Japan Summer Trip 2016 – 8th and 9th August 2016

Posted: August 16, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So, now that my #TIF2016 post has finally ended, i still have 2 days left of my japan trip…Haha. Actually, for the last 2 days, there are so many idol events that i could attend – for example there is this “Campus Summit” event at Tsutaya O-east, with LinQ, Idol College, GEM, etc” as the main headliners, but since i’m still tired from the yesterday #TIF2016 event, i decided not to go.

There’s also the “Passcode” one man live at Zepp Diver. I am really tempted to go actually, but the fact that it’s inside odaiba once again (and i had to check out and move to Akihabara Capsule Hotel — it’s just too much for me to go Akiba then go back to Odaiba again), i decided to give it a miss also. So today i just checked in to my Capsule hotel at Akihabara, then went on a shopping spree in Akiba once again.

My Weird Breakfast for the day. Calbee potatoe chips with Passpo Flavour!!

Shopping at Trio, saw these 2nd hand babyraids CDs at Book Off!!

Besides shopping in Akiba, i’m also meeting with my other indo friends who just arrived in tokyo. Plus,i still have the “Tsubomi” event in the afternoon (bought the tickets on my 1st day in Japan, remember ? haha) and also, i’m planning to go to the Kamen Joshi’s “Parms Theatre” later after that. So let’s begin with the “Tsubomi” event first.

Tsubomi AV Event – 8th August 2016 – 16:30PM

For the Tsubomi event, it is held at this AV shop called “Media World Akiba”, at the top floor of the building. Since Tsubomi is pretty much a “household” name in the AV Industry — i was expecting her event to be Full House. To my surprise, the event is not even half full ! (well maybe it is half full but i left as soon as the event finishes). But then again, maybe it’s because it’s held during the weekdays.

Anyways, i bought 2 DVDs, so that allows me to take photos of her for like 7-8 different pose, a signed DVDs, a home-made cookies from her, and also, 2shot with her. Not bad eh? All for 5000+ yen only 😀

Here are few photos from the photoshoots.

2Shot and some Photos of Tsubomi from the Event

During the DVD signing, Tsubomi asked me where i’m from, etc etc (told her im from Bali/Indonesia as always, like i always do for all AV stars…hahahaha). But since i’m going to this event with bunch of friends (lol), most of them already said that we’re coming here because of #TIF2016 hahaha. So when she ask me that i’m here also for #TIF2016, i told her, “Yeah, i’m here to see EBISU MUSCAT in TIF2016″. Lol. Then her reaction is like “oooh, Ebisu Muscat-san!!” xD 😀

She also gave us home made cookies (well, its only for the first 40 people — but like i said before, the event is not really full house, so we still got it anyways. Guess we’re the early birds). Not sure if she really make it herself, but my friend checked her blog and it’s like she really make the cookies herself lol…soo yeah. Not bad. The cookies taste nothing special though !

Home Made cookies by Tsubomi, yay

PARMS Theatre for Kamen Joshi – 8th August 2016 – 19:30PM

After the Event has ended, around 19:30 PM we quickly headed to the P.A.R.M.S theatre to see Kamen Joshi / Alice Juban. Actually, im not really into Kamen Joshi that much — i just wanted to see Erina Kamiya of Steam girls….oh man…her Gravure works is really hot — if you know what i mean…LOL 😀

Panorama inside the PARMS Theatre

This is my 2nd time going to PARMS btw, the last time i went is to take 2shot with Jun Amaki and that was before she graduated and become a full time Gravure Idol. Haha. So anyways. The entrance ticket is basically a 1500 yen food voucher which you can use/exchange with Foods and Drinks !!! Didnt know you can exchange for foods also (last time i only used it for drinks), so this time i decided to exchange the coupon for a Curry Rice (900 yen) and Pepsi Cola (600 yen) — just nice 1500 yen value.

900 Yen Curry Rice and 600 yen Pepsi Drink

For the performance, it’s around 1 hour and 30 minutes peformance, with some performance from their sub units (steam girls, etc) and some other idol groups that was invited to perform there. I basically dont know much of their songs except for Natsu Dane” & “Genki Dane” hahaha. So yeah, nothing much to say about the performance– but im quite lucky enough when Erina Kamiya comes out to perform, she’s always in the right side of the stage — just in front of me…lol . Just a perfect spot for me xD 😀 The live itself is very high tho — the wotas just kept on chanting non-stop, and doing wotagei and stuffs — haha. (i can only observe them,which is very interesting to see)

After the live i went to take 2shot with Kamiya Erina (1000 yen) and then Group shot with Steam Girls (2000 yen wide cheki + sign). I think it’s quite worth it, their price for 2shot is very reasonable ! 😀

2shot with Kamiya Erina

Group Shot with Steam Girls

So basically that’s about it for the day. Main highlights is the “Tsubomi” event, and my visit to see “Erina Kamiya” at the PARMS Theatre. 😀 After the live, me and my friends went to walk around in Akihabara a little bit more until near midnight, before we finally called it a day and walk back to our hostel (not so far from Akiba metro station).

Btw the Capsule we stayed for the night is called “Akihabara Grids”. You can google about it, or wait later as i will try to make a separate reviews for it. Haha. 😛

9th August 2016 – Last Day in Tokyo

So finally, my last day in Tokyo 🙁 I checked out from my capsule hostel in akiba around 11:00 AM, while my Flight back to Indonesia is very close to midnight at 23:10 PM. So with this 12 hours spare time, basically this day is an “extra day” for me. Haha.

At first, i did checking for some idol related events – but since i already went to PARMS theatre for Kamen Joshi yesterday – i felt that another “Idol” related event would be too much (and #TIF2016 is already overkill for me anyways)… So yeah, today i’m relaxing again – walking around in Akiba for last minute shopping, relaxing at Saizeriya (refill drinks ftw) and stuffs. Bought this Babyraids autographer poster at Trio Shop for only like 2000 + yen, which is quite a steal for me.

Babyraids Autographer Poster by Ricopin ! Yay

Relaxing in Saizeriya with freinds in the Afternoon

After last minute shopping in akiba etc etc, it’s only around 16:00 and i still have much time until my departure back to indonesia. I still have some money left, so i decided to last minute attend this AV event by this AV star called “Hirose Umi”. Before this i actually didnt know much about her — but for the event she is wearing a Bikini (yay) — so it doesnt take long for me to decide to buy the event ticket, lol 😀

Hirose Umi AV Event Tickets

Hirose Umi AV Event – 9th August 2016 – 18:00 PM

The event is located at this AV shop (i forgot the name now) but its on the alleyway just opposite the Don Q building in Akiba. The process is a little bit different from the other AV event i went before. I bought the DVD on the 3rd floor of the shop to get my event tickets. After that, around 1 hour before the event i need to trade my event tickets for a “queue tickets”. This ticket is my queue number, and if i guess correctly, they will call you by the numbers when the event about start. And for the queue, we need to wait in the 1st floor — outside the shop/venue.

For the Tsubomi event before, there’s no need to change the event tickets for queue number tickets or whatsoever (basically we just went up for that) so this one is a little bit different. Haha. But since there’s not many people for the event, i just basically go up when the event about to start, and while my queue number is…”Number 1″. Lol. It doesnt really matter anyway when there’s so little people. (only like 5-6 including me!)

My friend later on joined the event also after i finished, and he says that there is like 10+ people in front of him, so yeah, it is a weekdays, maybe people does come late for the event. haha. For the event — it’s still the same as the Tsubomi ones. For 2 DVDS (around 5000yen) i get a Photoshoot with her (20 seconds), signed photos + Free talk session with her, and then finally, a bikini 2shot with her 😀 Didnt talk much with her tho as i dont really have much topics to talk with – and she is not as chatty as Tsubomi, lol.

Anyways, here are some photos from the event.

Signed Photo – Front and Back

Hirose Umi Bikini Photoshoots

Hirose Umi 2shots

So that should be that. After the event, me and my friend went to collect our luggage from the Hostel, before going back to the Haneda Airport at around 20:30. Used my last remaining money of 300 yen to buy a sandwich at the combini nearby which is basically my last meal for this Japan Trip lol. Yeah, when i go back to Japan, i tend to use all my remaining money until there’s nothing left (well maybe for some 1 yen and 5 yen coins, lol). 😀

23:50PM – *Flies back home to Indonesia* 🙁

Closing Notes:

This Year #TIF2016 i think is one of the best ever imo — it’s very tiring but it’s very fun at the same time. Also met up with many friends during this trip, some which i didnt see for a year ++, so it’s awesome to meet them again finally. 😀

I did have some regrets though. I didnt manage to see E-Girls at all during this trip. Yep, i know they’re not an idol, but they have a single coming up while im in Japan. Sadly, they don’t really have any releases event while im there- except some TV performance which i dont know how to go to. Lol. And not to mention they have the 2016 Tour in “Saitama Super Arena” which i’m unable to go because it happened to be just one day after my departure date back home. :/ Oh well. E-Girls is not really my luck during this trip.

Also, Babyraids Japan has some kind of “Group Photo” event for their new album release a week or more before my Japan trip. I was hoping for them to have the same thing also during #TIF, but nope…not my luck either. Taking a group picture with Babyraids is seems to be a very rare case, so i’m also sad that i missed that opportunity. The same thing goes for Passcode. Didnt manage to take any 2shot with them during this trip because there wasn’t any. I did handshake with all the members during 2nd Day of #TIF if that’s any consolation. Haha.

Oh well. You can’t have ’em all. For the next Japan Trip Maybe? hahaha. I hope so 😀 Anyways, that should be it for my Japan Trip Blog post for this year. Thanks for reading my boring Crap as always xD . Til next time….


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