Japan Summer Trip 2016 – TIF2016 Day 3

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So finally…for the last day of #TIF2016 T_T Went out from my apartement at around 9:15 am to go to the Smile garden to collect my wristband. After that settled, i quickly rushed to the Market Place area, hoping to queue for the #TGIF again (lol). 😛

Last Day of #TIF2016 finally. Getting my Wristband first at the TGU Booth

7th August 2016 – TIF2016 Day 3

Yesterday i didnt see that much performance since i’m too focused on the #TGIF segment in the morning (lol). Today, i actually “tried” to go again, and once again — the queue for the #TGIF tickets is too damn crazy. Mind you, i actually got inside the Marketplace when it opens at 10:00. But i suppose there are people who queued to the market place before that already — so that they can get inside first. Haha.

At first, me and my friend “queued” for the tickets, trying our luck. But after wasting 30 minutes at the queue without any luck (the queue still damn long by the time we wanted to leave btw) we decided to abandon the queue and moved on for other things. Haha. 30 minutes wasted, but luckily there are nothing much i want to see in the morning. 😀

So anyways, no #TGIF for me today!! With that distraction gone (phew– saved me money also xD), i went straight to the “Ship Stage” for non-stop performances, starting from “Palet“. Even though i took pictures with “Riitochan” earlier in the 1st day of #TIF2016, this is actually my first time seeing Palet during this trip / TIF2016. Haha.

Ship Stage is where i will be for the next 4 Hours :O

During Palet, obviously, they sang their new single “Over The Rainbow” and their coupling song “ダイスキっ!! ~恋のSeason~”. Both is quite good to be honest. But the lack of “oshi” in Palet makes me less excited towards them for some reason — (now that Sakimo has Gone :/) Yeah,i took 2shot with Riito-chan – but that doesnt mean she is my fav member lol. I think i dont really have any members i like at the moment in Palet, so im pretty much “casual” towards them now haha. Anyways, here is the setlist from the Ship Stage for Palet.

Palet @ Ship Stage day 3 #TIF2016 setlist:
1. ダイスキっ!! ~恋のSeason~
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Love n Roll
4. Believe in Yourself

Palet @ Ship Stage
(Images Courtesy of Palet Official Twitter)

(Btw, there is not much footage of ship stage at the moment, so i can’t post much images of each performers during all these ship stage segments…haha)

After Palet is done, next is Rev from DVL turn….without Kanna Hashimoto…xD I really dont know any of the other REV members, so it’s kinda funny seeing them without Kanna. I also dont know much of their song titles either, i can only know one song, which is called Step by Step (which i also saw during #TIF2014 Hot Stage 2 years ago, haha). Other than that, their performance is nothing much to brag about i think.

Next up is “Aoyama saint Hachamecha High School“. Seriously, i never heard of this group Before (LOL) so i dont know much anything about the members or even their songs. Right. Ok let’s just skip to Passpo to save me some writing time xD 😀

Passpo in TIF is really good when it comes to managing time for their performance. They managed to sing 7 songs with a span of 20 minutes (of course, most of this is only medley/ half songs) but still — a good try. I suppose they’ve been performing here since “TIF2010” so they’re one of the “Old Guards” here with plenty of experience. Haha.

Passpo @ Ship Stage
(Images Courtesy of Passpo Official Twitter)

Passpo begins their Ship Stage performance with a summer song “Vivi Natsu”, followed by their very old songs “La La La ~ Love train“. They also did “Baby Jump” and of course their new single “Bachelorette wa Owaranai” (the only full song for their performance here at the ship stage, haha).

Overall i think it’s quite good setlist- at least its better compared to their Hot Stage or Smile Garden 1st day Performance, imo. xD 😀 Full Setlist Below:

Passpo @ #TIF2016 Ship Stage:
1. Vivi Natsu
2. La la love train
3. Baby Jump
4. Himawari
5. Mr Wednesday
6. Cosmic u
7. Bachelorette Owaranai

After Passpo is done. I seriously thinking to move to other stage, because the next 3 performers i dont really know that much — which is “AOP”, “Rocka Japonica” and “Ayumikurimaki”. Well, for the last one (Ayumikurimaki) actually isn’t all that bad — as their songs is quite catchy (to me anyways)…but the other two…ummm 😐 Somemore, the weather in Ship Stage is really like Hell. Damn hot, direct sunlight, and not much protection from the sun.

But in the end — i choosed to stay all the way until Babyraids x Wasuta, so because of that,i actually had sunburnt (and some part of my skin still actually very dark until the day i wrote this post NOW) Lol. Yeah, i did apply sunblock in some parts of my skin, but i forgot that some sunblock lotion couldnt last that long – and by the time i want to apply more lotion on my skin, i’m already ran out of them. Lol. I wanted to move, but the fact i already got a good spot for the stage (2nd block from middle front, 1st row near the railings) i didnt feel like to move at all. Haha. Oh well. What done is Done. Even though i got a sunburn — i never really regret my decisions though. Hahaha 😀

So up next, after “AOP”, “Rocka Japonica” and “Ayumikurimaki” done performing (let’s just skip them shall we xD Not sure what to write about them since i dont know their songs) is….X21 turn to perform. Yay. 😀 😀

So X21 time to Perform…and guess what…today Miyu Yoshimoto is performing…yay!!! 😀 She was missing from the 1st day Smile Garden performance — so im really glad i can see her here. (finally). They sang about 5 songs total — i can only remember the 3 of them, which is “Shoujo X”, “Youki no Parade” and finally, “Natsu Dayoo~ with Miyu Yoshimoto as the center. NICE!!!

..Dont have pix of Miyu Yoshimoto from Ship Stage 🙁 T_T So i’ll just use this pix from the Natsu Dayo~ PV ~

Overall, quite happy with the X21 performance today, and i think during the entire performance my eyes locked 100% towards Miyu Yoshimoto lol. After X21, its time for Up Up Girls ~ Kakko Kari to perform. Their performance is damn high as well. for the last song , they also spray water using Water guns, and thrown away water bombs towards the audience. I think the water bomb almost hit my face for around 2 times? But luckily i managed to dodge away a split second before it hit my face. Haha.

Up Up Girls ~ Kakko Kari @ Ship Stage
(Images Courtesy of Up Up girls official instagram account)

After Up Up girls, it’s the “Weekly Young Survival Stage” featuring Festive, Akishibu Project, and Nijicon. I was hoping for all out bikini contest (Lol) but guess i was expecting too much xD (yeah, i blame the #TGIF booth at the market place for letting me see too much bikinis during this #TIF). So, each groups performed about 2 songs, before the MC interviewed them for one more time. In the end — Nemoto Nagi from Nijicon is the one who win the Survival battle thingy. It’s a no-contest imo… can see that Nemo-chan is really confident throughout the entire things – even when the MC asked her question and stuffs…haha.

Nijicon @ Ship Stage “Survival Battle”
(Images Courtesy of Nijicon Twitter account)

After that segment is done, finally for the last part of the Ship Stage (for me, lol…too hot under the direct sun makes me crazy). It’s time for Babyraids x Wasuta collaboration — or we should call it… Baby-Wasuta-Japan…xD

So, Babyraids wears tiger ear (and tails), while Wasuta wear neko ears lol. What a pairing xD. As for the songs, i kinda forgot the exact setlist for this segment (yeah, blame me for not writing down stuffs), but if i remember correctly, during the performance Wasuta was singing “Babyraids” (the song), then babyraids also singing “Juuden Mantan Saturday Night” together with Wasuta. And for the last part, is the Gate of the Tiger x Inu Neko Seishun Massakari remix with both groups performing….hahaha. damn Nice.

(Images Courtesy of Babyraids Twitter account)

After the “Tiger vs Neko” match…errr. i mean Baby-Wasuta-Japan performance, i finally can leave the Ship Stage — after 4 Hours under the direct sun. Man i feel like i’m about to melt already !! So i Immediately left right away to find cover under the shelter, and in the end — i decided to go to the Zepp Diver again to refill my water and rest. Haha. On the way to Zepp diver, i can hear 9Nine singing Shining Star from far away…i think from Smile Garden? Lol…But im already too tired + lazy to walk there, so i just head to Zepp Diver to rest.

After resting for 10 minutes (lol…so short) i took a look at my schedule and realized that Hatcheketai (Passpo Subunit) is about to perform at the Festival Stage, which is just ouside Zepp diver. So i went there first to take a look. They sing that Kibun Saikou Saikou song for the last part, while for the first 2 songs they sang, i dont know the song titles (i think it’s not Passpo songs anyway, maybe their original song finally?).

After Hatcheketai finished performing…i went to the Grand Market areas for one last look at the buppan/shops. I mean, this is the last day of #TIF2016, so if i want to buy something else, must do it now! Too bad there’s nothing much i want to buy though — before i finally bump into my friends and he encourage me to take 2shot with Nemo from Nijicon. Lol. Turns out if you’re a foreigners, you can show your passport to the Nijicon staff and you can get one coupon discount for 2shots (usually it took 3 coupons? now only 2 coupons for foreigners who showed their passport). For the coupon you need to preorder something from the tower record booth — i just let my friend do the thing for me and i just paid 2000 yens for the 2 coupon. Hahaha. (dont need the CDs anyways).

My Last 2shot at #TIF2016, with Nemoto Nagi of Nijicon

After the 2shot, i went to rest again cuz i’ve got nothing else to do. Haha. more waiting and rest, all the way until 17:35 — i finally feel like doing something lol~ so i went to the nearest stage, which is Festival Stage, for Wasuta performance. Again, i dont know most of the song titles except for Inu Neko Sessihun Massakari — and this is the 5th time i heard this song during my Japan trip. Hahaha.

With that over with, finally for the last stage of #TIF2016 to visit, which is the Smile Garden stage. Night Time ! Yep, it’s that time again, i feel that Smile Garden is the most craziest during night time, which is why its so much fun. In the last 2-3 years of #TIF i also always finishes my TIF at the Smile Garden stage — so this year should be the same for me lol. The next 6 performers at the Smile Garden stage would be : “Passpo”, “Yumeado”, “Negicco”, “Ayumikurikamaki”, “Babyraids Japan” (wooo!) ,and finally “Up Up Girls Kakko Kari!” + the “Smile Finale Segment”.

Smile Garden Closing Performances:

First up, it’s Passpo turns. They start the performance with “Material Girl” (their trademark songs during #TIF lol), followed by 7″s Up” which is basically their jikoshoukai song. Haha.

Paspo @ Smile Garden
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Next)

They finished the performance with “Pretty Lie”. Overall, the setlist is average at best. I think their Ship Stage performance is much much better ! Oh also, i think this is segment is sponsored by “Calbee” chips, as they keep promoting it throughout the performance hahaha.

Annya promoting Calbee chips~ Tried it btw, and it taste so-so only haha
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Next)

The full setlist for passpo peformance is below.

Passpo @ Smile Garden 7th August (18:20 pm):
1. Material Girl
2. 7s up
3. Honey dish
4. Jyaane
5. Pretty Lie

After Passpo its time for Negicco, Yumeado, and Ayumikurikamaki (again !! 3 times see them already haha, not that i wanted to tho~) but since i dont know much about both of these groups — i shall skip them straight, since i dont know much to write about them. Hahaha 😛

So yeah, straight away for the Babyraids Japan Smile Garden final performance. Oh man…about…damn…time!!! 😀

Babyraids Japan – Smile Garden Performance:

Imo, this is one of the highlights of #TIF2016 for me. The performance is just damn awesome haha. From start to finish- i think it’s an “explosive” performance. I think it’s very clear that they’re officially my favorite idol groups at the moment (taking over from Passpo –like…finally??? xD) And for the First song, they already start with a quite high song “Charinko Idol” from their 1st album, and then followed by “Wahaha” (“ワハハ”) — which i got really addicted recently, haha. Then they followed it with Level 1 which is basically their “Jikoushoukai” song (very clever – like that they dont need to waste much time for MCs and introducing themself :D)

Babyraids Japan – Smile Garden Performance
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Next)

Next up is “Cinderalla Ja irarenai (“シンデレラじゃいられない”)” which is quite fast-paced and high also, before they closing the performance with—yepp..no more guess. My fave song “Yoake Brand New Days”! 😀 😀 😛

For “Yoake Brand New Days” at Smile Garden — well what can i say. It’s already a “high” song to begin with– i keep on doing the high jumps during this song, and everyone else is doing it also which makes it more awesome…lol…everyone just can’t seems to stand still xD But the best part really comes like 3/4 of the song, after they do the “Kecha” parts and they start the “Yettaiya” chant. Then Suddenly. LightSticks / UO’s ALL OVER THE PLACE. Yep they thrown them up in the air. !! It. Was. Awesome.

Crazy High Babyraids Performance !! Look at those Flying Lightsticks in the air !! Best #TIF Moment so far for me 😀
(Images Courtesy of Fuji TV Next)

Actually some of the Wotas already done the same thing (throwing Lightsticks/ UO’s up to the sky) during “BellRings Girls Heart” — Day 1 Smile Garden performance, but for some reason, i felt that this one (the babyraids one) is much better… organized? Lol. Dunno what’s the word for it, but it’s just.epic. Haha. Glad i was here for the closing segment, as i enjoyed every second of it. 😀

Oh btw, below is the link to youtube clips of the “Lightstick throwing segment” during Yoake Brand new days.

Anyways, the whole Babyraids Japan performance at smile garden is just awesome. After that performance i basically didnt care for the rest of the #TIF already even though next up we still got “Up up Girls” — and then the “Smile garden finale” segment. Haha. But still, to me the “official ending” for #TIF2016 would be the Babyraid’s “Yoake brand new days” performance 😛

This is the full setlist anyways.

Babyraids Japan @ Smile Garden 7th August Night Time:
1. Charinko Idol
2. Wahaha
3. Level 1
4. Cinderalla Ja irarenai (“シンデレラじゃいられない”)
5. Yoake Brand New Days

Yep after that is “Up Up Girls” and the “Smile Garden closing segment”, but i’m just too tired so i just went all the way back to sit down and rest with my friend. Haha. I was too tired to think, but if i remember correctly “Up Up Girls” got sing the “Party People Alien” and then “Uppercut”? during the closing segment.

And also, Dorothy Little Happy (together with Fudanjuku, Kikka, Up Up girls, etc) singing their old trademark song “Demo Sayonara“…haha. It’s been a while since i saw that song Live (well, i didnt care much about DLH after their breakups … basically…Lol).

Anyways, that should be that. The Smile Garden Ending is quite awesome even though i wasnt really paying much attention– But still, what an end to the festival– it was great. 😀

TIF2016 – Day 3 Summary – 7th August 2016
– Palet @ Ship Stage
– Rev From DVL @ Ship Stage
– Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School @ Ship Stage
– Passpo @ Ship Stage
– AOP @ Ship Stage
– Rocka Japonica @ Ship Stage
– Ayumikurakimaki @ Ship Stage
– X21 @ Ship Stage
– Up Up Girls Kakko Kari @ Ship Stage
– Weekly Young Survival Stage (festive, akishibu, nijicon) @ Ship Stage
– Babyraids x Wasuta @ Ship Stage
– Hatcheketai Passpo @ Festival Stage
– Wasuta @ Festival Stage
– Negicco @ Smile Garden
– Passpo @ Smile Garden
– Yumeado @ Smile Garden
– Ayumikurikamaki @ Smile Garden
– Babyraids Japan @ Smile Garden
– Up Up Girls Kakko Kari @ Smile Garden
– Smile Garden Finale @ Smile Garden

Nemoto Nagi (Nijicon)

Closing Notes:

After all finished and done, me and my friends decided to gather outside Zepp Diver at the Gundam Statue area to take a Group Picture together. All the south/east asian wotas gather together for a Group Picture to be taken…there’s so much of us !!

I think when i first went to #TIF2012, i didnt see that much foreigners…maybe i can count fingers, and the festival back then surely isn’t really “gaijin friendly” compared to today lol. Yep, it’s been a long way since then, nowadays i have much more friends interested in coming along for the Tokyo Idol Festival. Especially after they starting to give away “free gaijin pass” — starting from last year, haha. 😛 Lets hope they keep this up in the future as well (free gaijin pass xD)

So yeah, this year 3-days-festival i think is one of the best #TIF to date. Of course it is far from perfect, but still good nonetheless. Not sure if i will attend next year #TIF (i always wanted to stop going TIF ever since 2014, but that doesnt seems to work very well isnt it…lol) so let’s just see what happens in the future. Haha.

Til Then, next time. Thanks to all my friends i met during #TIF2016 — it was a blast, maybe (?) we can meet up again next year? Hahaha 😀

Group Picture after #TIF2016 Ends

Ok…my blog post isnt really done yet…still got the next 2 days left of my Japan trip (8th and 9th of August 2016) lol, but i shall leave that for the next update…haha.

— To be continued —

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