Japan Summer Trip 2016 – TIF2016 Day 1

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Finally. It’s my 5th year in a row attending “Tokyo Idol Festival”, so it’s “Archievement Unlock” i guess? Haha. Just like my previous blog post, i didnt manage to update my TIF moment in real time as i’ve been too busy and too tired to do anything other than “urya oiii” and “resting”. So i’ll try to do my best to recap all the important moments during this year #TIF2016. 😛

Will i’ll be at “TIF2017” next year? Who knows!

Hello there gundam statue! We met again this year 😀

5th August 2016 – TIF2016 Day 1

The last 3 days, im on a budget mode staying at “Capsule” hotel and “Manga Cafe”. For the next 3days during the TIF period, this time i decided to do something i’ve never tried before – which is staying “INSIDE” Odaiba area ! 😀 I know, the hotels area inside odaiba is damn too expensive, but these days we have “Airbnb” and to my luck, we managed to find one quite cheap (BUT GOOD !!) apartement in Ariake (just few stops away from Aomi/Telecom Centre station in Odaba.

The AirBNB place is here

The Apartement cost around 250$++ SGD (?) per nite (or should be around that, i forgot the exact ammount) and we shared it by 6 person, so in the end it became VERY CHEAP! There’s a bad thing though…the owner is not really responsive few days before our check in date- which made us really nervous. I mean, usually before check in the owner will brief you about the location and bla bla bla, for this one, even i have to search the location myself ! Didn’t really hear much about the owner until few days before the check in date (and still – not much details about where we should meet, and vice versa). Not to mention, on his reviews page there are few “cancellation” messages as well ! Ugh…what a gamble.

I also blamed it for my lack of experience using airbnb (and *ehm ehm* lack of budget/save money since we staying 3 nights there), i feel that i should’ve checked in Odaiba one day BEFORE TIF, instead on the day itself. So yeah, much headache on the day itself, we have to carry our luggage inside Odaiba and wait for the owner’s reply. We dont really have any backup plans since all the capsule and hostel most of them already Full since its the summer holidays. I really dont know what should we do if the owner didnt turn up really. Thankfully, it all went well though. Once we reached odaiba, my friend decided to borrow a phone from someone and contacted the owner. Then — thank GOD we finally reach him and we can do an early check in ! 😀

The apartement is very good though. Very spacious, and plenty of space for 6 person. 2 of us sleep at the bed, another 2 on the sofas area, and for me and my other friend at the futon. It’s very clean also. Overall, our “gamble” staying here is really worth it 😀 We can even hang around in the balcony areas each nights to enjoy the Odaiba views lol.

Our odaiba apartement~! Not bad at all 😀 Complete with cool showers/bath tub/kitchen

Panorama View of the apartement

So we checked in to the apartement around like, 830-9am and we just put all our luggage there before heading to the Smile Garden areas to collect our “free/cheapo” gaijin TIF tickets. 😀 Oh — another thing. For this year Gaijin tickets, you need to collect the tickets each day at the Smile Garden areas since they only give you daily tickets… Which means — everyday you need to come back there for the tickets. :/ Oh well.

TIF2016 Official began now!!

Since we have to wait the owner early morning and drop our luggage and stuffs. Basically my schedule/plans for Day 1 #TIF2016 changed by a bit. Reached smile garden quite late (around 10am+) so i have no choice to skip the Palet performance at the Sky Stage for the opening act :/ Oh well…this means, another year without “Sky Stage” access again. This is the 2nd or 3rd year in a row that i never went to the sky stage? I also dont remember honestly lol, it’s been a while. Instead of the Sky Stage, i went ahead to the Market Place area for goods.

TIF2016 Marketplace Areas

Friday Morning at the Grand Market area, is too early for me. Some of the buppan/goods isnt open yet and you can see the staffs still preparing their stuffs. One thing i noticed though, that the booth areas for the “TGIF” segment (aka – the bikini fest areas) is quite empty. Not many people there, and you can just buy on the spot without queuing.

TIF2016 #TGIF areas with mini swimming pools…lol

This is MUCH MUCH different later on Saturday and Sunday, where the queue is crazy as hell. My first #TIF2016 regret so far probably, is that i never spend that much time in the #TGIF areas on Friday, because today, there isnt so many people and the queue is much much more relaxed. Somemore, i was at the area for some time — i could easily buy and spam tickets (its only 1000 yen for bikini 2shot — mind you!) and take with each single of them lol. Then again, i dont really know the idols at the #TGIF segment for Fridays…so yeah. :/

Although the “TGIF” Areas is basically a “free show” if you dont buy anything since you can see the idols there wearing bikinis and doing their stuffs…lol…i mean, seeing the fans reaction with the bikini idols there already damn entertaining itself xD Some of them gets too nervous during 2shots and its kinda funny too see hahaha 😀 Really too bad that i dont know some of the idols/models name though, because i found some really “sexy” ones there. Oh well.

I was at the Grand Market Area until 12PM (starting from the time i got my wristband), it took much time for me to look around all the market place and remember their numbers for future visits (to safe time). My first performance of the day is actually X21 at Smile Garden!!.

First Performance of TIF2016 for me… X21 At Smile Garden

Yeah, i went all the way back from Marketplace to Smile Garden just to see X21 for 15 minutes….lol. And what’s worse — some of their main members is not performing today :/ Like their captain Miyu Yoshimoto (which is my favorite…damn!!) is not performing, so this performance is abit let down for me. They did their latest single “Natsu Dayo!! which is one of my fave, so yeah — that’s the consolation for me.

X21 minus Miyu Yoshimoto is kinda like… AKB48 without Aachan/Yuko? 🙁
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After X21, i went to the Doll Factory stage to see Passcode. To my amazement, the queue is pretty damn long (!!) and its only like…12:30PM on the first day ?? (wow, i cant imagine how is the queue when bigger idols gets to perform here later on). I went in first during Ayumikurikamaki performance. Their songs actually not so bad, haha. And in the end, i keep seeing them (Ayumikurikamaki) for like…3 times? During the entire #TIF haha. (not that i want to, but their timing is always near to someone i wanted to see lol).

For the Passcode performance is not bad, they sing my fav song “Club Kids Never Die” and also they sang “Seize The Day”. Also, one of the member “Imada Yuna” is kinda “sick” since she have to stay sitting down most of the time. She still can scream though— especially during the “Club Kids Never Die” part LOL!! xD 😀

Passcode @ Doll Factory…
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After that performance, i went back to the Grand Market area for Meet and Greet with the idols. Yeah, i have decided that all the meet and greets and buying stuffs should be done today, so time to get busy 😀 I went to take 2shot with Palet‘s new member Riitochan and also Ex BiS Member >Yufu Terashima. For Palet i use mobile phone for 2shot, while for Yufu is a cheki/polaroid 2shot (no sign though).

Event Ticket for Today

The other ticket is for 2shot with Call Me Member Mimori-chan — but that one is at different timing on 4PM. I also thinking to have handshake or something with X21 members since its also at the same timing with “Call me” session, but since “Miyu Yoshimoto” wasnt here today…i decided to save money. Haha. I also bought the Passcode Virtual Tshirt for 3500 yen. It also come with a “2shot” tickets– but for some reason the ticket can only be used for “next” event and not during TIF, which means…well yeah. Not my luck 😛 Oh well.

2Shot with Palet’s Riito chan

2shot with Yufu Terashima

After the 2shots, i went to the nearby stages to kill some time (Festival Stage) which is just located next to the Gundam Statue and outside the Market area…just nice. I saw StarMarie at 14:05-14:20 and GEM (yay!!) at 14:45-15:00. Forgot the setlist for either two, but i remember GEM Singing “Spotlight” again, lol.

After GEM, i rushed straigh to Smile Garden to see Wasuta. Did a power-walk from Festival Stage to Smile Garden and it took like 7-8 minutes. When i reached Smile Garden, Wasuta already started performing their first song which is Inu Neko Seisshun Massakari” Lol.

Wasuta Performance at Smile Garden
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

You know, in the end i managed to hear that Wasuta’s “Inu Neko” song for like…. 4-5x during this entire Japan trip? xD Before this i only saw the “cover group” version done by a local cover group in Indo called “Lumina Scarlet” (they often do a cover of Inuneko during their performances/events) but this time, it’s the REAL thing allright…and i havent even count the “Babyraids x Wasuta” collabo later on Day 3 (but we’ll get to that later xD) 😀

After Wasuta performance, i went back to Zepp Diver City Mall to rest for a while, and also to refill my water. At this time,it’s already like 15:30PM and i only managed to see like, 6 idol groups so far (X21, Ayumikurakimaki, Passcode, Starmarie, GEM, and Wasuta). Haha. I guess i’m waaaay too relaxed this #TIF, i skipped soo many performance in between. I rested for awhile until 16:00PM when it’s my turn to take 2shot with Call Me member Mimori Chan.

After the 2shot, i surprised that they gave us some time to chat with the members for a bit (i was expecting the staff to rush me for the next guy, but nope) so i decided to talk with her for a while. Mimori Chan still remembers me from Jakarta– during the “JMusic Lab” performance back then when “Dorothy Little Happy came” to Jakarta in 2014– so that’s a good thing haha. She say it’s been awhile and some other things i didnt understand (xD) but yea, just straight to the point. I want to have a longer chat with her but i suppose you need to buy a separate handshake tix with that, haha. But overall, had a very pleasant experience with her. So After 2 years, finally can meet her again up-close- and personal. Quite happy 😀

2shot with Call Me – Mimori chan

After the 2shot, i bumped with some of my other friends from Malaysia and Singapore, so we decided to rest abit more at the Grand Market areas. To kill some more time, i just hang around and take a look at the “TGIF” booth nearby, checking out for people play water-gun-sprays with the idols lol. I dont want to spend money to play Water guns. Seeing peoeple play is enough xD

Also, im quite late to realize that there is a “free handshake” session with Passcode. Missed it by a small margin only (maybe like 5 minutes?) then the staff cut the queue and wouldnt let anymore people to queue in the line…Damnit. Almost spoiled my day, because i really want to talk to the Passcode members, but oh well 🙁 Moving on to the next performance. No time to waste.

Near to 5pm I decided that i should go back to Smile Garden for Passpo and Predia. On the way back to Smile Garden, bumped into some unknown idols giving us flyers. Saw people taking 2shots with them for free also, so i decided to take a free 2shots also…haha. Sorry though — i dont remember her name at all !

Free 2-shot with Random Idols

Continue to Smile Garden. Now for Passpo and Predia. Reached on time just when the performance about the start — i think you can even see me on the #TIF footage when im just about to arrive xD

Passpo Performance at Smile Garden
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

For the Passpo Performance itself though, the setlist imo is so so only, consist of slower songs which you cannot really chant for most of the time. They did sang “Pretty Lie” though, like they always do during TIF every year haha. Annnnyaaaaaaaarghhhh~~…Oh yeah, they also sing the song “Tracks” minus Mako-chan, and i think they changed the lyrics slighly abit…its kinda sad seeing them perform the song without Mako-chan, so i think they changed the lyrics for a tribute to her. 🙁 Oh mannn…

Anyways, here is the setlist for Smile Garden.

Passpo – Smile Garden 5th august 2016 (17:10-17:25)
1. Shoujo Hikou
2. Pretty Lie
3. “I”
4. Tracks (😭😭 no makkochan)
5. Bachelorette wa Owaranai

After Passpo is Predia’s turn. Im not gonna lie that i didnt know some of the song names (lol) but i recognize one song, i think its called “You Slipped Away” ? That one isnt bad. Haha. Did nothing much during this performance other than staring at Maeda Yuu for 15 minutes straight LOL!! 😀

Predia Performance at Smile Garden
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After Predia, i bumped with some of my friends, so we rushed straigh to the Ship Stage to see 9Nine and Babyraids Japan back to back. Haha. Reach just in time to see 9Nine and their 4 members Line up without “Umika Kawashima” :/ Well, at least Ukky is still there, haha.

For the performance of 9nine they sang one of my favorite song “RE: but….Too bad they didnt sing “Shining Star” though, was waiting for it but it never came. Haha. Here are the other songs they sing during the Ship Stage.

9nine – Ship Stage (18:00-18:20)
1. Re:
2. Darling Darling
3. My only One
4. 9nine festival

After 9nine,is time for Babyraids Japan to Perform. Yay. They start the performance with a slow song “Pretty Little Baby” followed by a towel song “Natsuiro Party“. Haha. After that they sing “Wahaha” which is a coupling song from the (“Senkou Believer” single) which is totally nice actually…got hooked to it, especially during Naosuke’s part where she did the rap and throw away her Hat at the end of it – that was quite awesome xD 😀

Babyraids Japan @ The Ship Stage
(Pix Courtesy of Babyraids Japan Official Twitter)

The last song is definitely the best of the bunch, which is “Yoake Brand New Days”!! I have been waiting this song for a while !! IMO, it is one of their “highest” song, which is why they sing the song almost at the end (for the last song) during Live, haha. In the end, for all 3 days of #TIF i get to see Babyraids performing this song at least once a day. so i am really HAPPY. 😀

Babyraids Japan – Ship Stage (18:20-18:40)
1. Pretty Little Baby
2. Natsuiro Party
3. Wahaha / (“ワハハ”)
4. Baby Revolution
5. Yoake Brand new Days

Overall, The performance is super high, and i think that this is the BEST moments/highlights of the day for me. 😀 😀 Made me totally forgot about the “free passcode” handshake i missed just a while ago lol~

At this moment i also started to think that i actually liked Babyraids Japan more than Passpo…uhh ohhhh….maybe my obsession towards Passpo is starting to Fade Away already…i dont know. I just felt that Babyraids performance is much more “fresh” and much more fun. Haha. But i still like Both though….xD 😀

Ok Moving on for the last segment of #TIF2016 for me. By this time, its around night time, and my energy is nearly all gone/depleted…LOL. At first i want to stand by for the “Idol Clubbing Night” segment at the hotstage, but at the last minute i decided that i should just go for Smile Garden because i want to see Passcode…yeah. Haha. Still can’t get over the fact that i missed their free handshake >_< Either way, the only segment i wanted to see during the Idol CLubbing Night segment is the Cyber Japan Dancers which didnt really appears until so late at 21:00PM. Haha.

So, time to head for the last destination for the day, which is the Smile Garden. The last 6 performance for the Smile Garden stage would be – Call Me, Lovely Doll, Party Rockets GT, Fudanjuku, Passcode(YAY!), and Bellring Girls Heart.

So, starting for “Call Me” part. I am damn tired already, but i still decided to move quite in front so i can get a closer look towards Mimori Chan lol….they sing my fav song also which is “Step By Step”…nice.

Call Me at Smile Garden
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After “Call Me” Performance over, the next one is Lovely Doll performance. I actually went back to the behind areas of Smile Garden during this segment to sit down rest. I think i even went out for a bit to get a free drinks they’re giving away near the TGU booth areas/Info Centre Entrance areas. Haha. The same thing during the Party Rockets GT and Fudanjuku performance. I am too tired already so i just sat down and watch from far far away near the trees area lol…plus, im saving all my leftover energy for Passcode. 😀

Passcode @ Smile Garden TIF2016 Day 1 – Night Time

So the time has come for Passcode at Smile Garden, i prepared myself, then rushed myself to go in front/middles area to get a better spot with all the other Passcode Fans. Yeah. I know,i know — going up in front in Smile Garden requires a courage, and it means you ARE READY to be pushed/squeezed/moshed or whatever coming your way — you can’t even complain about it… Because, if you want to be safe in the “battlefield” or so-we-call the smile garden at night, then you better stay at the back and see from far away. Haha. But i’m already prepared for this, so i thought…man, let’s just do this all the way. xD

So the first song starts. And its “Club Kids Never Die”…uhh ok…This is definitely DAMN AWESOME XD I got quite high during this, and so are the other fans. I saw some of the BOND’s (the #TIF security team) got quite busy during passcode to stop some of the fans who went overboard with moshing/pushing and lifting. Hahaha. But still awesome though.

Then 2nd song came. Oh my god. It’s Never Sleep Again which is 2nd favorite Passcode songs…just awesome xD 😀 Went quite crazy during this part — especialy when Imada Yuna did her “screamo” parts as usual and again some of the fans went overboard again with lifting and stuffs hahaha… Thankfully i managed to survive in one piece after the end of the song. LOL!! 😀

Passcode Imada Yuna doing her best at screaming
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After that it’s the 3rd song which is “Seize The Day”. It’s a much slower song compared to the other two songs lol. But then, during this song there’s this crazy guy with lightsticks all over his body which completely “flew” towards the front part near the end of the song…lol !!! It is quite funny if you see it up-front, especially if you see that he came from all the way to from the back to the front areas…haha 😀

The Infamous Passcode fan during “Seize the Day”
(Images Courtesy of some random people on Facebook/Twitter)

So yeah, here is the setlist for Passcode at Smile Garden Night time.

Passcode – Smile garden (20:10-20:25 PM)
1. Club Kids never die
2. Never sleep again
3. Seize the Day

After Passcode, is another crazy group…”Bellring Girls Heart. But since im not really into them, i just went back to the back areas to see with my other friends. Haha. Another crazy performance, and again the fans went abit crazy during some parts, and we can see the BOND’s (the #TIF security team) escorting some of the overboard fans to outside. hahaha. Around the end we can see also some fans throwing Lightsticks up in the air — i think this starting to become a trend already…(haha. tell you more all about it on the last day during Babyraids Japan Performance xD)

Bellrings Girls Heart Performance – Last one on Smile Garden Day 1
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

When Bellring finished performing, at first i want to go back to the apartement already since im too tired…but then at the last minute i decided that i want to see Cyber Japan Dancers, so i went back to Hot Stage’s too see the “Idol Clubbing Night” Segment haha.

During Cyber Japan Dancers turn — there’s an audio glitch in the middle of the 2nd song haha, so in the end they have to re-do their 2nd song from the start…. which means…more BIKINI TIME!! Hahaha xD But too bad im waaaay too tired already, so can’t do anything much but to enjoy the view…(boobs and ass…xD) 😀

Cyber Japan Dancers during Idol CLubbing Night Segment
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

Closing Note:

After Cyber Japan Dancer finished performing i just left and go back to my apartement to rest. Man what a day. The Funny thing, when i made the planning/schedule for the 1st day of #TIF2016, it supposed to be boring. But now that i think about it, this day is very happening and there’s so much things going on, and its really fun.

Compared to the 2nd day of #TIF2016 tomorrow, i think this day is much better. Had more fun today for some reason haha 😀 As for tomorrow post…i shall leave it for the next post. Believe it or not i spent like 2 hours just trying to write and memorize what happened during the 1st Day of #TIF2016 Lol.

So til the next post…for my 2nd Day recap of TIF2016 😀

Sleep at the Futon at my apartement….finally some rest time!

TIF2016 – Day 1 Summary – 5th August 2016
– X21 @ Smile Garden
– Ayumikuromaki @ Doll Factory
– Passcode @ Doll Factory
– Starmarie @ Festival Stage
– GEM @ FEstival Stage
– Wasuta @ Smile Garden
– Passpo @ Smile Garden
– Predia @ Smile Garden
– 9nine @ ship Stage
– Babyraids Japan @ Ship Stage
– Call Me @ Smile Garden
– Lovely Doll @ Smile Garden
– Party Rockets GT @ Smile Garden
– Fudanjuku @ Smile Garden
– Passcode @ Smile Garden
– Bellrings Girls Heart @ Smile Garden
– Cyber Japan Dancer – @ Hot Stage

Mimori Chan (call me), Riito chan (Palet), Yufu Terashima.


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