Japan Summer Trip 2016 – TIF2016 Day 2

Posted: August 13, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So here we are, the 2nd Day of #TIF2016. Had a great sleep since we stayed in an apartement and Odaiba — plus, that means we dont have to wake up too early for #TIF, since it’s just a few stations away from our place haha. I think it’s also possible to walk there, but under this hot weather…no.fricking.way. Hahaha. Anyways, began the day with my friends cooking noodles (thx to the Kitchen! so we can cook) for Breakfast, ate it at the balcony while enjoying the Odaiba Views xD 😀

Early Morning breakfast at the balcony~ xD

6th August 2016 – TIF2016 Day 2

After breakfast, went out from our apartement at like,10:00 AM (yeah, no need to rush), and we stopped by to Smile Garden first to collect our 2nd Day tickets. After that, went back straight to the Market Place for the #TGIF2016 Areas.

I secretly taking pix of Staff taking pix the gals during the #TGIF segment.

Now…Remember what i said yesterday about the #TGIF queue? Yep. Maybe on Friday, there isn’t much to queue, but today ? The queue is quite long, and i MISSED the opportunity to 2shot with Jun Amaki on the 1st session in the morning because the tickets already SOLD OUT. Man. Big Mistake thinking that yesterday the queue wasn’t that bad so today i came unprepared…turns out that it was too much worse — and that i should’ve come here much earlier. 🙁

Because of this, my first half of the day plan totally changed, as i have to go for the 2nd session with Jun Amaki, which is the “Janken Tourney” session. To remind you, the 1st session of #TGIF is important because its a straight-away Bikini 2shot. No nonsense, the girls already in Bikini. :/ Now that i missed that, i have no choice to go for the 2nd session (Janken one), which luckily, i managed to get two tickets. I dont really like the Janken really, i mean, i know you might get more interaction with them, but you still need to win the Janken before they strip into their bikinis…Lol. We’ll get to more of that later, during the event.

some of the #TGIF 2shot tix Secured!!

Anyways after buying the tickets, i went straight to the Hot Stage for Cheeky Parade. Got in quite late, i think after the first or 2nd song already started, (i think during “Cheeky Fighter?) so i missed some moments there. Besides other songs they sing which i forgot the name. they also sing their latest single “Hands Up which recently just grew on me. Yeah, i still didnt liked it much compared to the other chikipa’s single– but it wasn’t all that bad as i originally thought, lol.

Cheeky Parade @ The Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After Chikipa finished at the hot stage, i went back to the #TGIF segment at the Marketplace areas. Yes— the #TGIF is still on my mind that moment – But actually im quite pissed. Why you ask? My original plan is to stay at the hot stage from Chikipa all the way until LinQ, but now that plan been ruined and i need to get out for the 2nd TGIF segment with Jun Amaki. Sooo, because of that, i decided to take more Bikini 2shots with the other girls. Meh. Since i’m already outside at the TGIF, why the hell not. In the end i just googled some of the bikini gals name on the spot and google images them one by one which one (the gravure lol) caught my eye. Hahahaha. Since i dont know them at all, might as well google first xD 😀

So in the end i took pictures with “Mai Tsukamoto (she is damn hot in real life), “Reika Shinjo” (so so only in real life), FesTive member Suzuki Mitsuki (I only take with her because FesTive coming to Jakarta on the 20th of August, so maybe take one now just for fun xD) and lastly of course “Jun Amaki”. There are others i want to take, but sadly sold out. So these will have to do.

2shot with Mai Tsukamoto During #TGIF2016 segment

2shot with Reiko Shinjo During #TGIF2016 segment

2shot with FEstive Member Suzuki Mitsuki During #TGIF2016 segment

2shot with Jun AmakiDuring #TGIF2016 segment

I spent like 1 and half hour at the #TGIF booth and it’s really hot outside. By “HOT” not only the weather, but also the girls over there, standing in bikinis. 😀 😀 Dammit. I wish it was easier to get the tickets for the 2nd and 3rd day of #TGIF, i really dont mind if i took pictures one by one with them Lol. Like i said before — there are some girls i also want also — but the tickets already sold out– or either that, i dont know their names…Lol. Oh well. :/

Also, during Jun Amaki Janken, i just told her that im a foreigner, and i will use “Rock” for my janken. And she actually purposely lose to me, as she use “Scissors” agaisnt my “Rock” before stripping into her bikinis, lol. So yay, simple win. The same thing goes for the 2nd tickets, i told her “Rock” and she use “Scissors”. I guess it’s one of those “gaijin” priviledge? Lol. But she was really nice indeed.

After the #TGIF moments done (Thank God!! i can go back to the Hot Stage peacefully), i went back to the hot stage, and to my horror, the queue to go inside is Damn LONG already..Dammit…and all these because i missed the early morning #TGIF segment and had to go outside from the hot stage to participate the 2nd #TGIF session :/

Super Long Queue for the Hot stage — i think for Team Syachihoko?

So i managed to get in during Passpo but i think by the time i reach inside – it is already halfway. :/ So again, i missed half of the performances (just like Chikipa earlier), and i blame it to the #TGIF segment. But after all these, thankfully – it’s all smooth ride since i can just focus on performances now without thinking much about the market place areas.

Anyways, some of the passpo songs they sing at the hot stage includes “Honey Dish”, “Bachelorette wa Owaranai”, and “Mudai”. Well, at least that’s what i’ve seen anyways.

Passpo @ The Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After Passpo it’s BiSH turns to perform. And just as i thought…their performance at the Hot Stage is quite Predictable, which is….none other than Hoshi Ga Matataru Youru Ni” for 6 times in a row !!! Yes, you got that right…SAME DAMN SONG for six times in a row!! 😐

I mean, 3 times singing the same song is already overkill…but 6 times??? That’s crazy. I mean, it’s still pretty fun, but it DOES GETS BORING after a while. Oh well, it’s BisH. What do you expect i guess. haha

BisH @ The Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

Anyways, after BiSH finished performing, i managed to squeeze quite in front of the stage for “Babyraids Japan. Maybe like, there’s only 4-5 person in front of me, so that’s quite near already. 😀

For the 1st “Babyraids Japan” song is Cinderalla Ja irarenai (“シンデレラじゃいられない”)…i think this is the first time i heard/or see this song live. So i still dont know much about the song that time haha. For the 2nd song they sang their old sold “S.O.K which is quite high song xD. Then they also sing “Baby Kiss” which is quite funny, (especially during the Den-chan solo lines part xD) Man, she is really good in “fishing” fans lol.

Babyraids Denchan doing her best fishing fans during “Baby Kiss”
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

The last 3 songs is “Tora Tora Tiger”, “Babyraids” and then lastly…Yoake Brand New Days again !! 😀 Woohoo!! The performance is really great, and since i manage to see them quite close in front — it is even better 😀 I dont care if i got pushed / squeezed left to right – since i just focused on the performance at the time…so i must admit – i really, really have fun there haha. 😀

Babyraids Japan @ The Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After Babyraids Japan performance finished, i went to the back areas of Hot Stage to rest and sit down for a little bit lol. Anyways this is the full setlist for Babyraids @ Hot Stage

Babyraids Japan Day 2 Hot Stage Performance:
1. Cinderalla Ja irarenai (“シンデレラじゃいられない”)
2. S.O.K
3. Baby Kiss
4. Tora Tora Tiger
5. Babyraids
6. Yoake Brand New Days

After Babyraids Japan, there is this segment with Mari Yaguchi and Tsuji Nozomi of ex Morning Musume / Mini Moni Members…man they’re now damn old already hahaha.

Mari Yaguchi and Tsuji Nozomi @ The Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

This segment is mostly talking / MCs though. Basically they bring up a bunch of members of the current idol groups to be interviewed, and most of them actually used to audition for Morning Musume before (i think), and failed….haha… it is quite interesting actually xD They also sing some of the old HalloPro songs like Love Machine towards the end hahaha. There’s also sound problem during this segment so they have to redo the Love Machine song twice haha.

“Dance together” segment with Yaguchi Mari and Tsuji Nozmi @ Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After that it’s Wasuta’s turn, and they appears on the Hot Stage with their new (all-black) outfit. Haha. I only know Wasuta’s “Inu Neko” songs, so nothing much to say about their performance here xD

Wasuta @ Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

Actually during #TIF, i not sure if you can actually take pictures/videos of Wasuta. I mean, no one is doing it (especially yesterday). Today there is someone taking pictures at the front row — but only few people (one and two) and just for a little while then they stopped. Not sure if they actually forbide the fans from taking vids/pix during the performance, because i thought its suppose to be their trademarks? (Being able to take their pix during performance?)..hmmmmm.

Anyways, last up at the Hot Stage for the day (for me anyways haha) is LinQ. Ever since they came to Jakarta, i become quite addicted to them xD 😀 Some of the song they sing i can remember and know the name is “Wessai ! Gassai!”, “Supreme” and “Hanabi!!”

LinQ @ Hot Stage
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Footages)

After LinQ is done at the hot stage, i went to rest abit at Zepp Diver City Mall while refilling my water at the food court areas. While thinking for my next plan, i actually thought of going to the “Sky Stage” to see “Idol College” (i didnt seems to have any luck with Idol College in the last 2 years of TIF, lol). But it could be a gamble because i dont want to go there finding out that the queue is damn LONG already LOL. So in the end, i gave up and just go for the easy route– which is…the Grand Market Areas Lol.

Just to my luck, today Passcode is doing a free handshake again ! and this time, i’m not to be denied as i queued quite early for it…hehehe 😀 Finally manage to handshake and talk with all the passcode members, which is good to me! I can’t attend their Zepp Diver City Live on the 8th of August because i’ve got other things to do (*cough cough* Tsubomis event and PARMS Kamen Joshi theatre). So yeah, this handshake is the last time i seen them during this entire Japan Trip….oh well ~

After the handshake with Passcode members, actually im doing nothing at all. Dont know where else to go so i just rest for a while waiting for my next plan, which is the Idol Sparkling Night segment starring Ebisu Muscats and friends. Bump into my singapore friend who bought me the tickets for Sparkling night (you have to “preorder” the tickets first as its easily sold out…well what can you say. its DOLL FACTORY for god’s sake. So cramped. So little space. And you have to pay additional 2500 yen for it. Lol.). After resting abit more, finally went to Doll Factory for the Idol Sparkling Night Segment.

Idol Sparkling Night @ Doll Factory 19:30

So for the Idol Sparkling Night segment, it is really held inside Doll Factory…lol. But luckily, they removed the “T” shaped stage thingy in the middle to give more space for the audience, so at least we have more breathing space inside this stupid Warehouse. Yeah, out of all the stages in #TIF, i hate Doll Factory the most. They should remove this stage in the future and use other / better indoor stages to replace it. :/

Also, actually i have very low expectation of this segment since i dont know much of the Ebisu Muscat songs. But to my surprise, it’s actually very entertaing. Besides Ebisu Muscat, there is also Marsmallow 3D and also Million Girl Z and some others — and honestly, i thought the Marshmallow 3D’s performance is quite nice also. Haha. I mean…they’re AV idols for god sake…they’re not really suited for singing and dancing xD But i think they’re did quite well as an “idol”.

Also, another kudos for the Host/MC Ijiri Okada— as he is very funny throughout the segment. I dont really understand japanese, but can see the audience loves him so much — especially the segment where he actually went to take a personal belongings from the Ebisu Muscat members — and then “Licked” them “Ijiri Okada” style…xD What a guy. 😀

Ebisu Muscat @ Doll Factory
(Images Courtesy of Ebisu Muscat official Twitter)

After all the performance is done (yeah, im “fast forward-in’ — since i dont know the song titles lol) there is a meet and greet next door. You can hi5 with all the Ebisu Muscat members if you buy their goods i think. But too bad there isnt any 2shot options with Ebisu Muscat members as i expected :/ So i skipped for their hi-5 (the queue is also damn long anyways) and went to 2shot with the other performers.

In the end,i decided to queue for 2shot with the Marshmallow 3D members Shinomi Yayuri” and guess what….the 2shot with her is only 500 yen!!, and you can do (well, virtually) any pose you want!! Hahaha. I choose to do the hug pose cuz some people is doing it — and she is okay with it xD 😀

2shot with Av Star – Shinomi Yayuri

Besides her, i also want to take pix with other members, then i see the time is getting late (also the queue is quite slow because some of the lines is too long). So in the end, i also missed the opportunity to take group shot with Million Girls Z (for 2000 yen) beacuse by the time i finihsed my 2shot with Marsmahllow 3D, the ticket is all gone already :/ Oh well. That’s just mean i saved alot of money during this segment. Originally i had prepared some “funds” for 2shots just in case Ebisu Muscat got some kind of 2shot or group shot event. Hahaha. 😛

Ebisu Muscat After the Hi5 Event in #TIF2016
(Images Courtesy of Ebisu Muscat official Twitter)

After the Ebisu Muscat performance is done, i finally head back to my apartement to rest.~

Closing Note:

For me the 2nd day of #TIF2016 is not as fun as the 1st day of #TIF. Mainly because i got screwed with the #TGIF segment in the morning — resulting me going out and back in to the Hot Stage again (waste so much time there).

Although i only saw several performances today, it is still good — as Hot Stage performance easily gives you 30 Minutes of screen time — DOUBLE than the Smile Garden or other stage performance — so if you see your favorite idols at the Hot Stage, it should be worth it. Haha.

Also glad i managed to get the Free handshake with Passcode this time round, having missing it yesterday (lol). And the Ebisu Muscat performance @ the Sparkling night isnt so bad either. Probably the only bad thing about it, is that you need to PAY the additional 2500 yen, lol.

So that’s about it for the day. Wait up for my next post for the Last Day coverage of #TIF2016 (day 3). Meanwhile, here is my quick summary of Day 2 of #TIF2016

TIF2016 – Day 2 Summary – 6th August 2016
– Cheeky Parade @ Hot Stage
– Passpo @ Hot Stage
– BiSH @ Hot Stage
– Babyraids Japan @ Hot Stage
– “Dance together” segment (Yaguchi Mari / Tsuji Nozomi) @ Hot Stage
– Wasuta @ Hot Stage
– LinQ @ Hot Stage
Yep…those only xD (but at least its 30 minutes each per performance!)

Idol Sparkling Night Segment:
– Ebisu Muscats
– Gingin Girls
– Pinkey
– Mashmallow 3D +
– Million Girl Z

– Jun Amaki, Mai Tsukamoto, Reiko Shinko, Suzuki Mitsuki (Festive) — All during “TGIF” segment in the morning.

Bonus Picture : Mai Tsukamoto and her huge asset xD 😀

Til the next post for Day 3 #TIF2016 moments.


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