up, we went to Trio2 Shop in Nakano first, because we probably dont have time to revisit there in the last few days on the trip. Found some stuffs i wanted to buy and for my friends, so i spend like 1 hour here looking at 2nd hand stuffs lol.

First Stop of the Day….Trio2 Shop at Nakano

The funny thing about Trio2 shop, their AKB section is being reduced by a LARGE margin these days. I used to go to these shops during 2012-2013 for hunting AKB48 Photopacks back then (since i was a huge 48 fans back in the days), and during those days half of the shop is basically 48 stuffs. These days, it’s filled with many other stuffs instead lol 😀

Bought Kawaguchi Haruna 1st PB for 1080 yen. Not bad

In comparison to last time, really nothing much for 48 stuffs, even their photopacks i think is just the “Leftovers” lol. I noticed this as well at some of the other shops in Akiba (Liberty, and also the other Trio Shop in Akihabara), there are lesser and lesser shops selling 48 photopacks. Maybe people are finally getting Bored of AKB48 already?

After shopping at Trio Nakano, went back to Akihabara and then straight to another Trio shop again (lol) this time the branch at Akihabara. 😀 Sooo… More shopping sprees ensues xD After all the shopping sprees at Trio’s shops, we finally had a late lunch at Saizeriya Akihabara branch. In the end this place become our “meeting place” because of the reasonable food prices, and most importatly, the DRINKS REFILL !! It’s really such a deal during summer time like this- when you can get thirsty easily

Saizeriya for Lunch

Saizeriya Menu Prices

After lunch, we walk around in Akihabara more, before decided to go for “Idol College” event in SoftMap Akihabara. The entry is only 1000 yen, and you can get photopack and one coupon also (can be traded for handshake after show, or accumulated for 2shot or group shot), so yeah, its quite cheap and reasonable.

Idol College event tix @ Softmap (4th August 2016)

I used to chase around for Idol College back then during their “Yozora” single, but i’m much more casual to them these days (and my oshi non-chan no more already lol). They sang around 5 songs total during the event, but some i dont really know the titles. I only know their old songs they sing, such as “Ame Nochi Hare!” and “One for All!.

After the “Mini-Live” there’s the Meet and greet session. Handshake, 2shots/cheki and Group shot. I didnt really have anyone to take picture with (at first thinking of Shioka, or Ebi-chan) but decided to take a group picture with Idol College instead haha.

Idol College Group Shot @ SoftMap

Went back to Saizeriya afterwards to meet up some more friends from Singapore, Malaysia and even Thailand for one last meet-up before #TIF2016. Took group picture also, before we decided to call it a night, since we have a very LONG weekend ahead of us. Haha.

Group Picture before #TIF2016

Back at the hotel – still no sleep time for me. I still need to revise my #TIF schedule since the buppan timetables all come out already, as well the #TGIF2016 schedule. Really headache haha. In the end i can only sleep at around 3am, and woke up in around 6am…not enough sleep indeed xD 😀

So that’s about it for the first 3 days in Japan summer trip this year…the next Blog update should cover about the #TIF2016 *finally*!! But since i’m not doing it in real time as i did the previous year, i might forget one of two stuffs, so i guess i’ll just do some recaps of the important things only 😛

**Stay tune for more #TIF2016 Postwhore, coming up next~ **

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